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  1. slavetoy4u2use

    Smoke Out 2019-Who's Going

    Sounds like fun
  2. Visiting Key West beginning of December and looking for advice of best places to hook up
  3. You are Extremely HOT , Beautiful and Delicious !    :)   How was the Hawks Gym ?  any GOOD stories ?   :)

  4. slavetoy4u2use

    Double Conversion

    Thanks guys! This was my first story I have posted and you all helped make this a great experience as I wrote it. Your Likes, upvotes and comments were much appreciated. I have several more ideas I want to write as stories and post. That includes some spin offs from some of the characters I introduced in this story as well as maybe a sequel or two. I think though that any spin-off/sequels for this story will be under a separate thread. Your feedback on what you'd like to read more about is always appreciated either here or via private message. Thanks again for the support! Hope to start a new story soon.
  5. slavetoy4u2use

    Double Conversion

    Part 36 Rob awoke the following morning to the sound of the door of his room opening. He lined himself up at the cage door prepared to exit for his morning workout at the gym. However it wasn’t Tanner that entered the room, it was Nick. “Relax pig, we need to have a little chat,” Nick informed. Nick pulled up a chair, sat down and propped his feet up on the top of the cage. Nick started his conversation with, “We need to make a little change with this arrangement.” “First off, I have to say that your conversion to a cum dump has been very profitable for us.” ”However we are starting to reach a point of diminishing returns and your upkeep it starting to approach what you’re bringing in.” Of course that statement wasn’t telling the whole story. It did cost money to feed Rob and keep him high on meth, but the money coming in from parties, private sessions and the internet pay-for-view clips of Rob were covering those costs. In fact they far exceeded them. Nick continued, “Your archived clips on the website are still very popular but members are starting to ask for fresh meat.” Rob wasn’t sure of the implications but he was getting scared as Nick continued to talk. “I see that scared look in your eyes; forget about those rumors you may have heard of us dumping naked sluts off deep in the swamp to fend for themselves once they have outgrown their usefulness.” “Personally I think the stories on the news about people wandering into the bayou, getting lost and becoming gator chow are very over exaggerated.” “The good news is that someone is interested in…... Well, let’s say taking over your contract.” As he was talking, Nick sent a quick text on his phone. A moment later, Jerry from the leather shop entered the room and handed Nick some papers. “You remember Jerry don’t you,” Nick said with a smile. “He is here to notarize a few things.” Nick removed his feet from the cage and leaned in closer to the bars. “The Dirty Hawgs from last night’s party are looking for a new club cum dump and they have made us an offer to take over your contract so to speak.” Nick set two stacks of documents and a pen on the floor next to Rob’s cage. “In front of you there is a contract saying you will serve the Dirty Hawgs club as their cum dump and will perform whatever duties they see fit; There is a list in the contract of the things they have in mind.” “The second document is a power of attorney authorization.” “It gives them control to make ALL your decisions for you including control of any property or financial assets you have as well as complete authority regarding your healthcare.” Nick grinned as he continued his explanation, “You don’t have a very good track record of reading things before you sign them, but I’d hope you pay better attention with these.” Rob didn’t know what to think. His first thought however was, “I’m being sold as a slave.” He was so conflicted; he didn’t want to be owned by a group of rough bikers although he had discovered that he enjoyed being on the receiving end of a rough fuck. The main thought that kept coming to the forefront of his mind was how he would be able to survive on his own. He knew he needed cock and could probably manage that but getting drugs was an area he didn’t know what to do about. His mind went back to the horrible withdrawal symptoms he suffered through while he had the fuck flu and wasn’t getting his meth. He didn’t want to go through that again. It finally boiled down to the realization that he would do anything for the sex and drugs, including signing away all his rights. Rob reached through the cage bars and grabbed the pen. He signed both documents without even reading them. Nick chuckled, “I thought that would be your decision.” “The Dirty Hawgs have a road trip soon to a biker convention in Texas, so they asked for a few modifications to your appearance before they pick you up.” Nick reached through the bars and held a chloroform soaked rag over Rob’s face. “This will be easier if you aren’t awake.” Rob woke up to find himself strapped on his stomach in a bed. He felt a stinging on his back and a slight burning on part of his neck. He lifted his head up as far as he could to try to look around. There was a heavy collar around I his neck but it didn’t seem to be attached to anything. He could feel a bandage on his back near his shoulder blades which had to mean he now had another tattoo. There was something hard around his cock and something was tugging at his balls but he couldn’t lift up enough to see his groin. “I see you are awake; time for the unveiling of the new you,” Nick announced as he returned to the room. Rob was blind folded and he was released from his restraints. “This part of your transformation was done now so that you’d be mostly healed before the convention,” explained Nick. “I suspect the Hawgs will add things later.” Nick led Rob over to the mirror in the room and suddenly removed the blindfold. “Voila!” Rob didn’t recognize the person in the mirror. His head had been shaved along the sides so that only a wide strip of hair remained down the center of his head. The hair strip was left long enough so that it could easily be grasped when he was being skull fucked. Rob reached up to feel the metal slave collar around his neck. It was 2” wide and snug but not overly tight. There were some rings attached to the collar at various points around its diameter. Rob knew immediately that those rings would be used as attachment points to restrain him. As Rob felt the collar he realized it was riveted and welded on. That must be why he felt the burning sensation on his neck he thought. Rob’s 8” cock was confined in a locked metal cock cage and his ball dangled beneath a metal ball stretcher. While he may have been and acted like a muscle pig cum slut before, Rob now totally looked the part. Nick held out a tablet. “I know you can’t see your new tattoo because of its location, so let me show you a pic.” The picture confirmed to Rob that he truly had signed away his rights. There was now a detailed tattoo of the Dirty Hawgs club logo centered between his shoulder blades. Above the logo were the words “Property of the Dirty Hawgs”. Rob was in shock with the reality of the situation and stood there in front of the mirror unable to move. After few minutes Nick gave him a push towards the bed. “Maybe this will help you adjust,” he said as he pushed Rob face down on the bed and unzipped his pants. Nick kicked Rob’s legs apart and then reached up and gave Rob a heavy slam of meth. “Consider this a goodbye fuck,” Nick said as he drove his raw cock into Rob’s un-lubed ass. Rob awoke from his daze and started to cry out at the intrusion but the meth kicked in and all he did was grunt with Nick’s initial thrust. As Nick power fucked Rob he had to admit that they had done a terrific job converting this one to a cum dump. Rob’s bottoming skills would certainly serve him well in his new life. Nick shot a massive load into Rob’s hole. He stood there and lingered for a moment as Rob continued to squeeze his ass muscles around Nick’s cock. Nick was starting to stiffen up again when Tanner rushed into the room. “Great, I got here before they picked the slut up,” Tanner exclaimed. Tanner dropped his pants and stepped up next to Nick. “Do you mind Nick; I’d like another crack at that ass.” Nick smiled and stepped aside. “Go right ahead, I just lubed him for you.” Tanner plunged his cock into Rob’s ass and began to fuck as fast and as hard as he could. “Thank you Sir, please fuck me Sir,” Rob exclaimed. Due to the hard fast pace of his strokes, Tanner didn’t last long before he added his seed to Rob’s ass. Tanner walked to the other side of the bed and presented his cock to Rob to clean. Rob greedily sucked and licked Tanner’s cock. He repeatedly ran his tongue underneath Tanner’s foreskin to make sure everything was completely clean. Tanner pulled out and grabbed Rob’s face underneath the jaw and tilted his head up. Rob opened his mouth expecting to be fed a wad of spit. What Tanner did however took Rob by complete surprise. Tanner squatted down and gave Rob a deep tongue probing kiss. When Tanner broke the kiss he looked at Rob and smiled widely. Rob was in shock at this development. He had hoped for some sign of affection or even kindness from Tanner for a long time but he never really got one. He had kind of given up on the prospect of it ever happening. Rob stared back at Tanner and said, ”Thank you Sir, I am going to miss you.” Tanner started pointing to a tattoo on his right arm. Rob had never paid that much attention to Tanner’s tattoos but when his eyes focused on the tattoo Tanner was pointing at he now recognized it. It was the Dirty Hawgs logo. Tanner smiled back at Rob and, “Yeah I was a regular member of the Dirty Hawgs before I moved to New Orleans; I’m an alumni now of sorts.” “I get together with them from time to time to reminisce, party and play.” “I actually was at the party last night with the guys and even fucked you twice.” “I’m kind of surprised you didn’t recognize my cock when you were servicing everyone under the poker table,“ he laughed. “At any rate you’re likely to see me again at some point.” Tanner gave Rob another deep kiss and then walked to the exit. “OK pig, crawl back in the cage until your new owners get here to pick you up,” Nick ordered. With Rob secured back in his cage, Nick and Tanner stepped out into the hallway. “How long do you think this one will last with the Hawgs,” Tanner asked Nick. “”Your guess is probably better than mine Tanner, but you and everyone else did a great job with his training; the skills and attitude he’ll need are strongly instilled in him.” Nick put his arm around Tanners shoulder and asked,” What was the kiss about; I always warn you guys about getting too attached to these pigs we convert.” “I’ve never seen that behavior from you with one of the cum dumps we converted.” Tanner nodded his head knowingly, “I know what you’re saying, but it’s hard sometimes when you are fucking someone practically every day for months to not feel something.” “There was just something different about this one,” admitted Tanner. Nick chuckled,” Don’t worry about it, I understand.” “However, I’m going to need you at your best soon; we are going to convert two cum dumps at once.” “We found a couple of arrogant brothers attending Loyola and they are going to make us a ton of money!” THE END (potential sequel and/or spin-offs in the future??)
  6. slavetoy4u2use

    Visiting until July 1st

    I volunteer
  7. slavetoy4u2use

    Double Conversion

    Part 35 When a staff member came to retrieve Rob for the private party that evening, he was carrying some leather gear. He had Rob but on a harness that showed off the tattoos on his chest. He also fastened some leather restraints around Rob’s wrists and ankles as well as a wide leather collar around Rob’s neck. The collar and restraints were each locked into place with a small padlock. Rob was led to the prep room where another bottom was waiting. The other bottom for the night sharply contrasted Rob in stature. Compared to Rob’s 6’2” muscular frame, he was a slim blond twink that was only about 5’8” tall. They both however wore the same collar and restraints. As soon as Rob entered the room the twink’s eyes lit up. “Hi, my name is Stephen; looks like we are going to be the bottoms for the night,” he said. “I am so excited; this is going to be so HOT.” “I begged them to let me bottom at this party when I heard about it.” Rob thought to himself “Is this guy for real?” Rob looked the young twink up and down and asked, “Have you ever been to any of the parties here at the warehouse before?” “Oh, yes I came to a college night party one time as a guest and afterwards they contacted me about playing at another party,” replied Stephen. “I spent the whole night sucking cock through a glory hole at that party; it was so hot.” Rob just shook his head. “I don’t know exactly what will happen at this party, but I’m sure you’ll be doing more than sucking cocks through a glory hole,” Rob commented. “Oh I know, that is what is so exciting; I think bikers are so hot.” “I even signed some special waivers since the Dirty Hawgs aren’t regular club members.” Rob and Stephen’s conversation was interrupted by the staff member. “Enough chit chat you two; it’s time to get you tweaked for the party and trust me you are going to need it.” Stephen felt a sense of panic when he saw the meth points, but after he saw Rob so readily take his slam, he figured it must be okay.” After the slam, both Rob’s and Stephen’s asses were lubed and a booty bump was administered. Stephen giggled, “I’ve only been fucked twice but your fingers feel so good.” Leashes were attached to the two bottom’s collars and they were led to the party area. Once they arrived to the party area, the staff member handed the leashes to one of the party guests. “This is Sir Biff, he’s the boss here tonight.” The staff member nodded at Biff and said, “Here are your pigs for the night as requested; they’re all yours, enjoy!” Biff yanked the leashes and led Rob and Stephen to the center of the room. He then yelled out, “Fellow Hawgs, our party favors are here; let’s introduce these piggies to some Hawg cock.” The bikers whooped it up and whistled. Rob and Stephen were each led to a motorcycle along the perimeter of the space. Both were totally flying and stumbled as they walked on their leashes. Although his vision was a little blurred at this point, it appeared to Rob that there were between 15 and 20 bikers in the room. Their appearance matched the stereotype Rob had in his head perfectly. They were all clad in leather of some sort and all were heavily tatted. They all also had a dirty unkempt look. They certainly lived up to their club name of the Dirty Hawgs. Rob was restrained on his stomach bent over the seat of a Harley. Stephen was likewise restrained across the seat of another bike a few feet away. “I think I’ll go first on the muscle ass,” Biff said as he thrust his fat uncut cock up Rob’s ass. Rob just grunted at the intrusion. Biff paused briefly and called out, “Feel free to use the twink someone; I’ll use that ass when I’m done here.” Biff then began to fuck Rob’s ass full force. Rob moaned and called out “Fuck me Sir, fuck me Sir.” Stephen on the other hand let out a scream as he was roughly penetrated by a different huge cock. “Looks like we have a squealer here,” a voice called out. “This piglet’s hole is real tight, could even be cherry.” Another voice yelled back “It won’t be tight much longer after we all rut in it!” The room roared with laughter. Biff roughly pounded Rob until he deposited his seed. He pulled out and walked to the other side of the bike for Rob to clean his cock. Another cock replaced Biff’s in Rob’s ass and began its hard assault. Rob wasn’t counting but over the course of the next couple hours it seemed like each of the bikers had used his ass or mouth in some manner. He was then pulled off the Harley and led to a bondage table. He was expecting to be bound but was surprised when a large biker laid on his back on the table. The hairy bearded biker’s 10” fat cock pointed straight up from between his chaps clad thighs. Rob was pushed toward the reclined biker and ordered to sit on the fat Hawg cock. Rob started to squat on the cock when he was ordered to turn around and face the bearded biker. “That’s it pig, look me in the eyes while you lower that cum dump ass on my big cock.” Rob quickly sat and felt the biker’s pubes press against his ass cheeks. He was startled by the sounds of Stephen crying out again. He glanced over and saw Stephen bound spread eagle on a St. Andrew’s cross and being whipped. The biker being ridden by Rob grabbed Rob by the harness and said, “Pay attention; that other pig is being punished for disobedience.” “Keep that in mind”. The biker then pulled the harness so that Rob leaned down toward the biker’s face. The biker just stared at Rob in the eyes, but then Rob felt something pushing at the entrance of his filled ass. It was another cock. Another big cock as a matter of fact. Rob’s eyes bulged out as the second cock joined the first and stretched his ass open further. The biker smiled as he and the second Top began to grind their cocks in Rob’s ass. The Top behind Rob then took control and started a rhythmic fuck. Rob couldn’t believe the feeling he was experiencing. The two cocks were hitting all the right places. Drool began to run from his open mouth as his ass was pummeled. The pace of the fuck changed periodically but within 20 minutes he could tell by the quick shallow breathing of the two bikers that they were close to cumming. Somehow the two bikers synchronized their orgasms. When they shot their loads, Rob felt like he was being given a cum enema due to the volume of semen deposited in his ass. “Send that cum dump over here; our cocks need some attention while we are playing poker.” Rob was directed to the poker table and crawled underneath it. He spent the next hour going back and forth sucking the cocks of the 8 poker players seated at the table. Rob heard a voice say, ”You did a real good job training this one.” “He definitely knows his role.” A second voice answered, “We aim to please our customers.” The second voice sounded slightly familiar but Rob couldn’t quite place it because of all the background noise. A third voice interrupted the card game. “Let’s get that muscle ass out here; I need to sink my fist in a hole.” Immediately someone replied. ”Billy, you know that big meaty paw of yours would ruin that ass for the rest of us tonight.” “If you must fist a hole go use the twink; he hasn’t been very cooperative tonight and could use an attitude adjustment.” Rob saw a pair of large boots, presumably belonging to Billy, walk away from the poker table. Moments later though he felt a kick to his ribs as he was told to crawl back out from under the table; it was time for him to be fucked some more. Rob was tied back down on a fuck bench and the bikers began to fill his ass and skull fuck his face. Through the fucking he could hear the "squeals" of Stephen. Rob was fucked, slapped, spit on and degraded on the fuck bench for a few more hours. His ass was leaking cum all over the floor. The drugs were wearing out and he was starting to feel battered and sore. The new cum dump inside of him however, felt satisfied. Finally the party broke up and a staff member came to get Rob. As he was led back to his room and cage, Rob caught a glimpse of Biff and Nick deep in conversation.
  8. slavetoy4u2use

    Do you rim the ass of the Top you suck?

    Full service bottom here - cock, balls, ass, pits
  9. slavetoy4u2use

    Getting blown with an audience

    Of course there is always a good chance that when you blowing a guy in public (or getting fucked for that matter) that someone will step up and take his turn wn hen you are finished with the first guy
  10. slavetoy4u2use

    Appreciating the little things about being a cumdump

    How about going back out into a public place with a wet spot on your ass where the cum is dripping out from the fuck you just took in the public restroom stall
  11. slavetoy4u2use

    Best Disney Resort For Hookups?

    I visit Disney a lot and have had mixed results staying on WDW property. The value resorts are easy with outside entrances (as are some of mid range for same reason). Have had best luck at Pop Century for Value . Coronado Springs was good once s well because there is a convention center there and I hit it on a good time with a bunch of horny business men looking for a hole to use. Had some fun staying at the resorts next to Epcot too as guys can walk from Epcot to the hotel for a quick romp and then return. Locals seem more inclined to visit you at one of the hotels at Disney Springs because of parking.
  12. Visiting Savannah staying near River Street. Looking for some hot sex . Where should I go? Can host at my hotel as well.
  13. slavetoy4u2use

    Staying at Airport

    Staying at airport hotel one night July 7th anyone want to come over and play?
  14. slavetoy4u2use

    Double Conversion

    Part 34 The next morning Rob was released from his cage. He started towards the gym as was the normal routine. As he turned down the hallway, Tanner grabbed Rob by the shoulder and said,” Hold on, other way, we need something from you this morning.” Rob was directed in the other direction and into another room. Inside Nick was waiting along with some sort of contraption Rob didn’t recognize. “Have a seat,” Tanner said pointing at a large high backed chair. Just as he started to sit Nick said, “Hold on a second pig.” Nick walked over and pushed a plug into Rob’s ass. The plug was curved so that it pushed right against Rob’s prostrate. Rob then sat and Tanner completely restrained him in the chair so that he couldn’t move. Nick rolled over the machine and started to explain to Rob what it used for. “This is a milking machine; we attach this sleeve over your cock and it massages your cock to make you cum.” “Your cum is then collected in this chamber.” Rob gave Nick a puzzled look as to why they would be milking him of cum. To date most activities seemed to revolve around using his ass and mouth, so something didn’t make sense. “We have a former party guest next door that we’d like to give a little gift to before he departs to take a new job,” explained Nick. “You probably wouldn’t recognize him since you were face down when you last met, but he was at the most recent college night party and he fucked your ass several times.” “We thought it was only fitting that you contribute to his going away gift.” "He is leaving soon so we didn’t have time to throw him a proper going away celebration; he just suddenly decided he was going to quit law school and go work on a hog farm in Iowa.” Tanner got a big smirk on his face and added, ”Frat president to farm hand, go figure.” Rob didn’t say anything but he knew the reason why they wanted his cum was because it was now toxic. He also knew that there was more to the story than Nick and Tanner were telling him. Rob was right on both counts. The frat president had been at the college night party and had fucked Rob, he also was leaving college. The decision to leave college wasn’t exactly his idea, but he had made a big mistake and now was paying the price. At the last party the frat boy recognized two of the bottoms that were serving the guests. After the party he began to harass the bottoms on campus and coerced them into regular forced sex sessions. If he had stopped there it would have been fine. There were plenty of bottoms that loved to volunteer to be of service at the warehouse sex parties so if those two became unavailable they could be replaced. They were popular bottoms so Nick wouldn’t be happy that they might be unavailable but he would adjust. However, the frat president got the bright idea to start holding his own sex parties and charging admission. He was undercutting Nick’s parties on cost and since the frat boy’s parties were closer to campus it could impact Nick’s business financially as well as impair one of his prime methods of recruiting new talent. That was unacceptable, Nick didn’t like competition and now the frat boy was paying the price. The frat boy was approached by one of Nick’s staff with a business proposition to build up the parties and split the profits. The greedy frat boy couldn’t resist the offer and signed the contracts. He wasn’t as smart as he thought he was though, because he didn’t read the contracts very closely. One would think a guy planning on being a lawyer would be more careful and read contracts better. He was now owned. In the room next to Rob was the frat boy. Nick was right, Rob wouldn’t recognize him and that was not just because Rob was focused on cock and may have never seen the guy’s face. The frat boy had been shaved completely from head to toe. In addition, a large ring pierced his nose. It would make a good handle to lead the boy around with or to restrain him. He was now in a sling with his legs held high while being brutally fucked by three very toxic tops. Like Nick had mentioned they didn’t have the time to arrange a large pozzing party but they were able to get three local Tops to participate including Jesse the bartender. The frat boy was drugged which prevented him from fighting too much but he was coherent enough to feel every thrust from Jesse’s pierced cock. The spiked PA pierced the boy’s ass wall to further the damage from the preparation with the bottle brush he had received prior to the being fucked. Rob was oblivious to what was going on in the next room. He could hear some music but the frat boy’s screams were muffled by a gag and what noise he did emit seemed to blend with the music. Rob was given a slam of meth and that made him even less conscious of what was going on around him. The plug in his ass began to vibrate against his prostrate and the machine started milking his cock. Rob’s eyes rolled back in his head in response to the intense feelings. It didn’t take long before he shot his first load of cum. The machine and prostate massage didn’t stop and he stiffened up again as his balls began to churn to produce another load. After several hours Rob had 6 orgasms and was milked dry. The collection receptacle was full to the brim with his poz cum. Nick and Tanner returned to the room. Nick carefully disconnected the collection chamber with the cum and headed for the door. He stopped just short of the door, turned and looked at Tanner, “Grab the rig from this pig’s slam and draw out a little blood; we might want to use that to make sure we are successful next door.” Tanner collected the sample from Rob and handed it to Nick. Nick rushed next door with the fresh cum. The three Tops had finished fucking the frat boy. He was a sloppy mess and was crying and babbling incoherently. Two of the Tops helped raise the frat boys legs higher and Nick poured Rob’s cum into the battered hole through a funnel and then sealed the hole with a large a butt plug. “How many loads did you guys pump into him,” Nick asked. “Three each,” replied Jesse. “OK, with these 6 that makes 15; that should do the trick.” “Just in case though, think we’ll give him a little blood slam.” After the slam the frat boy moaned from the effects of the meth. He was removed from the sling and blindfolded. “Let’s get him down to the loading dock and prepared for shipping; his ride north should be here soon,“ Nick directed. Tanner released Rob from his bonds and removed the ass plug and then helped him to his feet. “Let’s get you back to your cage slut." “There is a private party tonight that you need to rest up for; you have been specifically requested to serve with one other bottom,” Tanner commented. An evil grin spread across Tanner’s face as he continued. “The Dirty Hawgs biker club from Alabama will be here tonight and you get to be a party favor.” “They can get a little rough with their toys, but you have been exposed to that and will be fine,” he laughed.

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