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  1. Gay Guest House

    The rest of the stay was good. I had some friends in town whom I met up with later for cards and beer. Tea Dance was indoors because of the rain. And went to an underwear party that night. Traded loads after the underwear party with a muscle bear I met at the bar. Very hot time with him! Sadly The Ranch is gone. I never stayed there, and only heard afterwards about the open door policy. How was your stay there?
  2. Gay Guest House

    True story from this past summer. I was staying at a guest house in Provincetown in June. I’d stayed in the same guesthouse a few times, and booked a room that had an outside entrance off the deck. Easier than walking through the guesthouse every time. June is pre-season, so there are a lot of guys around, but town isn’t overly busy. My first full day turned out to be pouring rain, and I was feeling disappointed and horny. I chatted with a few guests downstairs while I grabbed some yogurt and juice, then headed to Joe’s Coffee for a breakfast sandwich. All the while I had my apps open and was cruising. A few familiar faces from years past were on, and one older guy I’d chatted with at the guesthouse that morning. He didn’t really hold my attention (out of shape, and didn’t give off a lot of energy), though he quickly sent 3 messages on Scruff after I left. I heard from a few guys in varying states of readiness to play. Most were still “waking up” and wouldn't be available for awhile. I decided to hit the gym for an hour. As I was leaving the gym, it was still raining. One of the guys I’d chatted online said he was ready to meet if I could host. I checked out his pics. Mid40s with an average, lean body, dark hair and nice beard, and an impressive looking cock. I told him where to find me. He told me to have just a jockstrap on when he arrived. About 15 minutes later, I saw him coming up the steps onto the deck. I took a quick hit of poppers to get me going, just as he showed up at my door. He was easily 15 years older than in his pics, his skin weathered and his beard longer and stragglier than I like. I hesitated and was about to say I didn't think it was going to happen when he pulled out his cock. It was an easy 7 inches, swollen with a nice head and thick shaft, and a silver cockring at its base. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. With a hand on back on my head, he fed me his cock. After a couple minutes, he fed me a hit of poppers, and pushed his dick back into my mouth. Now my blood was pumping and I started sucking him voraciously. He leaned over my back, driving his dick all the way into my mouth so I choked, and pushed two wet fingers into my hole. He repositioned himself so he had better access to my ass, turning my head to the side and pushing me down on all fours on the floor. He had me take a long hit of poppers, and began working 3 fingers into my ass. My piggish side was being activated, and I was offering both holes for him to use. He was stretching my ass with his fingers, probing deep and pushing his fingers apart to relax The sphincter. “Get on the bed, on your back, ass hanging off the edge.” I assumed the position, taking a moment to take two long drags of poppers. I held those drags in my lungs, leaned back on the bed and brought my knees to my chest, letting the chems absorb slowly, and exhaled just as he stepped up to my exposed hole. I felt the warmth of his cock pushing against my hole as the rush of the poppers hit me. I felt his hot shaft pushing inside my prepped hole, stretching it wider than his fingers did. I felt that hardness slide all the way inside, and he held it there as we both groaned. He began fucking me with his raw cock, long, deep strokes that had me moaning. His balls slapped my ass and I could hear the bed squeaking with his deep thrusts. I was caught up in the moment, grunting as this stranger pounded my open hole. He grabbed by ankles and pushed my legs wider apart, watching his own cock pierce my ass. He fucked me for awhile, pulling out just a few times to dive back in again and make me groan with the girthy penetration. I fuck’n loved it! “Where do you want this load?” ”In my ass!” He kept pumping away, that thick dick feeling amazing inside me. He thrust a little faster, then harder, and he rolled his head back when his thrusts became really hard, deliberate, and he paused at the end of each thrusts for a moment. He kinda grunted and gasped a few times in these pump-and-hold combinations. I knew I was being bred! He quickly pulled out, and I could feel some of his cum around my hole. He wiped off his cock on a towel, then dressed, said thanks, and walked back out onto the deck in the rain. He didn’t bother asking me if I wanted to cum. I laid on the bed for a few minutes, feeling my really wet hole and coming down from the fuck haze I’d been in. I stroked my dick, but was still super horny and knew I was a long ways from coming on my own. After a few minutes, I threw on a loose pair of shorts, grabbed by phone, and headed down to the common room to see if there were any snacks. I saw a dozen more messages, with 2 new ones on BBRTS (which had been silent all morning). Sure enough, it was the older guy staying in my guesthouse; he’d figured out my profile based on distance and description (I only show my ass in the public profile). He’d unlocked his pics, and sent his room number. I was still feeling poppered up and horny, and he actually had a really hot looking cock. Without thinking much more about it, I walked up the other set of stairs and started looking for his room number. I found it on the third floor, where is was feeling stuffy and hot, despite the rainy weather. His door was actually open, and he was sitting in a chair inside. Seeing me, he started rubbing his crotch. He stood up, pushed a bottle of poppers under my nose, and told me to whiff (he’d obviously read by profile). As my head started to swim again, I just dropped the baggy shorts, got on all fours on his bed, and offered my ass. I heard him fumbling in a drawer, and then the pumping sound of a lube bottle. Shortly thereafter, his fingers probed my hole, seemingly to find the target, and then he slid inside. It was a rough fuck — the type you get when someone finally gets the piece of ass he’s been wanting. I felt like a total pig, and he was reaping the benefits of it. He pounded away at my hole, and I started getting verbal to egg him on. Finally I told him, “I want your load in my ass.” He bred me pretty quickly after that. I could hear him panting heavy, and I was reminded how out of shape this guy was. He was holding onto my hips as he plugged away until he unloaded. I didn’t stick around, but pulled on my shorts, thanked him, and walked back across the guest house in just my shorts. My ass was totally wet, and I was feeling both piggish and kinda hot walking by a few other guests after having been bred by both guys. If you’ve enjoyed reading about my rainy day breedings, let me know by clicking on the blue heart, leave me an upgrade, and I’ll know to keep pigging out and posting for you.
  3. Skin problems in face because of poppers?

    Since amyl nitrate is difficult to obtain b/c it’s been illegal in many countries, new and various concoctions are being sold as “poppers,” There is no standard of chemical composition, and what some companies label as poppers are not. You may be using a brand with a very different chemical makeup than traditional poppers.
  4. Skin burn from poppers.

    I’ve heRd some friends refer to this as “poppers nose,” remember that you an inhaling caustic fumes; over time the destroy cilia and can irritate mucus membranes. I’ve occasionally had irritation in the back of my throat after a heavy night of huffing poppers. Basically, it is a low grade chemical burn. You need to let your skin completely heal before using poppers again. You need to keep the skin moisturized so it heals. I apply aloe to keep the skin moisturized.
  5. Bear Party - first time cumdumping

    Thanks for the earlier tips, bud. They paid off last night. Pre-lubing definitely seemed to send a message to potential tops. And one the cocks started coming one after another, I was like, “Fuck this is hot!”
  6. Tonight was a first for me on several levels. I went to the Bear Party in Manhattan for the first time. After stripping down, I walked back to the play space with poppers and lube in hand. A few guys on BZ had posted there was no bb at Bear Party, so I decided to see what I could manage. The play spaces were — dimly lit with dark velvet curtains dividing spaces, and pleather furniture — couches and ottomans. Very heady space ideal for random anon play. I lubed my hole and did a loop, taking in the men, letting them get a Site if me, and surveying the rooms. I connected eyes with a very sexy Latino bear. We found one another in the middle, draped room, and made out. Once I bent over to start blowing him, all the magic started.... i let myyself slip into the sensory experience. The sound of poppers being inhaled from small bottles in the twilight, with hints of that sharp aroma in the air. Fingers explored the crack of my ass, playfully spreading my hole open. One cock, then another found their way into my mouth. One was thick and curved, while another was shorter and pointed. A third was smooth to the touch with an enlarged head. I poppered up, turned around, and rubbed my ass against the Latino bear’s cock. I tilted my head back to make out with him while his cock slid along my ass. I thought he’d pill out and find a rubber. But no. I felt hi. Position his hardon to penetrate my ass raw. That sexy bear fucked me bent over, his dick gliding in and out so smoothly. I repositioned over an ottoman so I wouldn’t fall over. I could vaguely see an audience gathered around, and a handsome muscle guy was egging us on to fuck. I could tell I was the only one getting fucked in the place. ”I’m gonna cum,” he told me. I actually hesitated to take his load, and started to pull off his cock. I was going to ha e him shoot across my ass cheeks. But he grabbed my waist and pulled me back into his cock. He pounded me in front of everyone, and finally shot his load in my hole. He pounded me a couple quick thrusts before pulling out. We kissed a couple minutes, me feeling his chest, before another cock pressed against my hole. i spent the evening bent over furniture, my ass spread wide for any hardon. One ... two .... three .... four .... one guy would breed my hole, step back without a word, and another would slide in. No one spoke. No one asked about condoms. And no one other than that firsthotbear warned me he was cumming. I switched positions a few times, and felt the cum running down my balls and legs. I’d read a few stories here on BZ about it, but I kept thinking I finally knew what it feels like to be a total cumdump. A couple of the older, overweight men had worked their way into the line. I left my ass up for them — I never saw anyone else bottoming, let alone taking it raw. I finally walked away having shot my load while being fucked by a big uncut dick. I was dripping sweat, lube, and cum. I felt like a sloppy pig. Now I want it again.
  7. Becoming an anon cumdump

    What is a good lube to use to stay ready for cumdumping? I ususally use astroglide (convenient to obtain and comes in small bottles), but it dries quickly. Should I be pre-lubed, or lube as I go?
  8. Taking a business trip to San Fran — first time in the city! Unfortunately it is a Sunday - Thursday trip, so I’ll miss the usual weekend action. What can people tell me about Eros and 442 Parties? Are they bareback? And how’s the scene Sunday - Thursday? also, any bars with a hot back room? Thanks, fellas!
  9. The Bear Party

    Hey guys. Going to NYC this weekend and want to check out Friday’s Bear Party. I have never been — found it discussed here. What I’ve read thus far is more about the Sunday parties at Paddles — unfortunately I cannot go Sunday. How are Friday evenings?
  10. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    PART 2 i was taking hits of poppers, letting myself get lost in the darkness of the room and the hot ass play. Then I left the warm skin against my hole, and knew his cock was fifnally coming into play. He pushed up inside, and I reached back to see if there was a rubber. NONE! AWESOME! He waltzed in long and slow, and I couldn’t help but moan as the wider base of his cock stretched me open. He never said anything, but just started using my ass to fuck long and deep. I was still just bent over the ottoman, and he never asked me anything. He picked up his rhythm, grabbing my thick shoulders and using the, to leverage his thrusts. He plowed me for a few minutes, and Imjust grunted and moaned through it all. It was a hot fuck!! Then he grunted, and grunted again, pushing his cock as deep as he could as bred my ass. After a minute or two of pa ting, he pulled out, got up, and used the couch towel to clean off. Didn’t ask me about cumming myself or how the fuck was. I took the signal, wiped my ass with the towel in front of me, and started getting dressed. Still not much said other than, “thanks” as I was shown the door. I had to sit in my car on the street for about 15 minutes to clear my head from the poppers and fuck. It was intense! I drove home with a cummy and stretched hole. Gotta say, being used like that was totally hot!
  11. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Driving home late night to avoid the traffic after a holiday visit, I had a few hours left in the car. Got pinged on Scruff by someone with cock shots (NICE dick!) but no clear face pics, and listing himself as a Top. I noted he listed Connecticut and Fort Lauderdale as homes, so I suspected he was retired. Still, I was horny, there wasn’t much action online, and his place was only 10 minutes from the highway. After just a few exchanges, I decided to take the chance. The house was fairly dark inside when I arrived, though he had a driveway light on. He could check me out, but I would t have that advantage. I was wearing gym shorts and a sweatshirt for a comfortable drive. He had the door open and greeted me naked with a raging hardon. There were only two candles in the room; he was silhouetted, but I could tell I was older and not someone I’d connect with if I was being selective. I focused on his cock, dropping to my knees and starting to suck. I took a short hit on my poppers, just to get myself going. Rather than a Russ, it was more of a warmth spreading slowly through me. I pulled my cock out and started stroking while I went to town on him. His cock was about 7” and conic, tapered at the head for penetration, but then it got REALLY girthy. Since I was stone sober and had been sitting a long while, I wasn’t sure my hole would stretch head that much. He was thrusting a bit, then reached down and started feeling my ass. I slipped my shorts down a bit and he went right to fingering the edge of my hole. “Let’s go into the living room,” he said. I followed him to the adjacent room. He had a few towels laid out — on a section of the couch, an ottoman, and the floor. I saw a few dildos, lube, two cans, and some rubbers. I was disappointed by the rubbers — we hadn’t discussed bb. I started stripping, and he kept his hand fixed to my hole, probing the edges. He had me get on my knees and bent me over the ottoman. I took a long hit of poppers, and he inserted the first dildo without any word. He quickly demonstrated that he not only was u to dildo play, but also very good at it. I don’t do it often at all, so this was pretty novel. And HOT. He stroked in and out, stretching my hole as he worked at subtle angles, and switched between the three doldos. One of them had a series of balls, and felt SO FUCKING GOOD as he slowly worked them in and out a few times. I just let myself enjoy it, and was moaning as he enjoyed my ass.
  12. Becoming an anon cumdump

    I plan to hit Manifest when I’m in Atlanta. Hoping I won’t have to wait that long, though, for first multi-load cumdump experience
  13. Pins and needles side effect?

    I’ve been on PrEP for 18 months without any issues. What you describe doesn’t sound like any side effects I’ve read about. The higher risks are liver function related. I suggest speaking with your prescriber before going off the Truvada since you need to maintain a therapeutic level, especially since you want to keep taking loads. You may well have a completely unrelated condition causing the tingling / numbness.
  14. Becoming an anon cumdump

    I’ve been expanding my sexual horizons and unleashing my inner piggy more lately. A lot of that is the result of this website. Things that used to seems repulsive are now sexually intriguing. Along those lines, I am feeling ready to try being an anon cumdump for multiple tops. If you e read some of my posts, you know I’ve taken anon loads. But now I want multiple anon cocks Breeding my arse. When it happens, I wanna be in a jockstrap or naked, and go No Loads Refused,. I wanna feel cum running down my balls and thighs, and wonder who it was. I’m thinking this is easier when I am traveling. i am traveling to New York in December 1-3, Washington DC in January 10-14, Fort Lauderdale and the RSVP Caribbean cruise in February 10-18, and Atlanta in March 14-18. Any advice, suggestions or thoughts?
  15. I am all about the fuck. The load is a total bonus, and more about the psychological impact of bring bred. I love a long fuck, having my hole stretched and pounded in different positions.

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