Pozzing Stories Make Me Ache

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I'm straight. Though I've had my share of cock and ass too. I've had cum in my ass and cum down my throat.  The hottest fucks I've ever had were with poz guys. I've loaded up several, and I I've knowingly let at least 6 poz tops fuck me bareback, though I don't think any of them shot inside me. And who knows how many raw cocks have fucked me in bath houses... But to the best of my knowledge, I'm neg. But I don't really know because I've never been tested. So much barebacking with guys AND girls, but yet I still consider myself to be neg. Because I haven't been fucked in over 6 years and I've barebacked with every girl I've been with in those years. But none of them have turned up poz. So I think I'm neg, but then again, ya never know....


And what I feel is the truth, is that I'd prefer to stay neg. Just seems like the smart thing to do. But why is it that I can't stop thinking about giving myself over to some random POZ top who loads me up with his bug filled seed? I try to be good. I really do. I've somehow managed to not get fucked for so long. I've come close three times, all with poz tops. But just my luck, good or bad, each time the top wouldn't fuck me because I told him I am neg. I absolutely ache to feel a hard raw cock slide inside me, knowing the guy is HIV positive. I want to feel fear and lust all in one heartbeat. And I want to feel him go past the point of no return and flood my guts with his poz babies.


I need to man the fuck up and just do it already.


But until then, I devour the stories on here. And the thing is, I am to the point where only poz conversion stories get me off. The General stories don't even get me hard anymore. I only want to read about a neg guy having his life changed by the cum of an HIV infected man.


I actually look forward to the time when I sit down at the keyboard and write for you, the story of my conversion, whether by intentionally accepting a poz load, or getting stealthed. Either way I will share it with my new brotherhood.


But until then, I'll read your stories.  And continue aching.


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Hell yeah! Hot dude. Look forward to reading your conversion story soon.


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    • By Jacksonrw
      Hey guys planning a few days in Madrid next month. Any suggestions on barebacking in Madrid? Any clubs or saunas better than others? 
    • By versbbguy
      This is a fictional story based on a few real life things.  It'd dedicated to PartyandBreed -- I wrote this just for him.
      I always fucked or got fucked bareback and when BBRT came along it facilitated that itch in a mostly easy manor.  At first I only hooked up with men who listed their status as negative because, years before PREP, I didn’t want to become infected, but being a dedicated barebacker, and having a filthy mind, led me to consider HIV+ top men when I was horny.  Even so, I still was not quite ready to take that step.  I started using the website a bit later.  I was mostly lurking, reading stories, adding the occasional comment until I decided I wanted to add something to the 'Bug Chasing' fiction section.
      I wrote “Cody’s Return” (which evolved into “Cody’s Bareback Adventures”) and the flood of years of depravity in my mind rushed out, including plenty of things I have never done and will likely never do.  I was horny and the culmination of every porn scene, every dirty story, and every sex club I’d ever been to all culminated into characters and a story of things I get off on (mostly bug chasing, incest, piss).  Suddenly my profile got a lot more attention and my inbox grew.  I continued the stories later writing “Kevin Is HIV+” (a still ongoing story on this site).
      I heard from guys who loved what I wrote, some with suggestions, and others just loving the spank material.  More than one of them I wanted poz cock from, if they were ever local.  By the time I began writing these stories any fear of being HIV+ or taking cum from HIV+ men was gone and I was full on bug chasing and writing about things I actively wanted to do.
      A hot member named PandB messaged me and said he wants me and him to act out some of the fuck scenes from my stories.  He said he’s not on meds and that he’d love to be the guy that infects me.  With all of those stories, and several filthy messages, we agreed it’s what we both wanted to do.  I wanted him to infect me, converting me into a HIV-positive bottom, and he wanted to do it … we’d tell each other this over and over several times over the course of a few months while planning for him to visit.
      He doesn’t live that far from me, but my life has been busy so we finally agreed to meet on a weekend after things calmed down when it’s convenient for both of us.  He drove to my house and I let him in, we hugged, we looked at each other and things got very quiet for a moment.  A smile crossed his face, a smile crossed my face and in that moment we both knew I’d have his cum inside me before we did anything else.
      I showed him around the house, and when we got to my bedroom he unceremoniously pushed me on the bed in a show of confidence, leaned down over me giving me a deep kiss, then, when the kiss was broken, he asked "Why aren’t you naked?”  I pushed off my shoes and stripped off my clothing.  Although he gave me another quick kiss, I'd estimate he had shed his clothing - his glasses, shirt shoes, socks, trousers, in three second flat, the entire time staring at me.  Young guys are so fun and eager.  At this point my cock was raging.  We had talked at length about what we both wanted and needed.  There was really no reason to talk anymore; he was here and we were going to fuck.  That was it.  
      He looked into my night stand but it was empty.  “Lube?” he asked.
      “Bathroom, top drawer.”
      He grabs the Gun Oil and by this time I was naked, on all fours on the bed.  “Get on your back,” he instructed as he lubed cock.
      'Fuck yeah', I thought.  I had thought he might want it doggie, but my favorite way to be fucked is on my back, legs up, especially if the guy fucking me is poz as I love seeing the face of a poz guy as he enjoys my hole.  No sooner was I in position than I felt PandB's hands working some of the lube into my hole.
      He climbed onto the bed, looking at me, and pushing my legs back so they rested on his shoulders.  Then he looked down at my ass, lining up his cock, I could feel his cock head slide around, and when his head penetrated my hole, and involuntary "Ahhhhhhh, go slow, aahhhh,” escaped my lips.
      PandB leaned forward, a smirk on his lips as his cock slowly sunk into my tight neg ass.  “Ohhhh…. Ahhhhh … feels good,” he remarked.  I couldn't take my eyes off his.  “Yessss," he hissed in pleasure.
      This continued until his nuts were resting on my ass.  “That’s all of it, dude.  Now you've got an eight inch poz cock in your ass.”
      "An unmedicated poz cock,” I added, giving his cock a squeeze and a playful look.
      "Yup.  Unmedicated,” and giving a push to emphasize the words, “Poz cock.”
      His cock lodged inside my ass, we made out.  While I really, really wanted him to fuck me, and I was definitely ready as I was horned-up and absolutely wanted it, but but I also love being kissed.  He held himself a bit more erect, my legs anchored on his shoulders, and rode my tight hole.  I don’t get fucked enough and I imagine the friction on his cock told him as much.  We stared directly into each other’s eyes.  We had talked for months about what it will be like when we hooked up, what it would be like when he fucked me bareback, and how much he got off on the thought of infecting neg bottoms – especially when the bottom begs for it.
      I finally blurted out, “Fuck me man … I want your poz load inside me,” somehow sensing that he'd understand how desperate I was to have his poz cum inside my body
      He doesn’t say a word he just looks at me with a grin that says, “yeah fucker … you’re gonna take as much poz cum as I give you, I want you poz”.  His eyes close a moment as he slowly fucks me and a moan escapes his lips, “Yes …. Fuck yes…. Been waiting for this”, “Me too man”.  He fucks me like that for a good 10 minutes, not a lot of talking just the sounds of his cock and balls using my ass, but we know what we both want him to do and that mental connection is enough to keep thinks hot and heavy.  When he leaves and drives back home I know we both want the HIV in his cum to have made its way into my bloodstream so that the next time I test I will get a positive result.  Just thinking that he wants this as much as I do really makes me hard.
      Finally I feel I need to state that I want that first load, and I start talking filthy, “Fuck yea dude … you’re gonna fucking infect my neg ass, gonna give it to me, fuck me the way you did that guy told me about … convert me like you did him”, “Yes, yes … ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yes”.  I just keep egging him on and on using my ass muscles to squeeze his cock on the outstroke while saying nasty things I know will make him need to cum.  His face is sweating against my hairy leg and we’re both working him towards an orgasm that’s been several months in the making.
      My cock is leaking tons of precum now but I rarely cum during sex and being a bottom I want all of the attention focused on his cock and anything that makes him nut.  “I want it PandB … I want your poz virus in me, … fucking infect me”, “Yeah … yeah”, he doesn’t say much.  He’s sweating, the room is warm, and I know he’s focused entirely on using my ass as a receptacle for that unmedicated poz load.
      I’m pretty sure we’re going to do this 10 more times over the course of the weekend, but right now I just need his cum inside me so I can carry around his bug while we watch tv, kiss, cuddle and goof off.  Also, the longer his load is in me, the more likely it’ll be absorbed into my body, and I’ll end up HIV-positive.  “I want this dude … I want to be poz like you … I want to be poz”, that sets him off, “Hot fucker!!  I’m gonna breed that neg ass … Gonna fuck it, breed it, and when I’m gone I guarantee you, you WILL be infected with HIV”.  Then I hear the orgasm coming, “Uhhhhhhh… ohhhhhh god,…. Oh fuck, I’m close … I’m close”, I use that to squeeze down on his cock harder, “You want this”, “Fuck yeah I do”, “You want it … you wa…. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH FUCK !!!!  OH FUCK !!!!!”, and his first load of poz cum is squirting into my ass.  “Fuck!  Give me that poz … “, but he cuts me off, “FUCK FUCK….. OH FUCK I’m cummmming so hard babe”.
      The rest of weekend went much the same, I took 12 more loads from him (gotta love youth).
      I messaged him on the 9th day after that weekend; I had the flu.  I felt shitty but he had no sympathy for me.  He told me it was fucking hot and exciting that we’d had sex and now I was sick.  He said I was a bottom who barebacked and I deserved this for letting him cum inside me.  I knew he was right, but I also knew I wouldn’t get hard over it until I got to feeling better.
    • By rawtop78
      Anyone know the best places to go for raw sex in Prague? visiting for a few days and need some ass
    • By ohvisit
      Last night I posted an ad on CL looking for tops to breed me through one of the gloryholes at the local adult bookstore. About an hour after posting, a recently divorced man in his early 40s replied with a pic of his cock. It didn't look that impressive, but what the hell, I could check out the arcade anyway even if this one doesn't work out. When I walked into the arcade, there were only two guys. One was clearly over 60, and the other guy was a tall, beefy dark-haired guy that fit the description of the guy who had responded to my CL ad. I went into a booth with a larger gloryhole, and he went into the other booth. In less than a minute after entering, he pushed a super thick 8" cock through the hole. I couldn't believe how impressive his cock was.
      I attempted to suck his cock, but after five minutes, my mouth couldn't handle the girth. Spitting on my fingers a couple of times, I lubed up my ass as best I could. Had I anticipated his cock would be this big, I would have brought some lube. Before I slid my ass down on that cock, I took three long hits of poppers. He pulled his cock back through the hole just as I was positioned my ass over it. I grabbed his cock and lined up his cockhead with my ass. He pushed hard and the entire eight inches slid up my hole. I felt his balls smack against my ass. I had to concentrate hard to not scream. He didn't give me any time to adjust to the pain of that huge cock. In and out, he pulled out and slammed in forcefully. 
      This man had stamina. After what must have been 10 minutes of piston fucking my ass, he slammed in hard and held it there for 5 minutes, churning his cock slowly in my ass. Maybe he had cum? Then he started piston fucking me again. This went on for another 10 minutes. My hole was getting dry by this point and the hard fucking started to hurt. Suddenly he pushed in and held his cock deep in my ass. He stood without moving for a few minutes, and then I felt his cock grow in my ass and twitch. I could feel him cumming. He pulled out slowly. I pushed a finger up my ass and felt his huge load. 
      I went into a private booth so I could push out his load. On the first attempt, out squirted a palm full of cum, which I lapped up eagerly. I repeated this two more times, jerking myself off with the final wad of cum from my ass. 
    • By bugchaser73
      Neg looking for no loads refused fun into kink n sleaze...
       Into most things, quick or long drawn out, anon, or pimping at Sauna...
      i have a few free weekends...
      ...Manchester  20-22 Jan, 27-29 Jan 2017...
      Birmingham 3-5 Feb 2017

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