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  1. Thank you! You can breed me anytime if you’re in Hawaii!!!
  2. Thanks for the Crush 😻 

  3. I use a shower enema to clean out, then use both a butt plug and dildo. I find that some accumulation of dirty water is left and the butt plug allows me to test if I’m clean or not. If not I go for another round of flushing out my guts with the shower enema. if the anal plug is clean. I then use a dildo to check if the rest of anal cavity is clean or not. Most times it is and it serves to lube my hole for a good fucking. Using a dildo and anal plug helps me to check if I’m dirty, don’t want my top to experience any surprises.
  4. “In your Wildest Dreams” fucking bottom boy Kevin Williams. I JO over those aggressive scenes over and over... I’m dating myself.
  5. Has anyone noticed that there is more action when there’s a full Moon?
  6. I hook up with him once when I was living in SF, man wish I could get a repeat!
  7. Tbh I get nerved when someone responds to my “anon cumdump” ad. They cum over fuck my ass anon, blow their load in me and then asks later, “are you clean?” I always say yes... secretly thinking I don’t know about the other two guys who unloaded in me 10 mins before him... lol
  8. 2012 SF - one long agonizing month after prep - posted on every site bbrt, Craigslist, Grindr snd A4A that was I was being a cumdump at the glory holes and taking any anon cocks at Folsom Gulch. Had exact time I would be there. I stripped naked and placed my hole against the glory hole and let the random fuck gods do their magic. Never saw any of their faces but took 9 raw loads from total strangers, don’t know their status. One fucker on Craigslist said he’ll be there to charged up my hole but I didn’t know what that meant at that time and couldn’t possibly tell which one of the nine th
  9. I had a good time too the other night snd have theory of the fulL moon bringing the tops out. Just a theory, I score pretty good when it’s a full moon.
  10. Last Day of November : A lot of Cock between my last post. Shamelessly in parks, beaches, bathrooms and Abs. Last night was unique.... 3 different tops, kind of like the ghosts of Scrooge’s Christmas movie. I was being stalk on sniffles from an Asian top who could not stop thinking of my swollen ass lips. In fact he loves daddy holes that are used, wrecked and swollen above all. He’s late 30’s Filipino, 5’5” 160 and muscled built with one of those solid daddy stomachs. Works out daily. After I ignored him, since he had mention drugs, I had bad encounters with poor performance from guys t
  11. Let’s be honest.. the most remembered fucks are the aggressive and ruff ones that mix pain and pleasure... when a guy takes control and totally wants to breed you like his bitch. It’s those fucks we Jack off to at night, the ones that tested our limits and made us bottom out. The ones we had to slap our hand on the mat and give up but we secretly want more.... the ones that nearly made us pass out...
  12. 2 of 6 loads On Aloha Friday: The past week had been a blur. On Friday, recently unemployed I tried getting dick all day but was not getting any luck. Finally around 4pm, I get a message on Grindr from an FB 26yo 5’11 and 215, he’s around 7” had bred me Anon: “Hey will you be free later on today? I wanna fuck your ass deep again, can I come by around 5p or 6p? Make sure that ass is lubed and you’re facedown.” Music to my ears. I love aggressive guys like him. At around 445p, he said he’ll be here in 30 mins. In the meantime a random blank profile on Grindr messages me if I’m taking
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