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    sub neg fag, looking for poz tops, few limits, no safewords
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    training with a dom in agro, piss, discipline, and submissive training am a slave on object.lives.onion if you know that then you know more about me and my training
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    Viral tops

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  1. any gifters in chicago area looking to plant their seed in a non prepped neg hole?  Looks, age and stuff aren't important. Quickies or regular no strings all ok.  can't host but can travel.  w1ckr yourhivhole 🙂

  2. "Too much incest." You know I was just saying the same thing to my uncle the other day while I was jerking him off in the car.
  3. To test or not to test.  I've lucky to hook up a bit during the crisis, but some guys were status unknown, others on ARVs.    As a bug fag, I don't know if I should get tested ever.

    What does everyone think about testing?  Fag Masters and chasers alike.

    1. leatherpunk16


      I give it for yes. If you want it, and you've been actively in pursuit, it's possible you already have it. What's the good of chasing after a bus when you've already caught it? Then you know where you stand and whether it's time to breed or resume your chase.

    2. hellion1971


      Get tested. It's always good to know if you finally got what you want.

  4. Accepted into the "Say Yes to HIV" network.  If you can host you can use me.  Contact me there 🙂 all my info is on file.

  5. Thanks for the follow 🙂

    1. AlwaysBareback


      You have a hot ass

    2. alessandro


      Thanks, where are you at, you can fuck it if you want to 🙂

  6. I do, almost everyday. I read that people do it for urine therapy, and since I've been drinking a glass of my first piss of the day, it's really helped with my acne.
  7. Hi Sir thanks!  My [deleted] is yourhivhole. Yes I have a car

  8. Sleazy sub boy in Chicago hoping to get knocked up.  I can travel around the area and will accept all loads.  w1ckr is yourhivhole

  9. Thank you for the friend request Sir!

    1. Fistulike666


      You're very welcum xx😘

  10. You’re welcome. Hopefully he responds back to you.

    1. alessandro


      He did, talked on [deleted], but that's all he was looking to do.  Then he jerked off then ghosted me. 

    2. scott0882


      I’m sorry to hear that, but take all poz loads from here and that site. Eventually it will lead to the outcome that you want. 

  11. I get woken up every morning by my slave woody and a hole hungry for cum.  Free all day and night today for use and abuse, hmu anytime. Chicago  W1ckr yourhivhole

  12. I like really sleazy, sweaty Doms and sex. My biggest fetish has always been hot piss. But really into everything from a Dom.  What's your favorite body fluid?

    • Piss
    • Spit
    • Cum
    • Other?  
    1. puphawaii


      spitpisscum     ;->


    2. alessandro


      Lol, you have to choose one favorite.

    3. puphawaii


      impossible to choose!   ;->

      okay okay .. CUM!


  13. Chicago area twink sub and wannabe cumdump. Looking for regular hooks ups, kink (love piss!) and sub training. HMU, can travel a bit. Also neg and not on prep, all loads accepted 😉 w1ckr yourhivhole
  14. sub neg boy available all weekend, chicago hmu yourhivhole at w1ckr   pervy boy needs dom kinky men

    1. SecretCumWhore


      Use bbrt website and NKP and make your profile sound wildest and kinkiest you can.  Post very slutty pictures and get those men all heated up and slide into their DMs.  You’ll find the men you seek 🙂

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