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The server changes are complete, but I need assistance from (semi-technical) members outside the North America / Europe to figure out if things are working as hoped. If you can help, please follow the steps I've laid out in the Tips & Tricks forum thread. Thanks for your help!


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    Lincroft, NJ, USA
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    5'8", 235lbs, white, stocky, hairy bear with 3 inch dick, fuckable butt, with few limits.

    Love to suck and get fucked raw, versatile for FF.
    Into CBT, TT, water sports, scat, getting dark and expanding limits.
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    NSA bareback fucking.
    Prefer POZ BREEDING.

    Neg pig for poz cum!
    Love getting plowed hard and heavy.

    Love poppers, 420, pnp, slamming.


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  1. Hey bear,

    Many thanks for the follow mate ☺

  2. Bugchasing Neg pig here in NJ. Would love to meet You and any other TOXIC POZ PIG BREEDERS in Your area to take Your Hard TOXIC POZ COCKS AND SEED in my Wrecked Bloody demon toilet pig hole!!

    Off PrEP since last May and NEEDING POZ Conversion. Other STDs welcome too.

    1. easyjim


      Would love to turn u poz

    2. bearffbrownNYCNJ


      Hell yeah! POZ my Neg pig hole!!

  3. hey thanks for the follow 

  4. My year in reveiw

    Would go to Atlanta myself to meet this Black TOXIC POZ GOD and have Him Wreck my hole with His Monster Cock and PA and receive His Gift of POZ SEED in my Neg pig fuckhole, making me a member of the POZ Brotherhood!!
  5. hey pig, thanks for the follow!

  6. Thanks for the follow! Not on here a lot except dark and stormy nights :)


  7. Neg bugchaser bottom here. Been off PrEP for 10 weeks now.

    In NYC hotel tonight (Thursday) through Sunday taking POZ TOXIC CUM in my demon toilet hole!!

    Cum POZ me!!

  8. thanks for following me . woof ! 

  9. Thanks for the follow!

    Would love to join you sometime as a total bottom in one if your family gang bangs!!

  10. My trip to Philly didn't happen for reasons beyond our control, but I have a rain check for another time to go get my Neg ass converted to POZ.

    Been off PrEP for over a month now, so ready to take any and all POZ loads!!

  11. Going to Philly tomorrow to get Fisted and Fucked Hard!! 

    And get my Wrecked Neg hole POZ BRED by a big Black TOXIC POZ pig who Fucked me so Hard on my birthday last month like i hadn't been Fucked in years!!

    He will also make me get twisTed and eat His Shit and will definitely have me worshipping His Hard Fucking Demon Cock for at least a couple of days!!

  12. Heading into NYC tomorrow through the weekend. 

    Love to get twisTed and take as many TOXIC POZ Cumloads in my Neg bugchasing pig ass as possible!! 

    Will take Your Fist in my hole and eat Your dirty ass too if You want!!

    1. Willing


      Scat me please 👄

    2. 4_stroke


      Thats so hot. I love it when im tinad out.

  13. Every time I see your chest and nipples I get hard!  Looking forward to some nasty, kinky and raw play!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Guest


      How nasty can we get?

    3. bearffbrownNYCNJ


      As nasty as You want Sir, Piss, Shit, and especially Cum for my twisTed demon pig hole. Piss and Shit can go in most any hole, mouth, ass, or even a little in my nose.

    4. Guest


      Also like the intimacy of kissing deep, saliva running down our chins, me spitting in your mouth, sucking your tongue, running my tongue and fingers all around the inside of your mouth.

      Want you to wear one of my heavy, chrome, magnetic ball weights.

      Then I want you wearing a silk/cotton thong over your cock and balls so you can piss in it and be leaking out of it when you come in the door.

      Outside the door, you will remove all your clothing except for your ball weight and tit clamps and thong and start pissing in your thong!

      Will get room for at least one night and two days. If you can stay longer we can party more and become completely depraved, worship Sarah Palin, and you can take me to dark places. Love being choked when playing.

      Anything goes, no limits, party and play with my pig daddy bear bitch!

  14. yes sir99 with u , I'm getting my own place soon. hail meth

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