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    Trans Feminine (MTF)
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    Suffolk, UK
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    Mainly bottom, kinky, sleaze or vanilla. Love being bred by singles or groups.
    Also into suck, rim, ws, assplay, bdsm, roleplay, etc. Open minded
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Tall, slim, smooth, trans girl (mtf). Friendly, genuine and very experienced player and load taker. On various hookup sites
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    Just home movies. Always looking to make more
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    Genuine guys/ts who like to unload in slutty holes. 1-1 or groups. Very discrete.
    Looking for meets, potential meets, good contacts (no overseas video calls/pic swapping I’m afraid)

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  1. Love it, both giving and receiving 😉
  2. Probably my DSL lips 👄, they go down well 😛
  3. That sounds awesome to me Di 😉. Yes, I also have various pics and vids taken, but it would be fun to do something nicely produced. N x
  4. I’d definitely love to be in a well produced movie, either by a production house or an OF (etc.) content maker. BB of course. Any interested tops (in the U.K.) do get in touch 🙂
  5. I love certain uniforms, and some people carry them off so well 🙂. I’ve enjoyed the company of a lot of military guys, who usually wear a uniform very well 😈. We’re lucky to have both British and US bases in my corner of the U.K., so a very good selection of strong, horny guys. A cute police officer is another favourite.
  6. I’ll try to get a question like ‘do you play safe’ into the conversation pretty early, alongside the usual ‘where are you based’ and ‘what are you into’, etc. It’s a bit forward (/slutty?)😯, but if he does it saves time for us both if it’s going to end up being a mismatch. If a conversation has got further then it would be a polite reply as suggested by guys above.
  7. I used to cycle a lot around that time, it’s 10+ years ago now. Not super long distances though. I found I got back into it ok after healing, with the right padded shorts and saddle/position 🙂. I’m more of a recreational cyclist these days. Hopefully there are other cyclists who can comment for you... Your other piercings sound cool btw
  8. Guys love seeing my guiche piercing. I didn’t find it too painful to have done, but as guys above have said, it took a while to heal. I had to lay off the cycling for a bit 🤣
  9. I’ve always liked Ferraris...not very imaginative 🙂. It probably comes from the wall posters as a kid, before I moved onto topless studs lol. The SF90 would go down nicely, or a topless stud 😉
  10. I love guys pissing in or on me. It can be seen as humiliating, degrading me, but I enjoy it and knowing the guy is experiencing it in the way he wants feels good. The first time for me - the guy arrived, undid his jeans, pulled out his semi hard cock, shoved it in my mouth and starting pissing while holding the back of my head, so I wasn’t going anywhere. I had said I was open minded but that did catch me by surprise lol. His cock then hardened as he fucked my throat. Happy days
  11. I love looking for the signs of him cumming to get the full experience, the noises, his body movement slowing/stopping as he has that final push. Also touching (position dependent!) the base of his cock/balls and feeling it tense up as it starts to pulsate and unload in me. Awesome
  12. I love it deep inside and keep it in there as long as possible, usually with a plug 😉
  13. Spit is a good choice 🙂. As a bottom I’ll take it however it’s given really. Also love guys following others who have already cum inside, using their cum as lube
  14. I’ve always swallowed, unless the top specifically wants to share the taste. I always try to make eye contact with the top at the point of unloading, to show I know my place in pleasing him. There’s been occasional times in the past when someone has spit my cum back into my mouth, that’s pretty horny too
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