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  1. In the sling is my favorite — if I’m topping, I can see the experience in his face, and he can invite or beg for the load; I can easily explore his body, and he’s totally vulnerable with very limited control. If I’m bottoming, I can see the exertion in his face, or his silhouette (even if it’s an anon fuck in a bathhouse or sex club); and my hole is totally exposed for the taking. Either role, there’s a lot of energy in a sling fuck!
  2. PopperMeUp79

    Caribbean Cruise Spa Day

    After being ushered into the room, Shane noted it was the exact layout as his own statement. From the cabin door you passed the closets and bathroom in a narrow and short hall, which then opened to the stateroom. The beds were pushed together to form a king; there was a small couch and table beyond the bed, and then the balcony. The beefy daddy immediately enveloped Shane in his arms, his muscles squeezing Shane’s frame as he leaned in for a deep kiss. Shane felt the beefy tongue probing against his own, and the man’s hands begin to massage Shane’s lower back, then slipping down the back of his shorts to massage his ass. He then tilted his head and nuzzled Shane’s neck, biting playfully and growling as a finger found Shane’s hole and started to gently penetrate. “Do you have a load up there, boy?” ”Not yet. Just lube from the steam room.” ”Pity.” He shoved his tongue back into Shane’s mouth, while his hands undid his shorts and let them drop to the floor. Shane reached out and grabbed the front of the man’s shorts, catching a feel of the rock hard cock through the material. He thought to undo the beefy daddy’s shorts and both be naked, but he was spun forward and received a slap on the ass. “Let’s go on the deck, boy.” They breezed through the room, pushing open the door against the weight of the wind outside, and stepped onto the small balcony. The wind was cut down by the divider on the left of the balcony, while the right side divider was folded open. Shane noted that the balconies of three or four rooms were open to one another. “Traveling with friends?” ”Don’t worry about them.” The beefy daddy, wearing just his shorts, put one hand behind Shane’s neck and pulled him into another deep kiss. With his other hand, he reached around and began probing Shane’s hole again. Shane was instantly caught up in the exhiliration of standing naked on the balcony, nothing but ocean as far as you could see, the wind whipping by, as this beefy daddy exerted his control over him. Shane surrendered himself in that moment, giving himself over to this man. The beefy daddy pulled back, pulled his shorts open, and freed his impressive cock. He pressed on the back on Shane’s neck, wordlessly giving him his next command. Shane dropped to his knees, wrapped a hand around the beautiful cock in front of him, and guided it into his mouth. He closed a seal over the thick meat, and began working his head up and down the shaft. He was rewarded with a deep moan that was audible above the wind. “Oh fuck, boy. That’s it. Get my dick nice and slick.” Shane was allowed to service that beautiful meat for awhile, swallowing as much as he could, but never being able to take all 8 inches. It felt massive in his mouth, and he could feel the edges of the mushroomed head gliding over his tongue. Then the cock was pulled from his mouth with a slurp and pop. The beefy daddy slapped his dick against Shane’s upturned face, again holding him by the back of the head as he did. “Get that hungry mouth open, boy. That’s it! Show me how much you want this piece.” Shane obeyed, opening his mouth wide and hanging out his tongue while the beefy daddy slapped his meat against it. He felt flecks of his own spit splash across his face, and after a minute he felt his own face smeared with his spit. “Show me your hole,” he was ordered as he was pulled to his feet and spun around to face the ocean. He placed his hands on the railing and bent over slightly. “Spread your legs wider and push that ass back.” He did, dropping into a wide stance and feeling the wind move across his back and ass. Hands spread his cheeks, exposing his hole to the open air, and a hot tongue pressed into his waiting hole. Shane moaned deeply, closing his eyes and pressing his ass back further. Shane couldn’t hold back. “Oh fuck yeah,” he moaned, feeling the exhilarating pulses of pleasure radiating from his hole up through his spine. He felt the weight of his own hardon and balls hanging below his spread legs. He reached down and grabbed his throbbing dick, giving it a series of loving strokes which released another wave of pleasure through his body. He began using his musclular thighs to groove against the face buried between his ass cheeks. Next thing Shane was aware of were hands on his waist, and a strong pressure against his hole. He could feel the heat of the guy’s body pressing against his smooth ass, and the rhythmic pulse as he began teasing Shane’s hole further open. Shane wondered if there was more lube coming, and felt the rawness of their bodies pressing together. He felt several more pushes against his wet hole, but it wasn’t enough. “Let’s take this inside, boy.” It was a dizzying moment as Shane was spun around and led back indoors. The stateroom was so much quieter than the windy balcony had been, and Shane felt slightly off balance in the quiet space. He received another slap on the ass. ‘Bend over the edge of the bed, and put one leg up.” Shane braced himself over the edge of the bed, facing the far wall and cabin door, and then placed his right foot up on the mattress. He felt the stretch through his thighs and gludes. He saw the guy pulled something from the small nightstand’s drawer, and heard the click of a cap opening. Slippery fingers then began massaging his hole, gently probing their way inside. “MMMmmmm, that’s it boy. Open up for daddy.” The fingers slipped out and he moved alongside Shane’s left. A tiny bottle appeared beneath Shane’s nose, and a finger pressed one nostril closed. “Inhale.” The pungent smell of poppers filled his open nostril as he took a long draw from the bottle. “Hold it. Now exhale slowly.” Shane again tasted the one-of-a-kind scent of poppers, as he slowly exhaled through his mouth. He heard his heart beating in his ears as a rush of warmth crashed over his body. Simulataneously, three fingers pressed up inside his ass. He pressed forward on his arms, the intense pleasure-pain of being harshly penetrated both alarming and thrilling him at the same instant. He let out a series of groans as he was finger fucked. ”That’s it boy. Open your hole for daddy to use you.” Shane felt the head of the beefy daddy’s cock press against his hole, and then push past his sphincter. He winced and groaned deeply while the long piece of meat slid up inside him — and just like that, he was skewered! Shane arched his back slightly, adjusting to the hefty feeling cock filling his ass. He was panting with excitement as this beefy daddy finally took him raw. Hands moved to his hips, and Shane felt the long cock withdraw to its head before pushing back up into him again. He grunted each time the guy pushed up inside him, feeling the energy of each thrust throughout his body. The beefy daddy grabbed Shane by the hair, pulling his head back, and began a deep pounding. Shane lost himself in the intense fucking he was receiving, feeling his ass being used by this man for his pleasure. Shane tried to squeeze his ass muscles around the meat pounding him, and realized just how thick this cock was. He was struggling to have any sense of control over his ass. But he heard the guy moan behind him. “Oh FUUUUUUUCKKKKK, boy! You keep doing that and you’ll have a load inside you FAST!” Shane was past the point of being verbal, but he tried to flex his ass muscles and work the amazing cock inside him. He suddenly wanted that load spraying inside him. They fucked like that for awhile, grunts, groans, moans accentuating the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh. Shane was suddenly aware of a different sound, and the cocklust blinding him cleared enough to become aware of someone else entering the cabin. “Nice catch, babe!” Someone said, presumably to the beefy daddy. ”He has an amazing ass!” ”Share?” ”Sure!” The fucking continued, and Shane was pressed further onto the bed, now into a doggie position. “Ready for a fresh cock to use that boy hole?” Shane couldn’t answer, but just kept taking the pounding being inflicted on his ass. Suddenly he felt his ass vacated, and a cock that felt quite different pushed its way inside him. It still had good girth, and in some ways was a reprieve from the hefty cock that had been assailing him. This new cock started pounding straight away without a word. He felt hands on his back and heard the slap of raw skin against skin. Shane moaned softly, sinking back into the haze of cocklust as he was used by — well, he had no idea who was fucking him at the moment.
  3. True Story. It was a cloudier day as the cruise ship headed south from Florida into the Caribbean Sea. The air was relatively warm, but the winds were strong and few men on the gay cruise were using the deck chairs. Shane figured it was a perfect opportunity for a spa day. He headed down to the spa after a late breakfast, bringing a book to read and his swimsuit. The spa was already busy, with men in the large aqua lounge with the giant spa tub, a bubbling shower area in the center of the tub, and submerged lounge chairs. Shane stowed his shirt, shorts, and flip flops in a locker, wearing just a blue / black bikini swimsuit that accentuated his ass and revealed a hefty pouch in the front. His black hair was cropped short, and his skin had already begun to tan with a few days in Fort Lauderdale prior to the ship setting said. His chest was thickly sculpted and covered with a fine layer of fur and quarter-sized nipples. His trunk tapered to a narrower waist, and his legs were solid muscle from a lifetime of athleticism. Shane sunk into the heated warm, allowing it to work on his muscles. The area was supposed to be clothing-required because of staff being present, but many of the men slipped their swimsuits off beneath the water. Hands gently groped and explored beneath the water’s surface. He wasn’t interested in playtime yet, so sought a submerged lounge and settled onto the warm stone, leaving his swimsuit on so as not to send signals. He chatted idly with some guys who floated by, several of whom he’d met at the first evening’s tea dance, and others from last night’s party. The lounge was a smorgasbord of body types. He found himself being drawn to some of the beefier daddies this morning, admiring their muscled arms and powerful chests. At 39, many of the others were older than he was. Starting to feel dehydrated and a bit lightheaded, he decided to refresh and find a steam room. The men’s spa was adjacent to the men’s locker room, so the areas was predominantly nude. The spa itself was brightly lit through the floor-to-ceiling windows that gazed out upon the sea. Shane shucked his swimsuit, exposing his smooth ass and letting his cock hang free. He left the locker room for the men’s spa area, and explored the three steam rooms. Two were rather small and intimate, and already had several men entwined in mutual touching and exploration. He stepped into the third steam room, this one having room for about 15 men. His eyes took a moment to adjust to the dark, steamy interior. He could see naked bodies arrayed along benches on both sides of the room. There was some movement to his left, but he couldn’t clearly make out what it was in the thick steam. He moved slowly toward the center of the kidney-shaped room, and spied what looked like an open seat near the back. He settled onto the hot stones, the heat burning his skin at first. He sat there with his eyes closed a moment, relaxing into the space. Then he opened his eyes. There were a dozen men lounging in the steam room, naked and silently exuding sexual energy. He could make out several erect cocks standing at full attention near him. Beside him sat one guy with a shaved head and nicely defined body, his cock thick and curving slightly to the left. He was slowly stroking his long dick while making eye contact with others at this end of the room. He gave Shane an exploratory look, taking in his body, and then running his hand along Shane’e left thigh. Shane let himself enjoy the touch, and took in the rest of the room. Across from him was a beefy daddy type, dark haired flecked with silver and a trim, silvery beard. He was displaying a huge hardon, probably about 8” and girthy. He was looking Shane up and down. Beyond the beefy daddy was where Shane has heard some movement earlier. Now he could see someone on his knees in front of one — maybe two — men. Above the sound of the steam, you could occasionally hear the slurping noises of an excited blowjob. Shane felt the guy’s hand moved to his chest, gliding across his slick skin, grazing his nipples, and then taking a solid hold of his left breast, squeezing the thick muscles there. “Very hot,” the guy said in a low voice. Shane felt himself being wrapped in the room’s sexual energy, his own cock now at full attention. He felt himself slipping into a sexual state, where his rational brain gave way to his desires and physical experiences. He didn’t say a word, but reached over to touch the man with the shaved head, feeling the solid shaft of muscle that was demanding his attention. Shane groaned softly when the man reciprocated and grabbed Shane’s cock in a firm grip. Shane stared at the guy’s inviting piece of meat, taking in its size and shape in the dimly lit steam room. The guy moved his hand to behind Shane’s neck and started massaging it gently. “Go ahead,” he said softly, applying a small amount of pressure behind Shane’s neck. Shane leaned over, his mouth hovering over the guy’s cock for a moment, and then went down on him. Shane felt the hard muscle slide into his mouth, filling it fully as he began to suck and gently work the base of the guy’s cock with his hand. There was a soft groan as the guy laid back against the wall, his right hand moving to the back of Shane’s head. The guy began to thrust upward with slow pulses of his hips, continuing to groan softly, and beginnning to massage Shane’s shoulders and back muscles. Shane was enraptured with the beautiful dick filling his mouth, and he dedicated himself to servicing it. He felt the caresses of the stranger’s hands on his head, neck, then moving across his shoulders, and slowly exploring down his spine. It was part rubbing, part finger massaging. The hand kept massaging further down Shane’s spin, eliciting tiny groans of pleasure along the way. Shane felt the hand move across his right ass cheek, and then felt a finger gently searching for his hole. It took only a few seconds for the adept man to find Shane’s hole and, using the slick moisture of sweat in the room, he began to probe Shane’s hole. Shane groaned a bit more loudly, not fully aware that he was still in a room full of men, and was likely now the center of attention. He worked the cock in his mouth more vigorously as the man slowly penetrated his hole with one finger. Shane shifted his body’s position, moving his right leg to offer the guy better access to his ass. He heard the snap of a plastic cap, and felt slick liquid rapidly being applied to his hole. Then two fingers began to probe him as he went back to work on the guy’s cock. His change in position was rewarded with a two-finger prostate massage, and now he could feel another hand firmly massaging one of his ass cheeks and his thigh. The guy with the shaved head was thrusting up into his mouth, and suddenly Shane tasted thick saltiness as the guy’s load filled his mouth. Shane’s head was pushed down further onto the erupting cock, and the long fingers in his slid all the way up inside him. Shane sucked down the guy’s load, even as he seemed to spew more cum. The guy’s body convulsed, Shane’s body absorbing that kinetic energy as he started to raise his head off the guy’s cock. The fingers were pulled from his ass, and Shane slowly sat up. His head was swimming in the humid air as his heart raced. Standing over him was the beefy daddy from across the room, his own impressive piece of meat pointing right at Shane. Shane panted as he collected himself. ”Thanks, bud,” the guy with the shaved head said, slapping Shane’s tight and hiving his unreleased hardon a squeeze as he stood and left. The beefy daddy settled down next to Shane, and slid his hand beneath Shane’s ass and squeezed. Shane looked over at him. He was very handsome, square jawed, and powerfully built. His dick was definitely 8” and very girthy. Shane wondered what that would feel like. In turn, the guy was staring at Shane with lust in his eyes. Shane’s heart was racing, and he was feeling lightheaded. ”I need to cool off for a bit,” he said. He slowly rose, checking his balance, and staggered through the haze toward the door. Shane stood in the intense daylight streaming into the spa, snagging a towel and trying to cover his own generous hardon. He sat on one of the stone lounges to catch his breath, and slow his heart rate. After a few minutes, he moved toward one of the showers. He stood there, letting the Luke-warm water wash over him, starting to feel more refreshed and clear headed. He heard someone else walk into the shower and turn on another head. After a moment, he looked over and saw the beefy daddy standing there, the water washing over his body. He stood a few inches taller than Shane, and was much broader across the shoulders and chest. His hair was flecked with different shades of gray and silver, and his eyes looked to be a sterling blue. He was watching Shane. Shane continued to shower, his heart speeding up again as he felt the chase beginning. This guy is fucking hot, he thought to himself. He watched as the beefy daddy stroked his cock, the hardon standing straight out from his body, and curving up slightly. He took a step toward Shane and began massaging his shoulders with both hands. Shane moaned in pleasure, his muscles becoming putty in the man’s hands. The beefy daddy stepped closer, the front of his body pressing against the back of Shane, the water rolling over both of them as he continued to kneed Shane’s shoulders. His cock pressed firmly against Shane’s ass, the shaft sliding along the crevice between his cheeks. It felt amazing! Shane could feel the heat radiating from that muscle, and he started to push his ass back against it. “Good, boy,” the beefy daddy growled in his ear. He moved his hips, his cock starting to poke Shane instead of sliding along his smooth skin. “Ready to go back in?” Shane thought about it a moment. He was aware there were others watching from the open spa area. “I really don’t want to get fucked in the steam room. People start to interfere.” The beefy daddy was quiet a moment, still poking against Shane’s ass. Then said, “Let’s go to my cabin.” He squeezed Shane’s shoulders a final time and then step back and out of the showers. Shane immediately followed. They each threw on a pair of shorts and flip flops, then the beefy daddy led Shane out of the spa. The beefy daddy put an arm around Shane’s shoulders, and Shane could feel the heat of his skin pressed against his own. The forward staircase was nearby, and he led Shane down just two decks and to the starboard side of cabins. Within a minute, they were at his door and stepping inside. The beefy daddy poked his head inside, then opened the door the rest of the way. “All clear,” he said. Two stepped inside. To be continued......
  4. PopperMeUp79

    My first BB loads

    Good for you, bud! Welcome to your new family of brothers!
  5. PopperMeUp79

    Grindr 3way with sling

    Today was pretty casual, and my partner Shane was chatting on and off with a few guys on Grindr. After dinner, a guy from UMass said he’d like to come over for some hot tub time. We hung out a bit when he arrived, and then stripped down and jumped in the tub. The guy was hot looking — browning-red hair, blue eyes, 6’, lean athletic build, and sporting a large cock (even while it wasn’t erect). Chatted awhile out there as the sun set, shared a bottle of wine, and enjoyed the casual progression of touching under the water. Finally Shane sat along the edge of the tub and the guy went right down on his cock, using one hand to hold Shane’s hardon while he worked his mouth along the shaft. We took turns sitting along the edge getting each of our cocks worked over. The UMass student’s hardon was about 7.5” and thick, with a nice smooth head that mushroomed wider than the shaft. At one point, both he and Shane were leaning over the side of the tub in the twilight, showcasing their asses and sweet holes. I went back and forth, tonguing both their tight holes, and gently probing one with a finger while my tongue was in the other. Finally Shane asked if he wanted to take things inside, and the stud quickly agreed. I closed up the tub and followed a moment later, grabbing my towel to dry off. I looked around the house quickly, and found Shane had led him downstairs to the place space in the basement where the sling is hung. They were standing naked in middle of the room making out, both hardons raging while they stroked each other. I grabbed the lube and poppers out of a drawer, then joined them in a 3-way kiss. The stud dropped to his knees and started working both our dicks simultaneously, slurping as he went from one to the other. I was playing gently with Shane’s ass at first, then bent over to grab the stud’s ass and finger his hole again. “Have you been in a sling before?” I asked. ”Never.” ”Wanna try it?” ”Hell yeah!” We moved him to the sling, helping him jump in and position himself. I slipped one ankle into a stirrup while Shane did the other. Then I grabbed his thighs and pulled him so his ass was hanging over the edge of the sling. I stepped to the side and put a bottle of poppers under his nose, giving him two hits to start. Shane was the first to fuck him, entering slowly so the stud could acclimate to his hold being stretched. His dick was presuming as he took Shane’s cock in his ass. Shane rocked the sling gently, his cock sliding in and out ever so gently as the main event began. The stud let out a soft moan, wincing slightly at the thickness of Shane’s cock as it opened him up more. It was slow and steady at first, the college stud starting to moan as Shane gave the first fuck of the evening. The stud was stroking his own dick, and I slapped my dick on his mouth until he opened up and swallowed it. “How do you like the sling?” Shane asked ”Oh my god, this is so fucking hot!” Shane took that as a signal to start fucking him harder. The chains began to jangle with the rhythm of the fuck, and the college boy was grunting as he swang back and forth, his ass meeting Shane’s pelvis with a slap each time. I was stroking watching the live porn, loving the sight of this college boy taking Shane’s raw cock in the sling. “You want some?” Shane asked me. ”Fuck yeah.” We switched spots and I slid right into the stud. His hole was soooo warm, and Shane had opened him nicely. I like to stand still, pushing and pulling the sling by the chains so he is fucking himself on my dick. I moved my hips to enter at different angles, stretching his young hole even wider as I took him raw. He never asked for a rubber or flinched at being barebacked. His tall frame looked incredibly hot spread out in the sling, legs caught in the stirrups so he was totally exposed. I wrapped one hand around his dick and used it to leverage fucking him while swinging the sling back and forth. “Oh fuck yeah!!” He kept saying as he was impaled. I started feeling the juices building up, and I knew this boy was in for a load. “You want my load, don’t you?” “Oh fuck yeah!” “You’re ready to take your first breeding in a sling, aren’t you?” “Oh fuck yeah!” I grabbed his hips and started pulling him back and forth harder, slamming my cock inside him as I left the amazing pleasure building in me. I felt his ass muscles tighten and relax around my cock. The look on his face was pure lust as he was fucked by someone he hadn’t known an hour ago. I finally let it loose, “Oh! Fuck! Yeah! Breed me!” I couldn’t speak, but just kept pumping, visualizing my load pushed deeper and deeper inside this stud. I felt an amazing rush knowing this guy had my load inside him. I stepped back roughly, catching my breath. He and Shane were making out, and he said quietly, “Oh fuck yeah. That was hot!” I needed to clear my head from the poppers, and went upstairs to grab some water and wash off my dick (I don’t know why, but I like to rinse off after cumming). I wasn’t in a rush, knowing Shane was there to occupy our guest. After a few minutes, I heard the sling chains jangling, and could hear the movement through the ceiling beams. I wandered back downstairs. Shane was in the sling, his legs suspended wide and his ass open for the stud who was pushing his thick dick into that waiting hole. Shane was still taking a hit of poppers when the stud’s dick sank inside him. He moaned his moan of first penetration, a sound I’ve heard escape from him countless times — a mix of mild pain and the thrill of taking a cock. He didn’t waste any time getting into a fast paced fuck, his pelvis slapping against Shane’s lubed ass, and both grunting and breathing heavy in a primal exchange. Shane was taking it hard, his head thrown back and eyes closed as he lost himself in the fuck. The stud was running one hand up and down Shane’s tight abs while he held onto Shane’s cock with the other. He wasn’t quite sure what to do with the chains, but he was maneuvering around them well enough. He slipped one of Shane’s toes into his mouth and sucked on it while he pounded into his hole. “I can’t last much longer,” the stud panted. “Can I cum in you?” “Cum in me,” Shane said between grunts. “Oh fuck yeah!” The stud started pounding straight in and out, holding Shane’s thighs for leverage as he went for the gold! He started letting out short breaths and closed his eyes, “OH FUCK! OH fuck. YEEEEAHHHHH!” I knew he was unleashing his load inside Shane. Shane let his own load go, splashing his cum across his abs and chest while the stud splashed inside his ass. The two rocked back and forth, grunting and shuddering as their orgasms shook them. The stud leaned forward over Shane in the sling, his dick still buried inside. They stayed there like that a minute or two before he eased his cock out of the hole he’d just bred. ”That was amazing,’ he panted as he stepped back. I jerked off again about an hour later on the couch, Shane asleep on the other end with the guy’s load still in him. I was feeling the sexual rush replaying the whole scene in my head again. Let me know if you enjoyed hearing tonight’s adventure.
  6. PopperMeUp79

    Four anon loads in SF hotel

    I didn’t set out to take multiple loads, or even to get into an anon scene. I had been chatting with a handful of guys on BBRTS Sunday, my first day in SF, and nothing really panned out (a lot of “how long are you here for?”). Monday morning I got up, checked messages, and was getting ready to head out for some meetings. One of the guys hit me up again saying how horny he was, and that he was only 10 minutes away. I figured I’d see if he actually showed, so I gave him the hotel and room number. He was fascinated by my profile ass pic, and asked if I could be in that position when he arrived. I offered to be ass up on the bed, door ajar, and he could just come right in. He was clearly into that scene. I was chatting with a couple other guys while I waited to see if the first showed. Sure enough, 10 minutes later, I”m naked on all fours with my ass facing the door. The bolt lock makes for a nice block to keep the door ajar. I heard him come in and start undressing right away. His hands were immediately on my ass. I left some silicon lube on the bed beside me. He took it and I heard him pumping the bottle. I took a nice hit of poppers while he started lining his cock up with my hole. He slid in nice and even, letting my hole wrap around his long dick. “Fuuuuck that’s warm and tight,” he said. He started a nice rythm pumping my hole. He was totally turned on, and I was feeling turned on by his energy and the fact I couldn’t see him. His anon cock felt great, and he was plugging away inside me. He grabbed my hips and was pumping, picking up a little speed as he went. I heard his breathing change, and it sounded like he was holding his breath for a few seconds at a time. “Oh yeah,” he finally said, and I knew from the rythm change that he was unloading in me. He left a couple minutes later, patting my ass, me still on all fours, wanting to cling to the anonymity of the scene. A second guy was asking to come buy. A burly bear with shaved head and goatee. He asked if I had a load in me, and i said yes. That seemed to push him over the edge and he walked over from his office building up the street. Again I left the door ajar, and was on all fours when he arrived. I love the anticipation of hearing the guy strip, unseen behind me, and then feeling his hands on my ass. This guy started fingering my hole, using the lube from the first guy to ease his fingers inside. `He didn’t wait to slide his cock inside. He was more verbal than the first, asking how his dick felt in my cummyhole. We were both grunting as he pounded my ass, more forcefully than the first guy. He was clearly here to get off. His burly body slammed into my ass over and over, and he finally told me I was getting his load. He unleashed inside, patted my ass, and left a minute later. I was feeling slutty now, and totallly turned on by the anon loads. I went back on BBRTS and chatted a bit more. I decided to post an ad for the hour, and see what happened. Another guy wanted to come by, and I agreed. He was much faster at cumming than the other two, though for me it was really about having my hole used by a third stranger. After he left his load in me, I scrolled through a few messages. One was particularly mysterious and alluring. No face pic, and not much info. His message was simply that he wanted to breed my hole. He appeared to be fairly close. His cock pic was beautiful, and a bit intimidating. It was long and thick looking. He wanted totally anon cumdump scene. Sure, why not at this point? So I gave him the room number. He came in wordlessly. I heard him undo his belt, and push down his pants. He picked up the bottle of lube and I heard it pumping out the slick liquid. While I’d seen pics of the three guys earlier, this guy was a total enigma. He was simply a series of sounds behind me, and then I felt the head of his cock pushing up into my hole. Still, he said nothing. My hole stretched wide, and I yelped. He didn’t seem concerned. His cock pushed my hole open, and I gasped at the size inside me. Long deep strokes were pushing me deeper into the bed, and he was fucking for his own pleasure. I started grunting and groaning, totally turned on by this mysterious fucker. I felt my hole expand and contract around his raw cock as he slipped in and out,His hands moved to my shoulders, and he was pulling me backward and he thrust forward. I couldn’t wait for it. “Fuck yeah! Breed my ass!” Still he pounded me without a word, keeping his strokes long and deep, and all I could do was take it. Without warning he grunted, this thrusts going deep, holding there a moment, and then thrusting deep again. He pushed his weight on me, and thrust over and over again, each one lingering longer inside me. Finally he held himself inside, panting, growling lowly a bit. He stayed there for a couple minutes, and I was just relishing the size of his cock filling me. He slowly pulled out, and I felt my hole cling to his head before releasing it with a wired pop sound. I could feel some of his cum cripple down my balls, pulled out with his cock. His slapped his cock, still hard, against my ass a few times, and wiped it off against my ass cheeks and balls. He dressed wordlessly and then I heard the door close. I was spent after that last fuck. I rolled onto my back and stoked myself slowly, relishing the feeling of the pounding I’d just taken, and thinking about the 4 loads from total strangers that were filling my ass. It’s inspired me to head out and be slutty at one of the sex clubs. Let me know if you enjoyed hearing about my cumdump morning by leaving a message or clicking the blue heart below.
  7. PopperMeUp79

    Sharing out the boy at resort

    A few of my own stories are posted on the site.
  8. Damn! Sorry to miss it today. Arrived in SF around 4:30. Hit 442 Natoma (hot time) and figured I’d do the Gulch tomorrow.
  9. PopperMeUp79

    Back-to-back Pump-n-dumps in ATL

    Will do!
  10. Got into Atlanta last night, staying in a hotel downtown. This morning I had some time and logged into BBRTS. Chatted a few guys, but everyone was one their way to work. One guy hit me up who was working down the block and was thinking he could come over. There were long pauses in his messaging, so I figured he was either at work or flaking. He also never unlocked his pics, though I didn’t ask him to, either. I liked the vibe in his messages and the cock pic. Meanwhile another guy hits me up from one of the other hotels in the area; he seems pretty serious, and we get chatting. The first guy responds again, saying he’s on his way and needs the room number and asking which tower I am in. The latter part of the question told me he knew the hotel and had visited here before. The first guy arrives wearing his work clothes and a light jacket. Handsome bearish guy, about 5’11” with dark hair and a beard. I was immediately attracted and glad I took the risk. I’m wearing nothing but jogging pants which I shuck as he pulls out his soft cock. I drop to my knees and start sucking. I quickly felt his cock responding in my mouth, gradually getting firmer and filling more of my mouth. I took a hit of poppers and went down on him again. His cock grew to an easy 7 1/2 inches, thick head, and getting wider at the base. I was wondering how much work it would be to take him. I stood up, reached for the lube n the nightstand, and slicked his cock. I had pre-lubed my hole with a little Vaseline while he was on his way up. I laid back on the bed with my ass at the edge, He didn’t even both undressing, just pushed his pants down to his thighs and pulled up his shirt tails — it was hot! This guy was strictly here for some hole and his own pleasure. He posoiioned his cock at my hole while I took a long drag on my poppers. He slid in slowly, and my hole stretched right around that thick piece. I was kinda surprised how easily it went. He started pumping, standing over me fully dressed while I was butt ass naked in front of him. He pounded away, his face showing how much he was enjoying himself. “Fuck that hole is tight.” I could tell this was gonna be a quick fuck, so I focused on how hot his raw cock felt. He used long strokes, thrusting back in and drawing out fairly quickly. I was grunting and encouraging him, flexing my ass muscles to help milk his cock. His eyes were locked on me and he grinned. “What did you come to do?” I asked him. ”Breed you.” He started pumping faster, and breathing heavier. His thrusts were harder now, and his head rolled back. “Fuck Yeah!” He says. And he’s pounding away. I knew he was feeling his cum shot building. He finally lets loose, spraying his load inside me. His face was a grimace as he edged between intense pleasure and hypersensitivity that was almost painful for his cock. I clenched my ass muscles, trying to drain his cock. “Push it all the way in me.” He stayed in me, panting, for a good minute or two. Then pulls out. I could feel some of his cum beneath the head of his cock ooze out and down my hole as he pulled out. He pulled up his pants and headed for the door. Quick exchange of thank you’s, and he was gone. No names, though he dropped me a note on BBRTS later saying thanks and how hot my hole was. The second guy showed up about half hour later. Thinner and shorter, he had a nice cock. I was more into the first guy, but had agreed to meet so I was obligated to give up my hole. He told me he was poz, and I said I’m neg and on prep. This was a quick fuck, as well, with me poppering up and offering my hole to his raw cock and load. If you’re gonna offer your hole raw, you’re obligated to take his load. It was an easy fuck. He had a decent cock, though it wasn’t as robust as the first guy’s, so I wasn’t feeling the same intensity. He fucked me about 10 minutes, and I was riding the wave of poppers and getting into being a cumdump this morning. I had one load in me, and knew I could have the second. ”Breed that hole. That’s what you want to do, isn’t it?” He was breathing fast, but he was athletically built and had good stamina. He wasn’t breaking a sweat, but had a solid rhythm. He was watching his cock pump in and out of my hole, then suddenly looked up into my eyes, his mouth open, and shot without any warning. He emptied his seed with slow, deep strokes, taking his time to pleasure himself. I felt the long, slow pull of his cock leaving my hole. He left a couple minutes later after washing up quick. He was a little more conversive, but still left quickly. neither of them showed any concern for me getting off, or asked if I wanted to. Both did a pump-n-dump and left. That was really hot, and I stood in the room stroking my cock thinking about the two loads in me from these nameless guys who came and went. I’m in Atlanta two more nights, and I can tell I want to cumdump again and again while I’m here, and take as many cocks as I can.
  11. PopperMeUp79

    Sharing out the boy at resort

    This is a true story, BTW
  12. My partner and I did a long weekend down south to get away from the cold. We try to do this as often as possible in the winter. Stayed at a gay resort in FTL, clothing optional, with a nice pool and hot tub area. The weather was pretty decent while we were there, so the pool area was active most afternoons and evenings. There was a nice mix of guys in their 40s, 50s and 60s at the resort, and it appeared some men came in on a day pass. There’s no playroom at this place, but that doesn’t slow down the sexual energy. There’s plenty of friskiness to be enjoyed. Some guys are very friendly, while there are always a few who just keep to themselves. One afternoon they hosted a little happy hour out by the pool. Nothing fancy, but still a nice opportunity to have a few cocktails and chat with other guys. My partner Shane and I threw on our bathing suits and joined the milling crowd. I chatted with a couple guys from Texas and MInnesota who were spending a couple weeks down there. I also appreciated the bartender was a heavy pourer and I was starting to enjoy a little buzz. Shane was chatting it up with some guys near the hot tub. He looked hot standing there in his blue speedo, his ample cock filling out the front nicely. There were casuals pets and tugs happening around the happy hour as guys flirted with one another. About 45 minutes into the event, I noticed an older bearish guy, silver-white hair, husky, with a trim beard wearing an orange speedo come up behind Shane and start rubbing his shoulders. I recognized the guy as someone who had been around the pool last night, and had chatted with Shane and a few others. He was charismatic and humorous, as I remembered, though I couldn’t recall much about him. I grabbed another drink and joined another conversation. I noticed that the daddy continued rubbing Shane’s shoulders, but was now also slowly grinding against Shane’s ass. Shane for his part had stopped participating in the conversation near him, and was slipping into his non-verbal sexual state. His hands reached back and touched the silver-haired daddy who was methodically seducing him. He started grinding his ass back against the guy’s bulging speedo, which was no longer completely containing the hardon. Finally I saw the guy lean toward Shane’s ear, say something, and Shane silently nodded. They quickly disappeared through the foliage, and then I caught of glimpse of them making their way to the guest rooms. It looked like they may head to our room. I chatted a few minutes more as the bar was closing up for happy hour. Guys were discussing dinner plans. I took that opportunity to slip away and head toward our room. I listened at the door, and thought I heard noise inside — tough to always tell through these metal doors. I unlocked the door quietly and stepped inside quickly and silently so as not to disturb anything. There was an intense sexual energy in the room. Shane was already impaled on the guy’s cock, the bear laying on his back on the bed while Shane bucked and bounced on his thick meat. He was riding hard, grunting and breathing heavy as he took that cock. The bear pushed a bottle of poppers under Shane’s nose — “Take a good hit, boy. You’ll need it.” Shane’s face was a total cock lust — a look I’ve seen plenty of times. I knew he was totally captivated by this guy’s dick inside him, and was going to do whatever he told. The bear obviously figured that out, too. ”Ride it, boy. This is what you wanted. Daddy’s cock in your hole.” i started jerking off,tucked behind a screen off the side of the room where I wouldn’t be intrusive. I love watching Shane get fucked, and this promised to be a hot show. Shane leaned forward, bracing his arms against the bear’s chest. The guy started thrusting upward hard and deep, driving grunts and gasps out of his bottom boy. They fucked intensely for nearly 10 minutes as I watched. Then Shane slowed down and slid off. The cock that emerged from his ass was like a torpedo — no wonder he was making so much noise getting fucked! It looked to be 7 1/2-8 inches long, and was girthy all around the middle before tapering to a nice head that could penetrate the tightest hole. Shane collapsed onto the bed, rolling onto his back. The bear was up and kneeling in front of Shane. “Show me your hole.” Shane complied, raising his legs and spreading them to expose his hole. The bear positioned himself and plunged inside, driving a gasp from Shane. “That’s it boy. It’s supposed to hurt a little. You knew you wanted this cock down by the pool. Now take it.” The guy proceeded to fuck Shane senseless. He was pounding hard, his balls slapping against Shane’ ass — I could hear it across the room — using the younger man’s ass for his pleasure. I could almost feel what Shane was experiencing in his ass. The thick raw cock stretching his hole wide, filling him with each plunging thrust, feeling empty each time it pulled out, and desperate to have it inside him again. He was completely given over to the ecstasy being fucked, and anticipating what more was to come. “I’m gonna mark your ass, boy. That’s right. You’re gonna be bred.” Shane looked up excitedly, breathing heavy with his hot body spread wide open for the pounding he was taking. The bear was grunting, a deep, growling sound. “Oh, boy. You’re gonna be my cumdump. That’s what you wanted down by the pool. Wasn’t it?” Shane was beyond being able to speak — he just nodded excitedly, breathing heavy, and looking with total surrender at the guy using him. The bear pounded into him, his thrusts fast and powerful. He was going for the gold here. He let out a string of grunts, his body slamming hard into Shawn’s spread ass, holding it there for a second, and then thrusting again as he grunted. He was unleashing streams of cum inside Shane’s waiting ass. He gave a feel final thrusts, relishing the tight, warm hole he’d been using. Then he pulled out, shuffled up the bed to Shane head, “Clean off Daddy’s dick,” and he pushed his raw cock into Shane’s open mouth. “ That’s it. Clean every drop of cum off it. Taste your ass on my dick.” Shane moaned his agreement, never taking his mouth off the cock that had just bred him. “That’s it, boy. I knew you were a cum whore. That’s eat. Show me how much you loved Daddy’s cock.” The energy in the room was fading. Shane would not cum, and the bear had no further use for him at the moment. He’d seduce Shane again the next night, and take him to a friend’s room where they would both breed his hot ass. Shane would describe to me how they passed him back and forth, fucking his face and ass until they both filled him with their cum. This is one of the reasons I love staying at gay resorts and on gay cruises. If you enjoyed this story of our exploits, let me know with a message and/or an uprating. I’ll keep sharing so long as people are reading — and hopefully getting off to them.
  13. PopperMeUp79

    Sex clubs + backrooms in SF ?

    Thanks, Backpack. That’s helpful
  14. I was doing some business travel this week, and had an unexpectedly HOT encounter the other night. The weather was crappy out with the big storms moving around the US. I wasn’t finding much on the apps, and Craigslist was looking lame. So, I posted an ad on BBRTS, which I’ve never done before, and offered “No holes barred.” I was drinking a bottle of wine I bought at the CVS to pass some time, and chatting with randoms that were quickly revealing themselves as sketchy, asking for pics but having none. I was gonna log off and do some work, but I was horned up. It was getting late when I got pinged on my ad. The guy was in his 50s, looked heavy in his pics, but a decent face. Salt and pepper hair. His cock shot was impressive, though, and held my attention. His profile had a lot of Ask Me’s — many more than I’d usually bother chatting with — but nothing better was coming along. He was driving home from work — probably a restaurant manager — and I said he could swing by. He asked if I had a jock or assess underwear, which I did — don’t travel without them. He showed up about 15 minutes later. Much taller than me, and overweight with a belly. I answered the door in my jock, and he wasn’t shy about feeling my ass as I lead him into the room. He was more aggressive than I expected. I hit my poppers as he whipped his cock out of black dress pants. It was more impressive in person — about 7 1/2 inches, slightly curved shaft, and a smooth bulbous head. He was already rock hard, so I squatted in front of him and started going to town. He undressed while I worked that cock, running my tongue up and down his balls, whiffing the musky scent after they’d been pent up all day. He held the back of my head and thrust a few times. ”Show me your hole.” I jumped on the bed, doggie style, and displayed my ass in the jockstrap. He ran his fingers across my ass, stopping to massage my hole. I heard the click of the silicon lube cap, and felt the cool liquid being roughly worked into my hole. I took two heavy hits of poppers, letting the warm rush wash over me. My ass suddenly became very hungry, and I thought I’d be settling in for some ass play. But he immediately pressed that bulbous cock head against my waiting hole, raw and slick, hitting the target on his first try. The wine and poppers mixed for the perfect storm, and he slid in with no resistance. I felt my hole stretch around the head, and the friction as his raw shaft glided across my sphincter. He went into a full-on fuck without hesitating, and I was groaning before I realized it. Fuck, that cock felt so good. I started flexing my own ass muscles in rhythm to his plunging thrusts, working the pressure around his cock. He groaned. He fucked my ass without ever asking how it felt or how I was doing. None of the typical “You like that dick in your ass?” No, he was taking his pleasure and using my ass. At one point he flipped me onto my back, and immediately plunged back inside. He grabbed my ankles and spread my legs wide, staring down at his own cock working my hole. I didn’t necessarily care to look at him other than quick head tilts to remind myself I was being pounded by this overweight dude — instead I stretched back on the bed and reveled in that big cock. He started slamming me, the sound of his flesh smacking against my raw ass. I grunted and moaned more. His breathing really labored and I felt droplets of sweat falling on me. His cock was filling my ass, each thrust driving a small grunt from me. He suddenly started making his own grunting noises, short and fast, and he pounded me a bit harder. He unleashed his load without ever asking or saying a word. He kept thrusting, and I used my ass muscles to milk his load from that hot cock. He trembled a bit, leaning his weight against my legs, and I braved them against his chest. He didn’t seem to want to pull out, and I was lazily laying there still enjoying the feeling of his thick cock stretching my hole and filling me. After a minute he pulled out, and I felt the long glide of that shaft, followed by the pop of the head as my ass still clenched it. He didnt say anything as he dressed, still catching his breath. I stood up as he finished, to walk him to the door. He felt my ass, running fingers to my hole. “Hot hole,” he said, fingering his own cum around the rim of my hole. With that he left. I don’t know his name or anything about him, but his load was deep inside me.
  15. PopperMeUp79

    Disney Magic

    So I told you that as I finished up with my college boy trick, that my partner Shane had returned from some spa time with a guy of his own. I met him briefly as I was walking my freshly bred trick out. Handsome guy, in his late 20s, European accent — Czech or Bulgarian regions, I would guess. Dark hair and eyes, with a nice definition. He was a Disney cast member working in one of the resorts. I walked my trick out of the resort, and purposely wandered back to our room. I have a strong voyeuristic side to me, and didn’t want to return too soon and break the chemistry that was obviously brewing between Shane and the cast member. I quietly entered the condo, and was happy to see that Shane and the European guy were no longer in the living room. Their shirts were laying on floor. Listening, I headed to the guest room where I was hearing the noises of men grunting and gasping in passionate exploration. I peeked around the corner of the bedroom and saw the cast member laying naked on the bed, his body smooth and nicely defined. His cock was thick and meaty, standing straight up — it really was an impressive site. Shane was straddling the guy, his smooth ass grinding against that beautiful cock in slow motion, building the anticipation in both of them. Shane was arched forward, kissing the guy as they teased the coming fuck. Shane squirted some of the lube I’d used just an hour ago in that same bed, reaching back to slick the guy’s cock. The guy immediately reached down and began maneuvering his cock, using the mushroomed head to search for Shane’s hole. Shane snatched the bottle of poppers off the sheets and took two strong hits. The cast member found his target, the grinding coming to and abrupt end, and their bodies moving very slowly and purposefully as he entered Shane’s ass. Shane let out a sound I know so very well — a long, drawn out, “ooooohahhhhhhh” as his sphincter stretched and released around that European club. The cast member’s hot body begun working, his hips thrusting up and in tight circles, working the hole that Shane had so willingly offered up raw. Shane was jerking his own big dick, moaning as his ass was expertly worked into submission. “Fuck that’s big!” I heard him gasp between thrusts. “I told you it was big,” the guy said, reaching his hands down to Shane’s ass and grasping his cheeks firmly while thrusting up. Shane groaned in pleasure, then leaned back on his arms, showing off his own athletic physique, thick chest, and raging hardon. He worked his own hips to ride the thick meat inside him, becoming louder as he did. “Uh! OH! UUHHHHH!” I stroked my dick watching my partner ride this sexy boy’s body. Shane bounced on that dick for a few more minutes, the two of them occasionally whispering to one another, then thrusting hard. Shane’s ass was now accustomed to the European cock, and he was lost in cock lust. Finally they slowed, and I watched as that thick meat slid out of Shane’s hole. They stayed in that position a moment, then exchanged a few whispers, and Shane moved to side. The cast member got up, grabbed Shane’s waist, and guided him into a doggy position. He then pushed his dick back inside my partner’s hungry hole. The sound of muscle slapping against muscle filled the room as he started to pound Shane. My partner was moaning non stop as his ass was taken by this guy. The guy used his knees to push Shane’s legs further apart, and slowly fucked him into the mattress, finally landing Shane in a spread eagle. This European stud braced his own arms so he was hovering over Shane’s body, and started thrusting his hips so his cock was plunging into Shane’s smooth ass. Shane was making a mix of grunts and whimpers as he was fucked by long, deep, plunging strokes. He couldn’t move anything but his lower legs, which were now slightly off the bed as he was pounded into the mattress. I was stroking hard, building toward another climax watching as these two were each caught up in their own parts of the experience. Shane was lost in ecstasy of being fucked long and hard, anticipating being turned into this guy’s cumdump. The young European stud was exhilarated by the power and pleasure of the ass wrapped around his cock. He was thrusting hard, his eyes closed and focused on his own pleasure. Shane had offered him a raw hole, and he was clearly about to breed it. His muscles tightened and started to spasm as he let out three deep grunts, his thrusts become an effort as he unleashed his seed in my partner’s willing ass. He pushed himself deep inside, arching his back to maximize penetration and push his seed as deep inside as possible. His body spammed two more times, and I could imagine the large, sticky load that was being pumped out of this stud’s cock and into Shane. As the two lay there still, I stepped out of the doorway to let them finish their connection. I heard them shower, and then saw the European cast member leave. Shane was still naked, admitting he was a bit dizzy from the poppers and breeding experience. His dick was long and hard, and he hadn’t come during their fuck. I was horned up knowing there was a stranger’s fresh load inside him. A short time later I saw him cruising on his phone .... and I wondered if there was more to cum that day. [If you enjoyed reading about this little adventure, let me know! You can tap the blue heart below and leave a message.]

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