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Found 48 results

  1. We all have preferences but glad I'm open to men with whom I' would not generally be interested. This is one such occasion. On New Years I received an email from a guy who had fucked me one spring when I was traveling in Italy. I was in a small city in the southern Italy one night, the streets and piazzas filled with lots of young people who were drinking, dancing, laughing in bars. I was just taking a stroll prior to turning in at my hotel, when I noticed a guy, probably somewhere in the range of 42 to 48, who was clearly staring at me. He was bald (and not a sexy kind of bald), probably a working stiff, taking a break from the obligations of his wife and family. He nodded at me as the commotion with the mostly younger crowd was going on, gesturing with his head towards a small side street, scratching his crotch as he entered the side street. I followed him, not finding find him at all sexy or interesting but definitely a take-charge guy from his attitude. Coarse hair on his arms and poking above his shirt and scruffy beard made him look virile but still not my type. I hadn't had dick since I left the States so I took a chance. Soon side street was quite quiet and dark, in various locations, somewhat dark. Still, even if the light was spotty, I could see he occasionally glanced behind himself, checking to see if I was following. After a few minutes he entered darkened area, when I got close I could see it was a path. He was stroking himself jeans open and I rubbed myself through mine. His eyes fixed on mine, he took my hand and placed it on his meat, which was fat, not too long, uncut, oh, and he was pre-cumming like crazy. Pushing my head down to his crotch, he leaned over and slid his hand into the seat of my pants, massaging my ass cheeks before fingering my hole. I had cleaned and lubed up before dinner hoping something might appear, and here I was. When he felt the wet hole he muttered something but knew he was happy. Spitting on his fingers to lube my ass a bit more, I pulled jeans down to give him clear access. He turned me around, and pushed his way in, no talking. After giving me a bit of little time to adjust to his cock, he commenced a deep fucking, which lasted for ten to fifteen minutes, the two of us standing, and in which I leaned against a stone wall for support. This was strictly a matter of getting him off, which was fine with me. Tensing up, he bred my ass, balls deep, with what seemed to be a huge load. Resting against me, his cock lodged in my ass, he caught his breath, and naturally his cock softened and slid out of my ass, whereupon I turned around, dropped to my knees, and sucked him clean, as he massaged my scalp and his breathing slowly normalized. I continued sucking his cock and to my pleasure he got hard again, pulled me back into position, and abruptly slammed back into my ass, fucking even harder than our earlier sessions. Although enjoying his tactics, I stumbled a bit, and tried to re position myself so I was more comfortable. Apparently, however, he thought I was trying to get away as he locked me into place, and intensified his assault on my ass, getting rougher and more frantic, which left me even more aroused. After another ten to fifteen minutes of rough fucking, he came again. We pulled ourselves together. He asked if I was okay, then we walked out and talked a bit. I told him I would be around for another two days. He said he wanted to fuck me again, so I gave him my cell phone number and e-mail address. The next morning I found a message asking if I wanted more milk. That was the entire message! Of course I answered 'yes'. His next message gave me the time and place, and suggested I lube myself as I had done the night before. At the appointed time and place I awaited him while sitting on a bench. He showed up, approached me, we exchanged a a couple sentences, and then bade me "Andiamo," leading me to another secluded spot a little more lit than the location where we had fucked the night before. The same routine ensued. Without dropping his trousers, he pulled his dick and balls out, he gave me two fucks and two huge loads. We neither kissed nor hugged. We simply exchanged an animalistic breeding. We stayed in touch and email each other occasionally. He frequently reminds me he has more milk for me, and invites me to come back. I'm planning a trip to Italy sometime this year!
  2. I'm a pig for BBC - I take as much as I can behind my Husband's back.
  3. Just an average Government Worker -GWM 6' 1" late 40's - fit hairy body - cut cock - 7" and thick when hard - have always fantasized about being a cumdump in a porno- don't want money just to be filmed being bred and used by as many men as possible. I live in Baltimore MD
  4. Visiting Pittsburgh in mid November. Any hairy smokers around for some raw fucking?
  5. Blow my Mind

    I'm a British 25 year old guy. I've done okay being bottom and top but never truly been satisfied. I now live in China, where the average guy is below average in nearly every sense of the word. I've been reading posts on here for months and just made a profile, I need what you have. I have a holiday in October and want to travel to anywhere in the world, probably USA or UK and become what I am. I don't have much experience, but I'm so ready for it, anything goes. I've never done bb either, so that will be new. Wanting to know where is the best place to go, and hopefully find someone who can guide me, help me and use me. Take me to a club and let everyone piss on me and fuck me. Pimp me out to homeless men and drug addicts. Have a hot Pnp session for a few days. I particularly like hairy guy and I love foot play. But to become what I am, no cock refused. Force me to take it! I'm 100% serious about everything I said. Make me yours than make me everyone else's.
  6. I was in London a few days ago and very horny to get fucked. I had posted on BBRT and on Craigslist. I received numerous hits, but they all seemed to be flakes: several of the guys were 'no shows', and the balance would want to chat and swap pics, but then dropped the conversation. London seems to have an overabundance of game players when it comes to online cruising. But then I began to chat with a guy who answered my Craigslist ad. He said he lived just a mile from my hotel and wanted to come over. I had not seen any pics of him, but his self description sounded nice. He said he was in his mid 50's, a very athletic and fit body, covered in thick, black/grey hair, large/thick cock that got and stayed rock hard. He told me that he wanted to get sucked and rimmed. And that if the chemistry was right, he'd fuck me, but he'd only fuck me if covered. Normally I would turn down getting fucked by a guy wearing a condom, but on this occasion I was getting desperate to get fucked, and, as everything else he said about himself sounded great, I invited him over. Within about 35 minutes, he was knocking on my hotel room door. I opened the door to find a very attractive Middle Eastern man standing there. I invited him inside. "Are you okay with how I look?" he asked? "Fuck, yeah," I replied. We both began to undress. Then he stood before me in just his undershirt, briefs and socks. I stepped up to him and rubbed his chest and his already hard cock through his white briefs. Then I dropped to my knees and put my mouth on the bulge in his shorts. I chewed on it for a moment, then pulled his waistband over his hard cock and took his thick cock head into my mouth. I worked his cock as I pulled his briefs down and helped him step out of them. Next he pulled his undershirt up and over his head. I looked up to see his very sexy, hairy chest above me as I made love to his now rock hard cock. He sat on the edge of the bed and I continued to suck on his very large and thick cock. My tongue slid into his large piss hole in his mushroomed sized cockhead. Then I licked up and down the underside of his cock, working my way down to his balls, on which I licked and sucked. He moaned as I did this. I then licked under his balls and he moaned even louder. Then I lifted his legs a bit. He got the hint and pulled his legs up to his chest as I began to lick and eat his very hairy asshole. I spread his hole and got my tongue deep up inside his tight hole. I lapped my tongue across his hole and he was groaning with pleasure. Then he flipped over onto his knees and climbed up further onto the bed. I took some deep sniffs of my poppers and pressed my face into his hairy ass and again ate his hairy hole. I came up for air, "Wanna fuck me?" I asked? "Not yet. Keep eating my hole," he answered. I continued to eat his hole, then he flipped back onto his back and I went back to sucking his cock. I couldn't believe how large and hard his cock was for a man his age. The hardness was like a kid in his 20's, not a guy in his late 50's. Whether is was from a little, blue pill or not, I could care less. I was loving this rock, solid cock in my mouth. Finally, he reached for my ass and fingered my hole a bit. "Okay, I want your ass," he remarked. I got off the bed and grabbed my lube, took care of my hole and then presented the bottle to him, knowing he had said he had said he would only fuck with a condom, but I didn't offer him one. I had a few in the drawer. But would only pull one out if he insisted. I climbed back onto the bed and put my ass up towards him. I was expecting him to ask for a condom, but he never did. He lubed his cock and put his hard cock head up to my hole. I started to sniff the poppers deeply, as I felt him begin to press into me. "Take it slow, please," I asked. The thickness and hardness of his large cock would take a little time, however, soon he was balls deep in me and began to pump in and out of me with some speed and power. He was soon slamming into me, making a loud slapping sound as his pelvis slammed against my ass. He had grabbed my shoulders and was ramming up into me. I had to take some more popper sniffs, but it was feeling great. "You like my dick?", he asked. "Fuck, YEAH," I answered. His cock was rubbing against my prostate and I was in bottom/pig heaven. Bam! Bam! Bam! His cock was ramming into me. Then he reached under me and pinched my nipples as he fucked me. That really gets me going. I was soon cumming myself as he fucked me and pinched my nipples. When I began to cum, that set him off. Now, he was groaning, growling and grunting as he filled my ass with his load. I was squeezing my ass on his thick cock as it throbbed in my ass. He continued to thrust into me for quite some time as he emptied every drop of his seed into me. Finally he pulled out of me in a quick withdrawal and then jumped off the bed and went into the bathroom to wash off his dick. I dressed as I heard the water in the sink running. He came out. His now soft cock, still thick and long hanging down between his legs. He dressed in silence then said, "You've got my email address. Let me know when you're back. I'm married and it's sometimes difficult to get away. But I'll fuck you anytime I can," he remarked as he left my room.
  7. Raped while Apartment Hunting

    I cannot believe this happened to me only a few minutes ago. My husband and I have been living in our current apartment for about a year and it was obvious that we are outgrowing it. My husband hates apartment hunting and moving in general so it was obviously understood that I was the one who was going to do the looking around. I had set up an appointment to see this place today after work. As soon as work finished I texted my husband that I would be late picking him up since I was going to see this place. On paper it looked like a great place, however when I arrived there it was obvious that it was a pretty dirty dinghy apartment complex. For a second I hesitated going in but I had scheduled myself an appointment with the agent for the complex, so I thought I shouldn't be rude and went into the rental office. As I entered the rental office I was greeted by a pungent smell. It smelled like a mixture of rank body odor and the smell of a week old unwashed socks. "Hi there," grunted a hairy burly giant standing behind the desk. He was about 300 pounds, and was over six and a half feet tall (which seemed huge compared to my 28 year old 150 pound, five foot seven frame). The giant looked to be in his early 40s and was wearing an open shirt on which I could see a label which was embroidered with the name 'Dave'. He had a thick six inch long beard which blended into the thick mat of curly dark hair which covered his chest, and which was clearly visible through (and over) his dirty wife beater. It didn't take a genius to figure out this beast, Dave, was the source of the distinct smell in the room. My ass started to twitch as I took in his rugged masculinity. "You okay?" he asked. I realized that I had been staring at his hairy chest for at least thirty seconds. "Oh, sorry, I lost my thought. Ummmm.... Hi. My husband and I called to see the two bedroom unit," I managed to reply. "Your husband? We waiting for him?" "Uhhh. He won't be joining us. I came over to take a look at the apartment that's available." I didn't understand why I was so jittery. "Follow me," he directed as he swoshed past me. I got a whiff of his scent and felt my dick get hard. I quietly walked behind him staring at his immense frame. My mind was going crazy with thoughts of him but I reminded myself that I was married and just entered the apartment that he unlocked for me and walked in first. It was a very small place which opened into the living room with no windows. Dave followed me inside and shut the door behind him. I thought I heard the door lock. I quietly turned around to see him standing there smirking at me. "Uhhh... Why did you..." I didn't know what to say. "I saw you looking at me bitch. You thirsty for this?" He grabbed his crotch. I was dumbfounded and frozen in place. He moved forward bent down to grab me by the waist and put his huge tongue in my mouth. His mouth smelled like cigarette smoke. I made a weak attempt at trying to squirm away and he lifted me up and threw me on the floor. He held me down with one hand and unzipped his pants with the other. I was frozen in place. At nine inches his dick was huge and so thick it reminded me of a tree trunk. He flopped his cock on my lips with the warning "You bite and I will break your beautiful teeth." He put his huge dick in my mouth and started to pump in and out. I could smell his rank crotch. I was hard as a rock. But his dick was too big for me. I started to gag and choke. My eyes started to water and I struggled under his weight, but Dave only laughed and after what seemed like an eternity pulled out of my mouth and got off me. I rubbed my eyes. I looked down and started to cry. I was confused and hurt. "I'm married. I didn't want to do this." "Hahaha! You bitch. You think this is over?" I looked up to see that he was now standing in his dirty black socks with holes in them and ripped up wife beater. He was a hairy gorilla. With one hand he then turned me over and pulled down my pants. I screamed and he put a hand over his mouth. With the other hand he took off one of his rancid socks and stuffed it in my mouth. He then held me down and entered my ass without even spitting on it. It hurt like hell since the only lube I had was my saliva on it. I tried to scream but my voice was muffled by his stinky socks in my mouth. "How do you like having a real man inside you bitch?" he asked, grunting as he pumped into my hole. I was crying perhaps with pain or perhaps because of the guilt that I was enjoying this assault on me. I knew that my ass was bleeding and he didn't care about it. As I felt his entire weight on top of me I felt like I was going to die of suffocation. After about ten minutes of brutal thrusts, I could sense his pace start to quicken. "Here you go bitch. You're gonna leave with a piece of me inside you." He grunted as I felt him thrust harder and harder. I could feel my insides getting fuller and fuller with his sperm and after about thirteen final deep thrusts (which I am sure were accompanied by volleys of sperm) he pulled out of me. I pulled his nasty sock out of my mouth and quickly grabbed my bag as he struggled to get back into his clothes. "Rent is $950," he commented as I pulled up my pants and ran out the door, heading for my car. Somehow I had had the presence of mind to hold onto my keys, so although I had to fumble to get the key into the ignition, I held it together long enough to drive off into the evening traffic. As I made my way to pick-up my husband, I was utterly dumbfounded. What should I do? By any definition I had just been raped! Should I report it? But given I was raped, why did I feel so fulfilled? Why wasn't I more upset? Why did I feel good? I was so confused. I drove to my husband's place of work. He was waiting for me at the door of his office, and smiled broadly as I drove up. Getting into the front passenger seat, he gave me a loving kiss, whereupon I quietly drove home, and parked, locking the car. As we walked to the apartment I reached into my pocket to get the apartment key, and in so doing found my pocket contained the stinky sock which Dave had used as a mouth gag a few minutes earlier. My ass twitched as my rapist's sperm leaked from it. "I think I found us a new apartment honey...."
  8. 442 Natoma

    Visiting San Francisco at the end of the month. Wondering how 442 is? Anyone ever been on a Monday? Hairy cub type. 6'1" 250
  9. Hey guys. Hairy cub visiting and looking for hot sweaty fun. Can host at my hotel or meet up at stemworks or 442. Show me a good time Love having my hairy tight hole used hairybttmcub@gmail
  10. Opening a line to connect Fort Myers Florida brotherhood. What's going on out there. Me and partner new to the area. Share, share, share......the brotherhood......Both vers raunch pigs, one more top and other more bottom.
  11. Bareback RT hookup

    Just got destroyed by a pox top from Bareback RT - he showed up shirtless and barefoot and tweaked out- I let him in and he stepped out of his jeans and my jaw dropped at his huge uncut meat- We partied naked for awhile - doing lines off my coffee table until we were high as hell- he asked me to jerk off so I did my limp cock spurted cum on my stomach then he scooped up my load and had me spred my legs so he could lube my hole with my cum. He showed no mercy he rammed his cock in me and fucked me senseless,
  12. Hairy fit guy here- hung but prefer to bottom, just want to have my ass pounded and bred- taking any and all cocks that respond
  13. Allentown/Reading

    Will be in Reading/Allentown area Dec 7-10. Looking for TOPS who like to bb a tight hole. Prefer over 35, facial hair, and over 6". Send a message if interested.
  14. Hairy Asses- Sexy or Not?

    So, I'm transitioning FtM, which is basically the same as puberty, and all the fun stuff a boy experiences as he becomes a man is happening to me. Over the past few months, I've been blessed with hair along my jawline, over my tummy and chest, and you guessed it, on my ass (Spoiler alert- my profile picture is no longer an accurate depiction of what my bubble butt currently looks like). To be honest, running my hands over the soft fur on my buttcheeks makes me feel sexy as hell, and I can finally understand the appeal of bears, otters, and cubs- body hair is fucking manly! My newfound furriness is a testament to the testosterone running through my system. I'm stronger, smellier, and hornier than ever before, thanks to testosterone's impact on my muscles, pheromones, and sex drive- qualities associated with being a man. However, our society upholds some standards of beauty that are contrary to aesthetics that have traditionally been associated with masculinity- hairlessness being one of them. This leads me to my question: are hairy asses sexy? I know some guys go for bears and some go for twinks- everyone has their own preference- but I'm also curious about whether or not it's sexy just as a general rule of thumb. For example, many people can agree that high heels are sexy, even if they don't personally have a fetish for feet or shoes. That's basically what I'm wondering, but I'd love for the discussion to include personal points of view and individual sexual preferences, too. Also, while we're on the topic, would anyone care to explain the differences between bears and otters? And if a young bear is called a cub, is there a similar term for a young otter? I'm curious about the nomenclature, but will admit I'm also wondering if there's a label that would accurately describe me.
  15. Hey guys, im new to all if this, ive only hooked up with one other guy, but im in search of thicker cut cocks. Im really into jockstraps and kinky wear. Id like to fisted as well, im able to fist myself but can only go so deep. Message me guys. I need something ASAP
  16. I'm near Dallas and have a huge fetish for fucking and in general using big white guys (from slightly chubby to really fat) any age young to old. I find that a chubby guy is usually very willing to do whatever it takes to get laid. I kind of like the lack of self esteem and smell of desperation they can have. So many guys are into skinny, muscled or fit guys when a fat guy can be a much easier and less attitude of a lay. That said, I can't find many in the area. I also really like their small dicks. It's definitely very emasculating for them while of course beefing up my own ego. I'm very non-attitude type of guy, but I enjoy the role of being the object of affection and sex for those less visually "perfect". I have one nearby that I use exclusively as for a good anonymous blow and a really good tight hole to fuck, but would love to have some variety. Maybe we can even swap or share some guys. Anyway, if you're a big guy or just also into big guys...let's chat!
  17. Monday, Day 1 I waved goodbye to my wife as she drove off to spend two weeks with her sister at some spa. She does this quite often and I always end up enjoying myself when she does. First, just because it is healthy for couples to spend some time apart, but also because it lets me do some stuff I would rather she not know about. See, although I love my wife, and I consider myself straight, I have a secret: every now and then I login in to one of the gay sites, get out some lube and my poppers, strip down to a jock and search for guys to have phone sex with. I would edge myself for hours until I couldn’t hold back anymore. I know a lot of build up for something pretty tame but hey, we all have our quirks. Plus I figure it is the safest version of cheating on her I can do. I mean it isn’t like I am going to catch anything from my hand. After she left I went back inside the house and finished getting ready for work. Just as I was about to leave a kinky thought popped in my head and I ran upstairs. Stripping of my suit pants and boxer briefs I grabbed my jock from the drawer and slid into it. I love the way the black Bike jock framed my ass. My Polish, Irish mix looks great in black, the pale skin and dark black dense body hair just looks great. My cock gave a slight twitch at my kinky thought, but before I let it go too far I got dressed and headed out. All day while at work I felt that jock hugging my ass and the tight pouch pressing my cock and ball tight against my body. I ended up having to take a quick bathroom break more than once as I could feel the precum, which felt super slick, particularly when I was walking, dripping between my legs and over my ass. Finally the end of the day came and I started home from work. The constant stimulation all day made me really horny and all I could think about. I just wanted to get home strip down and find some guys for some phone edging. As I got home climbed out of my car, I saw my neighbor and waved hello. My wife and I are friendly enough with my neighbors. The two men moved in about three years earlier, and I've found them to be a sweet, well-balanced couple with whom my wife and I have occasionally extended invitations to neighborhod parties. As soon as I got inside I started ripping off my clothes off and throwing them everywhere. Fuck it, there was no one home but me to bitch, so I could do whatever I wanted. Stripped to my jock I made my way to the garage where we have a second fridge and (naturally) where I hide my poppers. I love the feel of walking around more or less naked. In addition, the garage just smells amazing. I felt a little self-conscious as I passed in front of several windows, but part of me was enough of an exhibitionist that I sort of liked the idea that I might be caught. In any event, when I reached the fridge I grabbed my Berlin XXX and, again a little self-conscious, I hesitated for only a moment before I twisted the cap and took a sniff, then another, and another, and yet another. A flush came over me so, of course, I took another deep breath. The slightly smell of the garage, gasoline and unfinished lumber, combined with my own body musk, overwhelmed me. By now the idea of being watched also made my cock twitch. Before I could change my mind I lay down on the dirty floor and started working my nipples. The popper rush flooded my senses, invoking a guttural moan. My hand wandered down, pulled aside the jock pouch, and took my cock to task. Seven uncut inches, possessing lots of foreskin, and dripping precum, stood straight up from my dense bush. With deep pleasure my hand began to jack myself. Each time I raised my arm I caught the scent of my pits, and a sense of deep satisfaction controlled me. This was what it was to be a man. I managed to grab the bottle and take another couple of hits, but never did I pause in pleasuring my cock. Fuck, it was so hot: mostly naked on the filthy garage floor, all the little manly smells, my ass on the cold concrete. Normally I would edge but I just wanted to shoot my load so bad,and after four more hits and I can’t help it: the sweat dripped off me as I fucked my hand. I ran my hand through my chest hair and start to lick the salty sweat mix. It tasted so good. I was getting closer and could feel myself reaching the point of no return. Just to push myself over the edge, I grabbed the bottle of poppers to take another hit when I heard a knock at the front door. Startled I immediately stop stroking, capped the bottle, shoved my dripping cock back in my jock strap, I cast about to hide the poppers, and settled on shoving them in the pouch next to my cock. Then, making my way to the front of the house, I grabbed some running shorts and a tank top from the laundry room, pulling them on within seconds, and opened the front door - a little sweaty, perhaps, but respectable. To my surprise, my my neighbor was standing on the stoop, dressed in some running gear. “Hey, I saw the wife leave and figured you might be lonely on your first day, so I figured to invite you out for a run with me and Tom. Gotta make sure you don’t end up with a Dad bod. Although looks like you might have already been working out. You look a bit flushed” I panicked a bit and without thinking just replied 'Sure', and asked what time he wanted to get together. "We usually run around 6:00 during the summer. We head from our development through the park at the end of the block, around the high school and then back. Takes about an hour and has a nice variation in terrain so you don’t get bored." I paused for a second, and without thinking shifted my weight from one foot to the other. The bottle move in my pouch and and involuntary 'Fuck' crossed my mind as it slid out of the leg of my shorts and hit the carpet. Thankfully if bounced behind the door and I don’t think he saw it. In any event, I confirmed I'd be over at 6:00 PM for a run and, upon closing the door, I fall against it, breathing heavily, completely relieved I had managed not to let on what I was doing. Then, taking a couple deep breathes to clear my lungs I headed upstairs to take a quick shower. Yeah, I know it's stupid to shower if one is going running, but I knew there was a ton of crap on my back that I had picked-up from the garage floor. Afterwards I got out of the shower, grabbed a fresh jock and clean running shorts, checked myself in the mirror and went downstairs for a light snack before heading over to the neighbors'.
  18. I'm trying to find guys for my husband to have sex with. See is just over 6', very hairy, poz and total top. He would love to meet (and I'd love to see him with) younger guy. Ideally under 40, hairy and tall... Oh and bottom! He is the older of us 2 in the photo... interested? We live near Peterborough and can accom.....
  19. Me and My Boy at the Rest Stop Part I. After a three hour drive, and a large convenience store coffee, I had to piss like a racehorse. I convinced my boy that we were making good time, and we decided to stop at the next rest area we saw along the interstate. Nearly twenty minutes later, we finally saw an off-ramp and took it. As soon as the car had stopped, I opened the door and headed as fast as possible into the building, but not without taking note of where we were. Had I not had to piss so badly, I might have reconsidered. It was filthy and run-down. The gutters along the roof were growing trees, the pavement was cracked, and the brick walls covered with graffiti, not to mention the smell wafting out of the broken painted-over windows into the bathrooms. This was not the visitors’ center that families stopped at, more like a last resort for truckers. The men’s room door creaked opened and the smell intensified. I unzipped and released a torrent of piss into a long trough, as my bladder emptied, I caught my breath and looked around a bit. I realized that there was a guy standing in the open stall right behind me, with his shirt unbuttoned and his pants around his ankles, fisting a meaty uncut cock. He gestured to me to come over and without thinking, I walked towards him, with my dripping cock still popping out of my zipper. "Shame I didn’t get to drink any of that, bud," he said as he crouched down and engulfed my dick with his mouth, shucking my pants down to my feet. The guy swallowed me to the balls and slobbered all over. He wasn’t unattractive, but definitely a few pounds overweight, hairy, and smarmy. He fisted his cock with one hand and grabbed my hand with the other, leading it to the back of his head, as if he wanted me to choke him with my dick. I obliged, knowing that my boy could walk in and see this at any moment. The guy got me hard in seconds, and I started pounding his mouth as he drooled and moaned. He stood up and bent over the toilet, spreading his hairy immense ass cheeks wide and fingered his hole. I noticed that he was loose, and wasn’t sure if I was seeing cum or lube dripping out of his pucker. I took the hint and sank my cock into him, balls deep, as he pushed back, egging me on. I knew this wasn’t smart, or healthy, and I pulled out. ‘What’s wrong? Am I too loose,” he asked. “Naw man. It’s just….” He didn’t let me finish. “You’re clean, right?” I nodded. With that, he backed right up onto my bare cock again commanding “Then breed me!” I knew he wanted my cum, and I was ashamed that my boy might see me like this, barefucking a stranger, who wasn’t even that sexy, but he did have a nice cock, which was just now flopping around underneath as I fucked him hard. “Give me your load, man.” He wanted it, so I gave it to him, slamming hard into him and shooting my load into his ass. As soon as I pulled out, he hunched down again and cleaned off my cock, which was covered in white globs of cum, certainly more than I had just offered him. I knew I had barebacked a cum-bucket. I felt so filthy, but it turned me on. He guided me in front of him, and bent me over the toilet, spreading my ass and licking my hole. I was pretty sure he was working globs of seed into my ass with each thrust of his tongue. He slapped his meat against my ass crack and I knew he wanted to fuck me raw. I stood up and turned around, trying to pull up my pants. “What the fuck man? You’re gonna load me up and not return the favor?” I shook my head. “Why? You got a wife and kids out there in the station wagon waiting for you?” I chuckled, knowing that my boy waiting in the car was as much of a cumdump as this stranger was. I had an idea… To be continued...
  20. Horny Slut Hunting For Cock

    Hi there. This is my first post. Very horny bottom slut here. Haven't been fucked in months. Looking for a very rough and kinky breeding. Tall hairy beefy big dicked daddies to the front of the line. Able to host. Hit me if you're horny. I'm pretty much always looking. London, Ontario area.
  21. First time writing. Let me know what you think. Any thoughts or critiques. Also if you wanna see something in the story let me know and I will see if I can work it in. ________________________________________________________________________________________ “Oh, yeah gonna shoot this poz load in that fucking sloppy hole.” So announced the latest top as his cock throbbed in my once tight hole and with his announcement I felt another load added to the flood of cum in my ass. He shuddered and dripped sweat onto my smooth chest. My eyes rolled back in my back and all I could do was moan in my popper haze. At this point I had been in the sling for about four hours, and had taken eight loads. During this entire period my Owner stood behind me, encouraging the men who penetrated my ass, feeding me poppers and steadying the sling. I felt so slutty and wondered about how I had come to this point in my life. The next top stepped up, furry as all hell and tatted up and made eye contact as he slid his raw cock into my abused hole. As he did so, I hoarsely moaned "Fuck, yes, more please.” ****2 weeks prior*** I had just graduated college and was home working at one of those job that we've all taken, simply to earn some money. I had just broken it off with my girlfriend since we lived too far away to bother with trying to keep a relationship going after college. I wasn’t really worried though I was always good at finding girls to fuck. I’m Italian-Sicilian, 6 ft , 185 pounds, and have the pale skin and black hair all over to prove it. In fact, I have a great manly dense coating of fur all over my well toned pecs, abs, and leg as well as super dense pit fur. I love to smell my pits after a workout and jack off while still wearing my boxers. Oh yeah. My cock is eight inches, uncut and thick, and it drools like a faucet when I get hard. I jerk off at least three times daily, just to remain sane. I was super horny coming home from a workout one night and was passing the adult bookstore in my town and thought I would stop in and pick up some porn as a jerk-off aid. I parked my car around the back so that people wouldn’t see it, and made my way in. Once in the store, I began looking at the various dvds for sale and drifted over to the toy section, where I saw a huge cabinet filled with different types of lube and bottle labeled as 'Aromas'. “Need help?” a deep voice asked. I turned around and less than a foot away stood the sales associate. He was about 6'2", 225 pounds, was apparently as hairy as was I, and had a scruffy, good looking face. His tight black shirt and jean showed that he was also thick with muscle. I felt some how small standing there in just my tank top and basket ball shorts. “Ummmmm, I was wondering what these little bottle are for?" ’ “Those are poppers, son. They make ya super horny and relaxed. Do you want some?” “Well I am always super horny but sure, I guess so.” He reached around and unlocked the case and handed me a bottle and quietly commented "Here try these. They're my favorite.” I went to reach in my shorts and he just shook his head and said he would cover me and suggested I try 'em in the back video area before I left. I was so horny I decided to take him up on his suggestion. My cock tented against the material of my jock as I made my into the video area at the rear of the store. It was dark back there as lit only by a couple red lights. There were two banks of booths, five on each side and a cluster of larger booths in the middle. Not liking to be constrained I made my way to one of the booths. Once in I feed a five dollar bill into the machine, I fished-out my cock. Of course it was hard and leaking from the earlier exchange as some straight porn booted up on screen. My mind returned to the sales guy and wondered why he had made me nervous and hard all at the same time. I put those thought out of my head as I unscrewed the bottle and tried my first hit of poppers. The smell turned me off at first but then the rush hit me. My hand paused on my cock as my face turned flush and my breathing increased. I felt my self getting even harder and sweat broke out on my skin. My mind focused only on my cock and the feelings of how horny I was. A moan escaped my lips and I closed my eyes as a large drop of precum slicked the head of my cock as I jerked myself. I am not sure how long that lasted but when I opened my eyes the guy from the sales floor was standing in the door to the booth. Fuck I had forgotten to slide the latch. “Seems like you enjoyed those. Why not take another hit? I'll help you out.” He was staring directly into my eyes and for some reason I nodded slightly. He moved towards me and lifted my hand holding the bottle to my nose and told me to inhale deeply. I am not sure why I followed his orders so readily but I did. He moved the bottle over to my other nostril and, in his deep, almost hypnotic voice, said “Again. boy.” I did so twice more. My head was swimming as his hands roamed down my body, pulled my cock out, and took me all the way down his warm mouth, occasionally licking around the head of my cock, cleaning up all my precum in the process. Then he roughly pulled my shorts, leaving my bare, jock clad ass pressed up against the wall. I was sweaty like a horse and the smell drifted up from my pits and mixed with the smell of the poppers and my cock got even hard from this guy sucking me off. I was starting to come down from the effects when the guy pressed the bottle back to my nose and sent me off again. I would barely think all that was on my mind was how horny I was and how I wanted to feel more. After several minutes of pleasuring my cock, the guy reached-up, and slid two fingers in my mouth. I supposed he wanted to keep my groans to a minimum, but he in fact only seemed to make me horny. His fingers tasted salty and I loved it. “Fuck you are hot. I wanna make you mine and mark you up. Let's see how that hole of yours is.” He encouraged me to take several more hits, and then gestured for me to turn around. He spread my furry ass and dove right in, licking at my hole. I had never had anyone do that before and it felt amazing. My back arched and I pushed back into his wet tongue, loving the sensation of having my hole eaten out, loving the sensation of his facial hair rubbing roughly against my ass as his soft wet tongue darted into my hole. My hand went right to my cock and started jerking it fast. The guy wouldn't have any of that, however, and grabbed my hand, and restrained me, saying quietly, "Not yet, boy. I wanna make you beg to shoot.” I had never been called boy before but it triggered something in me and I moaned. Suddenly the guy stood up and turned me back around. “Stay here I will be right back” he said and left me standing in the booth high on poppers and panting. He came back in a minute with something in his hand. Sinking to the ground he took my cock back in his mouth and sucked me hard and fast. He held the bottle back to my nose and I took 4 more hit while he gave me the best blow job I had ever received. 10 shots came out of my cock as I came. Between the intense orgasm and the poppers my head was spinning as the guy swallowed and suck at my shrinking cock. I was sweaty and panting when I felt something being pressed around my cock and heard a click. “There we go all locked away, that should make sure you come back again next week” “What?!?!” looking down I saw my cock encased in a plastic tube that only left my balls exposed. I looked at the guy with confusion. “What you thought this was only going to be about you. If you want that taken off be here again next week same time and we will see what we can do. And expect to return the favor for what I just did and then same. If you don’t see me up from just say you need to see The Boss, when you get here. Have a fun week” I was dumbstruck. Before an hour ago I had never tried poppers or had a guy suck me off. Now I had shot my load and my cock was locked in this thing. Thinking about the blow job I felt myself start to get hard and felt pain as it pressed against the plastic. In a daze I tucked my now caged cock back in my jock pulled my shorts up and drove home.
  22. Its All About Armpits

    Hi guys, as armpits lover here , i would love to hear and share your opinion. do you like armpits bushy ( hair coming out of sides)? hairy normal ? shaved? and as for smells, u like them fresh sweaty? deo? natural? stinky? ripe? unwashed? when i see guy raising is hands up and reveal hairy armpits i get super turned on . i love when guy see my armpits and just sniff it and push his tongue deep in for long time. love to hear your fav and stories.
  23. every year i celebrate my bday the same way and im gettting lil bored... this year i want to try something new and embrace my new piggy lifestyle . i live in the bronx could host monday -friday but during the day cause i have a bf and he is extremely vanilla... love my dirty sleazy pigs. guys over 40 turn me on. who here would like to b a piggy friend with me ?
  24. Ran across this photo sequence on Tumblr; like the look of the two guys and would like to find out what video these stills came from.
  25. bf will b gone this weekend looking to get as many loads as i can and give as many loads as i can this weekend... hairy guys are a hug plus but not a must... guys over 40 only... pigs please... looking for real guys to use me open my tight hairy hole .

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