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I'm straight. Though I've had my share of cock and ass too. I've had cum in my ass and cum down my throat.  The hottest fucks I've ever had were with poz guys. I've loaded up several, and I I've knowingly let at least 6 poz tops fuck me bareback, though I don't think any of them shot inside me. And who knows how many raw cocks have fucked me in bath houses... But to the best of my knowledge, I'm neg. But I don't really know because I've never been tested. So much barebacking with guys AND girls, but yet I still consider myself to be neg. Because I haven't been fucked in over 6 years and I've barebacked with every girl I've been with in those years. But none of them have turned up poz. So I think I'm neg, but then again, ya never know....


And what I feel is the truth, is that I'd prefer to stay neg. Just seems like the smart thing to do. But why is it that I can't stop thinking about giving myself over to some random POZ top who loads me up with his bug filled seed? I try to be good. I really do. I've somehow managed to not get fucked for so long. I've come close three times, all with poz tops. But just my luck, good or bad, each time the top wouldn't fuck me because I told him I am neg. I absolutely ache to feel a hard raw cock slide inside me, knowing the guy is HIV positive. I want to feel fear and lust all in one heartbeat. And I want to feel him go past the point of no return and flood my guts with his poz babies.


I need to man the fuck up and just do it already.


But until then, I devour the stories on here. And the thing is, I am to the point where only poz conversion stories get me off. The General stories don't even get me hard anymore. I only want to read about a neg guy having his life changed by the cum of an HIV infected man.


I actually look forward to the time when I sit down at the keyboard and write for you, the story of my conversion, whether by intentionally accepting a poz load, or getting stealthed. Either way I will share it with my new brotherhood.


But until then, I'll read your stories.  And continue aching.


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      Last month I got stealthed by this guy at the bath house.  When I wasn't watching, he removed the condom he had insisted on using and then proceeded to cum in me. When I found out, for some reason instead of being angry I decided to immediately suck his cock and then let him breed me a second time - raw.
      The next day I went and requested PEP because if I seroconvert, I rather it didn't occur in the context of a random hookup.  (For those who aren't familiar with PEP, the acronym refers to post-exposure propylaxis, which amounts to taking anti-retroviral medication (ART) after having been potentially exposed to HIV. The purpose is to prevent seroconversion.  PEP should be used only in emergency situations and must be started within 72 hours after a recent possible exposure to HIV.
      For various reason, the cocktail of Truvada and Isentress really set badly with my stomach and I was so annoyed by it I found myself irritated about having to take the medication, particularly as I had been instructed to eat a meal with the Truvada.  (Apparently taking Truvada on a full stomach boosts absorption.)  In any event, more than once I took the medication late, on one occasion four hours late, and additionally I did not eat very much while taking Truvada.  I even flushed my daily dose once as requested by some members of the forum.  For some reason doing so really turned me on.
      The treatment was to last 28 days, but during the last two weeks I developed a sore throat and feverish symptoms that went away after six days.  Nothing too serious or tough.
      Now that I have finished the treatment I'm supposed to see my doctor in 30 days, then at the 90 day mark, and finally at the 180 day mark - just to verify if it worked.
      I was wondering if anyone on this site has ever taken PEP, and if so, did it work?
      When I told to the doctor I was not sticking to the timing he gave me, and that I was having sex during the PEP period, he got pretty pissed off saying that I was risking becoming resistant to the cocktail, and he also suggested I might have a high viral load, in which case I would be dangerous to any guys with whom I had sex.  

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