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    beard, hairy, mpb, belly, cigars, pipes, Marlboro Reds, raw, loads. I am beefy, belly, bald on top, bearded, tattooed.
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  1. Sex For Money

    I have found some guys insist to pay you so they can view it as a business transaction rather than emotional, or they feel guilty for being rough or degrading to you. I had a Craigslist hookup married guy into piss, and after he pissed on me, fucked me as he called me names like slut, pig, cumdump and trash, then loaded my ass, he put $50 on my dresser before he left. Hell, I'd have done it for free. He came over twice more, each time leaving me $50.
  2. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Quick stop at bookstore on way home today. Had a boner and needed a mouth. Sitting in a booth was a mean looking 30's guy with a bushy goatee and shaved head. My boner got fatter seeing him. I stood by the open door and rubbed my cock thru my jeans. He saw me and nodded, so I stepped in, pulled out cock, and he went to work. Damn he knew how to tongue a cock. I fucked his mouth a little but mostly let him do his work on his own. I didn't give him any notice when I nutted, and I guess a cum squirt hit his throat hard as he started coughing and my cum came out his mouth some and ran down his hairy chin. He still managed to swallow most of it, and damn if I didn't enjoy seeing my load soaking into his goatee.
  3. Weirdest Fetish

    I think you'd enjoy sliding your cock in me raw as I smoked a big cigar. Only thought going thru your mind would be your balls unloading deep in my hole. ;-)
  4. Weirdest Fetish

    When you wank off thinking about that, let me know if I was good. ;-)
  5. Weirdest Fetish

    Hey Hoss- I'll have a cigar all ready for when you slide your cock in my ass raw to breed me. I love laying back, legs up and smoking, as a bear fucks me raw until he comes. And I'll be rubbing your belly and nipples the whole time, buddy.
  6. Weirdest Fetish

    About 5 years ago, I met a lean stached 50 something business guy online who was into bears like me, but his fetish was they needed to be filthy- body and clothes. After talking online for weeks, we set some parameters, and negotiated a compromise. I wasn't willing to ruin my Wesco boots for his fetish, so he offered to by me a new pair if I sent him the specifics. I figured what the hell, and we agreed to meet when his business travels brought him close. I stopped showering a week before he was coming, jerked off every day and would rub it on my belly and ass. I wore the same t-shirt, underwear, socks all week as well. It was summer so by the time our Saturday meeting arrived, I was ripe. The day he was coming I put on my oldest work jeans which were grease stained and ripped, and my old wescos. I also left my ass dirty and pissed my pants twice before he got there. He also wanted me drunk as fuck, so I hit the bourbon that day and didn't stop til he arrived at 8pm. He pulled in my driveway in a Mercedes, and when he got out he was wearing an expensive looking suit. I was sitting on my porch, drink in hand smoking a cigar. He walks up on porch and starts to chat, telling me I look like some piece of country trash. I see his cock is hard as fuck inside his suit pants. I played along and gave him simple answers, and raised up my stained t-shirt and rubbed my belly with all the dried cum on it. I could tell he was getting worked up, so I told him I enjoyed being dirty, and asked if he could help me out. He pulls out his cock and thru his hard-on he begins pissing on me and calling me country trash. When he's done pissing he orders me in the house. He tells me to get on my knees and suck his cock. I start sucking, and he never touches me cept with his 8" cock. He's calling me every derogatory name he can think of, and right before he comes he pulls out and smacks me with the back of his hand. Now since I was really drunk I fell sideways. As I'm starting to upright myself, he puts his foot on me and keeps me on the floor. He tells me to drop my "fucking hillbilly jeans" like a good piece of white trash. I do, and the smell fills the room. He goes on a rant about what a filthy animal I was, then is behind me in no time pushing into my asshole. He fucks me for about 5 minutes, telling me I'm only good for taking cock and cum. Again, only his cock is touching me, no hands. When he finally shot his load, he stayed in me and I could feel him pissing inside me. He pulls out and walks out front door. I thought he was just gonna leave, but he walks back in the house and tosses a boot box on the floor next to me. Then he reaches back and pulls out his wallet, and throws a couple $20 bills on the floor near me, telling me to enjoy his load in my whore ass. He left for good after that. I jerked off then got in shower asap. Lol. Lots of piss and cum ran out my ass. Once I was clean I went and checked the Wesco box. As agreed, a new pair of wescos just like my old ones he had pissed on. About a $260 value. Plus the $40 cash. Lol. I felt like quite a successful whore, all things considered. My old wescos had piss on them from years of piss play, I had just told him I wanted a new pair to see if he'd actually get em. Oddly, I never heard from him again. So I guess this would be a white trash fetish? Homeless guy fetish? In any case, that's how I got a new pair of Wescos. Lol
  7. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I'm still amazed at the number of guys taking raw cock in the bookstores these days. Not the guys like me (a pig) but by guys who are married or in the closet or whatever. Example- I'm in bookstore this afternoon, and see a 30 something guy, chubby hairy and bearded, so I'm instantly wanting to fuck him. I walk over to him and nod, see he's jerking his cock. He nods back so I get right behind him, reach around and start jerking him off with my hand. Now, my cock was poking out of my jeans, so I lowered his pants enough so my dick could rub his crack and start coating it with my precum. He's loving it and lets me do as I please. I start working his hairy tits and nipple with my free hand, as my cock is sliding up and down his crack. I tell him what a hot ass he has and that I plan to fuck it. He pushes his ass back into my cock a bit, but also tells me he's married. I wasn't sure why he brought that up, but I kept up my prodding of his hole, and put each of my hands on his nipples and started massaging them nice n steady. He's breathing hard, and I tell him what a good boy he's being. My cock head finds his hole, so I gently start to work my slimy cockhead into it, in about a half an inch, then back out so as to not panic him. I tell him not to worry I'm just enjoying his crack, and keep this up for maybe five minutes or so. By then I know my entire head was sinking into his opening, and my precum was already coating his pussy good. Then this married guy just bends forward, all on his own, presenting his pussy for me. I line my cock up and push into him nice n slow. He lets out a muffled cry, and I pause once I'm balls deep, and just rub his hairy ass cheeks with my hand. His ass was amazingly tight, and I just began fucking him steady, telling him how good he felt. After about a minute I sense he was ready to shoot, so I picked up my pace. Well, he came immediately then tried to pull off my cock, so I grabbed his hips and held him tightly as I quickly pumped two last times and bred his hole. He was wriggling pretty hard, but I stayed put til my cock stopped pumping my load in him, then I let him go. He pulled off my cock, turned around and was pissed. He began quickly fastening his pants. To be honest I didn't care. He was a willing participant, and it wasn't my fault he felt guilty. Just to be an ass, before he left I thanked him for taking my nut like a whore and told him he had a sweet pussy. He stormed out. Lol.
  8. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    ABS after work tonight. I spotted a chubby bearded young bear standing by himself. I walked over, nodded, and pulled my cock out. He immediately got to work sucking me, and after some throat fucking, I asked him if he wanted fucked. He stood up, dropped his pants, and handed me a packet of lube and a condom from his pocket. He was prepared! He bent over a bench, I lubed my cock and as usual tossed the rubber aside. I noticed he took a big hit of poppers, so I slid in all at once, grabbed his hips, and began fucking. Once I saw him jerking his cock a bit, I told him I was fucking him bare, and he just clamped my cock harder. I called him a good whore and began fucking harder. He got off on my name calling, and when I told him he was gonna be my cumdump and was getting my big load up his ass, he started cumming and moaning. I nutted deep, and kept stroking til I went soft and popped out. He pulled his pants up and licked my cock clean, then left quickly. I hung out a bit longer. Sucked off an older guy in a suit with a nice uncut 7", and then another 6" cock on a skinny as fuck 40ish guy with a sexy stache. Left with my cock happy and some cum remnants in my beard.
  9. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    So the older big bearded bear Earl, who fucked me at last weekend's party, invited me over on Saturday evening, for some dinner and fucking. He lives in a rural area, so I had to drive about 45 minutes to get there. He greets me at the door wearing jeans, boots, and a leather harness only. His gray beard looked even bigger than before, hanging down past his nipples and onto his very large belly. I found this really sexy. He tells me to get naked, and walks into the kitchen. I strip quickly, and stand there in the living room naked with my boner sticking out. He walks back in the room, hands me a cocktail, and tells me to drink it all. I do, hand him back the empty glass, and feel a nice bourbon buzz kicking in. He takes me to the bedroom and has me suck his fat cock as I'm sitting on his bed. My head is getting a bit dizzy and I'm feeling like I'm on valium and ecstasy or something. Kinda just out of it, but feeling very relaxed and docile. I noticed as I'm sucking Earl my hard-on disappeared despite me being really turned on. After 10 minutes or so of sucking his cock, he pulls out his cock, smacks my face with it, and asks me how that drink is treating me. I just look up at him, not wanting to talk, and give him a dazed smile. "Good pig" he says and helps me onto all fours on the edge of the bed. I feel him lube me up, and sliding his fingers in and out of my hole without any resistance. I'm so relaxed and feeling good I almost don't care what he's doing back there. Earl keeps calling me his little pig, and working my 'bear pussy'. I feel his thick cock slide in, no pain or resistance like last weekend. Now I know for sure he put something in my drink, cuz his cock should be causing at least some discomfort at first, but he slid it in like it was the 6 th fat cock I'd had that night. Earl slow fucked me for the next 20 minutes, holding my hips and telling me he loved my sloppy loose hole. I let him do whatever he wanted, happy to let him use me. My cock was soft as could be, which also made him happy. He checked it a few times as he fucked me, and called me a good pig each time he felt it wasn't hard. When he finally came, he held his cock deep inside and said I got a week's worth. He has me lay flat on my stomach, and tells me to relax, which I of course do. I don't remember too much more, cept I know other men came in the dark room and fucked me. Maybe four, but definitely three. Then lastly was Earl again. By that time my cock was able to get hard again and he told me to jerk off as he fucked me. I shot my load on the sheets and passed out til morning. When I woke up, Earl was spooning behind me, and I had an overwhelming need to pass gas, and when I did I felt a rush of cum come flooding out of me. I reached back to feel it, but Earl grabbed my hand and quickly slid his morning wood in my ass. He nutted in a few minutes, then fell back asleep, holding me in place for another hour. Earl sent me on my way after a quick breakfast. He offered no explanation as to what happened or who those other men were. I didn't ask either. It was a pretty hot scene I'd like to do again sometime.
  10. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    ABS earlier. Went straight to dark area in back, and saw a 40 something lean guy stroking his cock in a corner. Sat down beside him and he wasted no time putting his cock in my mouth. I sucked him for about five minutes before he unloaded a huge load down my throat. I cleaned him off, he mumbled a thanks, and left. I stayed put, and sure enough a beefy clean shaved guy with balding gray hair walked over and stood in front of me. I unzipped him and damn if he didn't have a true beer can cock. Not long maybe six inches, but fat with possibly the biggest cock head I've seen in person. I had to open wide to fit it in my mouth. The smell was a bit strong, but it kinda made it hotter. Lol. I sucked him and massaged his balls as I did it. He was really enjoying it, and was even petting my head as I sucked him. After maybe ten minutes, he announced he was coming, so I went as deep as I could and held his balls, so he'd know it was ok to shoot in my mouth. When he came, I felt every single rope of cum blast. Four huge ones, and then some smaller ones. Damn! He relaxed and let me clean his cock after, then he tucked it back in his pants. He then said his wife wouldn't suck him, and thanked me before he left. Now that I was super horny, I was looking for an ass to unload in. I noticed a lean tallish 20 something in one of the booths. He looked a little nervous but still had his little cock out. He was dark haired, goateed, and didn't say anything when I walked into booth with him, my cock out of my jeans. I rubbed his ass with my hand and my finger stroked his dry hole. He just kept stroking himself, and I told him to bend forward so I could lick his hole. He was hesitant, but I helped him get in position and then wasted no time tonguing his hairy ass. He was enjoying himself, and I would occasionally stroke my finger gently into his hole to get him good n wet. Finally I stood up and with my hands on his shoulders, I started stroking his crack with my 7", letting my precum get him even more lubed. After teasing him a few minutes, I pushed my head inside him. He went to straighten up, but I held him firm and told him to relax. He let out a grunt, so I went for broke and pushed in him balls deep. He froze in place, and I just started fucking him nice and steady. He didn't say a word, and I continued, telling him I had a big load for him. His ass was so fucking tight, I ended up shooting in about two minutes. I fucked a little more, just to mix my load around, then pulled out. He stood upright and turned around. His face was a bit red, his eyes watery, and his cock was sticking straight out. "Jerk off for daddy, boy" I told him. As he starts to wank off, I ask him if he likes daddy's load in his pussy, and he nods and starts to shoot all over the floor. I nodded and then left the booth. I was spent. Lol
  11. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Went to a party last night, hosted by some friends who are bears and into other hairy men. It was a pretty tame get together, despite them having a nice basement area with a sling and fuck bench. Maybe 12 folks, most of them I hadn't seen before, so that was nice. In the whole house, you're only allowed to smoke in the basement area, so I had gone there a few times with my pipe throughout the evening, always by myself as no one else was a smoker. So I'm sitting with my pipe and my bourbon over in the corner of the room, when in walks one of the guys I didn't know. He's about 55, 6 ft and lean, really thick salt n pepper beard. I'd seen him upstairs, but his much younger bf was at his side ever minute. So I start chatting with him, and instantly can tell he's had plenty to drink. I ask where the bf was, and hear he left as he had to work in the morning. I say too bad, but hey plenty of fun to be had still. He laughs and starts rubbing my beard and bald head, and tells me my pipe is sexy. I rub his crotch and tell him I think he's sexy all over. A few drunken minutes later, I'm sucking his 8" cock as I'm stripping naked. He has me lay on the fuck bench, and starts rubbing my ass and fingering my hole. He says he wants to fuck me, and I tell him he can, but I want it raw. He liked that plan, and quickly lubed my ass with a tube sitting on the stand. He opens me up nice n slow, then starts fucking me steady and deep. It was a perfect position and my prostate was getting a massage like it hadn't had in a while. He tells me he's close, and asks me where I want his load, and I tell him as deep as he can plant it. A few strokes later he's grabbing my hips and seeding me. He gives me a few more strokes, then slides out. Then, oddly enough, he zips up and just leaves the room. (Found out later from my friends he is poz, and also in a 'closed' relationship...lol) So I'm resting up on the fuck bench, feeling like a whore that didn't get paid, when another of the party guests walks into the room. He was a big ole bear, maybe 5-10 and 300 lbs, with a long gray beard that went down to his belly. He walks over to me at the bench and starts rubbing my ass, asking if I had a good time. Before I can answer he has a finger in my cummy ass, and starts finger fucking me. It feels really good, and I clamp down on it, to which he responds by telling me he loves sloppy seconds. His finger slips out, and is quickly replaced by a really fat cock he just shoves in my hole balls deep all at once. I jerk forward a bit as he's much thicker than the last guy. He grabs my hips and pulls me back forcefully. He starts fucking me fast, telling me to be a good whore for him. It hurt like hell for the first minute, but then I got used to it some as he kept up the fucking, and my cock was leaking like crazy. He pulls out and tells me to get on my back. I roll over and he takes my ankles and puts em on his shoulders. He's shirtless now and he slides his cock back in my hole, and his hairy belly is hitting my ballsack as he fucks in. I reach up and start working his nipples, and he fucks harder and tells me to coax his load out. I clamp my ass as much as I can given his large size, and tug harder at his nipples, begging for him to knock me up. That did the trick- as he let out a moan and gave me three hard thrusts then just stayed buried inside me. He grinned down at me and took my cock in his hand and jerked me off, his cock still inside me. I came fast, coating my belly, chest, and a few strands even hitting my beard. Damn that was hot. Now this guy didn't run out like the last one. He helped me get dressed, then we sat and shot the breeze down in basement, finishing our drinks and me having another pipe. He's planning on coming over this week one evening, and said with no alcohol, he'll be planning on giving me two of his loads.
  12. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Wednesday night I drove north a bit to a cruisy rest area off I-79. I mostly needed to get out of the house, and despite the cold temps, I decided to make a go of it. I pulled in and just enjoyed watching the cars and trucks come and go. Lots of eye candy to see in the well lighted walks and restroom areas. After a while I decided to risk the cold and sit on a bench by the men's room and smoke my pipe. Guys came and went, and I'd nod and they'd nod back. Just when my tolerance for the cold was leaving me, a husky short bearded man about 30 came walking up. Damn if he wasn't staring obviously at me. I nodded at him and he nodded back, commenting that I must have really needed a smoke to be sitting out in this cold. I laughed and said yes I need my pipe in all types of weather. He walked into the toilets and I stayed put, finishing my pipe and deciding my next move. When he came back out, I was emptying my pipe and stuffing it back into my jacket pocket. He asked me if I was ready to get inside and warm up, to which I said absolutely, and asked if he'd like to help me with that. (Yeah I was a bit nervous as I wasn't sure he was thinking like I was thinking) He grinned and said he'd be happy to help, and motioned for me to walk with him. Walking beside him, he led us to a rig that was idling about 100 feet away. I went to passenger side door and waited for him to get it unlocked, then hopped on in. In the dim light, I could see my new little trucker friend much better. Nice bushy brown beard, stocky, buzzcut, and some forearm ink here and there. My cock was already hard, and I asked if we could get back in the sleeper. He led the way first, sitting on the edge of the bed. I stood in front of him and pulled my cock out, stroking it a bit and telling him daddy could use some warming up. He laughed and I slid my cockhead into that furry mouth, telling him to suck daddy good. I could tell he liked the dirty dad talk, so I kept it up, and occasionally pulled my cock out and rubbed it on his face and beard. I asked him to get naked for me, and he wasted no time. Damn he was a fine sight- mostly smooth body, thick bush above his 5" thick cock, and a tight sexy beer belly that made my cock even harder. I got on my knees beside the bed and began rubbing his belly and ballsack, telling him what a sexy young man he was. His cock was dripping precum, so I slurped it in my mouth and began slowly tonguing the head of it. He moaned a bit and said Yeah Daddy. I moved down to his balls, licking them and sucking them into my mouth. His moans kept up, and I decided to be bolder. I lifted one of his legs and started to flip him over. The cub complied and I was now looking at his lil pink asshole. I tongued it hard, intentionally drooling plenty and making sure my beard rubbed his crack and hole. He loved it and continued his moans, until I couldn't stand it anymore and told him to get on his knees like a good boy. I stood up and his ass was perfectly positioned at edge of bed for my cock. I began to gently finger his wet hole, and my cock was pushing into his ballsack as I did it. He then reached to his left and from a compartment I saw him grab a tube of lube, and (fuck!) a condom, and layed em at his side by his knee. I took the lube and got his hole all slick, and started rubbing my cockhead right on his pink hole, gently thrusting and teasing him. Finally I grabbed his hips and slid in nice and slow, and raw. He let out a bit of a moan, but didn't try to pull away. He put his head down on the mattress, and held steady for me. I began stroking his ass with my cock. He was tight as fuck and as I'm watching my cock go in and out, I see the lube now has a light pink/red color to it in places- some blood. Now I know I must have ripped him a little, but he didn't say for me to stop, so I keep fucking, thinking about nothing but emptying my nut in his ass. I step up my dirty dad talk, telling him how much I like fucking his pussy and what a big load I have for him. He clamps down even harder, and I increase my fucking pace and tell him daddy's gonna cum. I slam one last time into him and began coming so hard it felt like my balls were turning inside out. I yell for him to jerk his cock for me and he starts pumping his dick fast and cums in like 10 seconds, all while I'm filling his guts with my load. I stay inside him until my cock shrunk down and plopped out. He rolled onto his side and I joined him, propping myself up on his pillows. I was still fully dressed, but my cock was hanging out. He went down and licked me clean, then rested his head on my belly. Damn he was a sweet masculine cub. He said I was welcome to smoke if I wanted, and I did. Lol. I stayed there with him another hour. Half way thru my pipe I was hard again, so he gave me a nice sloppy blowjob until I finished my pipe and shot down his throat. I tucked my cock away and got bundled up to head back to my vehicle. He was spending the night there, so I wished him well and left, still turned on by the fact my load was buried in his ass.
  13. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Went to my family xmas party last night. All the usual relatives, cept I met my niece's new bf. He's 26, short, beefy, and has a long red beard. I was hard most of the night just looking at this fine redneck fella. Now my whole family knows I'm gay so that's a non issue. About ten pm, the beer is getting low, so I offer to go get some, mainly so I can enjoy my pipe without having to stand outside for 30 minutes. Anyways, Mike (the red beard) says he'll ride along as well to help, and off we go. I'm driving and smoking my pipe, and Mike is chatting non-stop and asking me all about my pipe smoking. I'm buzzed and since he knows I'm gay I'm comfortable telling him I really love smoking my pipe when I'm getting head. He laughs a bit, so I say I was just being honest, and proceed to really smoke up the cabin of my truck. He says again how much he's enjoying the smell of my pipe, and I reach over and stroke his beard a couple times, telling him it's impressive. He lets me stroke it a bit, sighs and grows really quiet. Sexual tension goes thru the roof. I ask him if he'd like for me to pull over for a few minutes, and he nods yes. I drive into a parking lot of an abandoned gas station, unbuckle my seat belt, and pull out my cock, stroking it a bit and waving it at him. I place my hand on his neck and guide him down to my cock, and he began sucking me like an old pro. I just lay back, guiding his head up and down, telling him to suck daddy's cock. I nut within three minutes, sending my three day load down his throat, and he swallowed every drop. He keeps sucking and licking til I'm soft, and finally I tell him good job, now let's get that beer. On way back to house, I get his phone number, and told him I wanted more from him if he is interested. He said absolutely, and he also wants me to show him how to smoke a pipe. I laughed and said its a deal.
  14. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Quick stop at ABS on way home from work. Slim pickins, but I was horny so went to the back. A tall lean suited older guy, maybe 60, with gray hair and stache was just standing watching porn on the big screen. I sat down beside him and stared at his crotch til he finally turned towards me. I could see the outline of his hard cock thru his pants. I gently rubbed it and looked up at him, but he kept his eyes on the screen. I kept rubbing and finally he pulled out a half hard uncut cock. I began sucking him but noticed he was hell-bent on not taking his eyes off the screen. I figure what the fuck, and proceed to suck him harder until his foreskin slips back off the head of his cock, and he's at a full 8". I'm doing my best deep throat on him, and after four minutes he holds my head in place, and he spurts about five jets onto the back of my throat, pulls out and leaves, never having looked down. I can dig it. I then found a nice mouth to nut in, and called it a night.
  15. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Oh man I love the drunk straight guys at the bookstore on a Friday night. I was there around midnight. Sucked a few cocks, then went to hang out in back of video room.The first drunk guy I noticed was a lean 30 something, maybe 5-10 and 160 pounds, scruffy face and short hair. I pulled my cock out when he looked at me, and he saw it then immediately took a seat on the bench. I walked over and stood in front of him, my boner an inch from his mouth. I rubbed his hair a bit and he opened wide for me. I let him suck me a while before I pulled out, when sat down beside him, telling him to stand up. I could smell the booze being this close to his face now, so I was comfortable being bossy. He stood up facing me, and I undid his pants and got greeted by a nice 6" cock. I sucked it for a few minutes, then I turned him around and began licking his ass. He really enjoyed this, bending a little forward for me so I could tongue deeper into his hole. After a few minutes I got on the floor on my knees, spun him around again and had him lean over onto the back of the bench, and began licking his nice hole fast and furious. He was moaning, and funny thing was he was so drunk he didn't realize how loud he was being. I stood up right behind him and started rubbing my cock on his slicked hole, and then firmly slide right into him. He bucked forward a bit and let out a yelp, but my hand on his back held him down and I started fucking him. He was wiggling quite a bit, so I leaned in with my weight, forcing my cock into him more and held it there, telling him to calm the fuck down and take it. He froze in place, so I resumed my fucking. His tight hole was clamped on my cock, and man was I enjoying the ride. He'd let out a quick gasp every so often, but I kept fucking and holding him bent with my hand. I was angry fucking him at this point, and his moans only made me harder. My precum had him slick by now, and finally I started to shoot in his ass. I called him a 'good little whore' as my cock finished emptying my nut in him. I pulled my cock out, and slid a finger in his hole, rubbing my load all around. He still hadn't moved any. I pulled his underwear up for him, then his jeans. He began to zip up, and I leaned in to his ear and told him to get his drunk ass home and clean up his cum filled pussy. He didn't make any eye contact as he walked out of the room. I went and stood in front of a bearded pig sitting on a nearby bench, who watched the whole thing, and told him to clean me up. My cock was a bit messy from the raw fuck, but that lil pig had me good to go in no time, jerking off as he did it.

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