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    Hairy, facial hair, nice cocks, tight holes, poppers, truckers, smoke sex, pig play, tattoos, masculine men, bourbon.
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    beard, hairy, mpb, belly, cigars, pipes, Marlboro Reds, raw, loads. I am beefy, belly, bald on top, bearded, tattooed. Zero gauge PA
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    Other masculine pigs. Really enjoy raw fucking negative submissive men/cubs/bears.

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  1. Friday I may have a cub to breed for first time. Wish me luck😎

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    2. CigarBear68


      He says he's eager to take my loads.. hoping he doesn't flake. 

    3. irishcumdump


      fingers crossed for you sir

    4. CigarBear68


      Thanks irish bear😋

  2. CigarBear68

    Barebackers' Anonymous

    Great story! I'd love to know what a 30 day chip from this group would be 😎
  3. CigarBear68

    Drunk at the Lake

    It's almost too easy. I had a guy tell me 'not without a rubber', so I slid in raw anyways and told him to call the cops on me...lol. 'I'm sure your wife would like to read that report'. Needless to say, he didn't say much else and left with my load in his ass.
  4. CigarBear68

    Becoming Pa's Cunt

    Grey- you'd make one fine poz cunt for any Pa. 😎
  5. CigarBear68

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Way too horny tonight so after dinner went to bookstore. Been topping alot lately, so was happy when a guy around my age, but skinny, started rubbing my hairy ass. I handed him my lube and told him to have fun. He fingered me a while, then I leaned forward against a wall to give him access. He wasted no time sliding in what felt to be about a nice thick 7" cock. Just what I needed. He fucked slow, and ran his hands up and down my back as he moved in and out. I heard him breathing harder, so I looked back at him and told him to shoot it in me deep. He picked his pace up and sunk in one last time before unloading his nut in me. He stood still for what felt like a minute before I could feel his cock softening, and then slid out. I pulled my jeans up and turned around in time to see him walking away. I hung around looking for more, and found a 20 something fat kid jerking off to a video. He had a hog of a cock though, so after watching him a few minutes I asked if he'd like to try my ass out. He didn't say a word, but waved his pecker at me, so I got on a bench near him and pulled my jeans down again. He lined up to my hole and pushed in all at once, and fuck if he didn't tear me a bit, despite me already having one load in me. His fat cock and the tear meant it was rough going for me for a while, but the pain finally subsided and the last few minutes of the fuck felt really great. My cock was leaking like a faucet by the time he nutted. When he pulled out, I could feel his load start to run down my thigh. I pulled my pants up and sat down on bench, just in time to hear him say I got his cock bloody. "Ya shoved it in pretty fast, man, what the fuck you expect?" was my reply. He just scowled and walked away. So despite being pissed by his attitude (and yet horny thinking my blood might work its way into the fucker somehow) I still hadn't nutted. Eventually a porky bearded cub came in, so I jerked my cock in front of him to get his attention, and was able to dump my load down his throat and call it a night.
  6. CigarBear68

    Any guys been pissed on by multiple guys at once?

    I love giving gushers up the butt. It makes me hard af and lets the bottom know his place. When I'm fucking you it's MY hole to use as I please.
  7. CigarBear68

    Drunk at the Lake

    Gay campgrounds get lots of 'day campers' just there for the afternoon. They're usually married guys who live nearby and man are they all too eager to get fucked. Sent many a married man home with my nut in his ass😎
  8. Tuesday night and here I sit without a cocksucker or a tight little hole to fuck. Damn! Ain't came in like 6 hours. Lol. I may be a sex addict. 

    1. Dickmagnet


      If i was there you could use me, Love being a receptical for cum.

  9. CigarBear68

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Nothing like a versatile daddy!
  10. CigarBear68

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Not too exciting of a report, but stopped by my new rawdogging buddy's place on way home from work. I texted and told him to be ready, and he was ass up on bed, head down on pillow. I spit on his hole and shoved my boner in all at once. I tore him a bit which is great as that's part of the plan to get him knocked up. Fucked for under 10 minutes and gave him a nice sized load as deep as I could go. I let him jerk off as he sucked my cock clean, then I had to get home to let the dog out. We plan to hangout later in the week, so this was just a quick fuck to keep his cunt lubed and loaded.
  11. CigarBear68

    A Gift from Dad

    I love doing that- watching my cock slide in and out of a cunt and a major nicotine buzz going at same time. I wouldn't be surprised if my cum tasted like tobacco.
  12. CigarBear68

    Breeding the new member.

    I'm thinking of having a vest like in the story made for me. It'd be pretty damned sexy.
  13. CigarBear68

    Gum jobs- hot or not.

    I think there are more gummers out there but they are shy about it. Wish they wouldn't be 😎
  14. Hey all you negative chasers- gimme a shout out and tell me how much you want my cum in your cunts!

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    2. CigarBear68


      Be sure I'm smoking my pipe as I'm fucking in your story. Gotta be accurate 😎

    3. Need2submit
    4. TimSon


      This bi, neg hole want your poz cum in my cunt so bad... fucking rape my hole. Wickr: timsonbb Travelin' this week: Boston, and now Houston. 

  15. New Wescos arrived today and were waiting for me at front door. Now I just need a a hairy bottom to help me break em in properly. 

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