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Found 2 results

  1. A thick glob of cum dripped from my ass as my best friend’s dad pulled his cock from my gaping hole. I stared up at older man with lust in my eyes, “Please fuck me again,” I begged. My hole twitched, aching to have his thick cock back inside. “Not right now kid, don’t worry you’ll get plenty more loads.” When I had climbed the tree from my yard to my best friend’s yard this afternoon I could never have guessed that my day would end naked and on my back with his father’s load dripping from me. I had just gotten back into town from university for Spring Break around lunch and after about an hour of sitting in my parent’s house alone I had decided to see if my best friend from high school Tom was home. Tom and I had been friends sense before cell phones were popular and even after we both had phones we never bothered to call each other; instead we continued to climb over the fence that separated out back yards and then climb up to each other’s bedroom windows. Today however when I dropped down into Tom’s back yard I was met with quite a surprise. There in the middle of the back yard by their pool was Tom’s dad completely naked laying on a lawn chair. For a long moment I just stood there not sure of what to do. Then Mr. Pegliasco stood up, and before I could climb back over the fence he said, “like what you see Max?” I froze. I hadn’t really seen much, just a broad powerful chest, thick dark hair, and strong muscular arms and legs. Slowly I turned around. There he stood, the father of my best friend, completely naked his broad hair covered chest, narrow waist, powerful legs and his shockingly thick cock and massive balls exposed to the world. I couldn’t help but stair at his thick soft cock. It hung well past his big round balls, bursting out of a thicket of course black hair. I nodded in answer to his question. “A lot of boys do.” I swallowed hard, my mouth had started watering looking at his cock. I wanted it in my mouth. I wanted to feel his cock head pushing down my throat. I wanted to taste his sweaty balls. I wanted to feel his pubes against my nose as I deepthroated his cock. My own cock began to harden in my shorts. “And I can see that you do,” said Mr. Pegliasco nodding towards my quickly tenting shorts. What the hell was going on here, Tom’s parents were still together, Mr. Pegliasco was straight and yet he was telling me that boys liked his cock. “You want this cock in your mouth don’t you?” I swallowed hard and then nodded again. “Then come get it.” Not knowing why, or understanding what was happening I practically ran to Mr. Pegliasco and fell to my knees in front of him. “If I had known you were this eager for cock I would have gotten you on your knees years ago. Now start sucking.” Eagerly I kissed up and down the length of his shaft, then taking his steadily stiffening cock in my hands I swallowed the head and a few inches of the shaft. Over the next few minutes I bobbed my head back and forth taking more and more of his ever hardening cock in my mouth each time till at last I swallowed deep and felt the head pass my tonsils and slide down my throat. Mr. Pegliasco moaned as I swallowed his cock and put one of his hands on the back of my head lightly holding me in place. “God, I love my wife but there are a few things in this world that she cannot replicate. The velvety feeling of an eager 19-year-old boy’s mouth or the warmth of his tight hole.” His other hand ran down my back now till he brushed against my ass. I squirmed a little, my cock pressing against my shorts. “Take off your clothes boy, I wanna see that football star body of yours.” In high school I had been the starting quarter back for our school’s undefeated team. I pulled off of his cock and practically tore my tank top off and then, standing up, shucked my shorts and briefs and stood before Mr. Pegliasco now as naked as he was my cock sticking straight out. For a long moment he took in my pale muscular body, my practically hairless torso, my thick seven-inch cock, my hairy legs. “Turn around, let me see that ass.” I did as I was told and turned around, and then for some reason, bent forward and reached back to spread my furry cheeks. Mr. Pegliasco moaned again running his finger through the thick mat of blonde hair that grew in my crack till his finger brushed against my tight hole. “I’m gonna enjoy fucking that.” He took me by the shoulder, spun me around and pushed me to the ground and pressed his fat cock back into my mouth.
  2. to shave or not to shave

    I have a somewhat hairy body including a very hairy ass and hole. I've shaved it once before during play and the actual shaving part was very hot but the whole ass was itching for weeks after. Now this guy i am seeing wants me to shave it again - personally i like my men with as much hair as possible ... what do you prefer ?

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