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    West Palm Beach, Florida
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Midwestern country boy recently relocated to South Florida. Love to be out in nature but the beach isn't doin it for me! A little bit redneck, always in Wrangler jeans and cowboy boots and I dip Copenhagen. And college educated! Can be very piggy in the right scenario, T helps get me there. 🤣😈🐷☣️
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    Off meds...
    Looking for chasers and adding all the strains I can get! Also just started bug collecting, wanna help me out with that? 🤠☣️🐷

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  1. Will u poz me?  I'm in WPB!  561 701 5877

  2. Hey man. You open to chatting elsewhere?

  3. i wana breed with u soo bad sexy

  4. Can’t wait to blood slam you hottie 

  5. will u poz me 561 877 9633?

  6. I'm a bug chaser in West Palm Beach!  Do you wanna poz me?

  7. im going to come pay you a visit asap! hot fucker indeed!

  8. Hey man, hot pic! Fuckin love seeing another gay dipper. I'm a Cope guy, country boy redneck from southern Illinois now in Florida. Would love to poz you buddy, come visit me and get away from the cold weather! 🤠😋

    And have a merry Christmas. 

    1. VersBBTony


      message me swaploadsbareback  on bbrt or swapbareback on a4a

  9. Hey man do you have telegram 🙂 

    1. DWcountry


      Sorry, I just saw this message. I do have, username is DavidW7420

  10. Hey!  Hit me up buddy!  Looking,,,

  11. You look like fun 😉 Thanks for the follow!

  12. I’m a big fan of your page. 

    1. DWcountry


      Thank you, same to you! Really wish you were closer, I'd love to knock you up! 😜😈☣️


    2. Sexyboy1990


      I only bottom when it’s to take an unmedicated cock 🙂. Message me your contact info so we can set something up


  13. Hey, thanks for following! Hot pic... 😈

    1. Wantitraw2014


      Thank you! You’re sexy AF too! 

  14. Fucking hot mate …. Add me on twit 

    kaidavisxxx   Things I could do with u 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ftplad


      What’s ur Twitter ???? And u can resist I’ll just fucking make u do them and take them 

    3. DWcountry


      I was indicating I'm absolutely willing, without hesitation, to do everything you have in mind. I only mentioned resisting because some love the "thrill of the chase" or fight as the case may be. Sounds like you prefer to take what you want by force so I guess I'll have to be a bit less willing... 😜😈

      My twit is DW7420 BTW, since you asked. 😁


    4. Ftplad
  15. You are sooooooo hottttttt. If you ever come to belgium give me a call 🤤🤤🤤🤤

    1. DWcountry


      Of course. I don't think it'll ever be possible but we can hope! 

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