Pozzing Stories Make Me Ache

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I'm straight. Though I've had my share of cock and ass too. I've had cum in my ass and cum down my throat.  The hottest fucks I've ever had were with poz guys. I've loaded up several, and I I've knowingly let at least 6 poz tops fuck me bareback, though I don't think any of them shot inside me. And who knows how many raw cocks have fucked me in bath houses... But to the best of my knowledge, I'm neg. But I don't really know because I've never been tested. So much barebacking with guys AND girls, but yet I still consider myself to be neg. Because I haven't been fucked in over 6 years and I've barebacked with every girl I've been with in those years. But none of them have turned up poz. So I think I'm neg, but then again, ya never know....


And what I feel is the truth, is that I'd prefer to stay neg. Just seems like the smart thing to do. But why is it that I can't stop thinking about giving myself over to some random POZ top who loads me up with his bug filled seed? I try to be good. I really do. I've somehow managed to not get fucked for so long. I've come close three times, all with poz tops. But just my luck, good or bad, each time the top wouldn't fuck me because I told him I am neg. I absolutely ache to feel a hard raw cock slide inside me, knowing the guy is HIV positive. I want to feel fear and lust all in one heartbeat. And I want to feel him go past the point of no return and flood my guts with his poz babies.


I need to man the fuck up and just do it already.


But until then, I devour the stories on here. And the thing is, I am to the point where only poz conversion stories get me off. The General stories don't even get me hard anymore. I only want to read about a neg guy having his life changed by the cum of an HIV infected man.


I actually look forward to the time when I sit down at the keyboard and write for you, the story of my conversion, whether by intentionally accepting a poz load, or getting stealthed. Either way I will share it with my new brotherhood.


But until then, I'll read your stories.  And continue aching.


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    • By Lickarai
      Bottom lad in SE London looking to host as many tops as I can get on May 6th. Cum breed me. Use me and leave. Or stick around and whore me out / give me multiple loads. Love being double fucked and piss fucked too. All cocks and loads welcome. Door will be open. I'll be blindfolded and jocked on the bed, waiting. Just walk in and use me as you wish. From 11am Saturday May 6th to 11am Sunday May 7th. Msg me for more details. Whatsapp is best if you have a number, send it my way and I'll be in touch.
    • By FillMyArse
      So as some of you know, I've had HepC for several years and have been on a waiting list to start treatment (via UK NHS). Well that time has now come and yesterday marked the first day of finally getting treatment started and taking the necessary drugs to clear this virus. At my last sex health clinic earlier this month all other STDs including HIV were negative.
      I've been put on a combination therapy of Zepatier (50mg Elbasvir / 100mg Grazoprevir) 1x daily, and Ribavirin at a daily dosage of 400mg AM and 600mg PM for four months. So far the only side effect that I've noticed is getting the shits later in the afternoon/evening. But I'm only on Day 2 so still wondering if this is definitely a side effect or coincidence and the toilet needs can be contributed to anything else (recent diet etc).
      As time goes on, and the HepC becomes undetectable then I will slowly be weaned down on the Ribavirin or even taken off it if I start getting any bad side effects. But so far so good.
      Latest blood results prior to starting treatment showed that VL was peaking again (it's fluctuated from a low of 87k iu/ml up to 1.5M iu/ml) and currently stands at 940k iu/ml.
      VL History: (iu/ml)
      May 2014: 87k
      Oct 2014: 400k
      Feb 2015: 1.5M
      June 2015: 468k
      Dec 2015: 267k
      Feb 2017: 940k
      There is a gap in 2016 for results as I stopped writing them down when my consultant was going through my bloods and was told VL wasn't the main parameter they use to see how I am doing... other blood parameter results were more important for them.
      Mentally - getting the go ahead to start treatment has done me the world of good. Previous posts I've made on HepC threads I've said about how it's been a bit of a roller coaster ride. Hopefully now it's just onwards and upwards.
      I plan to keep this thread updated at reasonably regular intervals until the treatment finishes and we see how I get on.
    • By straightandafraid
      Hello my friends,

      At first, the risk of getting pozzed is my secret fetish. But at the same time i'm really afraid of it, because it would destroy my life as med student and sportsman.
      Three weeks ago, I went to a young czech hooker. She had had a brace and looked a little bit sick to me. She had a thin man directly before me and no chance to clean herself in between. Aroused by that, I payed her for a bb blowjob and kissing, but didnt plan to fuck her bb. We kissed naked, I got really turned on, and she signalised me that she wanted me to fuck her right now, without condom. i couldnt resist.
      The chance of getting Hiv from her or from the sperm of the guy before still insight of her made me cum in seconds, but made me hard again directly. I fucked her pretty long, she gave me a short BJ and was riding me. She didnt use artifical lumbrication i think. At the end my dick was completely red and hurt for the whole next week when touching.
      I washed my dick in the shower with soap, and 1 hour later at home with desinfection (octenisept).
      Now three weeks after, i have a little cold, and a small open spot in my mouth. I usually dont get sick very often.
      How would you consider the risk that i got pozzed? I'm really afraid (with a boner at the same time). But seriously, pls share your experienced evaluation with me.
      thank you in advance
    • By pozmycunt
      I will be staying at the IBIS Euston on Thursday night 6 April and will would like to get properly screwed from about 8pm onwards.  I'm Neg not on PrEP, so cum along and fill my cunt with your poz, HIV and AIDS loads.  Taking photos and or filming STRICTLY encouraged  Ideally be Versatile to Top, if you're Black...yummy, but all cock welcome.
      See details on bbrt in the Parties for London area. 
      Hope to see you there.
    • By forskn4u
      Poz gay male here, 60 yo, 5'10" 170 lbs w/a belly S&P Blue uncut 7" looking for first experience with a FTM for barebacking and  breeding.  Always liked women but enjoy fucking men more.  Where does one make connections in Houston TX for this sort of thing.

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