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    Slutty cumdump and ff btm and selective top looking to take loads and breed fellow cumdumps. Prefer guys in 20s and 30s but will take walk-in anon loads from anyone!
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    Turn-ons: cum, anon raw cocks, groups, sex parties, gaped cum dripping holes, being whored out, verbal, poz, piss, spit, fisting, rosebuds, toys, bondage, dom/sub, incest, cheaters/cucks, 420.

    My types: assertive rough fucking tops of all kinds and slutty or sub twink btms.

    Hard limits: no scat, blood, kids

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  1. Nice! Would love to help turn you into a bb cumdump 🙂
  2. Very hot! Followed ya on twitter so keep em cumming!
  3. Super sexy!!  Got my dick hard... Going to have to look your porn vids up now 🙂


  4. Thanks for following back.  Very hot!!

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