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  1. My tiny Asian pussy loves bbc. Late bloomer 32, black bf. I don’t know Why I love being pressed down hard, face smashed into the bed with a big black dick raping and destroying my hole and then being bred deep like he’s trying to impregnate me with his babies. I just like being used by black guys.
  2. Pit bull seems to have the moves and nasty. He can fuck my ass like a pussy any day.
  3. Yep! Stand your ground! He will be hitting you up for a raw fuck!
  4. The Rock Marc Anthony (Jennifer Lopez Ex Husband) Pit Bull And believe it or not Patrick Stewart
  5. 4 loads yesterday night 1/4/20 1) I had to meet friends for dinner near the Pearl Harbor area. Not looking at all but on Grindr all the time, I get messaged if I was looking and a nice dick picture. It’s all more me he says, Black 30, super DL no face pic. I tell him I’m on my way home and love anon, was he too? He claim to be new to this, so I had to explained which he was all into it. I’m finally ass up face down. He comes in and feels my legs and lubed hole. Starts rubbing my hole with his slicked precum fuck stick. He spits on my hole and slides in. I’m wearing my blindfolds, but hear what sounds like a flame tour here lighter and hear him smoking something... he’s definitely doing something while fucking my ass raw. He goes all out and my hole is filled with cum and spit and is fucked in different position. Finally he unloads. My hole is at its prime very juicy state. 2) I tell my black 32 yo 9” that I was bred. Come on over he says. Usually pops quickly and without effort.. this time he porpoises you’re fucks a long time. Thought I was gonna pee and poop at the same time. Was that gut feeling his long dick up my stomach? After 20 mins of abusing my ass.. wait not hole but.. colon? I’m ready to call it. He silently adds his seed to my sloppy hole. 3) I rush home. A white guy messages me on Grindr and an Asian boy separately at the same time. The white guy is closer and tell the Asian boi did he mind seconds.. in this case more like 3rds lol he was cool. The white guy says he likes it wild. I tell him bb only but wants to play safe. I manage to tease and draw him to bb. He agrees. Tells me he’s deaf and rough and to tap him on his arm if he’s too rough. (Yeah right I’m tougher than that) he likes it anon cause he’s deaf... He cums in my dark room and gets to work. He try to fuck me without lube, I feel his cock is thick and shitttt it’s fucken hard as a rock! I need lube for this. Sure enough he slides in my hole like butter and starts taking it in. I’m in popper heaven and we kiss like sex starved animals. One of best tucks I’ve had. He blows his load messy and all over and in my hole and ass. 4) Asian boi cums next and my home is not sloppy seconds it’s messy fourths. His average 5-6 is painful as my ruined hole is bruised and abused by now. I’m really feeling everything. He fucks snd cums in my ass. Pushes my ass checks together cause I’m so loose by this time, he cums and make sure I collect all his seeds. it was so messy for him. He asked to use my shower. I look again on Grindr for a final last minute fun... it’s already 11pm and no one was biting so I called it a night.
  6. Thanks for the follow

  7. So I finally tried this. I was at a glory hole and being fucked with no lube just spit by a BWC when it was hitting the right spot, I started cumming in my hand. I was still impaled on the dick through the hole and decided to rub my own cum on that dick snd use it as lube to fuck myself. it was so fucking hot, usually I stop fucking after I cum but this time I forced my hole back on the BWC and let it use me till he too came in my ass. There has to be a term for this. Has anyone had a similar experience?
  8. Yesterday : Sunday fun day. Went to Velvets in Waikiki in Honolulu. A lot of wall flowers looking the other way and not interested in me. I went to a neighboring occupied booth and spot a familiar top there. I was so horny and the last time he did me, he liked to suck my cock. So I fed him my hard Asian dick and tried to pump as much precum I could to feed him. He’s a very above average 7x6 cock that I wanted to stretched my pussy with. The last time it burn. I went down on my knees and sucked that monster gagging my throat lube on it. I was determined to take him raw and without lube spit fuck. Ass to mouth and I had him sliding in and out, he was determined to wreck and loosen my hole. I forgot my poppers and it was a struggle. Then IT HAPPENED!! He was sliding in me so good and pressing my internal buttons. I started to JO and started to cum in my hand!! Yes!! My hole tightened around his dick but he kept going using my cunt like a fuck toy. I looked on my hand and the thick gooey mess was in my hand. Should I eat it? Wipe it off with a clean tissue or ??? I moved my ass off his giant dick.. more like climb off lol then spread my seed all over his ragging white cock, I slip his monster cock up my sore and sensitive fuck hole. Using my own cum as lube to fuck myself on this monster cock ripping me. No poppers but I was still enjoying this pure raw fuck. No lube but my own cum, I felt like a dirty old Asian faggot. He pulled out. I don’t think he even came. He just wanted to use my hole and waited for the next fuck hole to abuse. Like a dirty bottom waiting for the next top to dump his load. I walked out into the overcast Honolulu sky wobbly and sore. First time my hole felt fucked and abused. My fingers sticky with my own fuck juice, I decided to eat it, why waste it. Left satisfied and used. Hope to repeat this with other monster dicks.
  9. Reading all of this would make a great Cumhole monologue- kinda like Vagina Monologue. Get 10-15 guys on stage each reading about how his hole requires pleasure. I saw the vagina monologues and we can do a gay version of the cumhole dialogues - we speak for the top and bottoms lol we can read stuff from here it’s so real but I bet each gay man can speak about his own hole well.
  10. I guess after the cage was off, he must have raped his GF good. This might be the only way for him to fuck her now. Getting fucked with a caged on his dick and have all that sperm juice build up. lucky bastard
  11. Welcome to the club ... just the beginning to being a cumdump. Soon you’ll want more guys dumping their seed in your fresh man pussy.
  12. Which hotel was this? Definitely wanna check it out!
  13. It’s the quantity not the quality. Some may think that you’re bring use as a cumdump. But there is a power in knowing the bottom is actually using the top to get his itch scratch. So detached and transactional it is... it’s like as soon as the head pops in, we are already thinking of the next top who will breed us. Or we enjoy it so much we just using the dick behind the glory hole as a squirting dildo for our pleasure.
  14. I have preferred hung but now it’s Hard. I love a hard dick. Has to be stiff to get into my tight hole.
  15. The more I get fucked the tighter and more swollen I get. My ass lips are wrecked and my rosebud is big from all the dick I’ve taken. In a gangbang I get tighter not looser.

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