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  1. Visiting Key West beginning of December and looking for advice of best places to hook up
  2. You are Extremely HOT , Beautiful and Delicious !    :)   How was the Hawks Gym ?  any GOOD stories ?   :)

  3. slavetoy4u2use

    Visiting until July 1st

    I volunteer
  4. slavetoy4u2use

    Do you rim the ass of the Top you suck?

    Full service bottom here - cock, balls, ass, pits
  5. slavetoy4u2use

    Getting blown with an audience

    Of course there is always a good chance that when you blowing a guy in public (or getting fucked for that matter) that someone will step up and take his turn wn hen you are finished with the first guy
  6. slavetoy4u2use

    Appreciating the little things about being a cumdump

    How about going back out into a public place with a wet spot on your ass where the cum is dripping out from the fuck you just took in the public restroom stall
  7. slavetoy4u2use

    Best Disney Resort For Hookups?

    I visit Disney a lot and have had mixed results staying on WDW property. The value resorts are easy with outside entrances (as are some of mid range for same reason). Have had best luck at Pop Century for Value . Coronado Springs was good once s well because there is a convention center there and I hit it on a good time with a bunch of horny business men looking for a hole to use. Had some fun staying at the resorts next to Epcot too as guys can walk from Epcot to the hotel for a quick romp and then return. Locals seem more inclined to visit you at one of the hotels at Disney Springs because of parking.
  8. Visiting Savannah staying near River Street. Looking for some hot sex . Where should I go? Can host at my hotel as well.
  9. slavetoy4u2use

    Staying at Airport

    Staying at airport hotel one night July 7th anyone want to come over and play?
  10. Upcoming travel - Las Vegas 6/29-7/1 looking for fun while I'm in town

    1. Read1



      You spending time at Hawk's Gym? I heard it's bb heaven there! OINK!

  11. slavetoy4u2use

    Appreciating the little things about being a cumdump

    or he just sees the cum running down your leg
  12. slavetoy4u2use

    Bottom to a bottom.

    I love to service a group with another bottom
  13. Heading to New Orleans this weekend for a sexcation!!

    1. Read1


      Have a very CUMMY time of it! Get as many loads as you can!

  14. slavetoy4u2use

    RIm or be Rimmed?

    Both - being rimmed makes me beg to be fuck but love to eat out a nice ass as well

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