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  1. I am looking for a Top, dominant preferably but not necessary to take my anal virginity. Like the post says I'm not picky or hung up on looks. I couldn't care less what you look like. We won't be dating. Just fucking. If I had to say I had a preference I would say I prefer black dick but not a disqualifer but would love to give this ass to a black man as I believe black men are Kings and us white people should be subservient. You must host. No games or bullshit let's do this. Bareback is a must.
  2. Several years ago I talked with a young man living in Uptown. He had recently been POZZED. He felt lonely. He wanted to share his toxic seed with me. He wanted some enhancements. If you are around get back to me.
  3. Two Mormon Boys

    Part 1: Ryan and the Scally Lads "Are you sure you want to do this?" Jared asked, absentmindedly brushing his blond hair out of his face. "Yes. Definitely.” Ryan tried to not roll his eyes. “Come on... aren't you even a little bit curious?" Jared looked at the the building in front of them. They were in a part of Manchester he hadn’t been to before. It was dark, and the object of their interest was in the basement of an old building that hadn’t served its original purpose (probably some kind of industrial space) in decades. There was a sign but the name was generic enough that neither he nor Ryan would have known what it was — a gay “sauna” — except for the ad they had seen in a magazine in one of the bars on Canal Street. "No. I've got a pretty good idea what goes on in there. Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I have to be a slag. Don't you want to save yourself for someone special?" Ryan knew exactly who that "special" person for him was in Jared's mind: Jared. He and his friend were both Mormon, had been raised in the same ward (congregation), and — around the time they hit puberty — had felt drawn together. For Ryan, it was simply because they had something in common... they were both gay in a church that didn't look on that very favourably. For Jared, it was more. He believed they were "destined" to be together. Ryan had tried to let his friend down easy. Jared just wasn't his type. Even now when they had been bar hopping on Canal Street, Jared dressed like he was on a church outing. He wouldn't even drink alcohol. With his thin and hairless body he was the picture of a typical twink. He was cute but didn’t do anything for Ryan sexually. Ryan had always been attracted to rougher guys. Council estate lads who would shock his middle class Tory parents back home in Essex (if he ever told them he was gay). Crass, tough, and a bit scary. That's what got him hard. But, no matter what Ryan did or said, Jared didn't want to hear it. "I stopped believing in soulmates around the same time that I stopped calling myself a Mormon.". Ryan said. It wasn’t the first time he had said that (or something similar) to Jared but his friend still looked hurt at his words. "I'm going in. You coming?" "No. I don't think so. I'll wait for you over on Canal Street for awhile... in case you change your mind." "I won't." "Just... just be careful. Ok? Be safe. I've heard guys don't always wear condoms in places like this." It was good advice, Ryan decided. He didn't want to get sick. He was on the rowing team for the university and knew his tight body was his best feature. Well... tight body, dark hair, blue eyes... and a butt to die for. He had not yet done anything other than sucking a cock or getting sucked... but he had watched enough porn to know that he was a bottom. Which was, of course, another reason he knew there was no future for him and Jared... what were two bottoms supposed to do together? But no. He had not yet surrendered his ass. Tonight, however, he was determined to change that. Tonight, he would lose his virginity. "I’ll be safe. And thanks." He gave Jared a friendly hug, walked down the steps, and into the building. Jared waited where he stood for a couple minutes, ignoring the leering look some drunk gave him, before turning around and walking back to Canal Street and the bars. Inside, Ryan paid his admission and passed through a turnstile. He wasn’t sure what to expect... but the somewhat generic locker room wasn’t it. Still, he guessed it made sense. He knew guys walked around with nothing on but a towel ... so they needed to secure their clothes somewhere. He was pleased when he saw a couple other guys checking him out as he got undressed. They weren't his type ... but it made him hopeful he wouldn’t just be ignored. He wrapped the towel he had been given around his waist and set off to explore. Despite his bravado with Jared, and his sincere desire to have "real sex", he was nervous. How would he know a guy was interested? How would they know he wanted to get fucked? Should he tell them he was a virgin? He started with a walkthrough of the bathhouse to see what it was like... and to give himself time to calm down. There was a jacuzzi and a steam room, then showers, then a TV room. Steps led down to a short tunnel and then back up to several areas with different types of booths. Then another tunnel that led back over to the entrance from the locker room. Then, as he was turning a corner, he ran face first into a man coming in from the lockers. The man smelled like he had been working hard all day and hadn’t showered before coming to the sauna. Not dirty, just a little sweaty. He was about Ryan's age — maybe a year or two older. About 6 feet tall and lean. He had close cropped ginger hair and a nose that looked like it had been broken sometime. There was a tattoo on his hip but the towel covered almost all it it so it wasn’t clear what it was. Not a “pretty boy”... but incredibly sexy in Ryan's eyes. Ryan's dick was hard instantly. "Oi! Watch where you going, boy." "I'm so sorry. My fault. I wasn’t looking where i was going.". Ryan stammered. Two other men stepped out of the locker room, glancing at Ryan before turning to the man he had run into. "What's all this noise, you ginger cunt?" It was more banter than an actual insult. The man who spoke had 'dirty blond' hair and blue eyes. Unlike every other man Ryan had seen so far, he was wearing a pair of shiny black trackies instead of a towel and expensive looking trainers on his feet. His upper body, however, was bare. He wasn’t fat, not even remotely, but he had just a hint of a belly. Still muscled though. Just the kind of muscles you get from hard work not working out. The ginger man sneered at his two friends. "This little bitch ran into me. I think he wanted to see what a real man feels like." Ryan blushed and tried to stammer out another apology. "I think you're onto something there Scotty. Look how hard his little dick is." Ryan didn’t think his dick was "little" (it was about 5 1/2 inches) but he was hard as a rock. "Yeah. What fag boi wouldn’t be hard at the thought of this?" Scotty groped himself through the towel. Fuck! He was hung. Ryan couldn't take his eyes off what looked to be eight inches... and not yet fully hard. He just stood and stared. "You know what we have here lads?" The third man spoke for the first time. He was a bit shorter than the other two, maybe 5’ 10”, but was the most muscular of them. His hair was dark like Ryan's but his eyes were brown. "I think you've found a virgin." The ginger smiled and seemed, suddenly, to be friendly. He put his arm around Ryan's shoulder.. Ryan couldn’t stop himself from inhaling a deep breath of the man's musk and sweat. He smelled soooo good. "Is that true, boi? Are you hiding a cherry under that towel?" "Well... kinda. I mean I've sucked a guy off before." "Thats just foreplay." The guy in the trackies laughed. "If you've never had a dick in your ass, you're a virgin." Unsure what to say, Ryan just nodded. "That's shameful!". The ginger man said with mock seriousness. "I can't believe some guy hasn't claimed that prize yet. A fine piece of ass like you.” He turned to his friends and winked. “I think we should help him out lads." The other two nodded and agreed. Not even trying to hide their smiles. "You want that, boi? You want me to fix that ‘cherry problem’ of yours?" Ryan looked at the three studs who now had circled him. Like sharks. Hungry sharks. Hungry — and very sexy — sharks. He took another whiff of the ginger man’s musk... he smelled like walking sex. A wet dream come true. "Please...?" was the only word he could form. "Good boi.". The third man, the muscular one with dark hair, smiled. "I'm Troy. This... " he gestured vaguely at the guy in track pants. "... is Connor. And you probably figured out that this ginger fucker’s name is Scotty." "I'm ... I'm Ryan." He couldn’t believe his luck at meeting up with these three chavs. Or scallies as they called them here in Manchester. "Where you from, Ryan?". Connor asked as the three lads led him deep into the sauna... back to one of the areas with booths he had walked by earlier. "Essex." "Oh. We've got a posh boi here lads. Best be on good behaviour." "No. No. Really... just be yourselves. I ... um... I like it." "Just yanking your chain, boi. Relax. You here at Uni then?" Ryan nodded, delighted as they seemed to ease him into their little group. "I never had much use for school myself.” Connor said. “Too many bullshit rules.” "Enough chatter.” Scotty interrupted. “The only thing Ryan here needs to worry about right now is my popping his cherry and setting him free." Ryan blushed but his cock strained even harder under his towel. Troy opened a booth door and gestured for Ryan to enter. The booth was filled wall to wall with a large mattress (if that was the right word.... more of a big cushion or pad) which was elevated enough that they had to climb in. It was large but still a little cramped when the four of them were all in and the door closed. It hadn’t occurred to Ryan until that moment that there would be witnesses to his deflowering. He wasn't entirely comfortable with the thought but didn’t want to look like a pussy in front of these guys and ruin his chance. Troy surprised him by pulling him in for a kiss. His mouth tasted of cigarettes and beer. Ryan wasn’t crazy about smoking ... but was too turned on to care. Troy lay down to the mattress, pulling Ryan down on top of him... which served to raise his ass up a bit. Scotty pulled the university student's towel off. The ginger man leaned over on top of Ryan so he could whisper in his ear. "You've got a lovely arse here, Ry. I'm gonna love WRECKING it." Ryan looked up nervously. "Ignore him. He just likes messing with you." Connor assured him. "But... well... he IS big. Especially for your first time. I do have something that can help though..." He pulled out a small brown bottle from a pocket on his trackies. "I don’t think I want to do any drugs..." "Oh its not like that. Just poppers. They just help you relax." "I'm not sure..." "Connor is right.". Troy said beneath him. "They really will help. Just give them a quick try. If you don't like them, no harm done... right?" Ryan nodded reluctantly. He reached for the bottle but Connor shook his head. "You’d better let me hold them. The last thing you want to do is spill them down your nose. Here, just take a big sniff..." A moment later and Ryan felt warm. Like he was blushing. And then just a little woozy. But he barely noticed as Scotty buried his face in his crack and started licking his hole. "Oh. My. Fuck!". Ryan moaned. The bottle was back under his nose. "Sniff." Connor said. Ryan didn't argue. ---- Jared looked out the window of the bar. He didn't really expect Ryan to give up or come to his senses so quickly, but he hoped he would. They were perfect for each other. It was so obvious to him. He couldn't understand why Ryan didn't see it. He hoped that, by letting Ryan "sow his wild oats", he would get this nonsense out of his system and be ready to settle down as boyfriends. He took another sip of his diet cola and decided to give Ryan a bit longer to come find him. ---- Ryan was in heaven. Scotty’s tongue, and the occasional finger, was still buried in his ass and Troy’s lips were still locked with his. The poppers had left him so horny he could scream. Connor lifted his head up. “I’m feeling left out, Essex boy. Why don’t you use your mouth on this?” He pulled his trackies down with one hand, just far enough to free his dick, and with the other hand pulled Ryan’s face into his crotch. Ryan opened his mouth and swallowed the cock. It wasn’t quite as long or thick as Scotty’s but it was still the biggest he had ever had in his mouth. He couldn’t help but gag a bit. Troy had the poppers now and placed them next to his nose. “Sniff, Ryan.” Ryan obeyed. Scotty had gotten a bit more aggressive with his fingers now... but the poppers helped him handle that as well. Troy had told him that Scotty needed to stretch his hole so he could enjoy his first fuck more. Ryan just wished the ginger was more careful with his fingernails... he was feeling a bit scraped up. Then... the tongue and fingers were withdrawn. “You ready? You ready for me to pop that cherry and make you the slut you were born to be?” Ryan pulled his mouth off of Connor’s cock but Troy held him tightly enough from below that he couldn’t really turn around to look at Scotty. “Fuck me!” “Bossy little bitch, aren’t ya.” Scotty sneered. He started running his cock up and down along Ryan’s ass. “Um. You’re going to use a condom, right?” Ryan pointed to the container on the wall that held condoms and lube. “Of course, boy. The lads and I always play safe.” Ryan couldn’t tell if Scotty was being sarcastic or if that was just the way he always talked. “You shouldn’t use those condoms though.” Troy told him. “There are guys who will tamper with them. We always bring our own...so we know what condition they are in.” “Oh cool. Thank you guys.” Ryan still couldn’t turn around but he could hear the condom being opened and rolled on Scotty’s cock. “Here. Give me your hand.” Scotty ordered. Ryan reached his hand back and Scotty placed his fingers around the big — no, massive — cock that was about to penetrate him. He could feel the johnny firmly in place. He felt some cold gel applied to his hole and pushed in with a couple fingers. There was a slight tingling sensation. “Lube with a numbing effect.” Scotty told him. “Will make your first time easier.” Ryan smiled nervously. “I’m really glad my first time is with you. You making this so perfect. Thank you.” “No worries.” Connor replied. “Maybe a boy like you knows, deep down, that he needs what we have to give him.” Ryan didn’t understand but didn’t have time to think about it as he felt the invader pressing against his hole. Scotty slapped his ass. “Don’t tighten up.” “Just relax and push down on his cock.” Troy said below him. “Better fill his mouth with that dick of yours, Connor.” Scott ordered. “I think he’s going to be a loud one.” Ryan didn’t resist as Connor’s cock filled his mouth again. And he tried to push back as Troy had suggested. But it hurt. Oh fuck! It hurt. Troy held the poppers under his nose again. He sniffed deep. Scotty slapped his ass again. Harder. Much harder. Startling him. But, apparently, it was enough to make his hole spasm open... as he found Scotty had managed to push the thick head of his uncut cock in. It felt like someone had shoved a cricket bat up his ass. He tried to cry out... but with Connor’s dick in his mouth it just sounded like moans. “Oh, fuck yeah.” Scotty grunted. “Your cherry will always be mine.” “You’re doing good.” Troy assured him. “Now push back and let him get more inside.” Ryan’s eyes were watering with the pain but he did as instructed. He had done it. He had a cock in his ass. And now, despite the pain, he wanted more. Scotty was not patient but it still took several minutes before that big cock bottomed out inside him. Before he finally felt Scotty’s heavy balls slapping his ass. Scotty slowly pulled back until just the head was inside. Then back again balls deep. Out. And in. After a few minutes of this action, Scotty pulled all the way out. Ryan could feel Scotty’s hands behind him, doing something. He had a moment of panic... was Scotty taking the condom off? He reached back but could still feel the condom there. “Don’t worry, slut. The condom was just sliding a bit... so I’m pulling it on me tighter. “ And then the cock was back in. Thrusting in. And sliding out. A few minutes later and Scotty pulled out again. He rubbed some more lube in Ryan’s hole. Connor leaned over Ryan, looking at his friend’s cock with a smile. “You’d better pull the condom REALLY tight. Make sure it stays on.” Ryan could feel Scotty’s hands stretching the condom tight behind him. After a moment Scotty groaned slightly. “Fuck yeah. Just like that.” Connor said with a smile. As the cock went in, Ryan decided the extra lube was really helping. This felt amazing. Better than it had just a moment or two earlier. Still, he reached back, trying to be subtle. The cock was deep in his hole but he could still feel the base of the condom so he breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m starting to think you don’t trust me, boi.” “I’m sorry, I’m just nervous.” “Shhh.” Connor said. “Just get that mouth back on my cock.” Ryan did but couldn’t really focus on it. Connor, however, seemed content to just let it sit there for now. Scotty’s thrusts were getting stronger. More erratic. The cock seeming to swell up even more inside him. Every man knows what that means. Instinctively, Ryan started pushing back harder. Into the fuck. And was rewarded. “Yeah. You’re pushing me over the edge! Here it cums, you slut.” Scotty kept thrusting as he came before finally collapsing on Ryan’s back. His breath escaping in ragged bursts. After a few moments he pulled himself out of the hole and sat up. Connor withdrew his cock from Ryan’s mouth and Troy released his hold, allowing the student to sit up slightly and look around. Scotty had already wrapped his towel around his waist and was throwing the used condom in a small trash can in the corner. Ryan could just see the tip of the tattoo under the towel and again wondered what it was. Scotty smirked. “Looks like I may have used too much lube. It’s dripping out of you.” Connor moved behind him. “Yeah, man. That is a lot of ‘lube’. It would be a shame to let that go to waste.” He started rubbing his cock against Ryan’s hole. It took the student a moment to realise what Connor wanted. “Um. I don’t know. I’m a little sore.” “Oh come on.” Troy frowned. “We’ve helped you lose your cherry. Surely you wouldn’t hold out on us, would you? Besides, neither of our cocks is as big as what you’ve already taken. You’ll be fine.” “You both want to fuck me?” “Well not at the same time. I don’t think you’re ready for that. Yet.” Troy winked up at him. Ryan had to admit the cock rubbing against his hole was feeling good. “You have more condoms, right?” “Oh, yeah. Lots more. Just like the last one.” “Let’s do it.” Ryan thought Connor’s grunt as he slipped into his no-longer-virgin ass was the most beautiful thing he had ever heard. Connor’s style was so different than Scotty’s had been. Where Scotty had thrust deliberately in and out, Connor’s were more like a rabbit fuck. Short but very fast thrusts. He didn’t want to insult the guys again, so he didn’t let himself reach around to feel for the condom. He had heard Connor opening it and say he had put it on. Why would he lie? Meanwhile, Troy kept kissing him, rubbing his nipples and dick, and giving him the poppers. Scotty was sitting in the corner watching them all while playing with his now soft cock. Connor reached the point of no return much quicker than Scotty had. “Fuck yeah. You little slut. Your fucking tight hole is going make me shoot.” Ryan realised he liked when they talked dirty to him. It was like he was in one of the pornos he watched online. “Yeah. Do it. Fuck me like a slut.” “Damn. That was so fucking hot to watch.” Scotty said a couple minutes later as Connor pulled out of Ryan. “Yeah, you dirty fucker.” Connor bantered with the redhead. “I know you get off on watching me fuck. You just wish it was your ass I was pegging.” “In your dreams.” Scotty sneered. “Looks like I used too much lube as well. Look at it flowing out of him now.” It was strange, Ryan couldn’t remember Connor adding more lube. He didn’t worry too much about it though. It was Troy’s turn. Troy’s style was completely different from the other two fucks. If Ryan had to describe it, he would say it was gentle. Almost romantic. It took Troy much longer to cum that the first two but he did eventually collapse on Ryan’s back after his cock spasmed deep inside him. “Damn.” He said as he pulled out. “It looks like we all used a little much ‘lube’. Your hole is a mess. Looks like you might have bled a little as well.” Ryan sat up and felt his ass. “Really?” “Don’t worry, it sometimes happens. Especially your first time. It will heal up in a day or two. Nothing to worry about.” Ryan nodded. His ass really was a mess. Whatever lube they had used was running out of his (now far less tight) hole and down his ballsack. “That was fun, slut.” Scotty said. “Welcome to the club.” “The club?” “Yeah. The former virgin club I mean.” Scotty sneered at him. It was a bit scary. But very sexy. “I doubt this will be the last time you get fucked. Will it?” “No. I liked it. I really liked it.” “Fuck yeah you did.” Connor added, pulling his trackies up. “You’ve worn the three of us out.” He opened the door. There were a few men outside listening to the action who looked in the opening door. Their hungry looks made Ryan blush. “Hope to catch you soon for a repeat.” Troy smiled. “We need to make sure that hole is well and truly broken in.” After they left, Ryan pulled the door closed but there was no latch. He should go, he told himself. If he knew Jared, he was still in a bar waiting for him. But he was so drained. He needed to rest for a few minutes first. He flipped the light switch off, laid down on his belly (his butthole was pretty sore now), and closed his eyes. Just for a minute he told himself... right before he fell asleep. He woke with a start as he felt someone move on top of him. “What the fu...” “Shhh, boy.” A stranger’s voice said to him. “I saw you in here with your juicy ass in the air and I could see what you want.” A hard cock pressed against his hole. He was so sore... but it felt so good. He pushed back and let it enter him. The stranger didn’t feel very fit or toned but, in the darkness, Ryan could ignore that. The stranger used him hard. Both of them grunting in exertion, thrusting together. Until the stranger came and pulled out. “Thanks.” Was all the stranger said as he got off Ryan and climbed out of the booth. In the light from the corridor, Ryan had saw him for the first time. The stranger looked to be about 60 with a flabby belly and a saggy ass. That was the moment he realised that had never seen the stranger put on, or take off, a condom. Had the old man just fucked him bare? Ryan was ashamed. He felt... dirty. Truly slutty. And not in a good way. He hurried out of the booth himself. He didn’t even stop to shower on the way to the lockers. Five minutes later he was out the door and back on the street. He didn’t think he could face Jared right now. He headed home telling himself he would talk to his friend tomorrow. He hurried into his apartment and to the toilet. Trying to push out anything inside him. But he didn’t see anything but more lube like Scotty, Connor, and Troy left behind. He breathed a sigh of relief. His phone rang. Jared. Not tonight he decided. He would talk to Jared tomorrow. He turned his phone off and took a shower. —— It was past closing time. Jared shivered in the cold night air outside the bars as he slipped his phone back in his pocket. He never should have let Ryan go into that place. He had been gone for hours and now wasn’t answering his phone. There was only one thing to do. He would have to go in and find his friend and get him out of there. NEXT: Jared and the jock
  4. A pulse of lightly scented steam rose shrouding me deeper in a mythical mist as droplets of sweat ran from my neck down my torso, I placed the palm of my hands on my young smooth chest and rubbed it in. In the distance shuffling could be heard which told me I was not alone in the steam room but the dense mist made it impossible to make anything out. I had just turned 18, and had decided as a present to myself I would venture in to my first gay sauna and my first man-on-man gay experience. Don't get me wrong. I had done my fair share of masturbating to online gay porn, and it was while searching the internet for additional sex outlets that I first encountered an advertisement for the bathhouse in which I found myself. I had had to dig deep to find the courage to concoct a convincing web of deception to convince my conservative family I would celebrate my 18th with my friends, so I would be occupied all Saturday afternoon and that evening as well. Meanwhile, I googled the bathhouse for reviews and saw some comments such as 'Guaranteed to get your ass pounded here!' and 'Full of horny fit guys in their 20's and 30's', 'Way to many tops and not enough bottoms to knock up for real', and another which read 'Notorious breeding ground'. Hindsight would have been a great thing at the time but when sensibility and the mix of adrenaline and lust clash, sensibility has no chance of winning out, and so it was with me. On the designated Saturday I left the house in mid-morning, when to the barber where I asked him to cut my hair back to a number 1, and by mid afternoon I arrived outside the bathhouse. Walking in to the small reception room I paid, got my locker key and towel, and was directed to the changing rooms just past the bar lounge. The clerk also mentioned the sauna and steam rooms were on the lower floor. As I walked through the bar lounge I noticed three men who, I assumed, were taking a break. Each gave me a furtive glance. Stepping into the locker room, I quickly changed, and then returned my locker key to the admission clerk, and then headed directly downstairs. Another wave of steam hit me as I began to really enjoy this and the thought of sex had long since diminished, I hear more shuffling a blast of cool air which was a sign that the door had been opened. I could just make out the shape of a couple of bodies, one of which was seated on the bench next to me on my left, the other to my right. Each was far enough away I was unable to get more than a vague impression. I also recall being quite struck me by the quiet. Apart from the hissing of the steam vent there was very little sound. Still, the proximity of the two men brought me back to reality and the real reason I had come to the bathhouse. Then another cool blast of air announced someone had entered the steam room. The vague outlines of various men moved in and out of my limited field of vision, each man's shape shrouded by the dense mist. A hand appeared and ran down my chest and his shape became clearly visible as he moved closer to me noticing the a well defined arm with a tattoo sleeve gave me the most incredible erection. What do I do? Should I return the stroke, or perhaps kiss him? I had no idea how this was suppose to play out. Fortunately the man was far more knowledgeable than I, and wordlessly taught me the etiquette of a steam room. His hand moved to my shoulder, then neck, drawing my head in his direction. His body and face loomed in my line of vision, the striking chiseled features of his face moved ever closer as he leaded in to my mouth, a kiss landing on my lips, which were closed. Still, suspecting my niavete, his tongue moved about my mouth, his saliva moistening my lips as his tongue slid between my lips. My lips were receptive to his advance, and my mouth partially opened only for his lips to lock against mine as his warm tongue explored mine. After 30 or so seconds of this intimacy, he pulled away, although a dribble of his saliva still connected our mouths. A smile crossed his handsome face as, having given me a warm look, he dove back in with increased intensity, his right arm, which was wrapped behind my neck, pulled me closer as his left hand grabbed my right hip, gesturing for me to straddle his lap. Obliging his direction, I positioned myself over his crotch, and in descending, my ass encountered his erection, which was rock hard, and difficult to control as it settled nestled between my ass cheeks. Still, sitting face to face with one arm now holding me steady on his lap I felt his other hand caressing my buttocks then pulling as he slipped his hand to my hole he began gently rubbing at first. Gradually one probing finger coaxed its way into my hole. Eyes wide with startlement, I tried to protest but his mouth was still locked against mine and, as the pained eased off, I clasped him about his neck and responded to his kissing as simultaneously his finger explored my hole. He pulled his finger out quickly causing my body to tense his hand rubbed my back causing a pool of sweat that he guided to my ass and rubbed it in to my hole this time with two fingers causing my back to arch slightly. In vain I attempted to moderate his activity by gripping his arms, but his sweat made it impossible so I resumed my clasp around his neck. I must admit, moreover, by this time, my mouth now completely invaded by his tongue, and feeling lightheaded from the heat and steam, I neither wanted to, nor realistically could break free from him. Every now and then the man tightened the bicep of the arm which was holding my back, which gave me a comfort of feeling controlled. I was clearly in the grasp of a very experienced man who understood positive and negative reinforcement as sporadically he would withdraw this fingers from my ass, which left me feeling an immense sensation of release, but which also left me yearning for that moment he would slid his fingers back into my ass. In one such cycle the man broke off our kiss, and, spitting into his hand, we resumed our kiss as his hand moved slightly further down my back. Almost involuntarily I felt my body rising slightly only for a searing pain to shoot through my body. Naturally I wriggled to escape it the shocking pain, but the man clamped his arm firmly behind my back, preventing me from forcing a withdraw. Breaking off the kiss, I buried my face in his neck and groaned loudly. I knew his cock head had penetrated my ass: my virginity and body were forever parting company. The man reached behind my neck with his free arm, pushing my body downwards. By this point I was so overwhelmed with pain I was prepared to forcibly raise myself off of his cock, exclaiming a loud "NO" as he pushed my body downwards, forcing me to take more of him in to my ass. I gasped for breath - my body was being pushed further and further down on his cock, my moans and cries had brought other guys closer as they watched the transformation of a virgin. Tears mingled with the sweat as I came to rest on his lap, his cock now fully immersed in my arse. Almost immediately the pain began ebbing and was being replaced by a gentle internal caressing sensation, a sensation I was not keen on ending. My ass still felt as if to be on fire, but still I didn't want to stop. Raising my face to his, my lips greeted his mouth we resumed a now incredibly sensual kiss. My ass was also now responding to its own desires, rocking to and fro with small rise and fall movements which continued for what seemed like an eternity, the pain now replaced by intense pleasure. The sudden tight locking of his arms around my body forced me to expel what air I had in my lungs in to his mouth as he sounded a loud grunt directly into my mouth. Simultaneously his cock further hardened, swelled, and went rigid as a torrent of warmth flowed into my arse, the first wave of his ejaculation now planted seed deep inside me. I tried to catch a breath but his grip was so tight I couldn't pull air in to my lungs and in rapid succession of pulses stream after stream of his seed flowed in to my body. My head collapsed against his neck as I strove to catch my breath, but the man's grip was so tight around my body I could only manage short pants. In the aftermath of his orgasm, his cock twitched in my arse, the last drops of cum oozing into my hole, as ever so slowly the man released his grip, leaving me to find I had also shot my load - without even realising as much. His mouth sought mine and we kissed deeply as I remained impaled by his large still erect cock buried deep. Bodies appeared next to us, wandering hands sought to explore, only to be quickly pushed away by my maker. He was adamant. He alone would play with me. He alone would be inside my body. Slowly the gathering crowd moved away, still optimistically lurking in the dense mist, awaiting the master to release me, his prey. We broke from our kiss and he pulled me in to his neck and locked his arms around me securely. Involuntarily I winced as pain ran through my arse: again he was pushing his hips upwards, clearly indicating he was ready for another round, so I clasped my hands behind his neck and shoulders and resumed an up/down movement. My ass might have been sore, if not completely in fire with pain, but I knew trying to stop would be futile now, especially as he had now begun his second assault on my young body. I was a quick learner. Without hesitation my head moved to his and we engaged in another sensual kiss as my ass rocked faster as his manhood continuously speared my hole. Sweat was running down both of our bodies making if difficult for us to keep hold of each other. The man thrust up, perfectly meeting my downward motion. Each time I hit bottom I moaned loudly into his mouth. He broke the kiss, looked me in the eyes, his arms tightened again around my back. I knew full well what was coming. I found myself staring deep into his eyes as he moved in for the kill. Sharply tightening his grip, the air escaped my lungs as my back tried to arch away. My chest was being crushed against his. I couldn't expand my chest to draw a complete (and badly needed ) breath. My arse was forced down harder on his cock. Letting out a low long moan, the man's cock twitched as his pushed his hips up getting as deep as could and began releasing the first of five waves of his seed firing deep in to my ass. I collapsed against his body whilst he held me tight. Finally I could at last get air back in to my lungs and, shaking off the grogginess from lack of oxygen, I panted heavily against his neck. I might have felt violated and destroyed by this man but I was also overcome with lust and desire for his sex. My senses gradually came around. I knew my body had taken enough. Again kissing the man on his lips, I slowly lifted my ass off his cock, in the process emitting a slight cry of discomfort. I didn't anticipate the withdraw of his cock would be as challenging as its entrance. The man released his grip from around my back and I got to my feet, but as I was visibly unsteady, the man stood with me, escorting me out of the steam room and into the showers where he stood next to me, stroking my back as the cool water poured over my head and body, greatly refreshing me. The man, by this time, had taken the adjoining shower head as he also wanted a clean-up. This was the first time I had the opportunity to get a clear, unimpeded view of the man. He was about six feet in height, heavily tattooed, easily in his late 20's with a beautifully muscled arms, defined torso and strong legs. Still no word spoken between us he caught me looking at him so he cupped my face and gave me deep french kiss. I placed the towel around my waist and sat down on a nearby bench to relax, and I must have dozed a minute or so, for when I opened my eyes, I saw the man was gone. A couple of men walked through the corridor, obviously assessing the situation but I decided to head home so I went upstairs, retrieved my key, and entered the locker room where I saw only one guy was delving into his locker. I opened my locker and looked-up just as the other man in the locker room moved in my field of vision, revealing his back and the tattoos which adorned his body: dead square in the middle was a biohazard tattoo and, on his left shoulder blade, a scorpion. Then turning around I came face-to-face with the man who took my virginity. He gave me a warm smile. I was not so stupid that I didn't understand the implications of the tattoos. Fear froze me to the spot: a poz guy had just shot two loads deep into my body, and his cum was still inside me. I returned his smile, stepped into the toilet, where I did my best to push his seed out, but my arse was sore and burning, and each attempt came to naught. Wiping my arse, I noticed tell tell signs of blood on the tissue. Seated on the toilet, my head in my hands, I was beside myself and angry he could do such a thing, but then again I shared the blame as I never insisted on a condom and just allowed him to fuck me. I went back to the locker room to find it completely empty. Resigned to my fate I opened the locker door to find a note which contained both a message and a mobile number. The message read "Best fuck ever. You will want more of me and when you do, call me as I really enjoyed breeding you. I'm available whenever you need me." Looking at the note I realised my cock was rock hard so I folded the note away and put it in my trouser pocket and finished changing.
  5. This is a side-project that goes along with my other story. However, it can easily be read on its own. Be warned it will have a similar set up to another story on here, but only in setting up the setup of the plot. Let me know what you think down in the comments! ---- Part 1 “That's it boy, suck on that nice piece of meat. Get it nice and wet for what’s coming!” Urged on by the hot, muscled man standing above me, I forced his cock deeper into my mouth, enjoying the feeling and taste of his dripping, uncut cock sliding around on my tongue, my own cock throbbing in anticipation. I moan as I felt him place his hand on the back of my head, urging me even deeper down on his cock. Forcing myself not to gag from its massive size, I let him slowly rape my mouth as he let out a content sigh. Soon I'd finally get what I fantasized and dreamed of. A huge cock shooting a thick load deep up my virgin ass. — It was hard to believe that that morning I was just a young, 18-year-old virgin. I knew from a young age that I was gay; girls never even blipped on my radar, and I always found myself fantasizing about some of the hotter guys in my class kissing me and feeling me up. However, I never acted on it. My family had moved to our small, midwestern town when I was in 6th grade, leaving me friendless. My former best friend was over 1000 miles away on the east coast, as well as everyone I knew growing up. I hadn’t been popular, but I was at least well-liked by nearly everyone. In my new school, I was an outcast… quiet, shy, too smart for the popular crowd and disliked because I actually enjoyed being at school. By the time I hit my senior year, I knew I wanted to be like the guys I saw in the porn I found online. A slut, taking cock from multiple guys until shooting all over myself. My only friends were a few of the nerdier, but in my opinion, much cooler girls who shared some of my same interests in different books and shows at the time. Nobody, however, knew my secret… that I wanted nothing more than to lose my virginity to a hot top. This obviously didn’t stop me from being made fun of, with being called things like fag or queer by the hotter, popular jocks in the in-crowd. Rationally, I knew it was only to get a rise out me, but a part of me always worried they knew I was what I secretly wanted to be. By the end of my senior year, I couldn’t take it any longer. I was tired of jacking off and pretending I was getting fucked by some hot, muscled guy as I fingered myself to climax in my hand, licking my hand clean to keep my secret from my thankfully more liberal parents and 5 sisters. I decided to finally lose my virginity and started to secretly hatch out a plan. Having gotten a few letters from some prospective colleges from the large city about 3 hours away, I planned to go and look at a few, staying at my distant cousin’s apartment near one of the campus. Knowing he wouldn’t care if I was there or not, I figured I could make my parents believe my half-lie. I would look at the school that week, during spring break at my school, and during the weekend I would go to a gay bathhouse I had read about in some of my lurkings online. It would be a week after 18th birthday, so I would finally be legal to enter. And maybe, just maybe, I would find someone to help me fulfill my wish of losing my “cherry.” — The week came quickly when my parents sat me down, my bag already around my shoulders and my keys to the small Honda my parent’s bought me in my hands. I had hoped to sneak out with a quick goodbye. “Buddy,” my father, still in his lab coat from work at the local hospital, “We need to have a talk.” SHIT! I thought to myself, THEY KNOW. FUCK!!! “Uh… yeah, dad?” I said, trying not to let the fear in my mind crack into my voice. My plan was ruined, I was sure of it. The tone of his voice and the look on my mother’s face said it all. “Your mother and I have talked… we know you’re a man now, but… we’re concerned. You know we love you and only want what is best and…” “Oh Robert!” my mother sighed, her thick accent coming through as she crossed her arms over her chest and rolled her eyes at my dad, “Shit or get off a pie.” “Pot… mom… it’s pot…. it’s slang for toilet…” I said, smiling slightly at her mistranslation. Thirty years and she STILL got idioms wrong. I was beginning to think it may be intentional. “I like mine better,” she huffed before continuing, before glaring at my father, “We know you are going to college soon. Tell him.” Pulling a pile of condoms and a handful of pamphlet out of his coat, he held them out to me. “You need protection. We know things happen at colleges… and we don’t want you coming back and trapped with a baby on the way with some girl, or something like HPV or herpes…” my dad blurted out, rubbing his hand on his coat as he sat back on the couch. “Uh….” was my only reply. I felt my cheeks start to burn. My parents thought I was going to get some girl pregnant. “Just take them and be careful. And have fun. We love you very much,” my mom replied with a slight nod. “And don’t trust a girl just because she is on the pill. She could be on an antibiotic, or could be asymptomatic or…” my dad replied, refusing to meet my eyes as he blurted out everything. “Thanks… I guess…” I said slowly, grabbing them with a slight grimace, “You guys know…. I learned about most of this from health class… right…? And I really am just going to check out a few schools. I’ll call and everything if you want…” “Just go have fun my little zaychik. Call when you get there so I know you are okay,” my mom replied, shooing me away. — 3 hours later, and thankfully over a hundred miles from my family, I sat my bag down in the small living room of my cousin’s apartment, glad he was willing to let me stay there while he and his friends went to spring break somewhere out east. It’s Friday night, and I’m ready to finally get down to business. Pulling out a tight pair of jeans I had outgrown the previous year, and a similarly fitting t-shirt, I changed quickly and looked up the directions and information I had written earlier and made my way to the bar where the bathhouse was located. Arriving, I quickly made my way to where the entrance was at the back and walked up to the small window, much like the ones I had seen in movies that they had at a seedy motel. I rang the bell and out from the back room came one of the hottest guys I had ever seen. Easily over 6ft, he had piercing grey eyes, long thick blonde hair, and a large piercing in his nose. He was wearing a tight-fitting wife beater that nearly covered his well-muscled chest and abs, and black leather pants that clung to his body, leaving nothing to the imagination. My eyes were quickly drawn to his pert ass and large bulge. A heavy five’o’clock shadow covered his face, which reminded me of an extremely hot bad boy version of Thor for some reason. Even his voice made me melt, gravely and deep. “Can I help you, boy? The bathroom is back in the other side of the bar,“ he said, pointing back towards the bar, looking up and down my body before smiling, “Unless you see something you like?” Flustered, I blushed and shook my head. “No… um…. I’m here to… I mean….” I said, suddenly unable to form words. “Look, no offense kid, but you got to be at least 18 to even be in the bar. You gotta be… what? 15? 16 tops?” Shaking my head no, I pulled out my wallet and pulled out my ID, sliding it under the glass. “No, sir… I’m… I’m 18,” I said with a gulp, “See… my birthday was last week.” “Sir, huh? First time to the baths then, huh?” he asked, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a pack of cigarettes, deftly lighting one and blowing the smoke at the glass. “Uh, yeah… I… it’s that obvious huh?” I replied. “You’re a cute fucker. They are going to be all over you!” he said with a smile, the cigarette dangling in his mouth., “Room or locker?” “Oh… um….” I replied, realizing that I had no idea what to do. “I don’t really know which one…” “Hot piece like you will definitely get invited into a room in no time,” he said, “I’d go with a locker.” I nodded as he continued. “Normally the fee is $40 to get in, full $100 for a room, but seeing as you just had your birthday, and it’s your first time… how about $20?” he said, turning around and grabbing a towel and a key. Reaching into my wallet, I pulled out the two bills, left over from my gifts the week before. “Thanks…” “Don’t mention it. We all have our first times,” he said with a smile, “Maybe you’ll still be around later when I get off. Would like to help show you the ropes.” Smiling back, I entered the entrance, the door buzzing as he pressed a small button under the counter in front of him. — Looking around, I took in the sites, as dozens of naked men walked around, some with towels and others in various states of undress. I quickly found my locker, and with a deep breath, I quickly undressed. Throwing the towel around my now naked body, I grabbed a few condoms from my jean pocket, tucking them in between my skin and the cloth. Taking another look around, I felt like a fish out of water. 18, skinny with just a small amount of lean muscle on my frame. Black hair, blue eyes, and an average sized uncut cock were all I had to offer. And around me was every possible type of hot character from every gay porn I ever saw. There’s no way anyone would be interested in someone like me, I thought to myself as pulled the towel even closer. And that’s when I saw HIM. 6ft tall, heavily muscled, with a head full of thick brown hair. A face like a Greek statue, which sported a goatee and mustache. Nipple piercings and a thick hairy chest. And a what looked to be an uncut 10-incher with what looked to be a large PA peaking out from under the small towel that barely covered him, framed by a pair of low hanging bull balls. Tattoos all over his body. The man looked like sex walking. A bad boy who would ravage my hole if given the chance. Something straight out of the hottest porn. AND HE’S WALKING UP TO ME! I thought in a panic. I felt myself start to blush as he eyed me up and down, my cheeks burning even hotter as I saw his cock stir under the towel. “I’m Garrett.” he said, stopping in front of me and holding his hand out, “You must be new here.” “Jeez… it’s that obvious, huh?” I said, biting my lip as I stared at his hand, almost afraid. I looked around, lost. He waved his hand slightly in front of me drawing my attention back to him. “And you are?” I panicked for a second, thinking maybe I should make up a name before realizing that even if he knew my name, nobody around here would know me. Pulling up the courage, I shook his hand and replied. “Yurik… uh… nice to meet you…” I said, trying desperately to sound cool as my voice threatened to break as I suddenly started to spout a massive flow of words, “My mom is from Russia and that why I have a weird name. It’s-it’s my first time. I’ve never done this before, and I didn’t expect to actually find someone so hot to actually talk to me, especially you. Not with how I look. And… and… and I…. should really shut up now…” He let out a soft laugh as he let go of my hand before slowly rubbing his hand up and down my arm while looking at my smaller body. “Dude, calm down. You got nothing to worry about. Fucking sexy thing like you is a rare find here,” he said in a low, calm voice and his fingers traced down my chest and ran over my left nipple, causing to bead up instantly. I fought back a moan and looked up at him in silence. “Need someone to show you around? I would love nothing better than to show you around. Make all these fuckers here jealous,” he asked, his smile growing bigger as he saw what his touching me was doing. I slowly nodded and smiled nervously as his hand wrapped around my shoulder and he pulled me closer. “Mind if we stop by my locker first?” he asked as I felt him slowly reach down and grab my ass under the towel. Fuck, that feels so good, I thought to myself as he slowly ran his fingers through my crack, teasing the hair near my hole. “As long as you keep doing that!” I replied with a moan. “Oh, I plan on doing much much more…” he replied, and we started walking, drawing the attention from a few guys. We came to his locker and I stood there quietly as he grabbed his key and opened the door. Pulling out a large leather pouch from his shirt pocket, as well as a brown glass bottle. I knew instantly they were poppers, which I had read about and seen in various sites online. I wanted to try them, and it looked like I might get my chance with this walking sex god. I was however slightly shocked when he pulled out a large, black and green cigar and stuck it in his mouth. Some of the guys in my school smoked them when there were no adults around, looking somewhat goofy to me. But this man looked even hotter somehow with it firmly in his jaw. Looking at me suddenly, he stopped and pulled the stick out of his mouth. “Mind if I smoke?” he asked, looking directly at me as he waited for my reply. “Oh, uh… no, go ahead,” I said, my cock now throbbing under my towel at full hardness, my face still blazing red. With a smile, he pulled out the lighter from the same pouch and lit it. Drawing the flame to the end, he stuck the cigar back in his mouth and brought it to life, taking a deep drawn in before blowing it straight up in the air. Quickly enough he put everything back into the locker and wrapped his arm around my waist and we set off into the bathhouse.
  6. Hey fellas, I've been homeless for a few months now, and I decided to come down to NYC to get a change of scene, crash with some friends, and check out a few concerts. While I'm in town, I thought it might be cool to meet some sleazy guys and let them use me like the cheap, horny, little lowlife I am; I have never let anyone cum inside me, nor have I ever been fucked anally, but despite being straight, I'm wicked turned on by cum- I love letting a guy dump thick, hot prickpaste all over my face and in my hair, and the thought of letting men spurt load after load of scum inside my tender, unprotected holes gets me wicked horny. I'm not sure if this is allowed to post on here, but I would really be into whoring myself out- I desperately need the money, plus it's a huge turn on for me. I would also really like to try someThing, which I've been penalized for posting about outside of the "Backroom" section, but if you take a look at my profile and some of my posts, I feel it should be clear what I'm talking about. I fucking love the thought of how dirty and degenerate I'll feel, getting exploited, degraded, and turned into a nasty whore. Please message me if you're in NYC and wanna use a straight, homeless transboy, and be the first to leave my holes gaping and sloppy with loads of your seed. I'll send pics and can answer any questions you might have about me. Thanks!
  7. I am an insatiable, shameless, sex starved, sexually depraved, skinny, slutty Tranvestite with a TIGHT, VIRGIN ASS. I am an "unused" oral and anal virgin looking and wanting to go ALL THE WAY with a hot man. I am seeking a YOUNG, RANDY, SMOOTH, MUSCLED UP HUNK with a LUSH CUT COCK to offer myself to as his REGULAR pet slut ... bimbo ... bitch ... fucktoy ... fuckpuppet ... bad gurl ... dirty little whore ... with NO CONDOMS REQUIRED. I don't want romance ... I don't want roses ... I don't want endless chit chat ... I just want HARCORE SEX ... on a REGULAR BASIS. Specifically I want: to suck and gag on cock, my mouth spunked into, to swallow cum, to be spoken dirty to, to be held by the hair, to be rimmed out, my ass spat on, to be spanked, screwed, drilled, fucked, given a good spunking into, to be told I am a little slut, to feel USED, to feel like a little whore. Can travel 24/7!!!
  8. Virgins first time

    Hi I have question for all of you boys. My ass is virign and I find a nice top with huge dick who is prepared to fuck me. I would like to know how to prepared myself for 22*5cm dick. What do you suggest? He will fuck me bareback and cum in my ass. Please tell me advices. Thanks. T.
  9. Quick intro

    So this is a brief introduction to my desire since at the moment I must get ready for work. But I want to a least share my desire/fantasy for anyone to read. I am a 23 Latino, I'm a sub bottom (very little experience) with a bubble butt, cute face and a little extra meat. I say I am sub even though if only had a few sexual encounters because although I haven't done much, I do know what I like and would like to experience. Anyways I myself have had this fantasy that I wish to become real. I discovered I was a bottom when I stumbled across gay BB porn at the age of 18. Since then I have developed this intense desire to find a hung (and when I say hung I mean at least 8" or bigger) daddy type or even bro type guy to take me and make me his sub slut. Now I love cum, love to suck and swallow, get rimmed, get fucked (the right strokes make me really wet and cream!), have a sexy top be verbal and call me dirty names, to get treated like a slut, teased, kissing, body contact and usually open to more that doesn't involve pain or scat. Anyways I've always wanted to meet a hung daddy that would take me, train and mold me into his personal cumdump slut. Yes I'm sorry guys but I seek that exclusive partner that I can devote myself to and serve regularly for some good dick and some hot cum. Anyways this is a brief intro as I must head to work now. But given the chance later today I will delve further into this topic and write more.
  10. Hey guys! Please consider that this is my first erotic story ever and that English is not my native language. Have fun! Meeting my hero Part 1 I had just become matriculated at the university, when I was browsing the diverse student groups there were. One of them especially sparked my interest: A queer student group. They planned different types of events at the semester start – even before the lectures. One of them was a superhero themed meet and greet which had the purpose to convince guys to visit who had not come out yet. Actually a very nice idea, which got my attention, as I was only outed with my friends and sexually quite inexperienced, a virgin indeed. So I searched for a sexy Spider-Man costume. He's my favourite. And thinking ahead I thought that I should be mostly naked underneath, but not totally – in case of … boner. So I bought my very first jock strap. An embarrassing shopping tour. When the evening came, I was surprised how chill I was since everything was anonymous. I could just go any time without being stigmatized as a party hater forever and so on. I felt a certain freedom here. The student group had rented a local club. It was dark with flashing lights and loud. As I went inside I was greeted by an Iron Man and another Spider-Man. Oh shiiiit. The Spider-Man told me that I shouldn't be shocked. Spider-Man was apparently the costume of choice here for many. This sucked for me, but whatever. After a while of partying, as I went to get a new drink, I could feel someone putting a hand on my shoulder, saying “Hey, we should totally further the plot, Spidey.” As I turned I could see a Deadpool standing in front of me. He was slightly taller than me and the only Deadpool at this party. I, giggling: “Hey, nice hit on!” Deadpool: “Yeah, I kinda want to stay in character here. So, wanna be my Spidey?” I: “Well, uh, how come you chose me?” Deadpool: “I figured you're the hottest Spidey here, and the hottest guy as far as I can see.” He leaned to the side to take a look at my ass. “Awesome ass. The jockstrap's a bonus, honey.” I: “Oh shit, you can see that?” Deadpool: “Oh, I can see that.” His hand which so far was holding a drink in front of his crotch moved to the side. “Whereas I'm naked.” He visibly smiled through his mask as my eyes widened and I gulped. I could see the outline of a very nice cock. “So in a Deadpool-Spidey situation, you'd really be the Spidey, right?” As he said this he elegantly raised his glass and spread a finger when saying “Deadpool” and inserted it into a hole created by his index finger and thumb of his free right hand for “Spidey”. Then he added: “Ok, let me just break character a minute. I'm not usually like this, ok? But I kinda feel like being cheeky today, as a Deadpool.” I: “Yes”, I grinned. He didn't wait long to grab my arm and pull me aside to the wall. After some chatter without much meaning, as we were both done with our drinks, I licked my lips as I so often do after drinking. However, in this context I knew that I could get his attention with it. He quickly grabbed my empty glass, put it aside, put one hand at my hip, the other at the back of my head and started kissing me with passion. He was the best kisser I'd ever had, really know how to use his tongue annd I did my best to reciprocate. “Oh, I can't take it any more. Let's go, Spidey!”, he said and again impressed me with his strength by simply pulling me somewehere else. Oh, I like strong guys.
  11. Hi all, this is my first story, based on real events from last night. I hope you enjoy! The Bi Virgin It was a Friday night and I had had a pretty long week at work, leaving me exhausted and horny as hell. On my way home, I stopped at a fast food joint to grab a bite to eat and popped up Grindr to see if there were any loads around that I could take. The usual old faces filled my cascade rather quickly. However, a pic-less profile sat right next to my picture. He had listed his stats: 28, 185 lb, 5’8”, neg, looking for bigger guys. As a larger cub, this piqued my interest. I popped up his chat and just as I was about to hit send, his message popped up: Him: Hey there! You are close. Me: Yeah man, just at X restaurant. How are you? Him: To be honest really horny. I am stuck in this hotel and really want to play. Me: MMMMM. Fucking hot man. I’m here horny as fuck. What r u into? Bottom or top? Him: So not really sure… I’m a virgin. Only jerked off a cock before. I think I’m a bottom though. I hesitated. I really wanted to take some loads tonight. But I also was boned at the idea of being the first cock to slide up this virgin’s ass. I could feel myself leaking in the restaurant. Suddenly my phone vibrated again and I noticed he sent me a face pic. He was fucking adorable! Shaggy blond hair, cool blue eyes, light scruff on a semi-baby face. I needed my cock in him soon. Me: Fuck man, you are hot. You are close, are you staying at the XXX hotel. It was the obvious choice. It was the only hotel within a mile. Him: Yeah man, wanna come over? Got lube and condoms in case it gets there? Me: Sure. I can be right over. Him: Room 228. I stopped at my car where I have a little first aid kit box repurposed as my sex go-bag (lube, silicon cock rings, condoms for those that insist, hand sanitizer… the basics I want with me at all times). I walked over to the hotel and was to his room in less than 5 minutes. He answered the door in basketball shorts and a tight lycra shirt. He was obviously tenting at the thought of being with another guy. After exchanging pleasantries, he began giggling nervously. I put my hand on his waist and pulled him close. I brushed my lips on his and then began to kiss him deeply. “Did you like that?” I asked. “Yeah,” he said with his nervous giggle. I began to rub his hard cock through his shorts. He let out a light gasp of pleasure. I let my hand wander under his elastic band. Damn, he had a thick cock. Hopefully one day he will use it to bred willing bottoms. “I have something I’ve always wanted to do with another guy… do you want to shower with me?” he asked. I could see in his eyes he really wanted to. “I’d like that a lot” I responded as I lifted his shirt over his head. I bent down to slide his shorts off, and on my way up gave his cock a nice little lick. He shivered. He then stripped me and led me to the hotel shower. After starting the water and getting the temperature just right, he turned and grabbed my hardening cock, stroking it and staring at it while licking his lips. I put my hand on his shoulder and gently pushed down, and he got the message to get on his knees and suck it. As the water bounced off his back he let my hard cock slide deep into his throat. He was gentle as one expects from a fairly novice cocksucker, but it still felt damn good. He bobbed his head up and down on my cock, taking it deeper each time and sucking a little harder each time. Finally he took it a little too deep and found his limit. He gagged on my cock, which just made my cock jump harder and gag him more. He stood up still stroking my cock. Without saying a word he turned around and started rubbing my cock on his tight bubble butt. He traced my cock head into his crack and started rubbing my precum on his tight, puckered hole. That made him moan. However, as much as I wanted to thrust forward right then, I could see he was nervous and I also knew he was far too tight and I would tear him. “Have you ever been rimmed?” I asked. “No, at least, I don’t this so. I’m not 100 percent sure what it is,” he responded. With that I switched spots so the water was to my back (this isn’t my first shower rodeo and I don’t feel like drowning while eating ass) and bent him slightly, spreading his cheeks. His pucker looked so tight. I pushed my face into his ass, darting my tongue in and out of his hole, sucking a bit on the pucker, digging my tongue deeper each time. He let out an amazing moan that made my cock jump. I backed away to admire his growing pucker. I rubbed it with a finger and using my spit as lube slid it in deep. More moans came from him, and I got even harder knowing I’m the first guy to explore this virgin ass. I went back to rimming him more, getting more of my saliva in his hole and getting deeper with my tongue. His ass tasted so good. This time, when I pulled back, I tried getting two fingers in. It was still tight, but luckily I put my little pack next to the shower. I grabbed the lube and slid both fingers in. His ass took them deep and squeezed hard. Fuck, it was tight. All I could think about is how much I wanted to breed this tight hole. I stood up and started to rubbed my cock on his loosened hole. “Please fuck me,” he begged as he ground his ass on my cock. He grabbed it an lined my head up with his pucker. I felt him lean back, and the tip started to enter. Not wanting a freaking-out virgin on my hands after, I asked, “Yeah you want my cock? Do you want it wrapped or raw?” He paused but continued to grind his ass on my cock. Finally, he moaned out the single word I really wanted to hear. “Raw.” With that permission, I slowly pushed forward. His hole was so fucking tight, and slowly I got my whole cock head into his hole. It felt so good. He tensed up. “Breathe,” I coached, “Just breathe, it will feel really good.” He began to relax and slowly I continued to slide my cock into his virgin hole, every inch feeling good in his unused tight ass. Finally, I got all 7 inches in him and felt him grind on my pelvis. I slowly withdrew and then slowly slid my cock back him. He let out an animalistic and unconscious moan of pleasure. His tight hole was milking me and I knew I wouldn’t last long. I picked up the pace of my strokes, and I could feel his tight ass loosening. It felt so good to be breaking in a future bottom slut. After a few minutes, his tight hole got the best of me. I was close. “I want to bred you, boy.” He panted, “Yes, yes, please, I want this. I really want your cum.” That pushed me over the edge. My body tightened and my load flooded his guts. I was washed over with a feeling of pride knowing my DNA was the first to be bred into him ever. He was panting and stood up. He had a huge smile on his face and kissed me deeply. “Thank you man. I never thought I would do that. I fucking loved it.” After that we finished up in the shower actually showering. He let me know he was in town a few more days so we exchanged numbers. Let see if he wants a second load. No matter what though, I’m glad I could welcome a nervous bi boy into the club of being a slutty bareback bottom.
  12. Denver swim club

    I was at dsc and someone was licking my ass for an hour and made me fun twice but he would not take my virgin cherry. I want some one to take it pop it please
  13. My journey

    About two years ago, I got into bare backing. Love the feel of a hot load up my ass. I was still selective and would only play with guys who, "said" they were undetectable. Unlike many here, I was not looking to get bugged, but I guess that's when it happens. I am not sure if I have been gifted yet. I had some blood work done, and found out I have Hep C though. Running another test to se if its active. I don't shoot up so if it is active, pretty sure it came from a poz top. Dr. is retesting to see if Hep is active, and also for HIV. Dr. says if bugged, it may just not be showing yet. I know my body is feeling something. Have been feeling fatigued, and running a 100+ fever for 3 days now. Could it be the Fuck Flu? From what I see guys bodies react different when first bugged. Several have asked how I feel about being converted, and honestly I don't know. I loved the suspense of knowing that it could happen to me, and if converted, that will be lost. On the other hand, it would open up a new world for worry free sex. I'm a total bottom but several other bottoms told me it has opened up a new world of being a top, so they could spread their toxic seed. Will that happen to me, not really sure. I guess when it comes down to it, I'm excited about the possibility of being converted. Thanks to all that have privately chatted me regarding it., and your blog feedback is welcome also. I will continue this blog as my journey continues! So they journey continues on 2/27. Went for my Hep retest. If its a recent infection, being retested for HIV in a month.
  14. Valentine's Day

    Auhor's note: just a quick story in "honour" of Valentine's Day I may be getting very cynical in my old age Lol -------- Jeff thought that today, the day he finally gave up his cherry, was the day he really 'became a man'. He was wrong. He had known Dave for several months now and was sure Dave was 'the one'. He was wrong. He thought he would always be 'safe only'. But he was wrong. Dave's breathing grew ragged as he looked down at his latest conquest. This bitch had left him with blue balls for months... but he had finally convinced Jeff that this was 'true love' and to spread his legs. Nothing he loved more than breeding a virgin ass. He always lost interest in a guy after one fuck, of course, but he lived for that thrill of being first. Truth be told he had been bored of Jeff for weeks but, after such a long investment of his time, he hadn't wanted to give up without claiming his prize. It had taken a bit of extra manipulation to get Jeff to forgo a condom. In the end, Dave convinced him to do it "just the once" since it would be easier for his first time. The dumb fuck had even believed it when Dave told him that he always played safe too. Ha! He loved fucking his toxic seed into unsuspecting and naive guys like this too much for that. He couldn't remember the last time had actually had fucked with a rubber.... He certainly hadn't worn one on any of the other guys he fucked over the months he had been working his way into Jeff's jeans. Not that Jeff knew about those. The aftermath of the conquest would be almost as fun as the actual fuck. Almost. Even if he would be watching from a distance after tonight. He and Mickey had done this so many times that Dave had lost count. Mickey had been carefully ingratiating himself in Jeff's life as his 'friend and confidant' for almost the entire time that Dave had been working the virgin. Jeff didn't even realise he and Mickey knew each other before they all met. Dave had seen Mickey's routine enough to know how it would play out. Mickey would drop by Jeff's place tomorrow morning to see if Jeff wanted to hang out for breakfast.... only to find him crying over being dumped. While Jeff wept his eyes out over his broken heart, Mickey would give him a shoulder to cry on. Mickey knew how to play on emotions and insecurities like no one Dave had ever seen. A shoulder to cry on would become an embrace, then a kiss, then... well, Mickey would get his sloppy seconds before noon. Mickey loved picking up the pieces even more that Dave loved popping cherry boys. That is, he loved picking up the pieces and breaking them even more. Jeff's precious self-esteem will be so shattered that from now on he would do anything for the validation of a fuck. He would be hooking up with random guys online within a couple days. And there would be no talk of 'safe only'. Bareback was just the first step, the first line he would cross. Other fetishes would follow: piss, Dom/sub, probably fisting eventually... who knew what 'perversions' he would sink to. Just another cum dump slut haunting the bars, baths, and hookup sites desperately looking for his next fuck and the illusion of intimacy. If Dave's tenacious virus didn't get a foothold, someone else's would soon enough. And, If Dave's high viral load DID somehow manage to infect the slut right out of the gate, Jeff will be spreading the stain everywhere without knowing it himself (at least until, someday, he gets a test... but, like most sluts, even that probably won't slow him down). It was, Dave decided, a fitting payback for holding out so long on surrendering his virgin hole. Dave's balls were drawing in. His snake ready to unleash its venom. So close. Close... His cock began to throb inside the tight ass Triumph!! "Take my load you stupid bitch." No need to be nice now. Jeff turned to look at him. Confused, hurt, puppy dog eyes. It actually made Dave laugh. What a stupid little cunt. He kept thrusting until his cock stopped throbbing then, finally, slid out pulling some of his spunk with him. He wiped his cock on Jeff's shirt and threw it in a corner. When he pulled on his jeans, Jeff finally spoke. "Where are you going? Aren't you going to stay?" His voice was a trembling whine. "Hell no." Dave laughed. "You have a nice cunt but I've got what I wanted. Can't believe you fell for all that true love bullshit." He pulled on his shirt and slipped on his shoes. "You're damaged goods now, so, don't bother calling again." Dave paused as he opened the door to leave. He smiled, cruelly, at the trembling slut-in-the-making. "Oh, yeah, almost forgot... happy Valentine's Day"
  15. My First Time

    Mt First Time Exclaimer: I was younger than what is legal in the US or where I live (Norway). Thus, I will not mention my own age, although it is written on my profile. This is an accurate description of what happened, and not a fiction or a fantasy. Please respect it so, and do not regard this in a way which eroticises underage boys. We had met on a gay chatting site, as I had newly discovered it. I wasn’t a sex craving boy per se, and had only a couple months ago discovered that if I jerked off, it felt great, and a white substance oozed out of the tip of it before it went back to its soft shape. My cock wasn’t that big either, just the same as the ones I saw when showering after gym classes. Anyway, it was the last class of the day, the arts, and about an hour before he was supposed to pick me up from the place we had agreed upon, at a parking lot not too far away from my school. I had told my parents that I was going out with a couple of friends, for ice creams and so on, and that they should not expect me before dinner, which was hours away. After arts, I urinated, parted with my friends, and exited the school grounds enroute to the designated pick-up spot. To my surprise, he had already arrived. It was winter, so it was already getting dark, but I could see his shining leather jacket and gray beard. His hair was grey too, and he had an obvious belly. He had dark glasses on, jeans, which looked old, and old sports shoes. His car was, as his hair, grey, and as his clothes, old. We discreetly greeted each other with our eyes, not sure if speaking in public is a wise thing, although there were only a few other souls around. I entered his car, and with a switch of a button, he ignited the engines and started to drive. My heart was going over the top, occasionally skipping a beat or two, as we continued our journey to the outer rims of the city. Finally, his car stopped in a suburban neighbourhood with tight, long-rise apartments. As he navigated me to his flat, I saw many immigrants with large families preparing for a nice, cosy evening, children playing, mothers shouting. As we approached the elevator, we saw an older woman, probably 50 years of age, the same as the man next to me, with her four children, leading them to the elevator. We managed to cramp into the tight space of the elevator, and, shockingly, went off the same floor, Floor 11. The woman and her small children, the youngest one probably being half the age I was, entered the first door from the right. She had to push them to the flat, as they were small in size and in mind, but had very large pieces of winter clothes. We went to the adjacent door, and as he opened it, I was met by many fold of thick curtains. I navigated through them as he closed and locked all the locks of the door, three, in fact. I was met by an ungodly scene of tools I had never seen before, leather and wood dominating the materials they were built from. As I was looking around, I felt a hand stroking my back parts, it was cold and intolerant as it moved itself from my chest to my ass in a matter of seconds, going all the way down to my balls on the other side. I was shaking, partly because it was cold outside, and because I was about to enter a new frontier I had never been to before. He asked me to get naked, and without further question, I took of my gloves, scarf and hat, and he helped me to take off my jacked and the hoodie. I, then, took off my shoes and socks, and unbuckled my trousers. He helped me take them off with his strong arms, and gently slipped my jocks off of me. I was left naked in the middle of a room which was the entirety of the house, with strange tools and an old man, older than my father. He asked me my name, which I did not answer, and with a grin on his face, he started to touch my body. I flinched with the touch of his fat, cold fingers on my body. He explored my chest, my arms, my torso, my neck, my ass, and my legs, before he grabbed my stiff cock. I was half his size, much shorter than him. Of course, I had not come to the age which my body hair started to grow, so I knew one day I would have hair on my chest, arms and legs, and a bush on my pubes. He undressed rather fast, exposing his old, hairy body. His cock was shorter than mine, but quite thick. I could barely see it, as it was covered with hair both from the pubes and the balls. His balls were impossible to see. He grabbed me by my neck, and threw me on the bed adjacent to the wooden table. He started licking my body with his wet mouth and tongue, making my penis harder than stone. His mouth, then, came on top of my balls. He licked them softly first, then, with a single grab, put all of them into his mouth. The feeling was odd, as I felt like my sack was gonna detach from my body. As his tongue and mouth sucked further on my testicles, while his hands were caressing my butt, I felt my prostate spasm uncontrollably, resulting in one of the most intense orgasms I ever had to date. Holding his hands on my butt, his tongue and mouth diverted to the huge amounts of sperm on my hairless chest. He licked and swallowed every bit of it, leaving me with nothing but this saliva. After that, his whole body, large and hairy, bent over me, and he gave me a huge, wet kiss, with the scent and the aroma of my sperm on him. I was not allowed to shower, as the shower was too dirty and he didn’t want me to go to the neighbour’s shower next door. I dressed up and thanked him for the experience. However, as I was made of my surroundings once again, I could see that he had changed his attention to a blow-up doll, something I didn’t know what was for at the time, his erect cock sliding in and out of the rear opening of it. He simply said, “see you soon” with a grim on his face. I, mesmerised with the sight, left the place, not knowing how my life had changed after meeting him.
  16. I'm heading to Provincetown today for a full week, and was wondering if anyone else is around, or if anyone can offer any tips or suggestions on where a budding cub of a FtM can get used and abused. I would love to lose a couple of my virginities, namely my virgin asshole, never taken loads bareback, and never tried Tina (ultimately wanna get slammed). Also into piss, cum, BDSM, and getting my front hole and my face fucked. Pics in my profile- use your imagination to picture what I'd look like on the business end of your cock, hopelessly spun and drenched in your piss and cum.
  17. My Life Changed

    My life had changed, but first a little about me. I was an 18 year old virgin, blond, and as I work out regularly I had a really fit tight body. I especially enjoyed swimming to I kept myself shaved smooth and, on this particular occasion, had gotten carried away and shaved-off all my public hair which, of course, made me look younger than my 18 years. I had just left school and got into a big argument with my rents so I walked out with a small back of clothes £50 in my wallet and decided to catch a train to London. When I arrived I had no idea of either what I was going to do, or where I was going to stay. As will all normal sex mad guys of my age I headed for Soho to see the sights, whilst walking around I saw a gay book shop and headed in. I had never thought about guys before but figured they were likely to be the friendliest. As I went in there where two guys a little older than me behind the cash desk it was very clear that they were talking about me by the broad smiles on their faces as I looked around I came across the bdsm dvd’s on the front was a twink boy being split roasted by two older tops as I picked the dvd up one of the members of staff came over damn I was embarrassed, he said to me that’s a great video m8 to boy gets really fucked up, would you like to see before you buy? I nodded and he told me to follow him as I did I noticed his mate smiling, we went out the back into a small dark room with a large plasma screen and a leather couch, he put the dvd in and said enjoy make yourself comfortable and left. As the dvd was playing my cock was getting hard and I released it from my trackies when the other guys came in, I tried to cover up but he got straight between my legs and swallowed my cock straight down to the root, then I noticed the other guy had come in as well and he had his cock out and positioned by my face then he said suck it m8 I had never done anything like this before as I was a virgin as so as I opened my mouth he pushed his cock deep into my throat and started face fucking me. They both stopped and stripped off their clothes and damn they looked good, then they started stripping me of my clothes and stood back as my body was on display. Hey you are so sexy one of them said then he asked if I had ever done this before I said no and that I was a virgin, they seemed shocked and then one of them said do you need a place to stay and too make some money I nodded, he said great left and came back with a camera he said he needed to take some pictures to send to an agency so I could get some work, they started by taking full pictures of my body and hard cock, then got me on all fours to display my virgin cherry and smooth boy butt, finally I was placed on the couch and they asked me to pull my legs back I think they were shocked when I pulled my legs right behind my head, that’s so sexy one of them said as the flash went off. Once they had finished they said to me that the photos would be sent off and that I was to stay a virgin as I would make more money that way, I thought that was going to be it but no, both of them took turns in face fucking me then they both shot their cum over my face taking more pictures. Once done they showed me to the shower and told me to join them in the shop. The shower was really nice, I got cleaned up and headed back to them. Part 2 to cum, the shoot
  18. Losing my virginity twice in the same day. Part1: This is actually a true story but of course I’ve changed the locations. So a little about me and how I lost my virginity twice the summer before my 10th grade of HS. I’m 5’9, about 160lbs, toned body…not muscled up, just wanted to keep everything tight – light brown hair that tends to go sandy blonde in the summer. Well growing up in the deep South, sex was not a topic brought up in most families except for “don’t do it before you get married or you will go straight to hell!” comments or talking about the local tramp that got knocked up by the local drunk. Us guys are always pushed to start dating certain girls from certain families. Well earlier on, I realized that I had to work extra hard to be interested in girls. I always thought I was just a “late bloomer” – hell, my older brother Ray was co-captain of the high school football team, one of the best baseball players and was always getting some early on. He dated and messed around all through jr high & high school. He was constantly having teammates over to swim in our pool, so I got to hang with most the guys. Ray and I were close. We were brothers but we were also best friends – very rarely did we ever fight or get mad at each other. We’ve spent a lot of time together this summer, bc he will be a senior this next year and has received a baseball scholarship to the major university another state. As soon as he graduates, he will be moving there to get settled in, so we’ve been making the best of our time together. They use to pick on me a little asking me if and when I had fucked my girl…and I always, just did the typical “shrug it off” moves and changed the subject. I remember starting to notice the guys more as we got older. I would look at their chests…some were hairy – some were smooth…some had tiny nipples, some were a little thicker. I also would notice how differently their chest sizes were and how their abs were different. When I started looking at their abs I would notice how some had those v-lines that would disappear behind their swim trunks. Something in me, starting to stir…I would try to put it out of my head Every time I was with my girlfriend and we were making, I would start thinking of those v-lines and my 7in cut dick started getting hard of course my gf Abby always thought it was her. I had to put these thoughts out of my head – I’m not gay…and being gay sure as hell wasn’t an option. My family and friends would kill me. Well one weekend the parents were going out of town and left my brother Ray in charge…fat chance. Our parents told us we could only have certain people over but no more. No girls could be at the house past 7pm. With us having the biggest pool in our neighborhood, everyone came to our house. Anyway my brother could have his 2 bestfriends Luke and Mickey over to stay and I could have my bestfriend Will over stay. Saturday, several more friends came over that afternoon, including my gf Abby. The guys were giving me hard time about not getting with her and still being a virgin. Well Mickey, who was a little more countrified. He had a big ol’ bumpkin head – sorta stocky, very hairy all over. He was always pulling at his junk which was about 7 inches uncut and showing us his hairy ass. Anyway, he was standing next to me really giving me hard time asking if I just had a small dick that was scared of pussy…he said “I hope you aint no fag – I’d hate kill one of lil’ brothers. (Mickey and luke always considered me their kid brother also). My brother was like “dude, what’s the deal – when are you gunna hit it, I know your dick works and it’s not small. (we shared a bathroom and I thought I had shut the door and caught me as I was shooting my load into the garbage can.) He, mickey and several of the other guys were laughing…so apparently he had told them he had caught me. Ray and I were close and he could tell I was starting to get upset but more embarrassed …and was like dude, it’s cool…we all jackoff – hell Mickey here does about 10 times a day….they all started busted out laughing…it was very evident that I was still upset and embarrassed. While all this was going on, I had noticed that Luke was getting out of the pool while telling the guys to leave me alone. As like Ray, I’ve known Luke my entire life. For years, I actually thought he was my brother since he and ray were always inseparable but never knew why he had to go to the house next door to sleep. The 3 of us always hung out, played sports, games…etc. He was tall, blonde hair, bright green eyes, very pretty lips, no hair anywhere that I could see – he had one of those vlines on his very sculpted body. I had seen his dick before in the showers and soft I looked like a monster. Luke, knowing me so well – he knew I was upset. He walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and was like guys…cut it out..he will get his when he is ready. He made a comment to one of the baseball players and making fun of him saying that I didn’t want to be like him and shoot my load all over the girl before I even got it in..and then he made a couple other comments that slipped my attention. Something was starting to happen. I could hear that Luke was talking and I could that the other guys were talking but it sounded like the teacher from Charlie brown. All I could focus on was these 2 strong arms wrapped around me… I was starting to get hot…that sun must be glaring on us…but it’s cloudy….I could feel the warmth of his breath on my ear and the side of my face as he is talking to the other guys….. I could feel rise and fall of his chest that touching my back – skin to skin. He was wet from being in the pool, it was cool –yet, felt great against my skin. But what really had me thrown off was that I was paying attention to how he felt up against my ass. I was starting to have all these crazy feelings…it’s not like I haven’t felt his groin up against my ass before, hell I’ve even sat in his lap before in the jeep headed to the lake…but this time it was different to me for some reason – although Luke’s swimtrunks were sorta thin and you could always see the outline of his dick swinging – I swear I felt it bounce a little against my ass a couple times…then I felt a rush of panic come over me – I felt my dick getting harder in my shorts…right there in front of brother and all his friends….what the hell is happening to me…… To be continued……..(Let me know what yall think)
  19. The Stables (Part 1) Gregory was a shy boy. At the age of 18 he was still living with his parents and they didn’t know Greg was gay. His dad tried several things to get his son into girls, once even hiring a whore to introduce his son to sex. While Greg was terrified, the prostitute, Mandy, was a nice lady, and, although she tried to stir his interest, she may very well have sensed his sexual preference that Greg was unable to perform. Or perhaps she was just glad, seeing that she had been paid and hadn't had to actually satisfy another John. Who knows? Perhaps she saw it as simply easy money. In any event when the time was up and she and Greg met Greg's father who was waiting in the 'salon' for his son, Mandy made a show of kissing Gregory on his mouth and giving his crotch a grope, thanking him for the hot ride. Greg’s dad was more than proud and for the moment was relaxed as it had crossed his mind that Greg might be a faggot. After all, while Greg had plenty of female friends, he had never had a girlfriend, and certainly (prior to Mandy), had apparently never messed around with a woman. No, he was a shy and sensitive boy and even at 18 was more into music and the arts than playing football or basketball. Although unspoken, Greg's father's greatest fear was that his son would turn into a dick-taking faggot. But after the session with Mandy, Greg's father was fairly sure everything would turn out all right: his son fucked a whore and he would soon find another hole into which to unload. Everything was running slowly but on the right course. Little did Greg's father know that Gregory had his own suspicions. Greg remembered experienced as early as the age of six when in swim class, he saw this other boy whose name was Alec. Gregory didn't, of course, have the vocabulary to put a name to it, but he always got excited when Alec accidentally brushed up against him when the two were standing in line. waiting to jump from the 1-meter board. A couple of years later, when Greg was around ten, he found himself fascinated by Mickey, another ten year old in the same class. So, while Greg was perfectly happy to stare at Mickey, giving unconscious smiles, Mickey was none to keen, so Mickey purposefully and angrily shoved Gregory away, once even giving him a punch in the face. Although the punch was unexpected and quite painful, Greg nevertheless enjoyed being on the receiving end of Mickey's attention, even if there was a substantial degree of hostility. Some four years later, , now 14, Greg truly had a crush on Mr. Wilson, his English teacher. Mr. Wilson might have been in his late 20s, but he generally wore hot, tight jeans, and, as Mr. Wilson moved about the class room, Greg couldn’t stop but staring at Mr. Wilson's bulge. Of course Greg's obsession wouldn't end-up going anywhere: Mr. Wilson was married and had a baby daughter. He never even registered Greg's interest, but no matter: Greg utterly idolized his teacher. This was the time when the rumors began circulating suggesting Gregory was a fag. His mates in class recognized the difference - when they associated erections with girls, Greg seemed to get an erection when Mr. Wilson passed down the corridor. Greg's schoolmates took their suspicions out on Greg, slapping him around, ostracizing him, and occasionally dumping him into the school dumpster. Naturally wanted less and less to do with his schooling, and eventually dropped out early, getting a job at a gas station. The job didn't, of course, pay all that much, but Greg earned a couple to keep his car running. His parents didn’t ask him to contribute to rent or food, although his dad urged Greg to join the army, believing this would make him a ‘real’ man. Greg was quite innocent. He had never seen a gay porn. He had never heard about the dangers of unsafe sex. He still thought, rubbers were made to prevent pregnancies. But he overheard some conversations about a place where guys would date for sexual encounters, with other guys. It was some sort of a bar…. but he had no idea how frivolous and risky his trip would be. He had his day off finally and decided he would take the dare and visit this bath house. It was a two hours drive, but it was okay. He didn’t want to risk meeting someone from his home town. He wore his best clothing: a white shirt, with some expensive pair of jeans which he thought framed his ass perfectly. He even bought new sneakers just for this event - not realizing he would take all this clothing off within a few minutes of having entered the bar. After a short while he found a parking space. He exited the car and turned around. He had no idea which way to go and so he asked some guys hanging around if they would know the nearest to ‘The Stables’. They looked at him grumpy and nodded at him. “Get lost faggot” was the unmistakably answer. Greg looked anxious and stepped back to the pavement and tried to get mixed with the crowd. He felt so stupid. He left his hometown thinking in a big town as this one, people would be differently, but the thugs reactions were more than just hostile. They started to follow him around. Greg was in panic. What if he wouldn’t find a safe place? What if he wouldn’t reach his car? What if they beat him up or kill him for being gay? What if their parents found out the reason for his death…. and while those ideas were spinning in his head ‘The Stables’ appeared before him. He couldn’t believe his luck. He hurriedly entered the premises. He looked back and saw the guys got lost in the crowd. Their victim had escaped. “Well, well…. aren’t we excited….. you are quite heavy breathing…. are you a mare, or a stallion?” the cashier asked. “I…. I am…. what?” Greg asked. “Oh dear…. your first time?” the employee asked. Greg simply nodded. The guy behind the counter inspected Greg. He recognized at once by the way Greg walked, the way he took a glance, the way he licked his lips….. that he was at the receiving part tonight. “You want to get fucked, then you are a mare…. if you fuck, then you are a stallion. It is not so difficult. We got this pink bracelet for mares…. and the blue bracelet is for studs” the guy explained. Greg got the idea and they both said at the same time: 'Mare'. He paid the entrance fee and received his pink bracelet, which was sealed along around his wrist. “Without this wrist on, the party will be over for you. So no switching. You are a mare!” the man giggled. He received a key to a locker and got a pink towel. Then he was told he could take off his clothes in the locker room and then enter the basement. “Enjoy the party” the fellow said and then got busy folding towels. His heart was almost jumping out of his throat, while walking down the steps to the basement. It was quite dark and several corridors showed many opportunities to seize this chance to finally get fucked. “First timer?” the bartender asked. “Is it so obvious?” Greg answered shily. “It won’t be in the darkroom…..” the bartender laughed. “Darkroom” Greg repeated the word. The bartender watched at him, as if Greg just stepped out of a spaceship. “Yeah…. Darkroom. A dark room, where you can empty the dicks with your mouth or your ass….. are you for real?” he asked. “Sorry mate, but this is my first time ever in a big town. I have never ever seen a place like this. This is amazing. I can get filled up here.” Greg’s eyes were flashing. “Filled up….” the bartender repeated the words. This kid had no idea. First he took away the shell of condoms, that was presented at the counter. “You should not start with the darkroom then…. If I were you, I would take the glory holes, there you can concentrate on one or two cocks at a moment” the friendly looking guy explained. “Glory hole….” Greg said in an awe. “ What’s that…..” he asked seriously. The bartender looked around as if he was searching for the candid camera. He told him to sit and take a drink, he would explain it to him in a second, but before that he went to another associate and told him about the fresh meet. “Go and let the poz stud know, that a negative mare is waiting for her fillings. It didn’t take a long time, after this astonishing announcement, that the blokes were checking the undamaged merchandise. Greg didn’t know which way to look. He still had his towel wrapped around his hips. The room was full of stallions now, which was clearly so, because of the mass of blue bracelets. “Are you still willing to let this dicks poz up your mare ass…..” the bartender asked sickly. “I had never had a dick up there, will it hurt bad…. ? Gregory whispered back. “I will help you with that. Get this towel off then sit down again.” he got advised. “Just slip a little bit back on your stool, so your ass is accessible” the guy said. The guy announced loudly that he would prep this new recruit for his deflowering. He repeated intensely that he would lube this virgin ass for his first of many poz rides and squat behind the stool. First he started licking Greg’s cleft. Greg thought he had died and gone to heaven. The bartender was lapping over his opening and pulled his ass cheeks further apart. He pressed his tongue inside this virgin’s ass and tonguefucked him so hard. He smelt the overwhelming scent and sucked out the innocence of this first-timer. He loved the way the sweet ass tasted, and started use some lube on the twink. He turned back to the other studs and showed them his two sharpened fingernails, which would be quite helpful for the upcoming task. While lubing the guy up he started scratching the intestinal walls. The nice feeling Greg had felt gave way to the pain, while the man behind him tried to scrape and claw the intestinal walls for only one reason. Instead of telling Greg the truth, he explained it would hurt, because it is the first time he was prepared for some serious poz fucking. “Man I can’t wait to get all your poz dicks up my ass” Greg announced proudly. ‘You could use rubbers of course’ someone said out loud. You could hear a pin dropping to the ground while the guy who suggested using a rubber was escorted to another room immediately. Greg didn’t see the commotion behind his back, since he was trying to clench his teeth to stand the pain he was enduring right now. “I am your mare, but I won’t get pregnant, that’s for sure” Greg shouted out. ‘The boy got it damn right’ someone groaned. ‘Yeah – let us breed him our babies nevertheless’ another one added, ‘Fuck the little brat – pump him up with premium poz seed’ this and other voices mingled in Greg’s preparation. “I think I will help you in the stall. You should concentrate on getting ripped up from your behind. You shouldn’t serve both holes” he got advised. The bartender fucked him hard with two fingers and when he pulled them out he showed all the guys the bloody fingers. The boy was already a mess. Then it all happened quite fast. While the fellow bartender led him to the stall the other guys lined up at the stall right next to it. It was agreed, that Greg should take it up the ass. Greg was extremely excited. He looked around. There was a monitor with a gay porn movie flashed across the screen. For the first time he saw guys actually fuck each other in the holes. He looked at both holes while the associate pointed at the one in question. The first hard dick was already poking through the hole. It was a thick and long dick who was simply waiting for the cunt to receive his toxic gift. “But I won’t see them this way” Greg complained. “Believe me honey, most times you don’t want to see them in broad daylight….. now come on, this is part of the fun” the guy said. “This way you concentrate on your work, which is draining dicks. It doesn’t matter how cool the guy in the other stall is, you just have to squeeze his dick with your cunt and accept his load. Then the next will deposit his load and so one and so on…. this is your job!” he explained. “If you need more lube tell me. It doesn’t help anyone if you tolerate the pain for only one or two dicks. Your job is to empty those guys balls, no matter how painful it might be. As a mare you are advised to accept and receive…. so I will lube you up whenever you need it. The guys have to wait then until you are ready to get your next poz load. That is all that matters”. Gregory nodded and turned his ass-cunt towards the dick spearing through the hole. The bartender helped the fuck stick to find his way home to the slut and slowly Greg received one inch after another, while he moaned intensively. “Oh man…. this fucker is tight…. I can’t….. oh fucking god….. sweet jesus…. I think he pinches my dick off…..” the guy panted loudly. “Baby….. push a little back. Try to relax and let this guy enter you completely” while Greg got instructed the bartender used a bit more lube on the invading dick. Only half of the nine inches had entered the young ones body, but the employee could already see the bloody streaks. He had done a great job and was proud of himself. While thinking of that, he decided he would help Gregory a bit more and so he squat in front of the twink and pushed against his hips and finally more inches entered the abused hole. Greg couldn’t help but to express his pain and groaned loudly. On the other side of the wall you could hear several guys cheering and even the bartender praised the good work of Greg who believed every word he was told….
  20. Hey all, I have wanted to put this out in the world for a while so I figured why not do it now? I have a fantasy of where I am at a local bath house in a room and some Dom comes up runs his hands over me. He feels around my virgin hole and grips my balls and cock and likes what he sees. He would wisper in my ear that he will make me his. Then he would tell me to follow him back to his room. He would have all kinds of toys. I would be forced in to a sling where I would be locked in to place and he looks me over. He would gag me and let me know that I have sealed my own fate by coming here today. Then he would shove a bottle of poppers under my nose and start to lick my ass hole. He would want to open my virgin ass with the toys he has. Once he has my ass use to the toys he would leave one in as he takes out the gag and starts to fuck my mouth till he cums. once he cums he would replace the gag right a way so I would be forced to sallow his cum. He would open the room door and let any one use my ass and mouth as they wanted do. when he is done letting people use me he would tell me to text him so I can be used again. This is just the start of what I want I want to be used and turned in to a dirty nasty pig no limits. I hope it happens some day
  21. First Experience

    Admittedly what I'm about to post is extremely tame for people here but whatever, this is my lame long story. Last year while jacking off I decided to post an ad on manhunt or adam4adam (I forget which) after repressing gay thoughts for quite a long time. In reality I was just fishing for compliments from guys with no real intent to ever meet anyone but one guy was really pushing me to meet up, practically harassing me. I was way too nervous to say yes, hell, I'd never even been with a girl who I wasn't dating for a long time. But my libido got the best of me and I ended up caving. I gave him my location and he said he would pick me up but told me to make sure my asshole was clean because he was intent on eating it. He brought me back to his hotel room, he said he was from out of state. He was an older guy. I was 27 and he was easily late 40s early 50s, kind of overweight and had a decent beard. He was my type totally. Once inside his room he asks me if I've ever done anything like this before and I said no. He said we'll go slow at my pace and asked if I was okay with kissing. I was down for it so we start making out standing up. It didn't take long before he was pulling both his and my clothes off. He laid me onto my stomach on the bed. Told me to spread my legs.. further.. further still and then he was really going at it eating my ass. It wasn't just hot it was actually totally relaxing. I had never experienced anything quite as good as that. After some time he climbs up the bed further and his cock was pressing gently against my asshole. We didn't have any condoms (yeah yeah I know, but I'm a pussy and really afraid of getting an STD sorta) or lube. He understood and showed restraint and I decided that I should show him I was grateful so I gave my first blowjob. I'll freely admit I did a bad job. His cock wasn't very long but was definitely pretty thick and my mouth was not prepared for that. I did what I could and tried to use my hand but with an emphasis on using my tongue. Tried really showing love to frenulum. Pretty soon he came in my mouth and I swallowed it all. We laid together for a little while and made some small talk and then he drove me home. I had a good time and while I'm not sure if I'll ever do anything like it again I definitely look back on the time I sucked a strangers dick fondly.
  22. Predators and prey Michael was a good boy. He was a good pupil and always listened to his parents. He helped old people in crossing the street and was involved in his church. And Michael believed in God. Still there was a dark secret hidden in this otherwise always friendly guy. Michael fantasized of being sexually dominated by men. His parents didn’t know he was gay. To the extent either of them thought about it, both his mother and father assumed he was shy with girls, but that eventually he would grow out of it. Neither ever considered Michael might be a dick-taking faggot. Now, at the age of 18, having received his driving license, Mike felt an overwhelming urge to get fucked. The urge grew from day to day. In his mind he was ripped open by one, two, three, sometimes even four guys. He wanted to serve them with his body. He instinctively knew his role was to be on the receiving end. Living in a small village, where everyone knew each other it was impossible for Mike to stare at the other boys. He was always keeping his little secret to himself and never gave anyone the opportunity to think otherwise of him. He was the cute Christian neighbor boy, who was saving himself for the right girl. “Mom?” “What is it” his mother yelled from the kitchen. “Can I borrow the car, please?” he asked politely. His mother came into the hall. It was almost 10:00 o’clock in the evening. "Why do you need the car at this hour," she asked. "I forgot a school book at a buddy's house and I need it for an upcoming exam," Michael explained. His mother trusted Michael in all of his action and although she was worried about him, driving in the dark he convinced her, that he needed the book urgently and would be back soon. Michael’s father died two year ago from cancer. Since then he was ‘the man’ in the house. His mother smiled to him and asked him to drive slowly and to be home soon. Michael took the keys from the table and told his mother he would return soon and that he might chat with his friend a bit. Michael never mentioned a name and his mother didn't think to ask which of Michael's friends. In any event off Michael went in his mother's car. Of course his destination was not a buddy's house, but rather a cruising lot where gays met to fuck each other. He read about the place on the internet. His destination was a parking lot which adjoined a nearby forest. As he drove into the parking lot, Michael thought "Now is the time to get some action." In the forum he read about the cruising area. It was well visited and people wrote about their sex encounters which made Mike always horny. He read about the option of being fucked bareback. Mike knew about condoms, but sex was never a subject at home. He knew condoms prevent a girl of becoming pregnant, but he was not a girl. Believe it or not, but Michael was unaware of the dangers of STD’s or HIV. This was just not part of his world and although he needed cock, he was also full of doubts, if the path he walked would lead him straight to hell. He had to drive quite some miles and in the back of his mind was hoping his mom didn’t check the mileage after all. Finally he arrived at his destination. It was almost 11:00 pm. There were several other cars parked in a big parking lot. Although the parking lot was officially a rest area, none of the cars were occupied with passengers. Mike was hard. He was wearing a tight blue jeans and a blue shirt with an imprint of his school, St. Barnabas. His heart was beating so fast. He thought it would burst inside of his chest. His jeans almost did anyway, showing a nice bulge, although Mike had not the biggest gun for sure. He opened the car door and exited the vehicle. He couldn’t see anyone although the moon was shining bright. Slowly he started walking towards the forest. He felt his ass tingle in excitement. Tonight he wanted to take cocks into his arse. He wouldn’t mind if some guys would use him and although he had dreams about the only one, he knew this was impossible for him. His was expected to get married one day and have a bunch of children. But he also had this needs and for tonight he would let guys be in charge of him and his young body. Michael entered the forest and suddenly saw a first couple engaged in sexual activities. He was so horny. This was the first time, he saw two guys actually doing something. One male was on his knees and was sucking a daddy type. The bearded hunk was around 40 and observed Michael instantly. Michael was actually looking shyly at the big cock of this dark haired top but was too afraid to stand still and start jerking or so. So he continued his way deeper into the darkness while the guy who had just focused on Mike pushed the sucker away and told him to fuck off. He had set his mind on this young twink, who was obviously the first time at such a place. Maybe he was a virgin. He closed his jeans and followed Michael. Other guys had also noticed the fresh meat and like predators they surrounded Michael eye-fucking the youngster. Michael was so excited. He had the feeling he wasn’t almost able to breathe. He passed some guys on his way through the woods. Deep voices reached out to him, enticing him with open invitations, such as “Hey there young one, need some hard dick?” And “What’s up, puppy? Looking for a daddy?” and again, “Hey boy, let me fuck your tight hole.” The sweet invitations to partake of debauchery of which Michael had only passing knowledge. He was too shy to reply, but he smiled cutely at all of them and was always looking at their big bulges and that was quite inviting for all of them. Another hunk actually stopped Michael by holding him by his shoulder and asked "Are you looking for some dick? We are all here to give it good to you. All you've gotta do is to spread your legs, you little cunt." Mike looked at the front of this guy's jeans. The buttons were open already and a thick cock was sticking out of his pants. Without a word the stud increased the pressure on Michael's shoulder and pressed him down onto his knees with the simple command "Suck." “I don’t know…how," Michael replied in a quiet, reserved whisper. “Are you a fucking virgin?” Mr. Big asked loudly. Michael nodded, in abject shame. “A fucking virgin,” Mr. Big replied with a coarse chuckle, adding “You know, you're gonna taste and feel many cocks tonight, little one.” With this pronouncement Mr. Big grabbed Michael's hair, pulling him down closer too his cock. “Just open your mouth and suck my dick. And take care of your teeth. Don’t scratch me with your fucking teeth” With that Michael was got his first taste of cock. He tried to look up to this macho fucker, but sucking for the first time, took much of his concentration and so he tried to take as much of the fuck meat into his mouth. The big guy pushed his dick further into Mikes throat and he choked on his cock. This was fucking great Michael thought. He hoped he would get used hard tonight. He wasn’t able to see, but 6 other guys were already jerking off. They had all heard the news, that this fucktoy was a virgin obviously. “Do you want to take dick up your cunt?” the guy above him asked. “Yes – please” Mike answered and blushed. “I just used my last condom bitch – you got some?” he asked loudly. “No – my mom would kill me, if she found condoms in my room”. "Your Mom?" the guy snickered. “You take it bare?” he asked loudly, so everyone nearby could hear the questioning. “Yes if course, that’s not a problem. I would love to take it raw. I will accept everyone” Michael replied and continued sucking dick. “Good boy. Very good boy. Let’s go. There is a shack nearby with a mattress inside. This is just the place we need to fuck you hard and give you some charged loads. Let’s go!” the male commanded. He dragged Michael by his arm and forced him to follow him through the woods. Michael now saw some other guys who were grinning at him wickedly. He felt like the star of the night. He knew everybody was wanting him and he was willing to accept every dick in his body. There was a glade in front of them and there he could see the booth. He was scared, but also excited. He wanted to be used. He needed cock. Tonight was the night he finally would experience what it meant to be a fagboy…
  23. Hey all, I am going to head to Denver swim club this weekend and get a room. I have never been fucked before. So I am going to my self a blindfold and leave the door open. I am very excited about the idea. I would love some pointers on what to do the first time. I have heard of poppers but I have no idea what they are or how to use them. I have a fantisy, of someone comming in locking me in a collar and using toys on me and making me his own sex toy. Any info would be great thanks
  24. Night Race

    I saw a sponsored post on my Facebook feed about an EDM themed night race. There would be a 5K race along with DJ's, music & light shows and after-race drinks and dancing. I'm a runner, and love EDM, so I signed up. I envisioned hot sweaty runner boys who may be horny enough to hook up after a fun race. For those who haven't read my stories before, I'm 29, 5'11 with blonde hair & blue eyes. I've been putting on more muscle lately so I'm about 195 solid muscle and tight all around. I look like a nice jock next door with a disarming smile. But I'm a filthy pig and love giving and getting raw cum loads. I've got an 8x6 dick and a muscled bubble butt and love to flip. The evening of the event I chose some silky red gym shorts (freeball of course) and a slutty cut off tank top that showed off my arms and barely covered my nipples. I topped it off with a glowstick around my neck and another on my wrist. Looking in the mirror, my thick dick was clearly visible behind the thin fabric. It started to chub up as I thought about the straight and gay boys that would be checking it out. When I got to the race, which was at a big car racing track, I was immediately disappointed...families...with kids...everywhere…and groups of teeny boppers. Ugh fuck. Since when is EDM a kid-friendly draw? As I went to pick up my race pack I did see some hot guys, high school & college aged...mostly on the too-young side, but plenty of cuties. I prowled around and plotted which groups of boys I wanted to run near. There were several packs of rowdy fratty-looking guys who had come together and dressed alike. WOOF! My dick started to get hard as I blatantly eyed the young college meat. I got a few nervous smiles from a few and some "What-the-fuck?" scowls from others...which I laughed off and continued to stretch. The other thing I noticed was the copious of amounts of underage drinking...clearly High School and young College-Aged guys and girls were sipping from suspicious colored water bottles and chugging cheap beer and girly-flavored malt beverages. I thought this was a race! Weird as fuck, but I thought, whatever...try and focus on the race and finding some sweaty boy ass... By 8PM it was dark and they started letting a few hundred people race at a time...I had arrived on the later side so I was stuck towards the back while we waited for more people to start. There had to be at least a thousand or more “racers.” As I looked for openings to get closer to the front I bumped into a kid with longish shaggy blonde hair. He was a sweaty mess in some mesh shorts and a beat up_______High School lacrosse tank top. He was a couple inches shorter than me with a super-tight body....no big muscles yet, but just the right amount of tone. He had the body of a kid who probably played 4 seasons of sports and a golden tan from being outdoors all the time. He was with 2 other girls who looked about his age or a little younger. They were all drinking Bud Light Lime-A-Ritas and were obviously buzzed as fuck. The kid playfully pushed me and say "HEEEEEEY dude! You ran into us!!!!! You gotta drop and give me 10 pushups!!!!! hahaha" Intrigued, I purposely flexed for them and said "Sorry bud, I did chest and back today at the gym....I don't exactly need to do some pushups!" Both he and the girls were staring at my body and the kid pleaded "Come on bro you got the muscles for it!!!" I said "Fine. Me and one of your girls are gonna do 10 pushups...whoever finishes first wins. OK?" They all drunkenly laughed, swigged more from the cans and agreed. The boy got out a shitty looking cracked iPhone and started filming. One of the drunk, sweaty girls got down with me on the ground and once in position I completed 10 perfect pushups before she had completed three. Ever the gracious victor, I said "YEEEEAAHH!! I won! Now, I get my reward!" The kid looked a little confused, but I said, "Yeah! I get to kiss one of your friends!!!" The girls laughed excitedly, and I selected the pretty brunette who attempted to do pushups with me. The boy had a slightly puppy-dog sad face as I stared right at him and leaned in to kiss his friend. I put my tongue slighty in her mouth and tasted the sweet malt beverage. I kissed her a little more and pulled away....the girl in heaven and me with a shit eating grin....still looking lasciviously at the boy. I slapped his ass and said "Hey dude! Don't be jealous! I'm not trying to fuck your girl, I'm just foolin around!!" Me and the girls laughed out loud while the boy smiled sheepishly...trying his best to not feel like his balls were cut off. I said "Come on bro, I have some Vodka and mixers in my car and some water bottles...why don't you come with me and we'll get some drinks to bring back to the ladies? Fuck the race, let's party!!!!" The girls screamed in agreement and the boy reluctantly agreed to my plan. I told them where we'd meet back and the boy followed me. Now away from the chaotic crowds, I put my arm around the boy in a friendly BRO kinda way. I massaged his shoulders a little....he was taken aback but still buzzed from the 'Ritas and didn't protest. "Hey, you guys are all 21, right?" I asked with a wink. "HAHAHA no bro, you really thought I was in College??? COOOL!! I just turned 18 two weeks ago....my friends both turned 18 earlier in the year! We're all graduating from High School next month!" My dick was 80% full mast and inappropriately flopping in my shorts. Drunk boy was staring at it blatantly and I asked, "you like what you see, huh?" A little ashamed he said "What? Naw naw, I'm just uh, what do are you talking about?" I just smiled as he averted his eyes. I smacked him playfully on the butt and we continued walking towards the car. I was already scheming about how I’d get into that perfect muscled teen ass. When we got to my brand new Range Rover, the kid marveled at how nice the car was & complimented me. I said thanks, and opened the door to the big back seat. After climbing in first I reached down to help him up. Holding him close for the first time, I smelled him...the kid was definitely on the ripe side from the horsing around before and heat from being outside...but it was sexy. "How about we have a quick drink and then make some for your friends?" I asked. He said "Sure!!!" I took out a couple sport water bottles along with the Absolut I had hidden under the seat. I poured a decent amount in mine and a ridiculous amount in the bottle for the boy. I topped both with some Cranberry Juice. "Drink up bro!!!" I said and we both downed most of what a poured. The boy was visibly surprised that I made it so strong and said "DUUUUUUDE FUCK that shit's GOOD!!" I smiled and told him to drink up, which he readily did. "Hey, bud are either of those girls your girlfriend? You seem like you had the hots for the one I kissed.." "Well, noooo. Naw, we're all just friends....I've jerked off thinking about banging Lucy (apparently the Brunette) but I think she's into bigger guys" I thought...No shit, Sherlock, the way she looked at me and kissed me the slut’s probably been getting gangbanged by the Football team since she was 16.... I said "Really? You are a totally handsome guy...and your body is sick! You're probably bigger than I was I at your age. Any girl would be lucky to take your dick...." "You think so bro?" "Yeah totally....." I leaned in closer to him and rubbed his back some more, then leaned in and started kissing him deep. The kid pushed away at first, but quickly let up. It was probably a combination or being too drunk to fight back and the raging hormones of an 18 year-old that wanted sex in any form he could get it. As my experienced tongue explored his mouth and perfect teeth, my left hand went lower to gently feel his hairless ass crack. My other hand went up his shorts as I gently caressed his similarly hairless thighs. He had on loose boxers which gave me plenty of room to get my hand up to his dick...which by now was hard and throbbing. When I finally pulled from him, I pulled his shirt off over him and felt up his sexy rippling chest and perfect six pack, where I found the only body hair so far...just the beginning of a faint blonde treasure trail. I took my own shirt off guided his hands over my superior muscled pecs and then down to my sweaty shorts where my 8inch dick was now at full mast. His eyes opened twice as wide in amazement, but he complied with my advances. I pulled my shorts down and guided his face to my dick...he instinctively opened his mouth to taste it, but I pushed his head down further so his nose was against my shaft and his mouth on my musty nuts. "Yeah buddy....lick my nuts....come on do it" he looked up at me with a little fear in his eyes and gently began to lick. Turned on by the high school kid cleaning my stinky balls, I jerked off a bit and slapped my giant dick in his face. I pulled him up on the seat so he was on all fours and I lowered his mouth on my dick...already oozing with loads on precum. He held the base with one soft hand and tentatively licked it. I pushed his head down a little more as my left hand slid off his shorts and boxers and exposed his pretty smooth boy bubble butt. I gently massaged his muscled cheeks before moving my fingers to his sweaty hole. He had just a light dusting of blonde peach fuzz which turned me on even more. As my fingers got more into the kid’s butt, he resisted, but I pushed his head down more on my dick while I invaded his ass more. Since I had gotten that far, there was no way in hell that my load was ending him in the teen's mouth. I put him back on the seat and kissed him some more; deeply and sweetly like I would a boyfriend. I guided his hand to my monster dick while I jerked him off a bit to reciprocate. His dick was nice...a good medium thickness 7incher, uncut. But I knew from experience that if I played with it too much or sucked it, the inexperienced kid would end up cumming in 2 seconds, and then run off. Fuck that! Now that the boy was completed hammered and horny and putty in my arms, I put him on his back and held his beautiful shapely legs in the air. I licked the shaft of his dick just a little and went right down to his sweaty hairless balls, and then his taint. I sniffed a little before going down further as I wasn't sure how good the straight boy's hygiene was. But it wasn't bad....it was ripe, but nice....kind of like the smell of a high school locker room after football practice. I went down and licked around before forcing my tongue deep in his pretty, flawless pink boy hole. The kid moaned like a cheap whore and reached down to jerk his dick before I swatted his hands away. I grabbed his perfect ass and pulled it apart to so could jam my tongue in deeper. I alternated between rubbing my rough stubble against his hole and gently biting and tonguing it. I lewdly spat on his hole and pushed it deeper inside him. By then my dick had half a usual cum load of precum built up on my cock. I leaned into the boy and kissed him sweetly. With his tightly muscled legs around me, I put my big arms around him and lined my leaking dick up around his sloppy wet hole. With my tongue down his throat, I eased my dick into his bare virgin butt. He tensed up and pushed me back, but I held him tighter and kissed him passionately. His hole was crazy tight but no match for my raging monster dick. By the time I stopped kissing him my dick was halfway inside his butt and he looked up at me with puppy dog eyes and said “Please…it hurts…can you pull out??? Can you put a condom on?” I held him tight and looked into his eyes tenderly while I slowly eased more of my dick into him. He squealed a little before I kissed him again and put more of my body weight against him. He was still fighting it, but he was not going to win. By now all the precum I continued to leak and all the spit and sweat had made violating his ass more pleasurable. I was in balls deep when I almost felt a pop in his pulsating boy hole. I took that as a signal to get rougher and started to give him a good man fucking. I kissed him sloppily and licked his sweaty neck and tweaked his nips while I pile drove my dick in and out of his ass. He had begun to enjoy it and I guided his hand to his dick; a signal that is was OK for him to start jerking off. Within 30 seconds the kid was screaming and moaning as he blew the biggest load I’ve ever seen all over his smooth chest. At the same time his dick clamped down on my cock like a vise grip which I fought against and fucked him harder. I told the clearly exhausted, spent, boy that I was gonna nut inside him. Before he could protest I kissed him again while I unloaded a 3-day cum load into the teen’s bowels. I kept my throbbing dick inside him while I kissed him some more and felt up his sexy, sweaty body. I eventually pulled out slowly and marveled at the sight of my beautiful engorged, wet dick and his still-pulsing cummy ass. I grabbed my tank and wiped us up a bit, and gave the boy his clothes to put back on. Still in shock, the kid said “You know, I’m not gay, right? I’ve never done anything with a guy before….” I said “No noo bro, it’s cool….I’m not gay either…we’re just buddies helpin each other get off! It’ll be our secret, OK?” He nodded meekly and gave me a tentative smile which contrasted against the tears that he was trying to fight back. I grabbed a couple of redbulls and made 1 big Vodka/Cran to go in a sport bottle. I threw my shorts on over my still half-hard dick. I thought, fuck the shirt, and decided to go back to the party shirtless. By now the after-race party was in full swing with the sound of EDM filling air. I said “hey, kid, what’s your name by the way? I’m Kevin.” He smiled and said “I’m Cody, nice to meet you!” I pulled him closer and slapped his ass hard and gave him a sweet peck on the cheek. “Hey….let’s hang out sometime…I’ll give you my KIK” “Suuuuure! You are a cool guy!” We got to the place where I told the girls to meet us, and we spotted them despite the dense crowd. They we grinding like Hip Hop video whores against two super-muscled (steroid) guidos who were both feeling up the girls and grabbing their tits and crotches with abandon. The guys had to be at least Mid-30’s but trying to look much younger with their MTV Jersey Shore outfits. They were both wearing sweat pants (probably freeball) and I could see their hardening cocks through the sweaty fabric. The girls shrieked in Unison and excitedly came over to hug and kiss us. Damn, these girls were FUCKED UP I thought. We introduced ourselves to the guys and I gave them a knowing smirk & nod when the others weren’t looking. We were all dancing and gyrating together with no particular preference for who we were rubbing up against…the place was jam packed and Molly had reduced this crew’s inhibitions to nil. I leaned close to the hotter of the two guidos and whispered in his ear “Hey bro, you got a couple hits for me n the kid?” He smiled and said “Yeah…as long as me and my buddy get a piece later…cool?” “Fuck yeah dude…this ok?” as I discreetly handed him a $100 bill. He smiled and reached into an inside pocket in his sweats and pulled out two orange tulip-shaped pills and larger blue pill…the latter instantly recognizable as Viagra. I mouthed a “thanks” to him and patted him on the ass, and bit the Viagra in half. I took the Molly & my half of the blue pill and chugged it with the red bull. Cody was a few people away and dancing with his friends. I pulled him aside and gave him his pills to take, which he took without question and went right back to dancing. I offered the vodka/cran to some obviously underage kids dancing close by who readily accepted….I sure as well wasn’t gonna need it! The guidos had taken off their shirts and the 6 of us were all taking turns grinding and dancing with each other…and anyone else who was close by. After a while, I suggested to the group that we come by to my house and hang in my pool. Everyone loved that idea so we made our way back to the parking lot. Lucy said, “Heeyyyyy!!! Can we ride back with you? My mom was gonna pick us up at 10, but I’ll tell her Kelly’s (apparently Slut #2’s name) Mom will pick us up instead & that I’m staying with her!!!!” “Sounds like a plan, babe….Yeah, let’s do it!” I chuckled to myself thinking about the crazy night we still had ahead of us.
  25. Another Real Experience - Jersey Boy Gives In To Temptation I used to play fairly regularly in and around Jersey City, for a while there were a good number of party guys living there with a lot of excellenT group scenes. It became evident after a year or so of playing with several guys down there regularly that despite being New Jersey's third largest city, AND directly across the Hudson and only a one stop PATH train ride from Manhattan, that it was still a pretty small pnp community where every guy knew everyone else. I played a lot with a guy in Journal Square, a hot guy I'll call Trace who was an exotic dancer/escort/masseuse. He was of mixed Greek and Native American heritage, wore his very black hair long with a full beard, looking very much like a pirate - but a pirate that was 5'6". That said, he had a ripped body and a big cock that looked even bigger on his small frame. He hired out exclusively as a top but when "off-duty" he liked to switch off - he liked my leather daddy style and we would blow clouds or get to the point and then play with our mutual fetish gear, get very oral and then he'd want to get fucked. Being a bottom and the whole "cleaning out" process was new to him, so this sometimes resulted in some unpleasantness, but we generally had fun, and soon enough he had other guys coming to join our sessions. Since group scenes are very much my favorite, I was pleased. Frequently these additional guys include Donnie, his candyman, a light skinned African-American kid who claimed to be more straight than bi or gay, and generally got blown while he was there or he topped one of the other guys... ocassionally though, if he was done his business for the evening he'd get very spun and would suck cock or even ocassionally get fucked. He never let Trace fuck him, claiming his cock was too big. Again, this only happened if he had no more business and around guys he knew very VERY well. There were other times when he'd bring guys with him - straight guys from the neighborhood who had done a lot of business with Donnie. White, Black, Latino, Asian, all kinds of guys but generally young, a bit street tough (which doesn't impress me, but works for lots of guys) and were tweaked enough that the offer of a long hot blowjob was irresistable to them, even if it was from another guy. Three of Trace's regular play buds - Jake, Aaron and Carlos - were totally into this. They loved getting on their knees and sucking off these "guests" of Donnie's. Trace and I would do some good oral work as well, but it was understood that we were NOT the subservient type and would brook NO disrespect or trash talk. We'd often wind up topping Jake, Aaron or Carlos while they performed oral duties on the guests, and some seemed to get off on it. Carlos was a thin somewhat effeminate latino with a heart of gold who was a devout bottom who could ocassionally throw an amazing fuck himself; Jake was a white blond buzz-cut gas-station attendant with a goatee, tats all over his ripped hairless body an amazing ass and small but generally hard dick; and then there was Aaron, whom I knew from before meeting Trace - a closeted divorced white Italian bi-guy - cute face, dark hair, a trifle chubby but sexy, with a beautiful ass that could take any cock or hand or arm or toy or (yes) baseball bat! And he was raising a 9 year old son on his own, living with his parents and working for a bank where they though he was the straightest guy on the planet. One of the "guests" that showed up a few times was a Construction Worker named Ralph. He was actually Jake's cousin, and got into this whole thing accidentally - somehow stumbling into Jake and Donnie and being introduced to Miss T, only to discover that his cousin Jake - so butch and dangerous looking - enjoyed getting high then sucking dick and getting his ass plowed bareback by whatever cocks he could get. Stunned, Ralph apparently just watched the first two times but then agreed to come to Trace's place for some head and good T. Ralph was 25 at the time, a tall trim white guy about 6'3", shaved head and scruff patch below his mouth, hairy body (reddish blond body hair) a lot of tats, nice arm and leg muscles with a long thin cock and a high muscular ass. (Regular readers will know where this is going...). There was supposed to be a girlfriend around somewhere. He very much turned me on, and I would be first to suck him each time he came to Trace's - he seemed to enjoy my oral attention as well as BJs from Trace, Carlos, Aaron, and even ocassionally Donnie - but never his cousin Jake. Ralph would watch while I fucked the other guys and ocassionally got fucked myself. The first time he watched Trace fuck me, and saw me actually enjoying getting that big piece in my hole, his eyebrows nearly went over the top of his head. He coughed out a cloud of T smoke he'd been inhaling, and said, "seriously dude, you LIKE that? I thought you only played the man's part, not the bitch's part!" I told him that first, yes, I liked it; second, yes I preferred to top but really, really preferred both in the same session; and third, never call me a bitch if you want to keep all of your teeth. "If a guy WANTS you to call him names like that, it's cool, but getting fucked doesn't make you any less a man." He seemed very thoughtful. I noticed he also watched very intently whenever anyone was being rimmed. Eventually Trace's place was too small for some of our gatherings and Aaron presented us with a solution - his parents would be out-of-town for a week and we could come play in their basement that first Friday night as soon as his kid went to bed. Jake had let us all know that Ralph would be coming and thought he might be brave enough and ready enough to top someone that evening. We met up at Trace's place and got our supplies together, and all took some little blue magic to stay hard while blowing clouds with a few of us trading shotguns as we waited for Aaron to call and let us know his son was asleep and we could come over. The call came sooner than expected, and we headed out to the two cars - mine and Jake's - and somehow I wound up driving Ralph and Donnie while Jake drove Trace and Carlos. During the drive Donnie got Ralph higher while we talked about what he might be into doing that night. He was obviously very turned on and his inhibitions were almost completely eliminated - mentioning that he had really cleaned up in the shower so he could have someone rim his hole. We wound up arriving at Aaron's parents' house first - a suburban split level with the lower level playroom all set up for a sex party... sling, rim-seat, play mats, toys and gay bb porn on the big screen. (I kept wondering exactly how Aaron would ezplain this if his kid woke up and came down for a glass of water...). Jakes car arrived about 10 minutes later. Seems that he picked up a couple of other guys, Tyrell and Matt, two somewhat thuggy down-low types, one black the other white. We all got naked and blew clouds some more clouds , and I wound up by chance or someone else's design with Ralph mostly to myself while Trace, Carlos, Jake and Aaron played up to these new guys and Donnie busied himself preparing all of our enhancements for the evening. Ralph even accepted some shotguns from me, and when I got him to sit in the rimchair, he inhaled some Maximum Impact while I gave him his first salad tossing. He had a beautiful ass, clean and great-tasting, and we both really enjoyed it. We moved over to a couch to let others use the chair and I gave Ralph a nice blowjob while he sucked down somemore clouds. He told me to stand up while he stayed seated, and then looked up at me and said softly, "I better try this before I chicken out", then took the head of my cock and part of the shaft into his mouth. It was only for a few minutes, and it was very inexpert, but he was enthusiastic and I was so turned on by the situation that I almost shot. Amazingly, Donnie was the only one to notice this and sauntered over holding something behind his back with his cock dangling in front. Ralph actually sucked it in for a few licks before he looked up at me and told me he wanted to fuck me. Donnie pulled the two needleless syringes from behind his back and said that a booty-bump each would get us in the mood for fucking, saying he'd do me while I did Ralph. I got down on all fours in front of Ralph and pushed his legs up. I started to rim the young stud's hole again while Donnie rimmed mine and then I inserted the syringe in his hairy pucker while Donnie inserted one into mine. A minute or two later and Ralph and I were soaring. Donnie told us he'd be back and went to do some more chemistry. Ralph asked me to "sit on his dick" and I responded "gladly". He remained seated on the couch and picked up the Tina pipe as I straddled him and aligned my hole over his very hard - thanks to Vitamin V and his enthusiasm - supposedly straight cock. He pulled my head into his and blew his cloud into my mouth. As I sank to his balls he hissed "yessssssssss". We started a slow grinding fuck, that frankly felt amazing, and sure enough the shotgunning turned into face-sucking deep kissing. I told him he felt amazing and smiled but asked like before "and you really like that?" I responded enthusiastically "yes". We fucked like that for quite a while, eventually just slowly pumping as he spoke again. Speaking softly, he told me that this whole scene he'd been watching these few times turned him on immensely and he was constantly thinking about it. He had thought he might be gay when he was in his early teens, but the only gays he knew were very flamboyant - which was not him at all he confessed - and that his father and brothers and buddies all considered gay guys to be beneath contempt, failed men who wanted to be women. Since none of this seemed to apply to him, he decided that he could not be one of THEM and tried to forget his interest and just concentrate on girls. Having watched us these couple of times, and having been lectured by me, he realized that gay sex was no threat to his masculinity. He'd been hoping that tonight he'd get high enough and brave enough to try it all, and said he'd even looked up how to clean his hole out, and had practiced a few times sticking something up his butt. I looked him in the eye, squeezing his cock in my hole, and said "are you saying what I think you're saying?" and looking like a lost little kid he said "I know my ass isn't as hot as Carlos' or Trace's or Aaron's but do you think you'd want to fuck me for my first time?" Seriously? He had to ASK? And personally, I thought his ass was HOTTER. Donnie had quietly moved back our way and caught the last part of this. He leaned down and whispered to us that he could make that easier on Ralph but first told us to suck his cock between us - Ralph looked at the caramel colored tool between us and smiled, we kissed it and traded sucking it for a few minutes until Donnie said he'd better go get what Ralph needed for his virgin ride. "That gives me time to finish fucking YOU," Ralph said and suddenly started a piston fuck that despite me being on top nearly blew me off his lap. Donnie returned with some cups with a bit of G and juice which we all downed, then points - he did me first, then Ralph and then himself - Ralph coughed and then whispered "do me man". I knelt on the floor with him on the edge of the couch. Pulling his long legs up, I tongued his soon to be cherry-popped manhole while he moaned and we heard Donnie cough. Bringing Ralph's legs to rest over my shoulder, I quickly used just a bit of lube and placed the head of my cock against his now pliant hole. Donnie had him suck on a cloth covered with Max Impact and slowly but surely my cock sank into his warm snug hole. Ralph began to moan as I slid in, taking a few minutes, but finally feeling my balls slapping on his butt. His own cock was back to being rock hard and felt amazing pressed up against me. I started to pump slowly when he nodded at me, and shortly he sighed "so good"... that's when I felt a welcome invasion between my own legs as Donnie knelt behind me and slid his shaft into me. We fucked like that for a few minutes, until Ralph said he was a bit uncomfortable and could he sit on me the way I did on him? Donnie pulled out of me and Ralph sat on my lap and onto my cock - a bit too fast if the wideness of his eyes was any sign - but Donnie was there putting the glass cock to our mouths and we all traded clouds as Ralph rode my cock and really started to enjoy himself. Donnie presented his cock for our inspection and again we spent time kissing each other and the cock between us. After a bit, Ralph turned around to a reverse cowboy so he could suck Donnie's cock much more efficiently and deeply. This was when the other guys FINALLY noticed what was going on (see what two big thug cocks can do to distract some guys?)... there were a number of gasps, and some complaints that we were "ruining a top", but they eventually got over it. We did mix and match more after that - I fucked Trace, Aaron, Jake and amazingly, Donnie, and got fucked by Carlos (!), and by Tyrell and Matt who were wonderfully large, but lacking a bit in finesse. I think I blew and rimmed everyone at some point, and got fucked by and fucked both Ralph and Donnie again. I got to watch Ralph turn insatiable, sucking every cock there (if not expertly) including his cousin - getting into a hot 69 with his cousin Jake while getting fucked by Donnie while Jake was fucked by me. Ralph also fucked Aaron and then fucked his cousin Jake - and he GOT fucked by not just Donnie and me, but by Carlos (again surprising) and briefly by Jake and Trace. Tyrell tried to get in him, but was just too big, and Ralph was just a bit too sore - the spirit was willing but the flesh was just too new at this! On the way back to Trace's at 4:30AM or so, I told him to try a good soak in the tub either now or when he got up the next day, and to not be surprised if his ass was really sore from all this. Amazingly, I got a call from Ralph early the next afternoon saying he "needed more". I drove down to Jersey City and met him at Trace's and the three of us fucked round-robin style for a few more hours, blowing some clouds, watching bb porn and reliving Ralph's amazing experience the night before. Ralph eventually wound up getting into a relationship with a Realtor friend of mine in Hoboken before they moved to the Keys. His deflowering will always be a great memory for me!

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