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  1. Which food do you absolutely stay away from before you bottom?
  2. Is that sold over the counter where you are? In the US antibiotics have to be prescribed.
  3. Check the numbers in your area. No kissing. Mask the whole time. Stay away from groups. Should use a condom for sucking. I waited until the numbers were low and things were opening up before I started hooking up. Wanted to try it in this window before a second wave hit and everything shut down for another 6 months. A regular party host hosted something in a park and invited everybody on his email list. I went to that. There were at least 30 guys in the park late at night. It was 50/50 on mask-wearers vs those not wearing masks. I wore my mask the whole time and stood away from t
  4. I had dreams of being a total pig, cumdump, whore, but so far every time I've tried, I have gotten something. So far chlamydia twice and something else after pigging out two weekends at saunas and parties. Out of about 4 attempts at wild bb weekends, this happened to me twice. I'm using prep, so not really concerned with that, it's the other bugs. Now, after the lockdown let up in my area, I fucked an anon cumdump. Now I think I need to get tested again. Having mild symptoms and bottom says he clear but not feeling good about it. Am I just unlucky or is this to be expected living the
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