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  1. This morning I woke up early and checked my messages. A Grindr regular was on and I asked him if he wanted to fuck me. I was multitasking and threw my laundry into my car. after the fuck I was going to do my laundry. Hehe My regular ate my ass, lubed his dick and entered me. He fucked me long and hard, holding back from coming and edging himself with my hole. Must have been 15 good minutes of non stop fucking until he unloaded. I went to the public laundry mat in Waikiki, saw a husky Pacific Islander. He came to flirt with me and asked me questions in small talk. Asked me if wat
  2. The Aloha Spirit of Sharing in Hawaii It’s been hot this summer in Hawaii. So humid I’m unable to sleep and being agitated. I’ve been in this bitch in heat state that I started using profile names like “cumdump” and “bbbtm in heat”. On Friday I was able to get 5 loads. 3 regulars and 2 fandoms, I also top one guy. My randoms have been great, especially since I moved to the spray version of poppers. I can feel every ridge in my hole brush up against their raw fuck tools. But the main story was at the end of the day. There’s a beach that is notorious for gay sex. The cru
  3. So my favorite video arcade was open today but very different, no cruising or hanging around. I saw 2 booths used and felt bummed that I missed the action already. I jumped into a middle booth and waited. The guys in the other booths opened and one came to the left of my booth. I sucked this white guys hard suck which was about 7”. He was getting into it and wanted my hole. I let it drive into me and in minutes he was pumping his raw loads into me. The other couldn’t get up and I didn’t think I was gonna get any more. I felt it was leaking out of my hole. I came home but wa
  4. That’s fucking gross and disgusting!! Well some of the hottest and best sex are!!! Rock on buddy!!
  5. Full Moon So I have a theory... April 21, 2020 was the day before the months new moon. On this day, I could not help myself and .... shamefully had 5 guys breed me almost hourly, one at a time. These were all FBs of mine and there were no Randoms. My hole was satisfied. I tried to get a repeat the next day but no one was bitting despite my efforts. Even the ones who bred me the day before. I think the day before a new moon, guys loose their inhibitions and wanna hook up. I’m wondering if any other guys have experience this moon effect on their hook ups? Also, since Ma
  6. We need serious BDE here, both trump and Biden don’t have it! Corey Booker has BDE.
  7. Simple efficient fuck doesn’t get any better than this
  8. Perfect cumdump scene
  9. I hope to do this one day. Hard to find two tops that are into to each other lol it’s like trying to negotiate NAFTA
  10. Michael Avanetti - stormy Daniels lawyer looks like a nasty fuck and probably uses fags aggressive Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson - the mountain guy on Game of Thrones - I wanna be ass up face down when he destroys my ass doggie style Jerry stearn - TIM top - opps that’s a real one NM Jet Li - Chinese Actor - I imagine he would be an energizer bunny and make me pass out - and still be fucking me one hour later
  11. I just got into no lube at the glory hole. Squatting down while sucking cock, I would bring my fringes to my mouth and stretch my ass wide and wet with the saliva dripping from the cock sucking. This would prep my hole to be be nice and juicy on both ends. I pat my hole and let it open like a flower. Gag and make sure that the hard cock through the hole is thoroughly wet and slick so the top can effortlessly slide into my man cunt. Sometimes you just got to ass to mouth depending on the girth and length of the guy.
  12. I was whoring at the glory hole in SF, three guys were lined up outside and one by one they deposited their loads. The last one I was chasing for over 30 mins but he didn’t seem interested but lo and behold he was fucking my ass raw with his average but raging hard cock in my smooth creamy 2 load hole. He must have been edge by 1/2 dozen guys and was building up his load with the finale in a nice ass. I was ass up to the glory hole and he was going to town on it for 15 minutes. When he was finally ready he blew his loads and I must have been 5 mins of no stop cum spurting into my cun
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