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    Getting my hole worked on fucked and loaded. Cumdumping and sloppy seconds
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    Did a couple of films at Underground club Central Station London when this was going on
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  1. Or do what I did. Visit on daylight. You'll find the dark room easily just off the path running behind what was Jack Straws Castle. Sadly there's a bit of a mess there with used tissues etc. But when you're bent over with your pants down taking cock you won't care too much!
  2. Bottoms don't stop when you get north of the Thames!
  3. My situation is almost exactly the same as yours except that I very rarely top. 99% bottom guy here. Poz but on meds and undetectable.
  4. Recently I've found a few guys on fabguys down here near London but they do tend to be a bit older than elsewhere (nothing wrong with that but variety is the spice of life!). Really really REALLY want saunas and places like the Vault or SBN to restart.
  5. Went down to Walton on Thames this afternoon. Met a sexy guy. Bit smaller than me but good sized cock and he shot a nice big load deep inside my hole
  6. You going to breed my poz hole again? You had me about a year ago in Pants club near King's Cross. Want more
  7. At times, yes it does. I read stories about other guys' fantasies or reality and I completely understand what they are on about. I have had bareback sex for quite a while and became poz earlier this year. In some senses its been a help reading stuff here and has often made me feel hornier.
  8. Condoms exist. It's just some guys choose not to use them.
  9. Thanks for the follow, hornyJohn!


    1. 1hornyjohn


      My pleasure Marc. Mmmm... 

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