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Found 45 results

  1. So guys..... who’s going this year? It’s my first time in Berlin ever.... hoping to take at least 10 loads a night and give out a good 5-6. I reckon Berlin is the place for that to happen isn’t it! im staying at the Novum City Centrum (pretty close to the action in Shoneberg) in a nice big triple room. I wouldn’t ever say no to a top or 3 or 7 coming to load me whilst im there hah. Comment if you’re going and we’ll arrange a BZ group to swap as many loads as we can somewhere 😈
  2. Two Loads on a Monday Night

    Yesterday I was working from home and chatting to a few guys during the day seeing if there was an action around. I also messaged this young guy form Ireland who fucked me once before, who just got a job in London and has moved here. He came over around 6.30, and immediately asked me about PreP as when we met the first time he fucked me raw, then had obviously had a bit of a crisis about it. I told him that I was on Truvada and he told me that he wanted to get on PreP as quickly as possible. I must say I think its great that these super young guys can go get PreP and know about it and get out and find it. After our quick chat abut that he was hard as a rock so we got down to sucking and then some fucking. Sadly he grabbed my poppers, and took some, which were really old and crap. This seemed to be a temporary hard-on killer. Nothing worse than old poppers. So he pulled out and we kissed a long time, and I sucked him hard again. Then he pushed back in and got a really nice pace going and quickly shot a load into my ass. He pulled out and apologised for the amount of spunk, but explained that at age 27 it was always a bucket full. I think he kinda wanted to chat and cuddle, but my phone started beeping with work stuff so we said our goodbyes and promised to meet again soon. Pretty much as soon as he left my boyfriend got home, so upstairs we went and he gave me the hardest and longest pounding he has for a while. He really does have such a big cock, that despite my being pre-loaded and fully of 27 year old cum, it was a challenge to take it, especially as he was in a rough mood and really went for it. Eventually he busted really deep in my hole. Then we went down to take the dog out for his evening walk and I cooked the food I had prepared.
  3. In September when working in West London, I got chatting to a guy on Growlr, after a while he came and met me where I was working, and later that week, came and met me at my house and fucked me. He fucked me really well and has a very thick cock and he fucked me raw and came in me. He is in his late 50s, and is quite grand in his profession. Since then, we realised we work in similar fields. He invited me to his home, and fucked me again, and again came in my ass, but then he began doing business with me, which has led to having instigated a big project which we are doing together. Now when we meet the boundaries of our relationship are blurred. A few weeks later when he finished work, knowing I had to keep working, he drove back to my house and fucked me again, raw and came in my ass. Lat night we had a meeting at his work place about our project. This took an hour, we looked at print material and I met his staff, with whom I will be working. After a while we went to his car, and drove back to his place where he fucked me raw, cumming in my ass for the fourth time. Then he made me dinner, opened wine and we enjoyed a civilized evening. I think that rather than just being a top who likes fucking me, he has formed a kind of emotional attachment and is trying to help me professionally, he has also looked me up online and googled me extensively and knows things about me he could only know by really checking me out in detail. And it is quite clear he wants to keep fucking me as time goes on.
  4. On Monday I was contacted on Growlr by a Brazilian, 37 years old. I had met some time earlier when I was out clubbing. He asked me if I was up for any fun. I was, so I invited him over after work, around 6:00 PM. He arrived on time, fucked me bare back with his very large cock, shooting a huge load in my ass. After he came he asked me if I was 'clean'. After he left a regular came over and went second, blowing a large pent-up load into my ass, commenting, as he was cumming, how slick my hole was after taken the load from the Brazilian guy. Then at 7:30 PM my boyfriend got home and dumped a huge load into me. He really loved going third. Then I made dinner, and we enjoyed a couple of gin and tonics. The next morning, I woke up and found I was dripping spunk. My hole was also quite puffy. I felt amazing.
  5. load used as ff lube

    Last night my boyfriend invited a guy round off Recon to fist me, but first my boyfriend fucked me while this guy watched and came in my ass, then the random guy fucked me, and then added crisco and j-lube to the mix, and started fisting me. He pushed in first while I was on all fours and i was able to take his big bear paw, after that my boyfriend and him took turns fisting the load deeper into me for a couple of hours, I have not been fisted for a while so today I am really feeling it!
  6. My `Saturday regular' came by last Saturday - a stocky married 'secret bi top' in his mid 40s with a lovely eight inch knob of which my arse has a great memory, so naturally my arse responds to the memory of our mutual experiences, giving both of us great pleasure. In fact he fucks me so well that I usually end-up moaning and groaning like a banshee. Unfortunately he does it covered yet I always swallow the contents. Our most recent fuck session was pushing me through walls of ecstasy, especially as I imagined my arse as a pleasure tunnel for men. Moreover, knowing dirty talk would further excite him, I urged him on with demands he "Knock me up," and "Own this bitch with that huge cock." Usually he shoots inside but this time he announced he was going to spunk his baby juice down my throat. Mmmmmm. This evening a regular Asian straight guy popped by. He was looking for women on CL, but as he was unsuccessful in connecting with any girls, he decided to try out male ass. He presented a somewhat smaller, yet thick cock that was very good to suck. Pulling on a rubber, he gave an excellent fuck that had me moaning and writhing on the bed as he exploded inside my hole. After he came he ducked-out for a quick piss, I quickly consumed the contents of the johnny! Returning to the bedroom, he wanted to play some more, so I stuck on some straight porn on the DVD. The theme of the movie '29 men breeding a woman and leaving her pregnant' apparently turned him on. I led him on, trying to get him excited, by suggesting he'd love to be one of those men, how he'd want to slam that pussy. I kept this up until he shot another load down my throat. Two loads of early 30s Asian juice. More mmmmm.
  7. Bear Bust October 19-22

    Any of you pigs going to Bear Bust at the P House October 19-22? Would love to get piggy.
  8. Six Loads on October 4th

    On October 4th I received a text from a regular who said he needed to unload. In addition a friend came around to fuck me. In addition I was fucked by my boyfriend. The first load was at 6:45 PM. It was from the regular, who was bursting and hadn't shot for a few days. Then my friend arrived at 7:00 PM and I promptly took his load. I really enjoyed taking his cock as it is nine inches in length and quite thick. With two loads in my ass my friend and I cuddled and chatted. Then about 7:45 PM my boyfriend came home and joined us, blowing his huge load into my hole. He really loves fucking me using other guy's cum as lube. After my boyfriend blew, my friend found himself so turned on from having watched us fuck that he got hard again, and gave me a second load. I was so high on poppers that I went to get a drink of water at this point, and I took a minute to text a guy who lives down the road, telling him I had four loads in my ass. Now, my neighbor really likes fucking sloppy or cummy holes. Sure enough, no sooner had my friend left when the neighbor arrived, promptly giving me my fifth load. He was a sure shot, particularly as he hadn't cum for five days. After rimming and felching my hole for a bit, he pushed his cock in and before long gave me a huge load of his cum. He thanked me and left. Afterwards my boyfriend came back upstairs, quickly got undressed, and slid into my ass. Clearly he was completely turned-on by the volume of cum which had been blown into my hole that night as after only a few strokes he blew his second load into my ass, taking my tally for the night to six loads.
  9. 1st Barcelona Load this week

    Today I had a morning to kill in my hotel in Barcelona so I prepared and jumped online looking for a top. A 47 year old top who liked fucking bears came up to the room, and I sucked his cock until hard then got on all fours on the bed face down. By this time he had a cock hard seven" and his trousers around his ankles. He got down and rimmed me and spat on my hole no questions asked or mention of a condom just pushed in and gave me a good hard pounding. He then asked where I wanted his cum and I said inside and he sped up and blew a huge load into my Ass. After he came he said "are you ok as I am neg and I hope you are too" I just mumbled and he said "naughty man" kissed me and left. No idea what his name was
  10. After a stunning weekend there's been a few dry days so I frustratedly put up a `come use my holes` status on fabguys. Within minutes a buddy was hitting me up. He's a gorgeous (in my eyes) chunky bear with a grin as big as my arse after it's been fucked. I excitedly said yes douched and waited for him. We were soon snogging and he played with my tits as I explored his own ample chest and stomach and his cock which is about 5 inches but full of girth. After a few minutes he bent me over sticking his fat fingers up my arse while he bred my mouth. I took some poppers and I could feel him greedily exploring what he wanted to fuck. Gradually he moved me to the bed stuck my legs in the air and teased my hole again with his fingers and his cock against my crack. I took some poppers and he slowly entered me. Watching his hunky sexy bulky frame my arse opened up as he verbally abused me telling me I was a greedy whore a dirty slut. Soon he was plowing my hole owning it until he shot his bareback load into my guts. We had a nice chat afterwards and I know he'll be back.
  11. Biker Rally

    This is a mostly a true story (names changed) and a story where I took my first poz load. Back in the late 90's I became online friends with a group of gay bikers who met up at Sturgis every year. I had been chatting with a few of the guys and they invited me to come out and camp with them for a weekend during the Biker Rally. Now I didn't have a bike, but bikers have always turned me on. I was looking forward to making the trip and hanging out with the guys and getting to know them I live in Minneapolis at the time and made the trek to the Black Hills. Now for those of you who have never been, its a wild time with a charged atmosphere of men and women just having a good old time. I arrived to the camp late morning. I felt kind of weird driving into the camp in my Chevy Cavalier. Yeah I know. I probably screamed gay. I got out and one of the guys I had been chatting with saw me pull up and got up from the picnic table and walked over to greet me. Now this guy made my dick hard every time I chatted with me. We would chat online and even chatted on cam. He taught me everything I needed to know about tobacco pipes. How to pack them, light them and smoke them. He is the one that helped me coin my online handle. He smoked big Boswell pipes and made me melt every time I chatted with him. His name was Alex, was in his 50s, about 5'9", stocky muscular build, shaved head and a long ginger goatee down to his chest, and was wearing only a pair of grungy jeans, no shirt. He pulled me into a kiss and I could smell he had not showered yet that day. Fuck he smelled good. Man smells always get my dick dripping. Alex was also a Daddy figure to me. We would talk about some of his life stories. How he started riding a bike, how he got into smoking pipes etc. We also talked about how he contracted HIV. At the time, I had played safe, but always thought it would be hot to have sex with a poz guy. Alex brought me over to the table of Bikers that were sitting around the fire pit and table. He introduced me to Bubba, Rick and another ginger named David. I have seen David around the net, but never was able to strike up a conversation with him. I knew he was poz, but I just couldn't get up the nerve to say hi. I have chatted with Bubba and he came over and gave me a big kiss and a hug. Bubba had this southern drawl that got me going. Later I found out years later he was extremly shy and wanted to get me naked. That is being planned currently. I sat down at the picnic table and Alex offered me a drink. He made me a jack and coke and started to chat. I pulled out my pipe and tobacco and started packing my pipe. Alex turned to me and barked at me to give him the pipe so he could pack it correctly. I was a bit nervous as this was the first time at the event and being around all the bikers made me visibly nervous. Bubba noticed this and came around and start rubbing my shoulders. He whispered to me to relax and have fun as the guys were all really cool. I had on shorts and a t-shirt and felt over dressed as most of the other 12 guys at the came were wearing far less. All of them were also furry as hell, and sported a full beard. Alex walked me around, introducing me to each guy. Being cordial, I walked over and shook each man's hand, eventually returning to the table. David sat down at the table next to me and pulled off his shirt. Again a waft of man scent hit me and I shivered. Alex chuckled, shook his head and told me that I should get comfortable. Bubba helped me out of my shirt. I was 26 yrs old and being from the upper Midwest I was pasty white except for the fur on my chest and back. I had a bushy goatee and shaved head so I fit in ok. At least the jack and coke told me that. Alex handed my pipe back after lighting it. David had pulled his pipe out and had lit it as well. So here I was sitting with three hot bikers smoking pipes. Bubba had pulled out a pack of reds. After a few drinks, I was loosening up. Alex had suggested that I go set up my tent as it would be getting dark soon. Bubba said he would help. We walked over and set up my tent. He asked me what I thought of the guys. Bubba and I had several conversations about likes and dislikes and he knew that this group of guys was right up my alley. I told him I was in heaven. I glanced over at the guys making sure I had not said it too loud. Bubba chuckled and said I would have a great weekend. After finishing the tent, we walked back over to the table where Alex had started up the grill and was cooking some burgers and brats. Yes brats, not sausages, in the Midwest we called them brats. We ate and drank into the evening. It was July so it didn't really cool off much during the night in the Black Hills. As the night went on the guys started to break off and head to their tents for bed. Which left Bubba, David, Alex and myself at the table chatting away. I had plenty to drink and was laughing and carrying on. A few hours later, Bubba and David called it a night leaving Alex and I talking. I was wound up with all the talk and drinking, but I hid it well or so I thought. Alex being the blunt one stopped mid sentence and asked me if I was going to let him suck my cock or would he have to go to bed and jerk it to my teasing him. I was taken back, but happy. He came around to me and leaned down and gave me the best fucking kiss. The taste of the tobacco on his tongue and the smell coming from his chest and pits got my dick hard as a rock. He told me to stand and in no time my shorts were on the ground. As we were kissing, he told me that if I come to camp with deodorant on again, he will beat the hell out of my ass. I blushed and apologized. He trailed down my chest to my underwear and started to mouth my cock through them. He pulled the waistband down and released my dripping cock and in one swift movement went down on me. I inhaled deeply as if in shock as no one has ever done that to me. After a short time Alex pulled off, looked up at me and told me that he had to have me in his ass. I stood up quick and almost fell over as my shorts were still around my feet. We both laughed as he caught me. He spit in his hand and coated his hole and my cock and guided me to his hole as he bent over the table. I slowly slid in as if giving him time to get used to my thickness. He just grunted and pushed back and my cock slid all the way into his hole. He just let out this low growl which made my cock even harder. It didn't take me long and after 20 minutes I was pounding hard and ready to blow. he leaned up and told me to slid in all the way so I he could feel it when I shot my load. I pushed in and shot one of the biggest loads. I had to sit down as my legs were wobbling. He was standing in front of me with a big old grin saying he wasn't finished. Grabbing my head, he forced me to my knees, and slid his cock into my mouth. "Good boy," he whispered, adding "Daddy is going to feed his boy a sweet load." I pulled off enough to answer, "Yes, please do, Sir." Then I resumed my work. After a little bit he started growling again and I knew he was close. I picked up speed and when his breath started to go short I shoved his cock all the way down my throat and was fed a huge poz load. It was his time to sit down. After a little bit he broke the silence and said "I think it's time for bed." After exchanging another big kiss, we parted and went to our tents to sleep. I took off my clothes and crawled into my tent and fell asleep. Not long after being asleep, I felt an arm slide over my chest and someone press up against my back. I tried to look to see who it was but could not tell which guy had crawled into my tent. To be continued...
  12. Taking Loads at TBRU 2017

    We are in Dallas for Texas Bear Round Up. We went on an excursion to Club Dallas as part of the activities. They have remodeled their play area since the last time I was there with a nice play area outside and a smaller, darker maze area. Over the 3 hours of the trip, I spent a fair amount of time in the sling (not all in one setting - I let other cumholes have their turn). The first time, there were a couple of guys who were more into fingering and trying to fist me than fucking although they both did fuck me a little. I had a fresh bottle of poppers, so I enjoyed that quite a bit. Not sure if either of them actually got their whole hand in, but I know it was multiple fingers. I took a break. When I returned, I just wasn't getting any takers. I was getting out of the sling when a young chub stopped me. He was very eager to fuck me, and he did a good job. Then despite my asking for the load, he pulled out and sprayed it all over me. So I was doubly annoyed. I got out, took a shower, and got a drink. Later, I was back in the sling, and I got fucked by a big, tall top who was very verbal. He made me beg for his load. At some point, my husband wandered up, and he got into the verbal action egging on the top and telling him to breed me. After he shot inside me , we were both a sweaty mess. We walked to the shower and cleaned up and made out a little. I decided to check out the pool area. There were a lot of hot naked guys sunbathing and a few playing. I grabbed a drink and wandered around watching some hot sex. Then I decided I wasn't done taking loads and headed back inside. I went into the dark area and since I had come in from outside, I could not see a thing. I felt my way to the sling and climbed in. I figured it was a good place for letting my eyes adjust. At that moment a voice on the PA announced a 30 minute warning for the bus back to the hotel. Almost immediately, a guy stepped up to the sling and slid inside me. He fucked me fast and hard and came quickly. My eyes still had not adjusted, so I have no clue what he looked like. It was all pitch black to me. Soon after, a top who I know from years past at TBRU came by. We had been trying to connect for a good fuck the whole time, but I kept running into him when he was already inside another bottom. He said that it was about time, and he gave me a hard, passionate fuck. He is a tall, stocky Bear with 8 inches of BBC, so I loved every moment. I got up, and we made out for a while. Then I showered and got dressed. There were several other guys who fucked me but did not cum, and one guy who fucked me wearing a rubber. All in all, it was a good day - a dozen cocks in me and 3 loads.
  13. Hey guys I know its a bit early but I am traveling to Atlanta in a few months, I am looking for mostly bearish guys, tops preferred so if this got your attention hit me back. Open book here!
  14. As a 20 year old guy, what is the best way I can serve my daddies in the bedroom? If your a daddy, what would you like your boy to do for you?
  15. Last Fuck Goodbye

    Me: 39, 6'1", semi musclar black bear w/ hairy body, 6" cut, bald head, tight groom black beard Buddy: 45, 6'4, white smooth bear, blonde and blue eyed My buddy was moving out of the state and want together for one last go before he left. We've know each other for about 20 years and over the course of that time I've fucked his ass many times, the first five years with condoms and rest without. On this occasion, after we had dinner we went back to my place and got comfortable. His mouth immediately dove deep onto my cock, deep throating it, making love to the cock that has fucked him off and on for years. After a few minutes he slipped off my cock, licked his wet lips and said "By the end of the night I want your DNA in me." Then he smiled and went back to work, all the while waiting to be sucked off. Eventually I pulled him up and kissed him. He then drove onto my nipples and worked then, as I stroked his cock. Before long I climbed atop him and ground my cock into his as we kissed. As we did so, he groaned in pleasure and I sensed his legs slowly spreading apart. Eventually they were sufficiently far apart that I was able to easily grab his leg, positioning it on my shoulder, then I lubed my fingers with coconut oil, fingering his hole to wake it up. Soon I had two fingers in and he was squirming on them as his hole lubed up for me to fuck it. It was finally time. I placed his other meaty leg on my shoulders and pushed them back until his hole was in position. Now lubed myself, I pushed hard into his hole, his face contorted in pleasure and pain up as I slid in. Then he groaned deeply. I knew he had lost the ability to formulate a sentence. Starting with a solid steady thrust, I worked his hole until it opened up, and when he seemed ready I went deeper. He moaned louder as my cock filled his ass. He had mentioned he hadn't been fucked in months, and I think he was telling me the truth. Pulling out, I gestured for him to flip over so I could fuck him doggie style. Once mounted, I went to town, pounding deeper and harder. Between moans he grunted "You're going so fuckin' deep! God yes! Give it to me." Sweat covered me as I dropped onto his back, never letting up in fucking his hole. After about fifteen minutes I flipped him onto his side as I wanted to make sure he was well fucked, and besides, I was determined to make sure I got as much from his ass as I could, especially since I sensed my load was about to blow. At the end I switched back to our original position, with his legs on my shoulders, and I looked deep into his eyes as I came.
  16. Let's Hope

    I'm about to be picked up by two big top daddy bears. Here's to hoping they don't ask about using my hole raw.
  17. Hairy Asses- Sexy or Not?

    So, I'm transitioning FtM, which is basically the same as puberty, and all the fun stuff a boy experiences as he becomes a man is happening to me. Over the past few months, I've been blessed with hair along my jawline, over my tummy and chest, and you guessed it, on my ass (Spoiler alert- my profile picture is no longer an accurate depiction of what my bubble butt currently looks like). To be honest, running my hands over the soft fur on my buttcheeks makes me feel sexy as hell, and I can finally understand the appeal of bears, otters, and cubs- body hair is fucking manly! My newfound furriness is a testament to the testosterone running through my system. I'm stronger, smellier, and hornier than ever before, thanks to testosterone's impact on my muscles, pheromones, and sex drive- qualities associated with being a man. However, our society upholds some standards of beauty that are contrary to aesthetics that have traditionally been associated with masculinity- hairlessness being one of them. This leads me to my question: are hairy asses sexy? I know some guys go for bears and some go for twinks- everyone has their own preference- but I'm also curious about whether or not it's sexy just as a general rule of thumb. For example, many people can agree that high heels are sexy, even if they don't personally have a fetish for feet or shoes. That's basically what I'm wondering, but I'd love for the discussion to include personal points of view and individual sexual preferences, too. Also, while we're on the topic, would anyone care to explain the differences between bears and otters? And if a young bear is called a cub, is there a similar term for a young otter? I'm curious about the nomenclature, but will admit I'm also wondering if there's a label that would accurately describe me.
  18. Steaworks Wednesday Night

    Traveling to Chicago and and looking for a good time at steamworks bear night. Will be there from 8 to late servicing daddies and bears. Help me get what I'm after, the more + loads the better.
  19. Partner and I have been getting interested in playing with some masculine, furry bears or cubs. As our schedules are tight for playtime, we figure Steamwork's BB&B last Saturday of the month might be a good place to leave some seed in hairy holes and vice versa. We prefer stocky and beefy; firm bellies are hot for us. Sloppy chubbiness not so much our thing. If you've been to Chicago Steamworks BB&B, we'd love to hear your reviews of the action, especially how much of the fucking is raw versus the condom nazis prevailing. Thanks.
  20. Anyone have any homemade breeding or pics? Wanna swap? Love trading or watching porn with guys!
  21. Hey. Married blatino guy here. New to being a bottom. Looking for more experience. Love white bear dads. I get the most freaky with them. 6'2, slim, black and Dominican mixed. Also into mutual oral. Looking to explore more of a sub role. Bonus points if you are verbal.
  22. Rest Area.

    It was around 2am on a Thursday Morning. I was driving from a funeral in another state. I was an hour from home but had been on the road for 5 hours and 3 hours since my last stop for gas to pee. I really needed to stretch my legs and was also feeling a little tired. I pulled into the rest stop their were 3 other cars there, I parked away from them as we were spread apart, one left as I got there. I took a walk for 5 minutes to stretch my legs. I got in my car put my seat and decided that I was going to take a power nap for 30 minutes. About 10 minutes two bright headlights shine in the area from a RV, it pulls into the spot besides me, I look up and the door opens up and a guy about 50, a little pudgy, very hairy looks out wearing only tight leather shorts, it peeked my curiosity as well as my 8 inch BBC. I then see two guys from the other cars head to the RV and get in. Now I am really curious and after about 15 minutes and I get out my car and head over to the RV. I hear some moaning and the lovely sounds of man sex going on, I head over to the front window but cant see beyond the driver section as their is a curtain, then it opens up and the bear guy I saw earlier comes up sees me smiles and nods in walks towards the door, I head there and he opens it up for me I head in and he asks me are you ready for some fun? We head to where the other to guys are, they see me and smile. As one is completely naked I, and the other is only wearing a pair of ass less chaps I ask the question what is going on here besides the obvious. The owner of the RV whose name is Bill smiles an tells me he was driving down for vacation and advertised online that he would be here between at this hour and was looking for a few guys for a good time of hardcore sex. Bill tells me he is 55 versatile likes to be gagged by cocks. John who is the naked guy tells me he is a submissive bottom and loves to eat cum and rub it all over his body. Rick who is wearing the chaps is 50 and is a versatile guy. All gentlemen are white. They look at me and Bill asks so what is your name and age, I tell them my name is Carl and I am 52 I am versatile. John tells me I love BBC may I see it, I smile at him and tell him to get over here and take my clothes off. He smiles and walks over and removes my clothes he kisses and licks my body, I am 5'9 155 lbs with a nice 8 inch uncut cock. The other two are in a 69 sucking each and licking each others asses and fingering them. I see a 8 inch butt plug on the table I reach for it and plunge it into John's ass, he moans out loud, I get on my knees and take his 7 inch cock in my mouth and suck it and his balls as well. I feel a mouth on my ass I look behind me and it's Bill I tell him to continue he does so, in the meantime John has taken the butt plug from his ass tossed it to Bill he has me lubricated and he sticks it in me, I smile and buck my hips to match his rhythm of his hand. Rick is now getting a blowjob from Bill. John then announces I want a cock in me gets on all fours Rick then takes this opportunity to fuck his ass, they are doing this in front of my face so I lick Johns ass and Ricks cock at the same time. I feel the butt plug disengage from me, I feel empty but only for a few seconds as it is replaced by Bills cock and he is all the way in me. I love the feeling of his hairy body on me. I hear Rick screaming I am cumming and I see his white juices leaking out of John's ass and around Rick cock I continue licking, then I clean Ricks cock, Bill then picks up the pace and I hear him grunt and I feel that lovely warm liquid in my love hole. My cock is now pulsating needing attention, and John sensed this he starts giving my a fantastic blowjob as Bill and Rick are cleaning out my ass. I flip John on his knees and enter his cum lubricated ass with ease he matches my pumps with his ass, the other guys come over Rick puts his cock in Johns mouth and Bill puts his in my mouth, I pull down his shorts a bit so his ass is now showing I go to feel his ass but he has a plug in it so I just keep pushing it further and further into him. I grab the butt plug we had used earlier and put it into Ricks ass he looks at me and smiles, closes his eyes and grunts as he fills Johns mouth, Bills sees this and with me and the plug working him he announces he is cumming as well pulls out of my mouth and shoots all over John, well seeing this I let loose in John pull out and my load joins everyone's, John then shoots his load. All three of us then lick him clean and cum kiss share. We lay there for about 15 minutes then exchanged numbers, we don't know if we will all be together again as we all live in different states and just happened to be at the right place and the right time. The
  23. The Internship Hello, this is my story of the events that happened with the names to protect the innocent.. This summer is going to be the best summer and one that will change my life forever, more than I realized. My name is James, I come from a small town in Iowa and grew up on a dairy farm, currently I am finishing up my second year of my undergrad. I received a scholarship to go to ASU and get my degree. I am focusing on accounting. My experience with guys at home have only been limited to my best friend Shawn, he was a couple of years older than me and we did everything together from double dating the cheerleaders, to sports, to an occasional rump in the barn naked…. Our families were really close both our parents attended the same church and used to get together for Bingo on Saturday nights at the club… Shawn had a little brother Nick who was a couple of years younger than me and he used to follow us around except for the fun we would have in the barn and our double dates… Fast forward a couple of years and here I am enjoying the dorm life, I had a great roommate, Charles, who is from New Hampshire and we get along good, he enjoys sports, drinking, and women…At the end of our first year Charles suggested that we get an apartment off campus. So we moved into a modest 2 bedroom apartment not too far from campus. After classes on Friday we would often go out to the clubs drinking and dancing…This is where he met Julie, often times Julie would spend the night and I could hear them fucking in the room next to me…I would go to sleep jacking off and shooting the biggest load…Often I fantasized about Charles fucking me and me becoming his bitch. But that would never happen, unfortunately Charles was totally straight… So back to my Internship, I accepted an internship with a local company in their accounting department, today was my first day at work and I was all dressed up in finest suit. I wanted to make an impression on my boss and show him that I can be a great employee. I showed up for work about 20 minutes early to make an impression, as I was waiting in the reception area I wondered what kind of boss was I going to have. After a few minutes this hunk of a man comes out calling out James Colbourn…I jumped up out of my chair in excitement. He introduced himself as Nicholas Williamson and advised that I would be working for him and he would explain my role and responsibilities. I followed him like a puppy dog down the corridor of cubicles to an empty cube, Nicholas advised this is my desk and where I would be working. Nicholas instructed me to sit down and get comfy, so I sat at my new desk and he made himself comfortable against the desk. As Nicholas started going over the details of the role I could feel his leg push against mine, each time it did my cock started to spring up inside my suit pants. I looked over and I could see that he had a nice package, as I was looking he caught me staring at his crotch and asked if everything is ok, I replied “yes, its good, im um fine” Nicholas just chuckled and smiled at me showing those beautiful white teeth... I started setteling into my work routine, and found that on Friday’s the company had a laxed dress code and we could wear shorts and polo shirts. As I was getting ready to head to lunch with some of my collegues Nicholas called me into his office and instructed me to shut the door. Nicholas advised if I had any plans for the weekend, I started getting all excited that I was possibly going to be spending a weekend with this handsome man….I blurted out I have plans but ill change them for you, Nicholas laughed and thanked me for changing my plans. He started to explain that we were going through an internal audit on Monday and we needed to go through the files this weekend to prepare for the audit.. Saturday morning came and I got dressed and started to head into the office, as I got to the office I thought I would be working with the others in my department but was shocked to only find that it would be Nicholas and myself. We started going through the files in his office, he would look through the paper files and I would validate the information in the accounting application. We finished the last file about 8:30pm, as I was starting to put the files back in the boxes, Nicholas came up behind me and started rubbing my shoulders and thanking me for helping him out. I started to get hard as I felt his hard cock pressing against my back, soon Nicholas was rubbing my chest and feeling my perky nipples, he looked down and saw the bulge in my pants “you like that” he stated with a smile. While Nicholas was rubbing my chest I started rubbing his furry arms and could feel the electricity between us, Nicholas pulled me to my feet and started deep kissing me shoving his tongue inside my excited mouth, I felt his hand reach around and grab my ass pulling me closer into him. Soon Nicholas broke away from the kiss and headed towards the office door, he pulled the door shut and closed the blinds, as he turned around he pulled off his shirt revealing the most beautiful furry body on this earth, he instructed me to get comfortable and undress. I started getting undressed and felt incompetent standing there in my white briefs next to this beautiful man. We started to kiss again and rubbing our hands over each other’s body, I wanted to taste this man’s cock. As we were kissing he started to push me down to my knees and I was face to face with this beautiful cock I reached out with my tongue and started rubbing around the head of his cock with my tongue sticking it in the piss slit…I slowly started taking his cock in my mouth, I could barely get it in without gagging, Nicholas looked down at me and said “slow my lover, take it nice and slow and enjoy the moment”. I was sucking on his cock for about 15 minutes when he pulled me to my feet and started kissing and grabbing my ass, he whispered softly in my ear “my turn baby” with that he started pulling down my briefs with his teeth until my cock popped out and hit him in the face, I laughed and said “sorry”. Nicholas just started to tug on my tock and put his mouth on the head of the cock. Oh his mouth felt wonderful on my cock I started to quiver and felt ready to shoot my load in his mouth, Nicholas sensed this and started to increase the pace of sucking my cock until I started blowing my load into his hungry mouth. I thought he was going to stop sucking my cock but he kept sucking and I felt one of his fingers starting to probe my tight ass….Oh I was in heaven…..As Nicholas got to his feet he started cleaning off his desk and instructed me to lay down on my back with my legs over the edge, as I started to assume the position he got between my legs and lifted my ass up to expose my hole, soon he started using his tongue to explore my hole, I know he knew I liked it because he commented on the precum leaking from my cock….oh is he going to fuck me with that massive cock of his? I would never know that night because we heard the cleaning crew ask if anyone’s in the office, Nicholas yelled out “IM BUSY”…Wow that was close we were almost caught in the act of making love to each other in his office. We didn’t want to run the risk of getting caught so we got dressed and decided to head home for the evening. More to come…
  24. My friend Kenny and I met a twink in a bar after work. The bug-chasing twink was in heat but his first choice was an old jackoff buddy of mine who I had pozzed soon after I caught the bug, but my buddy ended-up hooking-up with another piece of ass. Kenny and I were large husky masculine working men in our late thirties with baldspots, beards, glasses and work-worn callused hands from our jobs in a metal fabrication plant and a junkyard. Both our dicks were cut. Calvin the twink was 22, slender, a couple inches shorter than our six feet and had very little body hair. His blond hair contrasted with our brown wavy hair, his hands were soft like a woman's and his nails were neither bitten nor dirty, unlike Kenny's and mine. He had decided that he wanted to join the ranks of poz guys so he wouldn't have to worry about asking men to wear condoms or when he's catch the bug. Kenny and I were happy to oblige and have fun enjoying knocking him up. "So you want some loaded dick, don't you?" I asked with a grin after he checked us out. "I'd love to give myself to you big handsome studs!" he gushingly replied with a lustful look at our crotches. We went to the cheap hourly 'no tell' motel where we began with the Calvin orally servicing our sweaty smelly feet including licking some of the dirt from under Kenny's toenails while sucking his toes and licking his toejam from between them before licking each foot. We men shared man to man affection while the punk did his duty to our feet. Then we all stripped, and when ready, I suggested to Kenny "You go first." He accepted my offer. Kenny lubed his middle finger and shoved it up Calvin's ass. He pumped that finger in the hole, twisted his wrist, then pulled it out with blood on the tip, mostly on the nail. Calvin sucked Kenny's dick to full hardness, kissed it and then lay on his stomach on the bed spreading his skinny legs while Kenny added some grease to the spit on his dick. Kenny then mounted Calvin, lined up his shot and rammed it in as Calvin flinched and gave a little screech from the man's sudden entrance. Kenny instantly hilted himself, flexed his love muscle in the asshole and fucked him while I stood by admiring him taking the piece of hole the Calvin owed him. Kenny fucked that ass like a champ and grunted as he hilted himself and pumped off his toxic load inside the cunt. My own dick was throbbing with precum. A few more subjugatory thrusts and he pulled out. Kenny dismounted and stood by me. We men kissed and I mounted up. My dick slid right in, Kenny's cum being great lube. I fucked Calvin with gay abandon enjoying myself adding the twink to my list of conquests under the admiring eyes of my good friend Kenny. I drilled Calvin's ass good and threw my head back in victory as I pumped my virus-laden cum into him adding it to Kenny's load. As with other times I pozzed someone, my horny penis pulsed with the added pleasure of knowing I was injecting my life-changing virus into a "virgin" hole and and fucking him in other ways for years or maybe decades to cum, than just fucking his ass. I slammed it home a few times to further force my sperms into his torn rectum and yanked out. Knowing my buddy's and my virus were entering Calvin's system as surely as our dicks entered his ass gave Ken and me a thrill. We men felt powerful and like we were a winning two-man team conquering another loser who would suffer due to his own choice to get pozzed and have to take meds for the rest of his life like we did if he wanted to survive. "OK suck us clean." I told Calvin as we men stood side by side, arms around each others shoulders. He knelt and sucked our dicks clean and then kissed them as ordered. It was a great way for him to thank us for infecting him with the toxic gift that would change his life. We went into the shower where I put my penis in Calvin's mouth and urinated while he drank it. Kenny then had his turn. Calvin's stomach was full of man piss but he took it well. Our asses were sweaty although the sweat was dried by then. There was a good strong rim chair in the closet so we men took turns sitting on it while Calvin kissed and rimmed us. An hour later we men lay side by side on the bed making out with each other while Calvin sucked us off for our second loads. He was a good cocksucker and got us off in about half an hour each, sucking Kenny and then me. I liked getting blowjobs almost as much as fucking ass because some of the chasers have sores, etc. in their mouths that can allow passage of the deadly virus into their systems. After Calvin swallowed my cum he drank more of our piss and kissed our cocks and balls as he had after we fucked his ass. He gushed about our studmanship, admitting he was so queer he had cummed from getting fucked by us masculine studs. We put the rimchair away, got dressed and checked out. We men went to another bar to hoist a couple of celebratory beers while Calvin went his way. I saw Calvin a couple of weeks later. He wasnt feeling up to par and sure enough a couple more weeks after that he was suffering from the "AIDS flu" courtesy of my buddy and me. Needless to say my dick got hard knowing he was suffering from the fuckings we men had put to his nice young ass. I told Kenny and we had a beer to celebrate our latest pozzing success. Kenny and I discussed the times we had really great feeling orgasms. The times included the first good blowjobs where the cocksuckers swallowed, the first ass we fucked, the first anal cherries we popped including how powerful we felt having pure pleasure fucking them while they suffered pain from our dicks happily thrusting in their virgin holes, the first time we pozzed a neg hole and the times we broke in an anal cherry and pozzed it at the same time. We both noticed that fucking asses that were already poz didnt give us the high we felt pozzing neg asses and that pozzing an ass that had never been fucked before was the ultimate feel-good sex-thrill, giving us the best-feeling most intense orgasms when we pumped our viral-loaded sperms into the sore virgin holes while they endured pain and misery and would suffer for the rest of their lives for our ultimate sexual pleasure.
  25. Hello pigs of London! I'll be visiting London for my first time July 15-20 during the Recon Fetish Week London. I figured a city full of horny, piggy men would be the perfect time for a fist visit. I'm traveling solo and on the look out for making some new connections and having sweaty, piggy fun with some of the locals for visitors. I'll be in a hotel near Leicester Square. Preference for friendly, hairy, piggy men. Me: 46 yrs old, 178cm tall and 84kg. I'll have some leather with me and it would be great to swap cum with all of you but in the downtime between piggy sexual encounters, meeting for a drink at the bars would be great too. Swapping loads, my tongue in a sweaty armpit, leather, poppers, 1-1, groups, fucking cum loaded/leaking holes....all a good time! If any of that sounds interesting to you, send me a message!

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