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  1. That's how it needs to be. Totally anonymous. You as a person don't care to the fucker. You are a just a hole. A sex toy for the top to drain his balls and empty his DNA inside u and make u pregnant. Then you wait for the next one and his seed that wanta to compete with the other semen you already have inside u...
  2. No need to speak. Just bend over or take out your cock is a universal language. It's more like pure fucking like animals. That doesn't need a language :)
  3. let's meet up then. want to recharge your hole. DM me
  4. was it me? 🙂 if it wasn't me, I am happy to deposit my seed inside your slutty Asian hole during my next visit to Paris 🙂 DM me!
  5. Bunker in Paris is excellent. It's my favourite. Exchanged so much seed there and always a cum filled hole to churn and dump my own load. Best is Sunday afternoons and Tuesday or Thursday night. Lots of action happening then. Usually I drop my seed in 3 different holes to spread the love :) 3 loads, 3 different asses :) and most of the times, someone else fucks into my seed right after I pulled out of the bottom. And when I whisper into a bottom' s ear "you want my poz load?" every one of them has answered "knock me up!" people know why they go there: sleazy bb action and go ho
  6. Hi.  Having any luck chasing poz seeds? 

  7. I got my ass bred at the glory holes just 2 weeks ago before going to see a fuckbuddy to give him my hole preloaded by anon guys...
  8. are these your pictures you took there or took them later? damn hot story. my first time was also at the glory holes... smelly public toilet in my hometown. will try find a few minutes to tell you later
  9. Yeah definitely anonymous! When travelling for work I just enjoy being in my hotel room, blindfolded, ass up and door open. Staying often close to some party areas so in the middle of the night some drunk guys come by to unload inside me. The grindr profiles without pics are often the best for this. sometimes it hides some trolls, sometimes some young horny guys that just haven't come out yet. I take them all. when I am in that mode, cock size, age, body shape and status doesn t matter. the only thing that matters is taking seed inside my hole and get flooded with their babies.
  10. Hey, I'll be visiting London for work and keen on serving as a cum dump in the evenings and early mornings. Staying at a hotel close to Oxford Circus. Hosting ass up, door open, blindfolded. Available from tonight until Saturday morning. Ready to take literally ANY load. No PnP, just come to fuck, unload and go. Will be your human flashlight. Ping me here and will give you more details.
  11. very slow year for obvious reasons... Bred 21 asses, 24 loads Took care of 16 different cocks. 4 fed me their loads. 8 emptied themselves inside my ass... And these 8 had all been last weekend... 2 at the glory hole, 2 in a sling, 4 anonymous grindr hookups blindfolded at my place
  12. Haha yeah happened quite a few times. In Asia, Latin America and Russia. On grindr, enough to send a few explicit pics and your location 😉 Had it in saunas in Asia that guys were speaking in Thai or in Chinese to each other while they fucked me and guys watching. I can only guess what they said about me... Probably encouraging each other to fuck me hard and breed my hole? 😉
  13. This story is based on a true experience and only changed slightly... It was just two weeks after I got tested positive. The fuck flu had hit me badly a month ago, so I got tested and the results were obvious. It didn't surprise me since I had stopped my prep half a year ago but couldn't change my sex habits. Regularly people could find my ass pushed against a glory hole at the arcades taking about any cock that wanted to unload. The feeling of selfish guys just seeing me as a hole to please their cocks and getting rewarded with a big anonymous load inside me was far stronger tha
  14. I have been to saunas in HK and BKK. Both places are good for bb breeding. In Bangkok been to a place where they handed you one condom at the entrance. but obviously one condom is quickly used, so everyone fucked bb from what I saw. HK seemed to have a few more people fucking with condom, but not when they saw my big white cock. I always got them raw. but I could tell people used condoms there because I was looking for filled condoms in the trash and always found a few that I took with me.
  15. I would have rather expected you as 1... take rather than give 🙂
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