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  1. It sounds like you mean hard-core serial porn. On paper it sounds great, I'd like it, but as mentioned by the others, acting ability would be important. The characters would need to be relatable and real for it to be taken seriously and viewed as a turn-on. In regular porn, the worst acting seems to be in the beginning of the scene when the context is being set, as soon as the sex starts it gets more natural. It costs less to hire actors that can't act and minimize their opportunities for speaking except for sex talk.
  2. Nice, gotta like these examples.🐷
  3. DannyBoyCMH is mine, thank you sexyboy.😍🐷
  4. Deliverance comes to mind. Definitely a morality fuck, with Burt Reynolds in his prime through-out the film.
  5. Thanks, I think you should pounce on your big hairy husband later.
  6. You're lucky to have a studly partner at home young man, but you know that...
  7. Mosquito netting, hot.
  8. I was at the casino with a female friend when a guy walked-in wearing a dark blue hankie in his right-rear pocket. She noticed that I was suddenly distracted so I explained that any man who flies those colors in the Muggle World should be rewarded by myself. "Mr. Blue-Hankie" is still on my FB list.🐷
  9. The definition of "Alpha" varies. You know yours, so keep looking. "Out-Alpha any Top"? Aw man, bring it.🐷
  10. I generally agree with your husband slut-boy. Btms are men so I'm aware of their dicks but size doesn't matter to me.🐷
  11. Your avatar is dripping.

  12. Legal age. I prefer experienced btms but had a 19 year old approach me on A4A for his first BB. Tested my patience a bit, but I knew every other fuck he gets will be compared to it.😈
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