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    sex, maybe move to be a city where I can live with a bunch of guys.
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    young, new, scared, but excited, have not had proper sex, tried once and got scared.
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    same, I like dirty talk, role-play,

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  1. Hot start looking for a sudden decline of "Brian"
  2. Good Luck! I hope to see the vids somewhere!
  3. Wish this was my living situation
  4. Any scenarios would be awesome to read about this is one of my faves of your stories
  5. I second this, or even highway 97 after it splits off from I-5
  6. You are proving to follow your brother in all of his talents and will in no time probably out do him. Keep up fantasizing and sharing please!
  7. This is a great start, I am excited for moar
  8. Weird fetish, I have no brothers at all, but honestly have always been turned on by brother complexes. I wish I had a brother to fool around with.
  9. This is super hot. I hope you have more hot times with this duo of runners
  10. That is hot and sweet steve, thanks but australia is sadly not where I am looking for the future
  11. This sounds awesome. I would love to move to a big city and get like a bottom roommate/boyfriend/fwb/whatever to help afford rent and egg each other on in slutting it up
  12. I regret not being the high school cumdump immensely but in the town I was in I honestly feel I could have ended up like the kid in Wyoming 20 years ago, Matthew Shepard, instead of being everyone's relief. I feel I made the safer choice, but god a lot of them were hunks so I have my fantasies.
  13. I do bookkeeping (and taxes when the season rolls around) in a small town for local places but looking for work in larger cities away from home.
  14. My bottom side says @Imgameu41 or @poztwink or @bugRyanand before he went missing Saturn1 would be at the top of my list. Imgameu41 because he seems Class A Daddy material, PozTwink because his face makes me a bit weak in the knees, Bugryan for our chats and Saturn1 because he was warm, welcoming and very energetic. My top side says @breederjock whose posts always turn me on a lot as a bottom and I would love to have a go at his hole, or @TexasTwink who has a lot of shared interests and I think either of those two would be great to bottom with at party
  15. This was a hot setup and totally looking forward to seeing how he got here and where he is going. Thanks so much for writing and sharing!

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