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  1. 4th of July fuck Waikiki Video arcade So I had a dry spell so bad... I was topping instead of bottoming. Finally my ass needed cum, so I went into Waikiki seeing what I can get at the video arcade. The clerk who is not very attentive, never bothers to check so it’s virtually and orgy sometimes lol load#1 was from a decent size Filipino. He fucked and bred me through the hole. Went in bare and bred me really loud. Practically screaming how good it was.. Load#2 was from the black guy watching me get fuck. Hard as a rock waiting for his turn and when he got it, emptied his balls into my dripping hole. Load#3 Filipino guy was turned on by watching this, bred me again with the other guys cum as lube. Load#4 White guy, asked me if I get test and clean. I reassured him I was (yeah I am but I don’t know about the 3 raw loads I just took) he was thick and hard. I tried with the previous loads and spit. I burn so he passed KY lube, which is not the same for me. He long ducks me and splits my hole wide. He whispers about his friend wanting to fuck and I said sure. Load 4 wrecks my hole and plants a gallon of cum. Load #5 cums in smaller but energetically and cums all the way in. They high five and talk about me in the third person. “That cunt was good thanks for sharing, That was hot.” I was just a fuck hole tonight.
  2. Tell him to bring a friend
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  4. I once had jerry sterns from TIM in SF
  5. You should start whoring him out and organizing gangbangs and make him a cumdump. Load his pussy with anon strangers cum.
  6. Like that song,”Never Enough.” My problem is... the more I get fucked, the tighter I get not the looser. My hole gets swollen and tight I’m like a virgin after the fifth fuck. Lol
  7. 5-load Saturday Woke up super early and horny. Decided to check out the ABS in Waikiki. It was 5am, what was I thinking of??? Dead for 2 hours I though my hole would dry up. But... the night store clerk 5’10 150 red head around 40 was leaving and after his shift went into a booth. I decided that this was as good as it gets. I enter the booth and found a small penis but it was hard as a rock. No lube this time and it went pretty dry with spit only. He pump a nice load in me. He left and 1 hour later, load #2 came in. Above average tall Asian guy around 28. He went in and I could feel Load 1 up there coating his dick slick, soon he was sliding in and out. He bred me good and deep. My black military guy text me if I was free. He had a previous hook up but the bottom stank and he ended up fracking it. Wanted to breed me. At the same time my black neighbor texts me on Grindr. I had two black guys wanting me. #3 ended up being my neighbor. Tall, 6’0 and 165, late 30’s with a nice 9x4. He breeds me while my military guy is parking. He waits while I’m being seeded. I think it’s a DL mil thing. He’s 8x6. Now my ass is pretty tender and he starts Mil slides in like butter and dumps a major load. He’s so so turn on that it’s wet and warm, he gets hard again and blows another load.... I passed out and took a nap. My ass felt great. Must be a full moon tonight lol
  8. The City with a capital T. I took my first raw cock at FG when I got on Prep. In fact took 9 loads that day, the guys must have known I was a fresh cunt to breed. Even Nob Hill is gone. Where to go to get random anonymous raw dick in The City.
  9. How’s Folsom Gulch? I heard they renovated and now it’s not as fun... sure had a lot of raw anon fun there
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  12. Been a while since I’ve posted. Tonight I got lucky on Grindr. A 26yo black messages me with a profile that stated “Hard On lol” with a generic movie photo no face or stats. The message came with a photo of a young black guy and later pics of a hard BBC in hand. He was really close, like 450 ft. He acknowledge that I was close and what was I looking for. Im pretty direct on Grindr and said I was looking to get fucked. Nothing mentioned about condoms or anything. He was horny and wanted to fuck but I had to prep myself for the task and made the poor boy wait 25 mins. He was at my place. Still not sure what he was like since there were no stats in his profile. A giant of a man shows up, about 6’4” 295lbs. Very heavy. I was apprehensive and thought oh no... might be small. Boy was I wrong. He pull out and it was small but he was a grower. We kiss and I turn around so he could rub his cock on my hole. No talk of condom he rubbed his cock on my hole till he got hard. He spit on his finger to get into my hole and started to twist his finger like my hole was a pussy. Ahhh a straight boy. Jackpot. He’s getting hard as a rock and his dick must be about 9” and rock solid! I decided not to look back but to lube his dick and brace myself. Also recovering from a cold, no poppers, this was going to sting.. The boy literately raped me. It was one of the best fucks I’ve had we were sweating all over my bed. Also every time he pulled out he would spit in his dick and shove back in. My cunt was ruined and drench with precum and spit. At one point he had me gliding like a fuck doll on his dick edging himself to cum. It went on for one hour as I was kissed, chocked, looked in the eye and faggot, pounded and split. The rare squishing sound of wet sweaty bodies could be heard. He said it takes him awhile to cum... Finally he has me on my stomach and is just gliding my useless body on his dick like a fuck doll. He jams in deep to the second hole and unleash. I squeeze and push out and squeeze which grips his dick. He pops out and man goo with cum drips out like a river. He gets up and dress. Doesn’t want to kiss, a straight guy thing I guess but asks when I’m free again. He just left and my hole is sore and used for the first time in a long time. He mentions he has second thoughts on being straight and that was the best fuck he has had.... BBC in Hawaii - can’t get enough probably meet again tomorrow.
  13. In reality aren’t we using tops? Cause as soon as one guy cums in our ass, we’re thinking, “next!” It’s like we have already forgotten the guy who just fucked us and waiting for the next one or hunting for the next load.
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