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    Getting my hole worked on fucked and loaded. Cumdumping and sloppy seconds
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    Did a couple of films at Underground club Central Station London when this was going on
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  1. Of course I would but you don't reply to my messages on here. Even to say "no thanks " would be helpful and polite
  2. I'm in my 50s and find that I still get as much action being a cumdump as I did 10 or more years ago. One never appeals to everyone. It would be boring if we did. I find I'm often surprised by the type of guys who have fucked me and I often just can't say whether a particular top finds me appealing or not. At the end of the day, a hole is what they want and I'm there to offer mine
  3. I've applied to your other similar message but got no reply. Even "thanks but no thanks" would be appreciated
  4. Good man. The app costs a tenner and if you can afford it and it means The Vault reopens , it's a good investment.
  5. Locker room sauna open in Kennington. Have a look at their website for more details
  6. Generally speaking I try to delay cumming as I lose my desire once I have spunked. If I'm in a sauna or club and have had my fill and need catch a train, I'll let someone suck me off so that I cum and can then leave. I have cum whilst being fucked. When that happens I try and carry on to let my top finish.
  7. Although I'm more bottom than top I agree it is a mighty sexy arse. Let me know if you need a hand with all those tops who will be lining up to have a crack at that
  8. thanks for the follow mate, you look fucking hot.  total bottom cumdump lad here in Cornwall.  Fond memories of Underground at Central Station - pretty sure that's where I got pozzed.

    Hundreds more pics and vids of me on www.twitter.com/jonny4dad 

    1. 1hornyjohn


      Already following you. hornyjohn440

      I think I got pozzed in Pants at Underground. Whatever, on meds now Biktarvy. Stay well 

  9. Never been to Darlaston GH but have spent waaaay to much time at Luton. Naked Wednesdays are generally the best. Staff can be a bit hit and miss but for the most part are Ok. Well, I've not gone there snd paid my money to get fucked by the staff (although that did happen once!) so its the mix of other customers that I'm interested in. Like most places there are some who you don't want to touch with a Barge pole and others who you want buried balls deep in your hole. One gripe I do have is paying full price even when some of the facilities are out of order. Anyway I for one can't wait for it an
  10. Not hugely. One tablet a dsy. I already take tablets for blood pressure so its noy big inconvenience. I enjoy sex now knowing that I'm undetectable.
  11. Its ok.. Wouldn't say it was amazing! Its just everywhere else like saunas or clubs are closed down by Boris
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