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  1. I’m so curious to know of the men who love the musty/slightly dirty smell of asshole. Who doesn’t love it and would fuck it immediately? I mean that is the natural state of a dude technically speaking.
  2. Hey! I just wanted to say Hi and THANKS for The Follow! YAY!!! :) 

  3. I think toys, especially butt plugs will help open you up. If your are looking for more “permanent” cunt modification, I’d recommend playing with toys/and or taking cock almost everyday. I’m a fisting bottom so my toys are huge (I love streching my cunt open) ha but even if you take an average sized dildo daily your hole will adjust to being an open slit for cock. Also, when getting fucked really just focus on taking the cock. Don’t think about anything else, including your own cock, it will help you remain open.
  4. That’s super good to know. As a bottom I definitely want my top to know how good he makes me feel, which is also why I get so verbal. But also, when a top is really going at it I like zone out and just totally submit to him. Your guys’ dicks can do amazing things to bottoms 😀
  5. So I see a lot videos of bottoms taking anon cocks and loads in a cumdump scene, but they don’t seem to make much noise. Is this a thing? Sometimes I will start moaning and begging when I’m getting fucked even if I’m taking anon cock. I can’t help it, I just love getting fucked. Curious of other bottoms point of view on this. And also tops.
  6. Same here. I never ejaculate or jerkoff when I’m being a cumdump. My sexual gratification comes from getting my hole pounded and then loaded.
  7. Agree w/ a lot of the others. Once a top is inside you I think it is implicit that he should come in you. Although for me there isn’t always a lot of question about it bc I usually beg for him to cum in me lol
  8. I’ve started to wear thongs more bc of this too. As it turns out I just love the feeling the strap against my pussy. Turns me on so much
  9. I love getting fisted. I just love the intense feeling of my cunt being stretched to the max. It’s amazing.
  10. Into a lot. Few limits. And down to chat about anything dirty, pervy and piggy. Wicker: fistpig21
  11. It was 8 years ago for me. Had been chatting with a guy about it for some time and finally we decided to try it after i had played with my hole at home for several weeks. When the day came I went to his house and he started eating me out and then slowly added his fingers one by one and added jlube. Soon he was almost able to put his entire thumb in. He just kept working it and i I could tell I my hole getting looser. Finally I got to a point where I could take the whole hand and he slipped it in and my ass devoured it. When it first went it it was the most intense feeling I had ever felt. My cunt was so full and stretched it was unbelievable pleasure. I immediately became addicted to the feeling and became a hungry fist pig ever since ha.
  12. I agree with TexRanchKing. As a dominant personality myself there is nothing I find more erotic than submitting to a top and receiving his load. Getting filled is awesome. But I echo other ppl here in that if you are looking to stay neg you should prolly think about Prep bc it is ultimately up to you to keep yourself neg if that’s what you want.

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