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    Hairy, facial hair, nice cocks, tight holes, poppers, truckers, smoke sex, pig play, tattoos, masculine men, bourbon.
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    beard, hairy, mpb, belly, cigars, pipes, Marlboro Reds, raw, loads. I am beefy, belly, shaved head, goatee, tattooed. Zero gauge PA
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    Other masculine pigs. Really enjoy raw fucking negative submissive men/cubs/bears.

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  1. I can now officially give gum jobs 🙂 It's a whole new world of cock sucking, and damn I'm loving it. 

    1. Charmingbear


      How do you mean? 

    2. TTFN


      I've been giving gum jobs for years, the Men love it when I bite down on their cocks for a really hard gum job.

  2. Holiday starting off right..- a bear couple I've known for years stopped by and gave me 3 raw loads up the ass, and I managed to breed one of them before we were done😀 Happy July 4th!!

    1. NLbear


      Perfect way to start a holiday!

  3. At bookstore late, I got so turned on by a young bearded man who sucked my cock I spun him around, pulled his jeans down, and shoved my cock up his ass before he had a chance to tell me no. He let out a holler, but I kept pumping his tight ass and shot my dirty load in like 20 seconds. I stayed inside him til I went soft. When I plopped out he sat down and licked my cock clean. Told me I had just popped his cherry and gave him his first load all at once. I got instantly hard again and proceeded to fuck a second poz load into his ass. I hope he always remembers me.
  4. Sorry for lack of activity on here. Been busy with stuff, but I'll get back soon. Have a couple stories to share. Lol

    1. Gingerloadwhore


      hot fucker. Love to be in one of those stories

  5. Got a couple nice loads in my bear hole from the bookstore after work. A hot hairy chubby bear with a FAT 6"er, and a lean suited bald business man with a sexy gray moustache. I didn't jerk off so I'll be horny all evening. Lol

    1. DirtyBruin


      Love those thick hole-stretchers!

  6. Well since I was away, I've had many loads exchanged, but my favorite by far is a bookstore fuck last week. A fella I've eyed many times in the place, but never had any luck with as he seems to be afraid to do anything, showed up in the backroom and I quickly figured out he'd been drinking. He's about 25, skinny as fuck, but with a bushy black beard and long hair. Well, I just kept eyeing him until he noticed, then nodded at him. He walked over and started some small talk, which I reciprocated. Finally, after he started to ramble about the weather, I just grabbed his waist and pulled him in to me. He didn't fight me one bit, so I went in for a kiss and was happy as fuck when he let my tongue probe his mouth. Lots of groping, more kissing, then he asked me if I wanted to go out to his van for some privacy. Fuck yeah!! We went outside and quickly got into the van, and I was happy to see it was windowless and mostly empty cept for a few tools and some drop cloths. I'm skipping a bunch of details, but it moved to me bringing on the daddy talk, and that lad let me fuck him raw twice before we called it a night. My nut shot out so hard it almost hurt me...lol. I even decided to be nice and sucked his cock before I left. A beautiful 8" uncut cock and a huge fucking load. I was fingering his hole roughly as I sucked, making sure my poz loads got mixed in his ass good. I'm hoping he shows up drunk more often😀
  7. Saturday night party at a buddy's house turned into a darkened sex orgy once the booze got flowing. About 9 bear guys going at each other in the basement space with no lights on. I took two loads in my ass right away, and then found a warm mouth to fuck for a while. I didn't cum though, as a friend of a friend whispered in my ear he wanted my dirty load. He then left the fucking space and went into the laundry room. I waited a few minutes then slipped away, joining him. He was naked, drunk off his ass, and sexy as fuck with a bushy beard and hair covered body. I started rubbing him from behind and told him I didn't know he was poz. He said he wasn't poz, but wanted to be knocked up. He just didn't want anyone to know he was a bug chaser. I bent him over a small table and rubbed my cock in his hairy crack. He was dry so I spit as much as I could, then pushed in hard. He grunted, and I held my cock deep as he adjusted himself. I began hammer fucking him and shot in about 2 minutes. I stood him up and jerked him off, and told him to let me know if my load takes. I left the laundry, joined back in the group fun, and took another load in my ass before the night was over. I didn't see my bug chasing bottom again, but I'm hoping I hear good news from him soon.
  8. Monday night at ABS. Was lurking in rear of theater when a 50ish lean bald guy, with business-trimmed stache and suit, comes in. We make eye contact and he walks over and stands in front of me. I unzip him and out pops a beautiful 8" cock with a plump head on it. I start sucking him, and after about 5 minutes I sense he is close so I stop. I look up at him and tell him I need fucked. He is a bit caught off guard, but I pull out a rubber from my shirt pocket and he says ok. I put the condom on his cock, and of course there in the dim lighting he can't see the tip has been slit. I stand up and bend over, my prelubed ass is really needing some cock. He lines up and slides in all at once, and I grip down tightly. I hear a moan from him, then he starts fucking me steady. I'm encouraging him to keep it up, telling him what a great fucker he is. I feel him grab my hips even harder with his hands, and he picks up his fucking pace. I start to cum it feels so good, and let out a deep growl as my ass clamps hard around his cock during my orgasm. He cums moments later, and sinks fully in my ass and holds it there til he is done coming. Soon as he slides out, I feel cum running down my crack, so I know the condom failed as planned and I got the raw fucking I wanted. I sit down on bench as he is removing what was left of the rubber from his cock. He looks kinda speechless, and he apologizes to me. I tell him not to worry about it as these things happen. I asked him how he liked raw fucking me, and he shakes his head and says it was fucking incredible. I got turned on again and started sucking his cock clean. He gets hard again in no time, and I beg him to fuck me raw again, telling him I was turned on thinking about his cum in my ass. He agrees, and five minutes later I'm taking his second load in my ass. He was more verbal this time, saying he was gonna fill my ass with his cream and make me his cum dump. Damn that was hot encounter!
  9. My date went well with the redneck. He was ready for some fucking, and we didn't stop until I unloaded three times in him over about 9 hours. He begged for my load every time. I think he started his pig journey with the right fella. 

    1. Gingerloadwhore


      He’s a lucky pig

    2. Bearseeder


      Did he know you've got poz cum in your nuts?

    3. CigarBear68


      No, he never asked me, and I never told. 

  10. Got a 'date' tonight with an inexperienced recently divorced bearded redneck. I wanna jizz his ass. Wish me luck. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Need2submit


      Give him a fucking he won’t ever forget.

    3. nudedude


      Damn, fuck his brains out and plant your seed deep!

    4. wraith36


      wish that was my ass for your jizz!!!


  11. Party on Saturday night- lots of drinking and some guys having sex. The one bearded cub I wanted got drunk early and went to sleep in a bedroom. I gave him an hour before I went in, pulled his jeans down and ate his ass. He woke up confused, but I kept tonguing him in the darkness and finally told him to get on his knees, which he did. I fucked him fast and hard, and shot a big dirty load in him deep. He just rolled over and fell back to sleep. Not sure he'll even remember what happened....lol
  12. Nice Monday surprise- had a trick swing by and suck my cock for almost an hour before I fed him. Must be a sign of a good week ahead ?

  13. Yesterday one of my fat bear buddies, 5-7" and 300 lbs with a beer can 8", came over and bred my ass raw 3 times. He loves a sloppy hole, so he actually came faster the last two fucks than the first. I loved laying back and rubbing his hairy belly as he fucked me and talked dirty. After his last fuck, he filled my ass with piss which sent me over the edge and I finally came without touching myself.
  14. Got an email today from a cub I fucked repeatedly on one of my camping trips this summer. He said, at the time, he was on Prep, but come to find out he wasn't, and he went on and on thanking me for my gift as he's tested poz. Haven't replied yet as I'm sorta pissed, cuz sex would have been better had I known he was a chaser. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. CigarBear68


      Yeah, he probably had been refused before and decided to not risk it happening again. 

    3. Cubd


      Can confirm that guys do, surprisingly, refuse occasionally when they find out I’m chasing.  ?



    4. Chargedup


      Lawd knows how many guys got my bug when my ass fluids were highly juiced with the holy nectar ☣️

  15. New news to me- there are guys known as cash slaves. I had no idea. They get off by giving money/things away. 

    I received $500. No kidding. I didn't know such things existed, and I thought I knew everything in gay world.lol

    1. Negpig


      Yup. Financial Control is something a number of people get off on. I know one guy who works as a prodom that charges people to watch him at the gym: $5 per rep.

    2. CigarBear68


      Lol... I guess there's always something new to learn. 

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