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    Im looking for top mates to help breed my sub collection. Are you aged over 45 and in London or nearby? Happy to host?

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  1. Message me if you are top and like breeding parties.
  2. Looking for a sub to use? My 31yr old sub is available 24/7 - Old St. ideal for travellers/visitors who don’t want to spend money on bars or saunas Ask me for contact details
  3. Message me if you are in London and want me to send him over to you.
  4. Come and breed my boy - anon turn up, load him up he’s 30 and blond message me for the address
  5. Guyz we got ANOTHER lad! Slightly older at 35 and an Otter. Last tested neg in December and because of lockdown hasn’t had sex since February. PM me
  6. Good news indeed! Soon be time to resurrect our sauna based bukake and breeding parties 🥳
  7. Guyz it’s time for another London breeding party and we’ve got a cute 29yr old neg sub ready to share around. He’s 9.5stone light 5’10” tall. Last tested neg in June. those of you who attended last time - you’ve got first call on this one. if you missed out last time PM me directly. as a reminder these breeding parties are for the over 45s only. date and location to be confirmed once we know who’s coming
  8. Im looking for a short slim smooth sissy boy for regular and long term friendship. If you are a panty wearing submissive boy aged 19-24 then message me. Small dicks particularly welcome. I have conditions about what you can wear - but that won’t restrict you if you are already a committed fem. beginners welcome. In or around London please. Prefer under 5’10” if possible. Any race.
  9. It kinda feels like over the last few years since laws and attitudes relaxed all the fun of cruise bars and back-rooms has gone. I used to spend many a happy night at bars like The Fallen Angel in E17 downing a few pints of lager then popping upstairs to suck and fuck the night away in the dark.
  10. Here he is guys. Please let me have your initial interest
  11. We got a new lad - aged 21 - lives in Hampshire so we’ll be organising the party London or South England. Date to be confirmed. Picture will follow - he’s skinny and a strawberry blond. The most he sucked on one occasion so far is only 4. So I am sure we can help him max on that!
  12. Particularly looking for mixed groups - age, color. I’m top - like sharing a greedy bottom.
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