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  1. ☣ Fuckin' Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Please keep sharing your pix & adventures. Wood love to breed your Cumhole too. XOX

  2. Thanks guys! I've taken over 20 loads so far - going for 100+ by Sunday
  3. Hey studs, I'll be in Ft. Lauderdale at the Cabanas in Wilton Manors Aug 6 - 12 looking to take as much sperm in my bottomless cunt as possible. Looking for advice on ways to get maximum semen in my ass while in town. Advice on bookstores, resorts, motels, etc. all welcome. Absolutely no load ever refused. Thanks! bottomforsperm on bbrt
  4. I'll be doing a pump and dump marathon to ring in the new year at Dunes Inn on Sunset on Monday the 2nd, 3pm til 3am. Door open, face down, ass up for absolutely any guy who needs to cum in a hot, hungry hole. Perfect for guys who have an extra day off and for guys who need relief on their way home from their first day back at work. 100% anonymous. Looking to break my record of 55 loads in one night. I love all types of guys. No cock or cum ever refused.
  5. When I'm cruising for COCK, then yeah, size is important (but so are other things - like a really sweet head on an otherwise average cock can be a thing of beauty, well worth traveling for). But when I'm cruising for CUM, which is about 99% of the time, size is irrelevant.
  6. By the way, I think some of those 29 were bottoms emailing from different accounts hoping I'd changed what I was looking for since the last time they tried. If that's what tops are running into when posting for bottoms, I'm gonna try to be more patient with them if they seem impatient with us.
  7. Funny, I was just about to write a post about having more sympathy for tops. I've been traveling all this week and have been able to take a number of anonymous loads in my ass, mostly in gloryhole bookstores, but some in motel rooms from dudes off of Craigslist, etc. I ended up having to stay the night in a mid sized town tonight, and I've been trying to pay the load-taking forward some lately, so this evening I posted a CL ad saying I was looking for a cumdump who could host face down ass up for an anon pump and dump style walk-in sperm delivery. In about 4 hours I got replies from - no joke - no fewer than 29 different bottoms. And every single one of them tried to talk me into something I wasn't looking for. Or wouldn't send an ass pic, or a location. Or couldn't be ready until 6 hours later, or tomorrow, or the next day, or next week. Or said that what they really wanted was to suck my dick. The list goes on. I finally gave up, depressed by two things: First, that there were so many more bottoms than tops. (I've posted load-taking ads in this town before and have gotten maybe five or six hits in a single night, max.) And second, that none of the bottoms were offering what I was looking for. In fact, less than half of them even seemed to read my ad to the end. I have one particular top buddy who keeps telling me that it's easier for bottoms like me who are looking for anonymous tops to hook up than it is for tops like him who are into easy-access bottoms. I used to think he was kidding. But I'm starting to think he might not have it that much better than me.
  8. With respect to sex, I have two that are big enough to be biggest: First, I wish I had thought that I was more of a catch than I did when I was younger. I always started every interaction assuming the other guy wasn't interested. I'm not saying I *was* a catch (although when I look at pics of myself from when I was 20 I wonder what the heck I was complaining about) - just that I would have enjoyed everything I did a lot more, and I would have probably done even more of it, which is saying a lot. Second, and maybe this is connected to the first, I wish I hadn't been so jealous of other bottoms. Sure, I'm still insatiable, and I love being the one bottom milking every cock in the room, building, ... city limits But it's only recently that I stopped envying or even resenting other bottoms getting their fair share. In short, I guess I never really learned to play well with others when I was a kid, which for one thing isn't a very nice way to be, and for another probably resulted in me missing out on some good times and decent friendships. Oh wait - there's a third, having to do with a circus sized cock on an Arab dude at a Paris bathhouse, but I'll save that story for another time.
  9. p.s. If the mod wants to remove my comments as a sign of respect to trans guys (or because my comments were off topic), I'm ok with that. Now back to the hotness.
  10. Not to take this into a non-sexual direction, but I chose not to choose a gendered pronoun for the first two partners I described because I didn't presume to know what pronoun they preferred for themselves. I had intended to refer to the FTM as a he, because that's how he referred to himself, but I slipped as I wallowed in my memory of going down on him and how he came more like the women I've sucked off than the men. Regardless, I owe him an apology for the mistake. Ditto to anyone here who was offended.
  11. I've been with MTF's twice. Once was when I was having a pump and dump marathon at a sleazy motel in Los Angeles. A t-guy who according to the pics s/he sent had a cock the size of a beer bottle replied to one of my ads and asked if s/he could add another load to my total. I was sort of intrigued, but as much as I like getting fucked by horse cocks, I was on a mission to get a minimum of 50 loads in my ass in one night and I thought it might turn other tops off if they walked in while I was getting creamed by a guy who (except for his cock) was a girl, so I said no. I felt kinda bad about it. But s/he ended up getting me back by posing as an another anonymous guy in a later email, walking in into the motel room wearing sweats and a hoodie over his face. He had his cock deep inside me doggie style before I realized who s/he was in the mirror. That was actually an amazing fuck, I gotta say. The second time with an MTF was at a gloryhole bookstore. I was alone when a nice looking woman with long dark hair walked into the arcade. At first I actually thought she was a hooker - a pretty one, in jeans and a tank top, with a nice rack. I happen to be into licking pussy so when she went into a booth I went into the one next to her looking to see if I could get her to put her clit up to the gloryhole. Turns out she had a cock, and she wasted no time poking it through the hole. I sucked and rode it off in only a couple of minutes, and she was out of there before I could wipe her cum off my ass and get my trousers up. I've also gone down on a FTM guy I met off of Craigslist in a tiny town in nowhere West Virginia. She loved having guys suck on her "dick" (a clit that was bigger than more than a few cocks I've worked on) and it was pretty cool making her cum over and over again by slurping on it. I think I gave her 7 O's in about half an hour.
  12. Not making this up: I'm at 480. Gave myself 5 instead of 10 for brothers (at the same time) but not twins. Am close to a perfect score save for points awarded to tops.
  13. I can never get enough sperm inside me - ever. The only time I stop is when I've only got a minute left to check out of the motel
  14. This 19 year old kid just stopped by my gloryhole. It was so sweet - I could tell he had just showered, got dressed up, and splashed too much cologne on wanting to make a good impression. Short, thick cock that rose to rock-hard attention as soon as I laid my lips on it. He barely lasted 3 minutes before blowing a young buck's load into my mouth ... mmm so much semen. I have a feeling that that was the first time he's ever been sucked off - at least by a pro, anyway. So cute - he said a proper thank you before zipping up and heading out.

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