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I'm straight. Though I've had my share of cock and ass too. I've had cum in my ass and cum down my throat.  The hottest fucks I've ever had were with poz guys. I've loaded up several, and I I've knowingly let at least 6 poz tops fuck me bareback, though I don't think any of them shot inside me. And who knows how many raw cocks have fucked me in bath houses... But to the best of my knowledge, I'm neg. But I don't really know because I've never been tested. So much barebacking with guys AND girls, but yet I still consider myself to be neg. Because I haven't been fucked in over 6 years and I've barebacked with every girl I've been with in those years. But none of them have turned up poz. So I think I'm neg, but then again, ya never know....


And what I feel is the truth, is that I'd prefer to stay neg. Just seems like the smart thing to do. But why is it that I can't stop thinking about giving myself over to some random POZ top who loads me up with his bug filled seed? I try to be good. I really do. I've somehow managed to not get fucked for so long. I've come close three times, all with poz tops. But just my luck, good or bad, each time the top wouldn't fuck me because I told him I am neg. I absolutely ache to feel a hard raw cock slide inside me, knowing the guy is HIV positive. I want to feel fear and lust all in one heartbeat. And I want to feel him go past the point of no return and flood my guts with his poz babies.


I need to man the fuck up and just do it already.


But until then, I devour the stories on here. And the thing is, I am to the point where only poz conversion stories get me off. The General stories don't even get me hard anymore. I only want to read about a neg guy having his life changed by the cum of an HIV infected man.


I actually look forward to the time when I sit down at the keyboard and write for you, the story of my conversion, whether by intentionally accepting a poz load, or getting stealthed. Either way I will share it with my new brotherhood.


But until then, I'll read your stories.  And continue aching.


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    • By tprbttm4u
      Breed me please!  hAD MY E-MAILS sUSPENDED.  Could not reply for a couple weeks.  I know a few got made, sorry!
    • By Scorpion
      Virgin POZ Night  (Part 1)
      ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. **
      I was strolling around my favorite bath house, when a booth awakened my attention.

      A note was pinned at the door:

      ‘Virgin POZ night’ was written in bright red letters.
      ‘Don’t wake the sleeping beauty’ was added.
      I heard there was some heavy breathing going on in the booth, but I had the feeling, that only one guy was in it, jacking off.
      There was no moaning from another party or so.
      So after a couple of minutes the door was unlocked and a guy I knew so well left the both, with his pants still open and a hard cock sticking out of it.
      Next to the door was a little blackboard and he drew a line and then left without even noticing me.
      I could see five marks already.
      ‘Nice’ I thought and entered the little booth.
      A blonde twink was laying with the front of his body downwards a short bench.
      I guess he must have been 18 or 19 the most.
      He was body was fixed with a strap tightly around his chest and around his lower back. He wouldn’t able to make a move – not an inch, but he was obviously asleep or knocked out more likely. 
      His head was hanging down on one side of the bench. On the other side his cunt was leaking some cum.
      He had been used for quite a while it seemed.
      I was drawing a line on his sweat covered back.
      He shivered…..
      His hands had been tied to his back. He wouldn’t be able to defend himself, if he would be awake.
      His body was flawless. Not a single hair could be seen between his ass cheeks.
      “Beautiful…” I mumbled.
      I closed the door and locked it behind me.

      “Hmmmm… hm…..” he moaned and shook his head a little bit.
      “What…. where…. am I” he whispered.
      I was standing right behind him looking down at this young guy who seemed to regain consciousness.
      “Hello…. is there…. *sigh* is there someone….?” his voice was so soft.
      “Hey there” I said with my low voice, not getting myself into his view yet.
      “Sir… my head is spinning. I can’t move…. where am I” he asked slowly. It seemed like the thoughts he had formed slowly the sentences I heard.
      I didn’t know what to reply. I was sure he wasn’t suppose to know in which town he was or even that this was a biohazard bath house.
      “Could you…. please…. help me to get up? he stammered.

      While hearing the twinks soft voice I started massaging the lump in my jeans.
      “Uuuuugh…. I don’t feel good….. *sighs again softly* … my head is spinning” he sniffed.
      “Well how did you get here?” I asked with a worried tone.
      “Uuuuhm….I…. hmmmm….. I don’t know” he mumbled.
      “I just came around by accident and heard you moan – I came to see if everything was alright” I lied to him.
      “Are my hands tied Sir? I can’t move them…. could you please untie me?”
      “Someone handcuffed you behind your back….” I described to him.
      “Hmmmm…. ooooh…. hrmpf….. my ass is hurting so much. What is happening here? Please… can you open the handcuffs, please Sir” he begged.
      His head was still hanging down. He didn’t have the strength to raise it by himself.
      I walked around him and stroked him softly his hair.
      “Well…  I can’t see the keys….” I made some noises like I was looking for a key.
      Then I grabbed his head and yanked it up violently.
      I pressed my groin area against his face.

      His head had no chance to escape. I pressed my bulge against his him and he wailed a bit.
      “Can’t…. breathe….” he moaned in panic.
      “Open your mouth wide then – I am trying to help you here young man!” I exclaimed.
      The silly twink did just that and opened his mouth widely only to get more of my bulge into his stupid mouth.
      He tried to yank himself away, but that way he would just sprain his neck and I knew his pain, especially in the back of his neck would be extreme by now.
      He expelled his hot breath against my crotch. I could feel him fighting for breath, while I almost dry humped his face through my jeans.
      Then I moved away from the helpless boy.
      “No keys here…. no nothing….” I hissed.
      “Then….*gasps for air* please… do you got a mobile phone?” he asked me.
      “Please… call my parents. Tell them to pick me up.” he almost cried by now.
      “Calm down lad. Everything will be fine.” I tried to reassure him, that everything was alight.
      I crouched in front of him and he whispered his mom’s mobile phone number. I couldn’t almost understand every digit, but after I repeated I made sure I would safe this number.
      In expectation that I would call his mother immediately he gathered all his strength and lifted his head up again.
      He could only see my body up to my waist and didn’t understand what I was doing.
      I unbuttoned my jeans slowly and enjoyed to see the terror in his eyes rising.
      “You really don’t know why you are here, eh” I cackled gleefully.
      “You are the hole…. A hole for toxic dicks” I explained his fate to him.
      “Five guys have already fucked you up and now you will get the sixth viral load up your tight asshole” I smiled.
      “Wait – let me make a picture for your mom… one before…. and one after I POZ fucked you” I said coldly.
      “Smile for your parents…. smile for your mom” I grinned…
    • By irlchaser
      I had been lurking on bbrt, getting hard to bug chasing fiction on here and jerking off to verbal poz porn on tumblr for a couple of years before I finally took my first toxic plunge. It was just before my 30th birthday and I was in my prime, 6ft, boy next door good looks, tight gym body with a round peach of an ass covered in soft fair bum fluff. I was turning heads in the bar and clubs but I was finding safe and vanilla hook ups didn't do it for me anymore. The sight of a condom in person or in porn was an instant boner killer. I started spending more and more time fantasizing about getting knocked up and began chatting to guys on bbrt.
      I lived in a small city with an even smaller and discreet bareback scene, at the time there weren't many open bug chasers even on bbrt. I'd already been through a couple of profiles and chickened out on few meets and was finding it difficult to find verbal gift givers, most guys were undetectable and looking for the same.
      It was a Friday night and work had been a bitch that week.  I picked up some weed and beers and settled in for a night of cruising for raw cock.  I don't know what clicked in my mind that night, whether it was my looming 30th birthday, the shitty week in work or the disappointing sex of late but I knew that night I would finally let my neg hole be flooded with a toxic load.  I was getting a nice buzz from the weed and beer and had some filthy porn on in the back round.  It was the kind where the guys were all obviously poz and even implied in some scenes that Toxic tops were pozzing neg bottoms without outright saying it, it gave me an idea to take a different approach online. 
      Logging onto BBRT, I edited my profile, taking out any overt references to being a bug chaser and changing my status to "ask me" instead of "don't know, don't care."  If tops could stealth then I could be a stealth bottom and steal the strain I craved.  Before I saw what I wanted.
      His profile described a hung top in his 50s, status "poz" not "undetectable" which really got my attention, and seemed to be close by.  Perfect!  I messaged him and unlocked all my pics.  He got back to me straight away, turns out he was a stoner and was at home high and horny too.   We got though all the online pleasantries quickly, he could host and was only a short walk from my place, we were sexually compatible and both up for meeting now.  Neither of us asked or disclosed our status in the messages.  I supposed he assumed I was poz and, like many others on the site, was being discreet.
      I asked him to unlock his pics, it was a formality on my part I knew I was ready to give up my hole to him from our brief exchange but it would be nice to get a look first.  The notification came through and I nearly came there and then.  I was greeted by pics of an obviously wasted body and what once would have been a handsome face but was now sunken and had lined cheeks, mouth and eyes that gave him the appearance of cheeky chappy who would rough me up.  Hanging between his skin and bone legs was a veiny flaccid monster, there was more meat on his poz cock than any of his other limbs.  He didn't have any fully erect pics but I didn't need to see any more.   We swapped numbers, he texted his address and we arranged to meet.  I hit the shower and while douching had precum dripping from the semi I had since seeing his pics.
      It was always at this point before where I would text with some lame excuse to cancel and go have a wank thinking about what could have been. This night was different, although my heart was pounding out of my chest it was with pure excitement not anxiety.  My cock was hard the whole 15 minute walk to his place, my hole was twitching with anticipation and instead of any conflicted thoughts I was filled with a focused, frenzied desire to take this strangers poz, hopefully unmedicated cum in my neg cunt.
      I arrived at the address and text to let him know I was outside, minutes later he was opening the door and leading me to his "flat" at the top of the house.  It was more of a efficiency, containing little more than a couch facing a TV, a small bed in the corner, and a kitchen alcove, and what at first glance appeared to be a closet was actually an en suite bathroom.  As soon as we were in the door we embraced and kissed.  He was somewhat shorter than my height, but the kiss we shared ignited something it both of us and we could both tell we were in for a good night.  His frail, small body felt so warm in my arms and instantly put me at ease.  We moved to the couch were a joint was waiting, from the first kiss we were never not touching one another, a hand on a knee, a stolen kiss, caressing our hard-ons through our jeans.
      We were obviously from different worlds but had an instant connection.  We made some easy small talk and finished the joint while watching some porn which would not be needed to get me going. I moved off the couch onto my knees and unleashed his hard cock from his jeans.  The virus might have done a number on his body and his face but his cock was pristine, a good nine inches with a slight upwards curve, a wet purple head covered in the softest foreskin.  When I took it in my mouth I could feel the veins pumping, filled with the poison I was here to take home with me. 
      I didn't take long for us to get naked and onto his bed, his skinny smooth body felt amazing on top of my muscled frame.  We were wild for each other, I hadn't been this hard since I was a teenager.  I knew it wouldn't be long before I had his toxic cum pumping deep in my hole.  I lay back and began to finger my hole giving him a little show, the look on his face was priceless.  He was the cat who got the cream, I imagined he couldn't believe his luck having a hot young guy ready to be fucked raw.  How was he to know I was the one in absolute awe of him and the poz gift he was going to unknowingly give me.  Soon I was flipped onto all fours with his tongue in my sweaty hole, I was moaning like a bitch in heat.  He pulled me back to him and I kissed him from behind tasting my ass in his mouth.  While we were making out he lined up that perfect poz cock with my neg boy pussy.
      I fell back into doggie style as he pushed into my wet hole.  I was in heaven, I finally had a toxic cock inside me.  I arched my back and backed up fully onto that monster, wordlessly letting him know there was no need to be gentle and he got the message and went to town on my greedy cunt.  We bucked and fucked in perfect unison.  I had a raging boner which I never normally had when getting fucked before, I was feeling new levels pleasure in my mind, hole and dick I had never felt before.  I begged him to "breed my hole" and "give me his load" and he responded likewise.  Amazingly in my state of bug chaser ecstasy I managed not to let out the usual poz buzz words and give away he was knocking me up, I doubt he would have cared at that stage but I wasn't taking any chances he would pull out.
      I began to feel his cock getting even harder in me and those tell tale pulses, he was about to cum.  I started to squeeze my now loosened hole around his beautiful poz prick.  I turned my head and met his eyes, gave him a cheeky smile and told him to "give it to me."  He didn't need telling twice and started to slam into my neg cunt.  I almost couldn't believe it - his more-than-likely toxic poz cum was going to flood my guts!  Additionally, for the first time fucking had never before felt so right and free.  I reached for my for my fully erect cock and with one stroke let loose the hardest longest orgasm I had ever felt, spurts and spurts of useless neg jizz landing on the bed spread.  This set off a chain reaction in my cunt, he seemed to have an equal orgasm to mine.  I felt spasm after spasm inside me, the precious gift deposited deep in me that I was going to try and hold onto, hopefully to regift if it took.
      He pulled out and I turned around to clean off his cock, licking his sweaty balls, taking in the smell of him, moving my tongue up his torso to his lips and fell back onto the bed in a euphoric embrace.  We lay there in after glow bliss kissing and caressing each other, running our hands up our spines inducing those after cum shivers I love.  I felt reborn anew lying there, a new clarity had come over me, gone was the indecisiveness and the shame.  I had made fantasy reality and it was more than I could have imagined.  There was no going back.  I knew now for certain I was meant to convert, it was my destiny to be free, to be a poz cum dump.  
      The whole hook up had seemed to fly by but I checked my phone and a couple of hours had passed by, we were both spent and called it a night, agreeing to do it again soon.  I was overjoyed leaving and now I was grinning like the cat who got the poison cream.  I left my unwitting gifter with a passionate kiss on the doorstep and practically skipped home with his dirty load inside my ass.
      Several weeks later I came down with a nasty flu.  I had to take a sick day from work it was so bad.  Still being a horny bastard and bored at home I logged into bbrt and saw him online.  He must have noticed me online as I got a text message from him looking for a hook up.  I told him I was sick and decided to bring up the fact that I was neg, I asked if he thought there might be a change he could have pozzed me.  He text back that there could be, he had health complications and wasn't always 100% with his meds, hence his "poz" status on bbrt.  He seemed to worry then and responded with apologies, I told him not to worry that it was what I wanted I knew what I was doing.  He replied by text that he presumed I was poz because "Poz guys are always amazing in bed."
      Turns out he was right.
    • By gayuke94
      I am wondering if there are any poz gifters who are currently (or willing to become) toxic in SE London (ideally not too far from Southwark). Or even in the rest of London near Central. I'm not actively a bug chaser, but I know it is likely to happen that I end up converting. I'd rather know who and when, so would like to meet a gifted in or near my area. Also looking for friends as well, since I've just moved here. 

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