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  1. Part 6 I walked down the block, leaving my car in the fenced parking lot. It was a rainy night, but even this much rain couldn’t wash away the grime in this neighborhood. I huddled into my jacket, uncertain if I was going the right direction. My feet were already soaked with the cold rain. Just go home. I stopped at the end of a long stretch of fences. This was it. The small building standing alone. The open door was spitting out blue, pink and purple light. There weren’t any lit signs, but Grant had told me there would’t be. I saw a couple people go inside. They didn’t look
  2. My favorite is in a sling. It optimizes access to my hole, and I get pumped watching the top’s body move as he pounds me. I’ve used slings in sex clubs, bathhouses, and have one at home.
  3. Part 5 He had what he wanted. I had said the words. No, I had felt them. My body was in control now, and it was ignoring my nervous thoughts to escape and go home. Instead my body offered itself to him” is what he wanted from me. He ran his hands across my shoulders, then under my arms and down my sides to my waist, tracing my torso’s V-shape. I felt a hard pressure against my anxious hole and knew he was trying to penetrate my ass. I didn’t resist. I couldn’t. My ass immediately surrendered to his thick cock. He pushed up inside me with a steady pressure, my hole already trai
  4. I’m glad everyone is enjoying this story. I’m having a great time reminiscing about the ABS and writing it! the next part is just about finished, and I already see where the story is headed for Part 6.
  5. Part 4 I collapsed into the plastic green chair, it’s smooth surface cold against my skin. I was still breathing heavy and stretched my sore legs. There was porn playing on the screen, but I only half watched. My mind was reeling from the encounter I’d just had. I’d never been fucked like that — I kinda felt like a porn star for a little while. It had been work to hold that position, and my ass had taken an amazing pounding. I’d been fucked before, but not like that. I sat there pulling myself together. Exhausted. But still horny. How could I be horny after t
  6. Dark rooms have been something I worked up to. There are t any near me, and many places I do go don’t have a real darkroom. But I’ve found one on occasion. I used to try to figure out who was in there, read his silhouette in the fleeting bits of dim light, and feel the size of his cock and check for anything that felt unusual. It was a lot of effort and killed my sex buzz. Reading through the various stories and experiences guys share on BZ about darkrooms helped me relax into the scene and picture myself enjoying anon cock in a darkroom. My last business trip before COVID took me to SF where
  7. Long-term partners have a big influence on one another. How have you influenced your partner’s sex life and sexual interests? I have always been pretty outgoing sexually, and my very first experience was completely bareback despite it being in the late 80s. My very first fuck, I bred the guy in my college dorm room. From there I discovered a passion for anonymous sex, bathhouses, and cruising. I love the allure of cruising, and sex with a variety of men. It’s just who I am. My partner was in his mid-20s when we met. 5’10”, dark hair, green eyes, tans easily, and has an athletically
  8. When I’m topping, it important I cum. I want him to leave with my load deep inside him. My favorite is an impromptu breeding at an event or party where we go back to hanging out afterward, and I get to watch the guy walk around with my load in him. I always find it hot having someone moaning and begging to be bred one moment, and then having a normal conversation with others 10 minutes later. When my partner and I have sex, it’s usually in bed at night lately. He starts begging pretty quickly, “cum in my ass. I wanna feel you breed me.” He really has become a cumdump. Afterwards, he falls righ
  9. The first GH I really remember bb’ing was a rest stop in Western NY as I was driving home from college one weekend. It was my sophomore year, the late 80s, and I stopped to pee, not knowing this was a cruise spot. It was midday, and I walked into the men’s room. There was a lot of tension in the air — you could just feel it. As I was peeing, I heard some scuffling in the stalls further down. I peeked underneath and sure enough saw a couple guys standing at the wrong angles to use the toilets — they were facing one another. I lingered, listening, and heard them start to suck again after a few m
  10. Part 3 The next two weeks were busy with soccer games and an internship. I was able to get into the bar with some friends the following weekend, and even got picked up by a friend of a friend. The sex was okay, but it hadn’t been great. And that’s what had me wrestling in my own head. I jerked off twice a day every day those two weeks, and despite trying, not to, my thoughts always went back to that fuck at the bookstore. I kept picturing his bare cock buried in my hole, and standing in that booth totally naked. I felt ashamed that I’d been there, and didn’t want anyone to ever kn
  11. Oh, I suspect the clerk knows what he’s talking about 😈
  12. Part 2 I froze. What did he say? His hands moved to my shoulders and he firmly turned me around, and immediately my mind snapped, “What the fuck are you doing?” But those words never came out of my mouth. The part of me that was naked in this small booth with a sexy stranger that wanted to touch me needed to do I. Instead I felt his warm body pressed up against my back, and I fell forward a little awkwardly, catching myself on the metal wall with a thud. “Not too loud,” he said. “Generally they leave us alone, but you never know who’s around.” He placed his hands on my
  13. Part 1 It was a regular Friday night my first summer home from college. The local bars were harder to get into than those near my campus, and I found myself being left outside while a few older friends were inside, despite trying to sneak through twice, and getting bitched at by the bouncer. So I wandered over to a friend’s house and hung out, sharing some wine with three girls. After about an hour and a half, I’d had my fill of the chatter and high pitched laughing. My mind kept wandering to men, and I was feeling really horny. REALLY horny! I’d been home 3 weeks, was missing my colle
  14. BiHairy, I’ve wanted you to breed me for a long while.
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