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I'm straight. Though I've had my share of cock and ass too. I've had cum in my ass and cum down my throat.  The hottest fucks I've ever had were with poz guys. I've loaded up several, and I I've knowingly let at least 6 poz tops fuck me bareback, though I don't think any of them shot inside me. And who knows how many raw cocks have fucked me in bath houses... But to the best of my knowledge, I'm neg. But I don't really know because I've never been tested. So much barebacking with guys AND girls, but yet I still consider myself to be neg. Because I haven't been fucked in over 6 years and I've barebacked with every girl I've been with in those years. But none of them have turned up poz. So I think I'm neg, but then again, ya never know....


And what I feel is the truth, is that I'd prefer to stay neg. Just seems like the smart thing to do. But why is it that I can't stop thinking about giving myself over to some random POZ top who loads me up with his bug filled seed? I try to be good. I really do. I've somehow managed to not get fucked for so long. I've come close three times, all with poz tops. But just my luck, good or bad, each time the top wouldn't fuck me because I told him I am neg. I absolutely ache to feel a hard raw cock slide inside me, knowing the guy is HIV positive. I want to feel fear and lust all in one heartbeat. And I want to feel him go past the point of no return and flood my guts with his poz babies.


I need to man the fuck up and just do it already.


But until then, I devour the stories on here. And the thing is, I am to the point where only poz conversion stories get me off. The General stories don't even get me hard anymore. I only want to read about a neg guy having his life changed by the cum of an HIV infected man.


I actually look forward to the time when I sit down at the keyboard and write for you, the story of my conversion, whether by intentionally accepting a poz load, or getting stealthed. Either way I will share it with my new brotherhood.


But until then, I'll read your stories.  And continue aching.

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    • By Ozpig
      Invited a small group of tops to come to my apartment as I felt in a slutty mood. When I am like that I need to be pounded and bred for a couple of hours. Four tops accepted (two off BBRTS have fucked me several times before - one only fucks me in groups as he has a partner for the one on one thing). One of the tops was neg and had put in his profile he had "no preference" if the bottom was poz. Three of the tops were poz and one of them already threw a load into me just before the other guys arrived. He wanted to hang naked and have seconds and I was happy with that. After another top had bred me the neg guy moved behind me and I noted he had a condom on. I was disappointed. He had a lovely thick cock and I wanted it raw and even more so wanted his jizz in me. I never said anything as I never question my tops - I am there for their use - so he fucked me for a good 15 minutes before he bulked into the rubber. I immediately turned as he pulled out to take the condom off as there was no way I was wasting his seed - so after I cleaned his cock and balls I inverted the condom into my mouth. It was actually a turn on as the rubber not only had his seed inside it had a nice frothy coating of cum from the first two tops. They all fucked me twice so I got a second condom and even frothier off his cock second time around. It was one hot afternoon!
    • By bihairy
      I have a male/male couple I met a couple years ago. One guy is a vers bottom and the other is total bottom.  I see them once in awhile when I'm horny and they can host.  Yesterday I was so fucking horned up I was looking online for some ass.  My buddy was online and we chatted about they needing dick and me needing ass.  Well, within an hour I was at their place with my clothes off and getting a nice blow job.
      We put on the porn and all started getting hard.  It was so hot watching the vers guy get hard and slowly slide up bottom guy's hole.  His dick is a bit bigger than mine and watching it go in and out of the hole was amazing.  My cock was stiff and at attention.  Bottom guy was lubricated but the amazing thing is that when turned on his ass actually lubes it self somehow.  The result is a smooth as hell fuck and it draws out your cum.  Vers guy is thrusting in and out.  Bottom is pumping his ass back against vers guy.  It was hot watching this couple fucking and doing things to each other that had them moaning and groaning with pleasure.  My cock was dripping. 
      Vers guy started pumping his cock deeper and deeper inside bottom guy.  Bottom guy is almost shouting with joy at his hole being wrecked and pounded.  I was behind them stroking my cock watching the action as vers guy shot a huge load inside bottom hole.  His cock and balls contracting as he filled his partner up with seed.  Of course that makes me so fucking hot.  I love sliding inside a wet hole.  Nothing better. 
      As soon as vers guy gets off I tell bottom guy not to move and I climb on top of him.. My hard cock slides back and forth against his hole. Every time the head of my cock rubs his ass hole we both moan with pleasure.  My cock finds it target and I slide inside.  I thrust and pump..It feels so great. My bare cock deep inside his warm wet hole.  I fuck and fuck and finally I can feel mycock starting to expand. I hit some poppers and boom my load shoots out and deep inside him.  I didn't miss a beat as I kept fucking his hole and shot another load inside shortly after.
      As I get  off and lay back to rest, vers guy swoops on my cock and cleans it off. He lovingly sucks my cock and eats my cum.  HOT. ATM is so hot.  I am getting hard.. Vers guy lays on his stomach (my favorite. I can pound hard) and spreads his cheeks wide apart.  "Please fuck me"  is all he had to say.  I'm on top fucking and pumping.  Sooner than later (too soon) I start shooting another load deep inside his hole.  Total of 3 loads so far.  We chill and relax a bit before I start fucking bottom again.  All told I spent 3 hours there fucking and gave out 6-7 loads..Pure bliss!!
    • By Siknic
      Married with Children and my ass apparently  needs to be bred. I’m dd free, 420 friendly and well... msg me. We’ll start at that 

    • By bbstud4u
      Went to my local park this Sunday just after dark and met up for the 4th time with a hot guy whom I've sucked off and swallowed his load twice and he fucked me once before with a condom. The first time he fucked me, I told him I like it raw and to forget the condom but he insisted and kept it on.  But this time he wanted to fuck me again, so I let him.  He put on the damn condom and fucked me with it for awhile. Then, he pulled out for a second or so, and then I felt his raw cock go into my asshole without him saying anything.  I decided to not say anything about it and pretended I didn't notice in case it might have freaked him out.  He then fucked me hard and after a minute or two, I could feel his huge, juicy load shoot inside my hole.  He left me dripping, I touched my hole, felt some of his jizz and licked it to make sure it was jizz and it was.  I am poz undetectable but it was still damn hot to get stealthed again like that. I wonder if he will bother with the condom next time.         
    • By ButtB4iGo
      Be advised that my stories often involve some element on nonconsensual sex by some of my characters. Regardless, my stories are 100% fiction/fantasy only. Any resemblance to persons or places are merely coincidental.
      How to Get Your Poz Cock into Lyle Cranston's Speedos
      A few year’s back, I was the janitor at the local high school in a school district where the only sex education the kids got was for abstinence. Well, this left the entire student body vulnerable to their own imaginations, learning whatever they could about sex from actual experience, or by doing some reading on the Internet or at the public library like I used to. The rate of pregnancies were up, and STD rates, too.
      Anyway, this lack of sex education made these students susceptible to perverts like me. One senior I was able to corrupt, Lyle, was the number one swimmer in the county. He was 18, had a compact and muscular body at 5’6”, blonde, chlorine-bleached hair, blue eyes, and an ass that filled out his light blue Speedos to perfection. All season, I’d catch him practicing at the pool in the early morning. Sometimes he’d linger in the locker room and shower area while I cleaned in there. He would do things for me, like acting as if he were checking his phone while bending over in his tight-fitting swimsuit. Did he know that he was getting my poz cock rock hard when he did that? So many times I’ve wanted to take my finger and press it against that stretched out blue lycra material; to press in, making a guess of where that boy’s hole was; feeling it, to hear him gasp or moan when I hit my mark.
      This show (offering?) went on all season. Instead of raping him right then and there, I’d ask him about things. How is school going? Are you going to prom? Stuff that allowed me to find out more about the kid.
      I found out that he was accepted at state university and will be living in the dorms in the fall. He got a swimming scholarship, too. He said that he and his girlfriend broke up in March, so he might go to prom stag, or not at all. He said that since he was leaving soon, it didn’t make sense to have a girlfriend here anyway. His parents were well-respected in town as ministers at one of the many churches here. I offered to answer any questions he had about sex if he wouldn’t tell anyone about it. He nodded, told me he was abstaining, but he had lots of questions.
      After that, he showed up at my janitor’s closet, always in his blue Speedo with questions for me. I’d close the door and he’d sit in my chair while he listed off questions about masterbation and was porn really evil. He never asked about condoms or STDs, but he did want to know how babies were made. I showed him diagrams and explained what sperm was and how it fertilizes the egg in a female, and so on. As he sat there with his legs spread, I was given full view of his taint and package just hidden beneath the blue lycra fabric of his Speedo.
      My perverted mind wanted more of this teen. I knew there had to be men online who would want to distract Lyle with poppers and a blowjob while I pressed my precum-dripping, cut cock head into the boy’s tight cherry hole.
      On the last week of school, I knew I had to get into that boy’s Speedos any way I could. And I enlisted the help of another barebacker I found online. His user name was Poz9In and he said he had ways of making sure I could get my raw cock inside a virgin’s butt, especially into a naive, under-sex educated Wildcat jock like Lyle.
      We arranged a time, graduation day. He agreed to the plan to help me stealth breed Lyle with a poz load.
      I told Lyle to meet me at my closet right after his morning swim, a good half hour before class.
      Poz9In was maybe around mid-50s, dark cropped hair and brown eyes. He arrived just before 7:30 a.m. He wore a track suit and his schlong was huge and evident down his right leg. With a scarred and stubbled face, he looked rough. He was not the hottest looking man. But I was immensely turned on from the contrast between the vision of a toughened older, experienced poz man making use of the body of a gorgeous, athletic teen.
      Lyle knocked on my closet door and I let him in. He was still wet from his swim.
      “Hi, Mr. Daines,” he said.
      “Hey Lyle. This is my friend, Dale, here. He wanted to meet the star swimming athlete for the Wildcats,” I stammered giving my Internet contact a fake name. I was a little nervous, but I was determined to fuck Lyle this morning.
      “Hey, Dale. Nice to meet you.” Lyle held his hand out in the cramped janitor’s closet and Poz9In took it and pulled Lyle to him. He used his other hand to grab Lyle’s cock and balls through the teen’s wet Speedo. Lyle barely had time to react when I got behind Lyle and pressed by uniformed bulge against his blue Speedoed bubble butt.
      “Hey! That’s my personal…” Lyle made a nervous swallow.
      “Yeah boy? Would you like to give your personal spot over to us men, or would you rather we take it?” Poz9In asked while the two of us, men older than his father, continued manhandling Lyle into submission.
      “I never…” Lyle stopped what he was saying and relented to Poz9In by closing his eyes and dropping his hands to his side. Poz9In worked Lyle’s dick to an erection while I took aim at my prized target: Lyle’s hole.
      “That’s it, kid. We’ll take good care of you, just relax,” Poz9In said.
      Now with Lyle’s submission, I finally got to press my finger in and feel for the boy’s hole. He let out a breath when I began rubbing it roughly through the smooth material. Fresh from the pool. Poz9in opened a new bottle of poppers and told the kid to breath in and hold his breath. Lyle did as he was instructed. I continued probing the covered hole while with my other hand, I reached around his waist. Poz9In moved my hand over to so I Lyle’s cock incased in the smooth, still damp lycra. He smelled deliciously of chlorine.
      “Good boy. Take another hit just like the first,” I heard Poz9In say. “Fuck yeah. You’re a hot one.”
      “I’ve been wanting this ass for four months!” I exclaimed. “Let’s do what we planned, but I want to keep these Speedos on him.”
      “Aahh, fuuuck!” Lyle was flying.
      “Nice! That’s a deal, mister,” Poz9In replied to me. “Let’s knock up this cute pollywog.”
      With that, Poz9in bent down and went to work sucking Lyle’s cock through the Speedos. A few moments later, he pushed the front of the swimsuit down.
      Then I saw Poz9In dive in and suck on the virgin’s swimmer’s exposed dick. “Aaah!” Lyle moaned in pleasure.
      With Poz9In’s help, I bent Lyle forward and spread his legs. Poz9In kept sucking Lyle’s dick like the pro he was, doing his damnedest to coax sweet semen out from a neg horny teen.
      I unzipped my pants and pushed them down to release my leaking cock. With my hard cock in hand, I rubbed the head of it on Lyle’s bubble butt. I relished the sight of his light blue swimsuit soiled with smudges of my precum.
      Poz9In gave Lyle more poppers as I pulled down the back of the Speedos to expose the tightest, pinkest hole I’ve ever seen.
      “Do it. Bareback that neg hole, man. He fucking wants it,” Poz9In encouraged.
      Realizing that Lyle doesn’t know what neg hole means, I stared at the pink hole in front of me and greased up my cock with lube and listened as Poz9In spoke.
      “This is the hottest piece of ass. Take it. Take that fine young, firm ass.”
      With that, I stood up and lined my drooling poz cock against Lyle’s hole. Hotter still, I could feel the kid’s ever-taunting blue Speedo tickling under my cock. I pumped some precum onto the ring of pink his hole and heard Lyle gasp as I pressed in.
      Lyle yelled as my cock head popped into him, and Poz9In used his hands to spread Lyle’s ass open for me. I fucked in more. As I did, I leaked more precum into Lyle as I thought about pozzing up a virgin, seeing him graduate tonight with my toxic load inside him, sending him off to college with HIV. Then, hopefully, more men will get to use this young butt.
      I was all the way in when Poz9In gave Lyle more poppers, about 6 full hits. “Breed that neg butt or I will!”
      I started to fuck Lyle’s hole, in and out. It got easier with my precum lubing the walls of his rectum. I wasn’t going to last long, though. Fucking Lyle full of my poz cum was a dream coming true. I started pistoning the tight swimmer’s hole imagining how my shaft must look penetrating that pink ring. His hole gripped my cock. I was urgent to impregnate my Lyle, star Wildcat swimmer. It was my absolute goal now was to poz Lyle up. “Fuck! I’m coming.”
      “Fucking do it! Fucking sperm up that clean hole.” Poz9In coached.
      “Aaaaagh!” I felt my shaft pulse and my cock slit open as hot poz sperm coated the walls of Lyle’s unprotected rectum. I was still shooting loads into Lyle’s hole when I started fucking him hard again.
      “Fuck!” Lyle yelled. “Fuuuuuck! Ah, I’m coming.” Poz9In went back to sucking Lyle’s dick.
      “Yeah, Lyle. Feed the nice man your load while I hammer mine into your butt” I said.
      Lyle didn’t say anything but convulsed as he orgasmed. I held him steady so that Poz9in could have what his profile said was his favorite part of sex: the taste of sweet, young neg sperm.
      “Fuckin’ A!” Poz9In said with his mouth full of hard teen dick and fresh sperm. When Lyle finished cumming, I put the poppers bottle under his nose again. Lyle took the hits as ordered. When Lyle was completely flying, I put the bottle down. With my eyes I looked down to Poz9In and I invited him to bareback this amazing hole. He stood up, stepped around Lyle, and started jacking his massive cock and told me to move out of the way.
      He got behind Lyle, who was still recovering from cumming, and he rubbed his big mushroom head against the boy’s now reddened entrance. He looked over and got the petroleum jelly and jacked his cock some more with it until it shined under the fluorescent lighting of the janitor’s closet.
      As Poz9In lodged his enormous highly experienced HVL poz cock into the teen’s no-longer-virgin hole, we heard Lyle say, “Ah! Fuck!”
      I watched as Poz9In pushed all the way into Lyle; his silver cock ring embedding red marks into the teen’s butt cheeks. Then he fucked Lyle’s ass hard. He clamped his large hand over Lyle’s mouth to keep him quiet while he fucked him so hard that they had to keep repositioning themselves around the closet. Amazingly, Lyle’s blue Speedos remained in place, pulled down just far enough to give us men access to his now fully fuckable butthole. At times I was able to get up close and I watched as Poz9In’s cock pulled out, his shaft covered in lube and poz sperm, and pushed all the way back into the boy’s hole, stretching out that beautiful pink ring, no longer hidden away from me behind light blue lycra.
      I started jacking off watching them. When Poz9In saw me, he repositioned Lyle again in front of me. Still lodged in Lyle’s ass, Poz9In pushed his head down and ordered him to suck my cock. Lyle eagerly sucked me until I was so turned on, I gripped onto his blonde hair started face-fucking the teen. An amazing perv achievement: Poz9In and I were fucking Lyle Cranston: The star swimmer for the Wildcats swim team and minister’s son was now taking raw poz cock at both ends in a janitor's closet.
      I unloaded in Lyle’s mouth with a sharp explosion and watched him swallow my load. At the same time, Poz9In announced that he was “knocking up the twink! Fuuuuuck! That’s right. Let us charge that hole, son! Take it deep in there.” He continued convulsing and cussing as more of his jizz flowed into naive Lyle’s neg hole. When he finished, he tussled Lyle’s now dry hair as he lewdly complimented the kid, and pulled out.
      Poz9In pulled up his track pants, nodded at me and left. Lyle was half in a daze as he pulled up his trunks and said that he had to get to class. “Thanks, Mr. Daines.” He left the janitor’s closet quickly with a towel around his waist.
      "Congrats! Have a good time tonight!" I called out.
      Good kid. Come fall, though, college physicals could reveal a surprise for young Lyle, and just before his first-ever actual sex education class.

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