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    Hairy, facial hair, nice cocks, tight holes, poppers, truckers, smoke sex, pig play, tattoos, masculine men, bourbon.
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    beard, hairy, mpb, belly, cigars, pipes, Marlboro Reds, raw, loads. I am beefy, belly, shaved head, goatee, tattooed. Zero gauge PA
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    Other masculine pigs. Really enjoy raw fucking negative submissive men/cubs/bears.

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  1. 20210915_004636.jpg.ec1e92bfe75909c30f217cb87d3197f2.jpg

    1. ronnie4u


      WOOF !  Extremely HOT !  ready for you - now !

  2. Today I had a nice and easy fuck in the woods by the fishing lake. Started chatting with a young chubby bearded guy, and next thing I know he's taking my cock raw as I'm fucking him doggy style. He was tight and I could feel his ass grip my cock. I started telling him he was gonna get a big load planted deep, and he really liked hearing that. Soon as he heard me cumming, he started as well. We got our pants back up and hung out for another 30 minutes just talking. I told him it really turned me on that he was going home with my nut in his ass. He laughed a little and said that it was definitely a new experience for him. Of course hearing that made me hard so I came straight home and jerked off again, thinking maybe I just got another son. 

  3. Fucked a 60 year old bear 5 times last weekend. Each time raw and every drop of my cum went in his hole. He had been saying how much he wanted to be in my club, so when I had the chance I took it. First time he was nervous, until I started telling him he'd soon be my little fuck pig, then he was begging for it. By the 5th time he was verbal as fuck and just absolutely milking my cock with his ass. I think he's going to make a most excellent cum dump bear very soon♥️

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    2. azguy
    3. Bearhunter55


      Excellent - best of luck bringing him over! 

    4. ronetbus


      I am so jealous of that lucky 60 year old guy!

  4. Thanks. Not sure where the ugly part came into the picture though😂🤣
  5. Been enjoying a new regular gray beard guy who loves my gum jobs. He's on the thick side. Not quite a beer can but damned close, and almost 8". He told me he never came so fast or easily from a blow job as when I do it. I think he's probably married, but he stops over 3 times or so a week for past 2 weeks. Hoping he doesn't get tired of nutting down my throat. 

    1. Bearhunter55


      Any chance you can get him in your ass? 

    2. CigarBear68


      I'm hoping to get there. His cock would feel awesome fucking me. 

    3. Bearhunter55


      Please advise when you succeed 😉 


  6. Got to nut in a new hole last night. Cookout, lots of bears and cubs. One chubby young cub I hadn't met before was shitfaced drunk and had me sneak off in the dark to the back of yard for a quick pump n dump. He was there with a date and he didn't want anyone to see us. Lol I figured what the hell, so I let him guide the process, and since he was begging for my load, I gave him as assful. 😈 

    1. hotguy02


      Wow very lucky boy

    2. azguy


      Lucky guy

  7. I got to nut in a strange ass at the lake a few hours ago. Nothing too exciting, just chatting with a fella who saw me fishing. He was maybe 40, balding, stache, chubby, and he gripped my cock hard with his ass the entire fuck. He licked me clean once I pulled out, and jerked his cock til he shot😈

  8. Was pretty much a pig bottom all weekend. Saturday I went to a cookout, and ended up getting fucked by a redneck couple I'd never met before. Both had nice 8" cocks, and they gave me 4 loads before the cookout was over. Then this afternoon my really fat bear buddy with the beercan cock stopped by and bred me twice. Felt great and enjoyed relaxing with his load leaking out of my ass. 

    1. bjbottom


      Sounds like you had a hot piggy weekend full of cock and cum .... wish we were closer so I could lick and suck all that cum out of your hole.

    2. Bearhunter55


      As always, fucking hot. My one load today can't even compare. 

  9. I stopped by a friend's house unannounced today, only to hear he was waiting for an online trick to show up. Now since this isn't a friend I play with, I was surprised when he told me to stay as this guy likes older daddy types. So the guy shows up, and he's quite sexy. Maybe 30, thick, hairy as fuck with a dark beard. He doesn't mind that there's an extra dad, so he gets naked and he begins blowing my friend's 6" cock as he sits on the couch. Feeling a bit left out, I decide to eat this young man's ass the best I can. Once it's nice and wet, I get right behind him and start working my cockhead around his hole. I push in raw, and he lets out a small yelp as he's blowing my friend's cock, but otherwise keeps going. Well, I start telling him what a sexy whore he's being by taking two raw dicks, and that he's a good pig. I can tell he's loving it as he starts sucking harder and his ass is clamping my cock. I told him he was going to get my load deep, and he started cumming, which caused me to cum and start moaning, which then led to my buddy nutting as well.  And like a good pig, the guy cleaned both our cocks and then hit the road. I'm hoping he isn't on PreP cuz I'd love to have knocked him up

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    2. Bearhunter55


      Do you ever wonder how many sons you know have out there?  Creating a legacy.....

    3. CigarBear68


      I do wonder... it's quite a few, and I'd be afraid to speculate at this point as it'll make me sound like more of a fucking whore than I admit to already. Lol 

    4. Bearhunter55


      You can admit it - a lot of us get inspired by you 🙂 



  10. Fucking hot bro. Interesting you're versatile

    1. CigarBear68


      What makes that interesting? 

  11. Had a new cub stop by and suck my cock after work. A buddy hooked us up, as the cub likes poz cock, even though he is still negative (for now). He does have a beautiful black bushy beard, so I loved watching him work my dick a long time. He loved me telling him I was gonna feed him my dirty load, and I even referenced fucking him raw sometime, which really got him going. Fed him a big load, had him jerk off in front of me (8" cock btw) then sent him on his way. 

  12. At the fishing lake last night, I got fucked by a white haired fat guy with beer can cock. He looked just like any other married 50 something guy around these parts- jeans, tshirt, belly protruding out like he was 6 months pregnant, wearing a camo hat. He also had a nice push broom moustache, and that was the icing on the cake. He was really aggressive, and fucked me hard for at least 10 minutes, all the while referring to me as a good bitch/whore who was going to get his creampie. I was loving it, and was jerking my cock the whole time, cumming when he nutted in my ass. He quickly pulled out, and wiped his cock with my underwear....lol Nice touch I thought. He did slide a few fingers in and outta my cummy hole afterwards, and said 'nice pussy, thanks' before he got up and left.
  13. At a 4th picnic at a buddy's house, lots of drunk bears and otters, so of course it devolved into rampant sex. I took three loads in my ass just bending over the picnic table, and then had the pleasure of a senior bear licking and sucking my ass as the loads ran out. I finished the evening by stopping by the fishing lake I always go to, and fucked my load into a young redneck looking guy with a moustache. 👍🏻
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