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  1. New Orleans Night

    I love visiting Rawhide when I am in NOLA
  2. Tease Got What Was Coming

    Great story
  3. Local fuck group possibly?

    ditto - love to get all the cock I can when I visit Vegas
  4. Regular Groups?

    Anyone know of any regular BB group parties in the area? Especially if western burbs?
  5. Visiting Vegas 10/6- 10/8 and again over Thanksgiving 11/23-11/26 would love to get my holes used while I'm in town
  6. piss - do you swallow?

    Definitely swallow - that's the purpose of drinking from the tap
  7. Anyone visiting Vegas this summer

    Visiting Oct 6th-8th
  8. Hi Toy ... thanks for following xx:drool::Pxx

  9. Abuse and rape me! Piss, cum, chase, ff

    we should party together with a couple of tops
  10. Cumber.....its Uber for sluts

    I'd sign up for the app in a heartbeat!
  11. Bottom in Western Burbs by KOP

    Definitely let's do it
  12. Hoping to meet up with some guys out in the burbs. Maybe start a regular thing with group so we don't have to drive into the city so much.
  13. New Members Introduce Themselves

    Read the stories here for quite awhile but now taking more initiative to try to meet guys from here. I'm Trevor and looking to have my holes used.

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