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    Hairy, facial hair, nice cocks, tight holes, poppers, truckers, smoke sex, pig play, tattoos, masculine men, bourbon.
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    beard, hairy, mpb, belly, cigars, pipes, Marlboro Reds, raw, loads. I am beefy, belly, shaved head, goatee, tattooed. Zero gauge PA
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    Other masculine pigs. Really enjoy raw fucking negative submissive men/cubs/bears.

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  1. A great hookup last night with a fat cigar bear I play with occasionally. He's a top with a thick 7" cock and he's mean as fuck, and he loves to be watched so he usually has another guy or two present as well😃 Soon as I get there I see Mike, the fat bearded bear, and some other bear, also bearded and fat, who's maybe 25. Mike wastes no time and has me get naked and positioned on the fuck bench in the living room. He straps my arms and starts rubbing my ass, making sure he's blowing lots of cigar smoke on my face. He then puts a ball gag in my mouth and tells his buddy to hand him the lub
  2. I hooked up with a early 20's guy yesterday. He's works at a diner and is always extra friendly when I pick up my food order. I handed him my address and told him to stop by anytime. He seemed a bit surprised, but said he would stop by when his shift was over. I'll skip to the good part. I got him undressed, and he was sexy, trim, and pretty hairy for someone his age. And I have to say his full goatee was definitely turning me on. I was in full dad mode, and he was enjoying it. He knew how to suck cock really well, and after I ate his hairy ass a while, he showed me he knew how to take a raw c
  3. Got to raw fuck a fellow party goer last night😃 He was friend of friend, ended up in spare bedroom. He waited until his buddy left him alone before he got slutty, and I took full advantage. Used some spit as lube and slid in rough, fucked him for like 4 minutes, and nutted hard. He grunted and seemed uncomfortable, but I didn't care much. I didn't even give him a reach around. Lol  We were back down at party before anyone missed us. Hoping he enjoys my Halloween gift the rest of his life. 

    1. Dad4cub


      That sure fulfilled your need to nut. 

    2. AverageGuy


      Nice Halloween gift


  4. Or even starting one of your own. 👍🏻😉
  5. Mmmm damn I need to nut. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Giftaddict


      You can have my ass anytime 

    3. furlover45
    4. BearPounder


      It's been way too long for me since I last bred.

  6. Anyone else noticing an increase in guys who are into bald on top guys?? Lol I keep hearing from guys who have a fetish for mpb men. More than the normal amount..

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AverageGuy
    3. countrycopedipper


      as if your cigar and every story you've written didn't make me want to climb on that cock bad enough, now you gotta focus me on your mpb and how hot that is too

    4. funpiggy1


      I have always liked bald men, since I was a teen and had a neighbor that fit that bill perfectly. 

  7. Beautiful day today, so went to local lake and walked around a bit before sitting on a picnic table and smoked my pipe a while. Soon a fella came walking over, and started some small talk about my pipe. He was maybe mid twenties, 5'-6" and husky, and bearded. Well, I'll skip ahead to the good details and I fucked him behind a cluster of shrubs. He started sucking me but I really needed to ride his ass, so when I asked he didn't say no😃 He was super tight. Not a virgin but he'd only been fucked a few times he said. I didn't last more than 5 minutes, and he got a huge poz load planted deep. He j
  8. Oh did I get a good fucking. 😛

    1. BigBrotherCub


      Going to inspire a story to share with all the cubs?

  9. I think he was just looking to suck, but I went from jerking his cock as he blew me to rubbing his ass and fingering it and pushing some spit snot in to moisten him up. I grabbed his balls so he couldn't stand up, and went around back and shoved my cock in fast before he could say no. He let out a moan, but I was balls deep and fucking him before he told me he didn't like to get fucked. "It's ok buddy just relax" I said as I STILL was fucking. He stepped forward a bit but I had his waist gripped tightly so I moved with him, and kept fucking. He was clamping my cock really hard, and by the time
  10. This feedback almost makes me want to start an official club just for men I've knocked up. 😉
  11. Got to breed a married guy in woods near my house this week. It wasn't camping, but he left with a big load running out his hole. He didn't want to get fucked, but I insisted. He ended up with a huge load as his fighting me just made me hornier👿
  12. I knew the quarantine was bad, but when my longest time fuckbuddy insisted on coming over to fuck me I knew things were desperate. Lol I mean we're great friends, but we got tired of fucking each other years ago. However, I'd never given him head as a toothless bear, and he shot in about 2 minutes, and was moaning loudly. Lol After some dinner and beers, he gave me a slow fuck and then headed back home to his lockdown. 🙂

  13. Lockdown sucks, but getting enough sex to make it through. Thankfully my ass is still a bit sore from an earlier fucking that I'm not feeling completely isolated. 😃

  14. Was in park at dusk, mainly for stretching my legs but also hoping for some eye candy. Haven't been to bookstore in ages. So I see a gray haired guy with a beard parked at the end of the lot, leaning up against his work van and smoking. I eventually walk by him, and get a nod. I nod back and he casually brushes his hand across his jeans by his crotch. I look and can see an outline of something big. I walk over to him and ask if he needs some help, and he just smiles and opens the side door and invites me in. Once we're in I sit on a bucket and he pulls out a fat 6" cock with a gigantic mushroo
  15. I FINALLY got to nut earlier today. I found an old number from a fella I met at bookstore, and texted him. Couldn't remember what he looked like, but figured if I saved his number I must have liked him. I texted him a shot of my cock and asked if he wanted to bottom. An hour later I was fucking him raw in my living room. I gotta say I had no memory of meeting him before, but he was a fat little bearded man about 30, and his ass was hairy as fuck and tight. I nutted fast the first time, and only lasted about 5 minutes the second. And then, like a good pig, he left.
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