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  1. THERE IS ONLY SO MANY OF YOU OUT THERE... AND I HAVE TRIED BUT I JUST CANT SEEM TO GET AROUND TO EVERYONE SO THIS IS WHAT I HAVE DECIDED . I AM CREATING A SLEAZE DATABASE FOR SOUTH AFRICANS. Come on guys this is the platform for pure sleaze. lets hookup, lets breed , lets fuck , lets make a mess, lets document every interaction so that we can create our own local porn industry. There is nothing better that SA Cock, lets unite in cum and make sure we are present, transparent and always willing to share, whatever is your preference that's cool just respect the others. We all want the same thing an orgasm and all fantasies to become realities, Carpe Diem, I f you see something you like go and get it. The early cocksucker finds the biggest cock dripping with precum waiting to fill a dry manhole.
  2. I have an incautious appetite for cock. If you would like to explore sleezy sex message and we can. I prefer to top andf only bottom in a gangbang. Whenever you visit South Africa keep me in mind.

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