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    • By login
      I was looking through nearby guys on grinder this morning. I didn't really expect to find anyone, it's not the busiest time really, when this old guy hit me up. I'm not into older dudes, and he was not really a hot daddy, but he was fine. Definitely hitting gym for time to time. And I didn't have a sex for a while because of the lockdown. He offered to fuck me so dominantly I just couldn't say no.
      I gave him my address and in half an hour he was at my door. He looked a bit thinner than the picture, but his smell got me crazy horny. It was quite hot outside and he seemed to sweat a lot. I started sucking him right there, smelling his sweaty bush. He got hard right away and turned out to be quite hung with heavy low hanging nuts. But he didn't really care for blowjob much, so we proceeded to the bedroom. He asked me if I had condoms and when I said I didn't he gladly agreed to fuck we raw. He warned me that he never pulls out, but at that moment there was nothing I wanted more then his heavy load up my butt.
      I had lube and poppers on the bed next to us, but he just spit on his cock and started pushing in. Good thing I lubed and stretched myself beforehand, because he didn't care much. He told me he had not cum for a week and that had a huge load for me. He quickly picked up the pace, going all the way in, so I could feel his sweaty low hanging balls slapping against my ass with each stroke. He got pretty rough, climbing on top of me and slamming me into the bed. His sweat was dripping on me. His eyes were closed. I really felt like I was nothing more then a piece of meat for him. He didn't care to look at me, he just wanted a release. Surprisingly he lasted at least ten minutes, before he made a quiet grunt, slammed as deeply as he could and then his whole body shuddered as he sent rope after rope of his old man seed into my guts. For a while he just laid on top of me catching breath. Then he pulled out, cleaned up his cock with my t-shirt, got dressed and was gone. He didn't care that I didn't cum, he didn't even said anything.
      I went to a mirror to look at my gaping hole. It was red and now that I stood up, cum started leaking out of it. It tasted bitter. I got my dildo and started playing with it, pushing cum out and then back in. Those big old nuts really left a huge load, so my hole was very slippery. I made few deep hits of poppers. The idea that some strange old guy left huge load in me quickly sent me over the edge and I was cumming so hard I almost passed out. The next thing I knew I was laying on a floor covered in my own cum, with dildo jammed up my ass and a puddle of cum forming under it.
      I never seen this guy before, but I sure hope we can meet again sometime.
    • By Fantasieshelpme
      I'm in Pennsylvania New Castle Pa. Looking for a fun who enjoys getting messed up messing around. Have fantasies. Hit me up
    • By freshxtop5
      Curious on some stories of people doing random hookups while out on the job. I drive around for work so it would interesting to hear some. 
    • By AsiaCuck
      Thanks for reading this post as it is simply my getting my plan off of my chest and into the open forum. I am going to get a prescription next month and after I give it whatever time it needs to become effective, I am finally going to find a man to fuck me, I will suck him, he can piss on me, etc. I’m really excited and will keep you all updated.  Thanks 
    • By GSnowBunny
      Young, short frame bottom looking for a sane top for some fun or more.
      Like normal stuff (suck, kiss, fuck) but am also open to trying most things.
      Can take a cock well and have been improving my deepthroat skills.
      Have a nice butt (or so been told). Have pics and vids!
      Let's have a chat!
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