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  1. Hotel Security - Cramping my style

    True works in some instance - but not available in places like the Las Vegas strip (guess I should have been more specific about locations I was thinking about).
  2. I like traveling to cities that attract tourists from all over. Makes it easy to get fucked by tops from around the globe without leaving the country. However seems more and more hotels are adding security where you need your room key to get to the rooms. Makes it hard for those anonymous scenes where I am spread on the bed and the Tops cum and go since I have to go down to the lobby to escort them up, or Top has to meet me in public for me to get to his room. It's especially a pain to arrange group scenes since people tend not to show up at same time. Anyone have a solution - other than staying at less popular areas away from the main draw of the city?
  3. Thanks for the follow

  4. Taking bottoms worn underware as trophies

    you got it SIR
  5. Taking bottoms worn underware as trophies

    I'd even sign and date them as a personalized keepsake for the Top
  6. Do prince alberts set off airport scanners?

    Don't know about the PA thing setting off the detector but do know a metal cock cage and locked metal butt plug will do the trick.............
  7. Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

  8. What's your favorite way to finish sucking?

    I also like just sucking his cum and my ass juices off his cock to clean him up after he has just fucked and loaded my ass
  9. Every caught in act by partner?

    I was caught by the other guy's "partner" . I hooked up with this guy at his house. It was one of those old Victorian style houses that when you come in the front door you immediately step into the living area. Almost as soon as I got there we started making out and next thing I knew I was on the floor with my legs on his shoulders and he was fucking my ass. The doorbell rang and we hear this voice screaming "You asshole!" I glance over and there is this guy's face watching us thru the side window next along the edge of the door. The guy punched the window and stormed off. Don't know if this was planned or not (though I suspect it was). The guy stopped fucking me and got dressed. All I got was a short lousy fuck with no load. Well that and a infestation with crabs/pubic lice.
  10. Slave training Camp

    That's what I'm hoping
  11. Slave training Camp

    Anyone have any info on "slave training camps". Was chatting with a guy recently who said he had been to a camp. Almost like a "summer camp" bottoms were kept naked and everyday taught new techniques on how to serve.. At night it was a free for all with the bottoms bound and used. Sounds like mostly bondage training but the info he gave me was no longer active on the web.. Also would like to hear about opportunities with dungeon Masters that take in bottom slaves to train for a few days.
  12. Gay Sex Bucket List - What's Your Score?

    My score would go up if I flipped the questions
  13. I live near a big city - Philly- so there are typically a lot of profiles on A4A and BBRT but with a city as large as it the distance even within a city can be a barrier. On BBRT I find a lot of people don't want to travel to the outer burbs and then they don't want to host so it's hard to hookup unless you are in a very narrow geographic area within the city. A4A has it broken down better geographically but I find its most game player and looker in this area. There are always parties posted but most are scam out to make money. Where I have had success is in posting travel ads. Maybe its because I'm fresh meat at that point. I also tend to stay closer to metropolitan centers when I travel and can host at the hotel so people are more willing to meet Honestly I don't mind travelling for a good fuck and play session, but if I am going to drive a long distance I need to know its actually going to happen when I get there. Guys need to be more reliable
  14. Bred in Bondage

    Agree and once your legs are spread and your bound in place with your ass up you are definite committed to taking cock
  15. Bred in Bondage

    Who else is into being bound and bred? Whether it is being tied in a sling. bound to a fuck bench, tied spread eagle on a mattress the scene turns me on and makes me want to serve the TOP as his sexual hole. One of hottest experiences I remember is being tied bent over the back of a couch with my legs in a spreader bar and used for hours at a party.

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