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    Hairy, facial hair, nice cocks, tight holes, poppers, truckers, smoke sex, pig play, tattoos, masculine men, bourbon.
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    beard, hairy, mpb, belly, cigars, pipes, Marlboro Reds, raw, loads. I am beefy, belly, shaved head, goatee, tattooed. Zero gauge PA
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    Other masculine pigs. Really enjoy raw fucking negative submissive men/cubs/bears.

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  1. Found an easy hole to breed at bookstore today. A nice FAT bear with a reddish beard, maybe early 20's. I massaged his hairy tits under his t-shirt for a while and got him revved up. He bent over in no time and let me dump a huge nut up his ass. When I was cumming I told him to take my charged load...lol. He didn't say a word, but the look on his face was priceless. I slid out and left him there, nut planted deep.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Littlewilly58
    3. DirtyBruin


      Fuck, that's hot. I've always hoped some anon breeder would tell me he's just filled me with a toxic load! I'd love to turn the surprise around and tell him "fuck yeah! go for a second dose!" 

    4. Bear1970


      Hot story. Haven't heard from you in a while. Send me a message!

  2. Two words for today- Gum Job! I love em!

    1. hotassbottom


      man you are one fucking hot Daddy.... Wish I could find a man like you close to me... I would service you daily.

  3. A nice slow Sunday for me. Mowed the yard, ate a nice dinner, then fucked a little bear cub out on the picnic table. He loves it raw and said he doesn't care if I knock him up. He also loves it when I piss on his face once I'm done with his ass. He jerks off while I'm filling his mouth and soaking his brown beard. Perfect summer activity...lol

    1. HornyInDP


      Mmmmm...I truly wish I could have a chance to service you that way. 

    2. DirtyBruin


      Just curious - obviously you love stealthing, but when you've got a pig who knows you're poz - do you get off on poz talk? Having him beg for your charged seed, telling him how toxic your loads are, etc.?

    3. CigarBear68


      Oh yeah...I love hearing him beg for it. It often makes me cum too fast, so I have used a ball gag on the pig so I can last a while before nutting.

  4. great to see another cigar breeder on here ... do you smoke a stogie while you fuck?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. CigarBear68


      Lol..glad you remember, son.

    3. grayhoss


      Love to see pics of you with a stogie, constructionguy or hear about breedings you had with one in your jaw. Love cigarstuds!

    4. Bear1970


      Lol. I remember!

  5. Got to breed a bookstore twink last night. Masculine, but skinny and hairless, maybe 23 ish. He didn't say a word as I rough fingered his ass, or when I slid in raw and a bit dry. He had a tight pucker, and I came in about two minutes...lol. He was dripping my load as I pulled out, and jerking his cock. I left him to finish on his own as I got what I wanted. 

    1. scott0882


      Another awesome breeding by you. His ass was that tight or you were very horny to unload pretty fast. Was there any blood from your rough fingering? Hope enough of your cum stayed in him to do the job. 

    2. CigarBear68


      He was TIGHT. It was pretty dark, but between my fingering and rough entry I'm sure he was bleeding some. Nice entry for my seed to convert him.

  6. Ran into a young bearded otter at bookstore last night. He was really into daddy bears, so we groped a while, and his 8" curved cock was too nice to resist. He'd never fucked a guy before, but once he slid inside me, he lasted about a minute before unloading in my ass. He was so worked up I thought he was gonna cry....lol. I think he'll be fucking ass again real soon.

    1. hotassbottom


      We don't have any good bookstores here in the Memphis area. But if we did this little slut would  be there daily getting all the loads I can.  How lucky for you both.

  7. Fuck a fat bear at bookstore tonight. No rubber, no lube cept my dripping cock. He was nice n tight, and let me rawdawg him with no questions asked. He left with a nice big poz load in his guts. 🙂

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. phxchub


      Wish I was that bear

    3. morufflover


      WOOF...when can you fill my guts?

    4. Disposal4Seed


      In AZ and wanting to be converted so bad and will travel for it anywhere......

  8. Damn it's been a while since I posted much. Been camping and raw fucking trying to make as many sons as I can.  Here's to hoping all my loads took. 

    1. draco7


      Fuck yea!!  Way to go Dad!

  9. Not been here much. Been camping over the holiday, and dumping my load in so many sweet asses it's been a slice of heaven. 

    1. FilThFiendFtM


      Where’ve you been camping? Your profile says you like raw fucking neg boys- are you poz?

    2. mikelgneg


      Enjoy your summer like i see ;)

    3. jc23


      Aww fuck man, I want your pox load so bad!

  10. On my way to take a toxic load and thinking of you, stud. Maybe one day it'll be yours. 😉

  11. CigarBear68

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Bookstore after work. I blew a handsome 60ish moustached guy in a business suit. He had an uncut 7" cock and came super fast. That got me worked up enough to start groping a skinny hairy 20ish guy, until he finally let me fuck him in a dark corner. He asked me to pull out before I came but I nutted inside him anyways. I was nice enough to give him a reach around before I left. ?
  12. Got to nut in a nice fat ass earlier at the bookstore. He was a nice fat redneck looking fella with a goatee and long hair. He took my cock like a champ, and I blew a big multiday load deep in his guts. And like a good pig, he licked my dirty cock clean when I was done. ?

    1. hotassbottom


      wish that was my hole you were breeding... HOT

    2. Bear1970


      He's an awesome top dad. He gave me his cock and loads, aggressive yet made me feel safe. 

  13. Guys I'm flattered by your kind messages- but I can only fuck so many holes, and my preference is unplanned random fucks, though I do occasionally schedule a breeding ahead of time. Damn I wish I could just mail ya my toxic load...lol. 

  14. Been a great month for breeding the cubs. A few planned, and a bunch of anonymous loads dumped in asses at campgrounds. 

    1. maxony


      Where do you live? I’m a young bottom who would love to take your poz daddy load 

  15. What state you live in?   I'd love for you to poz me!

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