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  • Birthday 09/26/1987

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    Trans Feminine (MTF)
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    Derby UK
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    BB, groups and chilling out :) x
    My kik is gaymergirl404 x
  • HIV Status
    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Hiya, I'm a fulltime, out and proud transgirl. Im very experienced in meets, deffo not shy or awkward meeting new people and totally love being bred. I love every one of my breeder fuckbuddies and give them a warm space to plant their seed and love meeting strangers (a stranger is just a freind we haven't met yet ❤). I live alone and accommodate in ilkeston. I'm not into drama or timewasting, lifes far to short for that nonsense.

    Be proud to be yourself, never harbour hatred to anyone different, be there for others in their time of need and generally be a cool cat :)

    I'm very happy to be there for others if reached out to, I have a very unique way of giving my energy to anyone struggling with personal issues, and with confidentiality. I'm very spiritually evolved and my purpose Is to bring peace within a struggling soul (or you can just call my crazy😂) xx

    Live for today because tomorrow is never promised❤🙏❤ xxx
  • Porn Experience
    Ameatur stuff, swinging, escorting
  • Looking For
    Freinds, companions in time and lots of cum of course 💦💦✌❤ x

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    [think before following links] [think before following links] http://www.xvideos.com/profiles/enlightened_transgirl

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  1. You are such a beautiful girl xxxxx

  2. Is this kik group still active and accepting members? 🙂
  3. You are both welcome to mine if you struggle for somewhere to go, and I'm more than happy if youd like to arrange a few guys too 🙂
  4. I'd deffo go as a vers bottom, I'm sure I could bring viagra and wine 🙂
  5. Kinda wish I drove now lol, that would be deffo handy if others turned up 🙂
  6. Hello again naughty. Well is the year shaping up so far. 

    1. BBtransUK


      Hiya ❤. So far so good :), maybe naughty year for the both of us lol x

  7. VideoCapture_20220114-072542.jpg

    1. Bigbottomlover


      Sexy yet dangerous…😎

    2. BBtransUK


      I'm super careful (sometimes 😂

    3. Bigbottomlover


      Scratch up my back baby. 

  8. What hotels do you use In Nottingham? I find the brittania was always good and people could come and go as they please
  9. I've met a lot of guys on grindr from Birmingham, I'd deffo pay my share and have pics and vids taken 🙂 I dont use telegram but I use kik gaymergirl404 🙂
  10. Love the new pics sexy x

  11. Hi everyone, I hope you are all safe, well and happy, crazy times, right 🤦🏻‍♀️🙏

    I've been struggling to keep interest in cropping and shrinking my pics to upload on here, so I've put a load of stuff on my Xvideos page, I hope you like and I'm always looking to make new pics and vids, so totally open to suggestions 💦

    [think before following links] http://www.xvideos.com/profiles/enlightened_transgirl

    I love you all ❤🧡💛💙💜

    1. Doner


      You’re one of my favourite follows on here - the volume of xvideos uploads is the source of a lot of my spilled cum, lately. I love your philosophy and it perfectly complements your beautiful aesthetic. Thanks for so generously sharing:)

  12. I had the same problem hun, I'm android and I downloaded an app called lit photo and the picture on the app store is like a turquoise green background with a white leaf on it and you can change the scale and kb of your pics, I hope this helps a little 🙏
  13. 20210928_190403_compress32.thumb.jpg.b1ea0b72780916e230d67495eeed27ad.jpg

    1. Youngboy1999


      Love your nails, they're super sexy x

    2. DeathLust


      can we find video of you anywhere?

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