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  1. I'd be up to come and breed the elected bttm
  2. been there end of Oct and it was as easy as before. few fellow cum dumps were around as well. when I was done, I pushed out the loads I took and took them with me to fill them into a young twink cumdump and then add my fresh one
  3. A proud 295 🙂 whowho wants to explore the rest with me? 😉
  4. excellent news. had been few times while visiting here. now relocated to London and my work is close to it. will be able to collect loads and share my seed on my way home 😉
  5. what an honour to get pozzed by an Asian top! my first knowingly poz load that I took was from a young philipino guy
  6. I blow a load with ecwey chapter you write. It's amazing how it always brings me back to my first ABS visits and how torn I felt every time going there but always being drawn back and every time getting sluttier. today, I just love being in an open space, blindfolded in a sling, being watched by just anyone and taking anyone's cock and seed. let's wait until our little college boy discovers the glory hole section in that place 🙂
  7. I clearly try to absorb it. nothing hotter but sitting in public transport with stranger's DNA inside me. none of the people around me have an idea what a slut I am and that my hole just serves as an incubator for the seed that was planted inside me. once home if it leaks, I lick it up from the floor so the seed isn't wasted but stays within my body
  8. I don't think your me he does you justice. at this pace you should rather call yourself rawpozhole :) happy to come to the heath post lockdown and plant my seed inside u then
  9. fuck this is so hot. I recognize myself so much in it when you describe that feeling when your brain switches off and just says yes to a guy, you rush to get your ass ready and suddenly bend over bb for a completely unknown guy and take his load. then you have that mix of guilt and excitement, but the excitement takes over, you put a finger into your wet hole and taste the anonymous load that is inside you and from that moment you are just hooked and want more and more and accept any load, even the dirtiest ones as long as you get as much DNA inside as you possible. This is exactl
  10. Only one way, and that's deep inside... I always push my cock extra deep inside the hole when I shoot so I can deposit my seed well inside the bottom. Especially since many guys go to the bathroom after to push the cum out which is a waste. Most tell me that it's so deep they can't get it out hehe
  11. where at Clapham common are things happening. am very close by
  12. That's how it needs to be. Totally anonymous. You as a person don't care to the fucker. You are a just a hole. A sex toy for the top to drain his balls and empty his DNA inside u and make u pregnant. Then you wait for the next one and his seed that wanta to compete with the other semen you already have inside u...
  13. No need to speak. Just bend over or take out your cock is a universal language. It's more like pure fucking like animals. That doesn't need a language :)
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