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    30 yr old cumdump. Finally coming to terms that I am a no loads refused cumdump. Looking to service tops and take loads.

    Also, looking to make new cumdump friends to talk about our cock hunts :)

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  1. Same! I get such a rush when I’m doing anon. Hearing the door of the motel open, me being ass up waiting, hearing him undress, then the feel of his hand on my ass, then his fingers grazing my pussy. Then his rock hard cock press against my pussy. Ughh it’s the best feeling ever.
  2. I get tested every 3 months since I’m on Prep and sometimes more frequently depending on how much dick I’ve taken. I’ve definitely had my share of STIs. I will try to let anyone who has fucked me if I test positive if I’m able. Since I do anon it’s not always easy. Once I had syphillis and tried to reach everyone I could since it’s a rather serious illness that can have long term effects.
  3. So something I’ve been thinking about is whether a cumdump bottom should be asking for a cock photo before setting up a breeding? On one hand if you are a cumdump I feel like what does it matter what the dick looks like and on the other I like to know what I’m working with and seeing the cock that is about to unload in me gets me even more horny and wanting the top’s load. I’m curious what do you all think?
  4. I have a couple of thoughts on this. First as a no loads refused bottom dick size doesn’t really matter to me. It’s about the top’s wants and needs not the bottoms so my opinions on his size are irrelevant. I also find that with average size dicks after I’ve taken a few loads they feel really good. I love how the cock just slides in so easily and the top can just go to town so when I’m opened and sloppy I’ll sometimes get excited when a guy with an average cock hits me up. I think any top with an average size dick should feel confident that there are bottoms out there that either don
  5. Hungry cumdump 

  6. Yes! For me it’s the thrill of getting a top hard and feeling his hard cock press against my pussy then him pushing it in too. It’s the feeling of a man using my pussy to get pleasure. I submit to him and his cock. And then the load at the end is so rewarding. I get to have a small token from him. Every time I receive a load I feel grateful to him.
  7. Same here. I beg them to cum in me. And say thank you once they do. I love being a receptacle for tops to unload in when they need it.
  8. I’m looking to take any and all loads soon. I’d like to try to do it on a weekend like Saturday. I’m serious, I’ll take all loads. I’m here for your pleasure. Message me at 312-248-1769 if interested. I’d like to get a room a Heart O Chicago. Looking to take as many loads as I can. A top to whore me out is a plus. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  9. I totally feel this. There is nothing better than the feeling of getting a too hard and receiving their load!
  10. I’m looking for some bottom friends to chat with and support each other on being the best cumdumps we can be. Maybe chat with each other during our hunts for cock or just sharing tips and tricks. Is anyone interested? Feel free to send me a message here or on kik at utboi19.
  11. Name: Dump, pig, cumslut Number: 312-248-1769 Location: Chicago, IL, 60626 Age: 30 Height: 5’10’’ Weight: 215lb Ethnicity: White Scene: Text. Open to take all loads. Love taking 8in+ cocks but open to all sizes. Evenings and weekends are best but can do during the day if you really need to unload. Can’t host often so willing to travel. Also into anon, being whored out and teaming up with with other cock hungry pig bottoms.
  12. Yes. I totally would. One of my favorite things is hunting for cock with other bottom pigs.
  13. Anyone want to chat? Utboi19 on kik and W. Fellow pig bottoms a plus.
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