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Will be in Reading/Allentown area Dec 7-10. Looking for TOPS who like to bb a tight hole. Prefer over 35, facial hair, and over 6". Send a message if interested. 

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    • By chipygmalion80
      Just pumped a furry Jewish fucker's ass full of my pent up cum.
      On BBRT his profile said Sasquatch hairy or something. That bothers the shaved-smooth types but I didn't care. I still planted my face inbetween his hairy butt cheeks and sucked on his hairy fuckhole. He let out a big moan when my tongue went up his fuckhole.  No cum to taste but my bet is his fuckhole gets used.
      His ass gave a nice firm bounce everything I pounded. Moaner too. And I noticed his Menorah and other stars and such out of the corner of my eye when pumping his ass so kinda hot knowing he's Jewish. Maybe that bothers some too but my dick was liking it.
      It was quick pump n dump.  I bumped into the guy's neighbor again who had just started walking a dog and was just finishing that dog walk when I walked out the guy's door. Buddy said he hopes to see my dick again, and I bet I'll see his furry ass again!
    • By HornedBottom
      Tonight I went to a bar that happened to have a gay sports team grabbing drinks after practice- it was like walking into a locker room and turned me on like a pig in heat. It smelled like ripe jocks and pits and socks - the guys were mostly bearded bears and were just dripping sweat and sex . Definitely need a guy or three like that to breed and use me soon - so turned on. 
    • By cumho
      I’m a hairy cumdump looking to be bred full of cum, hosting at a hotel face down ass up, only after pump and dumps! bkscruff on bbrt
    • By GingerCumPig
      A buddy just stopped by to drop off some drink mixers for a birthday party here tonight. This buddy is 6'5" bearded, hairy, and hung 8.5" & thick. He came in, put down his grocery bags, and asked what I was doing. When I told him I was cruising online, he said that he hadn't cum yet today, and didn't cum last night. I'm on my knees putting out his cock in about 2 seconds, getting it hard and slick with my spit.  When that beautiful cock is rock hard and tasty with precum, I stand up, turn around and bend over against the kitchen counter. He spits on his cock and rubs the head against my hole, and finds that it's already slick with lube. 
      "I've been riding a dildo," I said.
      "PIG," he said, and shoved his cock in to his balls and ground it around.
      Then he just starts fucking. Hard. Growling. Holding my shoulders so I can't move, pinning me down and against the counter. He knows what I like.
      Doesn't take long until he's dumping a huge load in my hole. He pulls out and I can feel some cum run out. 
      He pulls up his jeans, tucks his big cock back in, and says that the birthday boy will want a turn in my hole tonight. 
      I hope so.
    • By Cumjunky215
      We all have preferences but glad I'm open to men with whom I' would not generally be interested.  This is one such occasion. 
      On New Years I received an email from a guy who had fucked me one spring when I was traveling in Italy.  I was in a small city in the southern Italy one night, the streets and piazzas filled with lots of young people who were drinking, dancing, laughing in bars.  I was just taking a stroll prior to turning in at my hotel, when I noticed a guy, probably somewhere in the range of 42 to 48, who was clearly staring at me.  He was bald (and not a sexy kind of bald), probably a working stiff, taking a break from the obligations of his wife and family.  He nodded at me as the commotion with the mostly younger crowd was going on, gesturing with his head towards a small side street, scratching his crotch as he entered the side street. 
      I followed him, not finding find him at all sexy or interesting but definitely a take-charge guy from his attitude.  Coarse hair on his arms and poking above his shirt and scruffy beard made him look virile but still not my type.  I hadn't had dick since I left the States so I took a chance.  
      Soon side street was quite quiet and dark, in various locations, somewhat dark.  Still, even if the light was spotty, I could see he occasionally glanced behind himself, checking to see if I was following.  After a few minutes he entered darkened area, when I got close I could see it was a path.  He was stroking himself jeans open and I rubbed myself through mine.  His eyes fixed on mine, he took my hand and placed it on his meat, which was fat, not too long, uncut, oh, and he was pre-cumming like crazy.  
      Pushing my head down to his crotch, he leaned over and slid his hand into the seat of my pants, massaging my ass cheeks before fingering my hole.  I had cleaned and lubed up before dinner hoping something might appear, and here I was. 
      When he felt the wet hole he muttered something but knew he was happy.  Spitting on his fingers to lube my ass a bit more, I pulled jeans down to give him clear access.  He turned me around, and pushed his way in, no talking.  After giving me a bit of little time to adjust to his cock, he commenced a deep fucking, which lasted for ten to fifteen minutes, the two of us standing, and in which I leaned against a stone wall for support.  This was strictly a matter of getting him off, which was fine with me.
      Tensing up, he bred my ass, balls deep, with what seemed to be a huge load.  Resting against me, his cock lodged in my ass, he caught his breath, and naturally his cock softened and slid out of my ass, whereupon I turned around, dropped to my knees, and sucked him clean, as he massaged my scalp and his breathing slowly normalized.
      I continued sucking his cock and to my pleasure he got hard again, pulled me back into position, and abruptly slammed back into my ass, fucking even harder than our earlier sessions.  Although enjoying his tactics, I stumbled a bit, and tried to re position myself so I was more comfortable.  Apparently, however, he thought I was trying to get away as he locked me into place, and intensified his assault on my ass, getting rougher and more frantic, which left me even more aroused.  After another ten to fifteen minutes of rough fucking, he came again.  
      We pulled ourselves together.  He asked if I was okay, then we walked out and talked a bit.  I told him I would be around for another two days.  He said he wanted to fuck me again, so I gave him my cell phone number and e-mail address.
      The next morning I found a message asking if I wanted more milk.  That was the entire message!  Of course I answered 'yes'.  His next message gave me the time and place, and suggested I lube myself as I had done the night before.  
      At the appointed time and place I awaited him while sitting on a bench.  He showed up, approached me, we exchanged a a couple sentences, and then bade me "Andiamo," leading me to another secluded spot a little more lit than the location where we had fucked the night before.  The same routine ensued.  Without dropping his trousers, he pulled his dick and balls out, he gave me two fucks and two huge loads.  We neither kissed nor hugged.  We simply exchanged an animalistic breeding.  
      We stayed in touch and email each other occasionally.  He frequently reminds me he has more milk for me, and invites me to come back.  I'm planning a trip to Italy sometime this year!

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