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On 1/5/2018 at 8:00 AM, RyanWolffX said:

Have a room in the Phoenix - host hotel had already booked up when decided to go - any idea what that will be like for those of us staying at the Phoenix?

Im staying at th Pheonix. Checking in today. I heard it will be the same fun just on a lower scale. 

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Thank you to all those that may have dropped a load in my hungry hole.  Once again, I met quite a few great guys as well as some fucking hot sex!  Total load count for the trip was 70.  Hopefully I will see you all again and some new faces in 2019.   (Thursday 16, Friday 27, Sunday 27)  Gave out a few of my own on Saturday

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How was MAL without NKP? was there still a tun of guys there? Was the debauchery any less then last year? 

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    • By CigarBear68
      I almost felt sorry for the guy. Here he was, a new join to our leather club, having recently moved to the area for his first job as an IT guy, and he allowed me to be his mentor. Not that I minded- he was short and beefy, had a bushy beard and a nerdish shyness still at 24. Most importantly, he was eager to be a part of our group, to find a family in this new location. I quickly took him under my wing, introducing him to the entire group, a mostly over 40 crowd still clinging to the old gay ways of yesteryear. No phone apps or hookup sites, just a weekly bar meeting and get togethers. Hell, I'm pushing 50 now, so I guess I'm in prime daddy zone myself. Anyways-the new meat stuck by my side during his first meeting, and I made sure the other 10 guys kept their distance. He seemed to like the way I looked in my leather harness, despite my hairy belly protruding and my middle age hairy tits. He commented on my nipple rings, and gently tugged at them as if he had never seen them before on a man. I put my arm around him, and we sat that way thru the boring meeting, only disengaging when he went up front to tell everyone a little about himself. As the men dispersed after the meeting and began drinking, I got me and the new meat some drinks, and walked us back to a darker corner of the bar. I took my pipe out and lit it, sending a cloud of smoke around the both of us. Meat seemed to like this, as he moved in closer and smiled at me. I nodded to him and grabbed his bearded face and pulled him to my lips. I exhaled more pipe smoke into his face, removed my pipe, and went in for my first kiss. He accepted my tongue, and our beards meshed together, his black to my salt and pepper. I took hold of his black T-shirt and began lifting it over his head. Once removed, my hand caressed his hairy torso, feeling the beginnings of his young bear gut and his flabby pecs. I could see in my mind's eye how he'd look in another 10 years- a nice fat bear with bitch titties, bald like me with the traditional bald man fringe. I pinched his nipples as I caressed him, continuing to engulf him in my pipe smoke. He responded to my advances eagerly, so easily seduced by this daddy bear in a new city. With my hand resting on his belly, and my pipe clenched in my jaw, I began telling him how the leather group was pretty close: our cookouts, weekend trips, movie nights. His eyes lit up, and I knew he was excited to be joining us. He expressed surprise there wasn't an apprenticeship to join the group, but I let him know we weren't like some of the more formal leather groups. He nodded and finished his drink, so I moved him in front of me as I sat on a stool, his back resting against my belly and my arms reaching around and holding him in place. He leaned his head back, and my pipe was right next to his face. He seemed to enjoy being so close to it, breathing in deeply and smiling. I began working both his nipples gently, and I felt them firm up as he pushed back into me. "You like Daddy's pipe, don't ya boy?" The meat responded by shaking his head yes, and I patted his belly and blew more smoke in his face. 
      "Let me show you something," I said as I released my grip on him. I walked him to a door across the room, and we entered the dark space. Closing the door, I flipped the  light switch and he saw the dungeon room in all its glory. Sling, fuck bench, chains with restraints hanging from the ceiling. His eyes grew wide and I embraced him, kissing him again and again as I unbuttoned his pants. "Since you're new, we need to get you dressed properly so you fit in with the rest of us. Take off your jeans and underwear, then put your boots back on." My prey offered no resistance, and I moved to the far wall and from a shelf removed an  item for our new member. I motioned and he quickly was at my side. Seeing him naked in only his black boots was almost more than I could take. Such a hot piece of meat, so innocent in his desire to belong, his 6" cock half erect. I handed him a leather jock strap, and helped him get into it. I could see he was turned on, but also a little embarrassed to be letting a man dress him . I pulled him in and kissed his lips again, gently patting his ball sack inside the leather pouch of the jock strap. "You like your new outfit, boy?". He said he did, but expressed concern there wasn't more of it. I assured him this was enough for now, and told him to fold his street clothes and place them on the shelf where I had removed his jock.  He did so quietly, and as he walked back to me, and grabbed his nipples and began twisting and working them. He winced until I stopped, then I pulled him in tightly and kissed him, fondling his exposed hairy ass as I did. I could feel his cock jump inside the pouch.  I pointed to a vest on a hanger across the room, its front showing years of wear yet still a beautiful piece. "That vest has been mine for 30 years. I got it when I first joined this leather club. Doesn't fit so well around my belly now.  It'll be yours by the end of the night if you want it". He seemed touched by this gesture, and was about to speak before I cut him off.  "Get on your knees and thank Daddy for your new clothes," I said, pushing down on his shoulders until he was on his knees in front of me. I unzipped my leather pants, and let my cock flop out. Gripping it in one hand, I squeezed it until a drip of precum leaked out the end. "Lick it off, boy. Suck Daddy's cock". My prey fully cooperated, engulfing my leaky 7" thick cock in his hairy mouth. I let him suck me a few minutes before pulling out and wiping my cock in his beard. I pulled him up, and again assaulted his mouth with my tongue. His cock was rock hard, pushing out into it's leather prison. "As President of this club, boy, I get to decide who's allowed to join. You sure you want to join? You can still leave if you've changed your mind." He didn't answer, he just began rubbing my cock, and put his head down on my chest. I knew he was mine. I guided him over to the fuck bench, and helped him place his hands and knees properly, and then strapped them in place. Once secured, I smacked his ass hard with my hand, intending to leave a welt. He was startled, but did not protest. I pulled a stool over, and sat between his legs with his ass in front of me. I pulled his cheeks wide, revealing the hairy insides of his crack and his pink puckered hole. My cock began dripping at the thought of taking this hole, making it mine to fuck and breed. To control. My tongue plunged deep, tasting his musk as it darted in and out, savoring the first taste of what was going to be MY hole from now on. Lost in my desires, I tongued him continually for 20-30 minutes, until I was unable to wait any longer. I stood, kicking the stool out of my way. I quickly filled my pipe and lit it, breathing deeply and inhaling as much as possible. I walked up to his head and grabbed his hair, lifting his face to look at me. "Take a hit of Daddy's pipe, boy." His look of confusion amused me. "Take a hit, and suck Daddy's smoke into your lungs. I want you to have the taste of it in your mouth as I fuck you. As I make you My pipe boy". 
      I held the pipe to his lips, and he pulled in a mouthful of smoke and inhaled, trying his best to not cough but failing miserably. I saw smoke come out his mouth, and his nostrils, and I grabbed his beard. "You did good for the first time, pipe boy. You'll do better next time." He nodded and I released his hair. Moving back between his legs, I began rubbing my cockhead directly on his hole, smearing my leaking juices onto the pink wrinkles of his puckered ass. I began pushing my mushroom head into his ass, then backing out and pushing in again. Each time coating his insides with more of my precum. He moaned with each entry, his hole still not lubed enough to not cause him discomfort. As I backed out the last time, I spit directly on his hole, and pushed in quickly, burying all 7" at once. He let out a yelp, and I leaned forward and put my hands on his shoulders. "It'll get easier, boy, just accept Daddy's cock." I began fucking in and out, and saw blood streaks on the top of my shaft. "You're bleeding a bit, boy, but that's ok. I'll add more lube." Again I spit on my cock, and shoved it back into the meat on the fuck bench in front of me. Soon I could hear the familiar sounds of sloshing and smacking associated with fucking. My precum was making it nice inside the boy's hole, coating his guts with my juices. To his credit, his hole never lost its grip. Each backward movement it grabbed my cock tighter, squeezing out more of my cock juice. My pipe was blazing by now, filling the room with hazy smoke, making even a lifelong smoker like myself dizzy from the nicotine high. I fuck into him harder and harder, his body rocking from my thrusts. "I'm cumming pig! You want my load?! You wanna join our club?!". The pig yelled yes, begging me to fuck and cum in him. I thrust more, eyeing my prey as I watched my cock move in and out. "You're mine, boy, all of you! Join Daddy's club!". My cock spasmed, shooting jet after jet of my toxic cum into his young hairy ass. But I kept fucking, moving in and out, from side to side, trying to hurt him, to tear his ass open with my cock. Until finally I stopped. My assault was over. I dropped to my knees, removed my pipe, and buried my face into his newly bred hole. Tonguing him passionately, I ground my beard into his newly initiated ass. I licked the juices from his hole, covering my beard with the remnants of this rough fuck- his blood, flecks of brown, my own cum. All of it. I wanted to claim this as my property, and I wanted to wear this in my beard for all to see. When I pulled my face away, I could see cum dripping from the edge of the leather jock the boy was wearing. He came from getting fucked, like a good pig. I patted his ass, and began undoing his restraints. I helped him off and over to a chair, where I sat him down and allowed him to lick my cock clean. I walked over to the vest, removed it from the hanger, and told him to stand. Without showing him the back, I helped him into his new vest, and told him how good he looked in it. "Ever better than I did back when it was first given to me", I added. He smiled at me. I then reached into my jeans pocket, and pulled a thick chain collar I had saved for just this moment. "Now that you're mine, boy, we need to let the rest of the group know, cuz I don't share my property with anyone". He stood still as I fastened the chain around his neck. Once it was placed, I kissed him again, fully embracing my new meat. We left the room together, our fellow club members noticing us as we approached. He was a sight to behold. A new young leather pipe boy, wearing his leather jock strap, black boots, and a well-worn leather vest, emblazoned on the back with a 16" bright red biohazard symbol, to show everyone he was a member of a club he didn't know he had just joined.
    • By RawLeather
      Latin cumdump in Berlin for Folsom in the basement of Mutschmann's.  Took 141 cocks and 15 fists in 2017.  Want to meet or beat that.  For all those pigs sniffing around the troft for a sloppy, freshly seeded hole to unload in.  You  know where to find me.  Will be Receiving all you have to offer 29 March - 02 April
    • By CigarcopSIR
      I'm a handsome Dominant cigar smokin' leather TOP SIR who owns a sleazy, no limits broken and obedient sexy sub slave. It'll be bound, hooded, collared, locked in chastity, nips clamped, holes plugged. I'll be using, abusing, and bb my slave in my apt at English Bay. Looking fer other big-dicked, nasty Dom tops to come over and join in...pump and dump ur loads... Send your stats, and pics (recent clear face pics, body, etc., and how ud like to contribute/bdsm interests/experiences. STR8/bi/married masculine guys especially welcome.

      ...been getting A LOT of requests to submit to SIR...just be committed to fillin my boy's hole first...

      Already have six guys confirmed...

    • By fetishgear
      For a very long time I've always been a top, into leather and rubber (hence the fetishgear nick on here).  Last year that changed for me, so here's the story of how I "turned" into a bottom.  This (like my other experience I wrote on here) happened on Hampstead Heath, in October 2016.
      I went to the Heath in my usual cruising gear - leather shirt, leather zip up jeans and boots.  It was about midnight, a full moon was out so visibility was quite good for a change.  I made my way to the fuck tree and a few guys were bent over with their trousers down their legs.  Only one was being fucked, and he was quite noisy, moaning as the top was fucking him.  I could feel myself getting hard watching him being fucked.  I decided to see what else was on offer.  I walk further down, through a bit of a clearing.  Stood at the side of the path I see a skinhead guy, in his 40s, slim but athletic build, in a rubber polo shirt, rubber jeans with a codpiece, tall boots (probably 30 holes).  He looks really hot, just my type.  I stop down the path a bit and look across at him.  He walks up and we feel each other's cocks through our gear.  He smiles and whispers "follow me" - I follow him into a deeper part of the woods.
      He stops, turns and snogs me.  He's a really good kisser and I rapidly get hard.  I feel his cock through the cod piece and he's getting hard too.  After a few minutes of vigorous snogging, I feel him wrapping his leg around my leg and pulling me towards him.  This puts me off balance and I fall to my knees.  Nice move!  He pulls off the codpiece rapidly, I hear the three snappers snap and I feel a cock being pushed into my mouth.  I gag as it gets pushed in - it felt about 6 inches, uncut and thick.  I pull my head back and he grabs the back of my head and pushes it back onto his cock.  I gag again but he doesn't release his hands, forcing me to take his cock.  After pumping my mouth a few times he releases his hands allowing me to gasp for air.  He bends over and says "we're going to keep doing this until you do it without gagging" in a rough Southern accent.  His cock is thrust back into my throat and he starts to slowly pump away, each stroke hitting the back of my throat.  To start with I keep gagging, but after a few goes I'm able to take it without gagging as much.  I can taste his precum, smell his rubber jeans and I feel drool dripping down the front of my leather shirt.
      After a while he says "get to your feet".  I do so and he starts to snog me and pops open a few snappers on my leather shirt, playing with my nipples.  He whispers in my ear "I want to fuck that arse of yours".  I reply "I'm usually a top".  He chuckles and goes "you're no fucking top you fucking cocksucker, I'm going to fill your arse with my cum until it's dripping out, how does that sound slut?".  He pulls down the zip covering my arse on my leather jeans.  I reply "I'm not sure".  He chuckles again "you're wearing that and you're not sure, you know you want it and I know I want my cock in there".  He gets on his knees and I feel a tongue in my arse, god that feels so good.  I start moaning with pleasure.  I'm really turned on by this point and I with a quiver in my voice I reply "I want you to fuck me".  He continues rimming my arse before I feel a few fingers being pushed in, opening me up.  I moan again with pleasure.  "Sniff this", he says, passing me some poppers.  I inhale deeply and feel a head rush and I know I want him in me.  As I'm doing that I feel a cool liquid being poured and pushed into my arse.
      He moves me to a tall tree stump and bends me over.  "Keep sniffing those poppers slut, I'm not going to stop until you're full of cum.  Got that?".  I reply "yes".  I feel the head of his penis being pushed it and him holding it near the spinchter.  I'm tight, I take another sniff of the poppers and feel myself relaxing.  He pushes past the spinchter and I moan in pain.  He then gently pushes in and out a few times, first of all inside me, then going in and out against my spinchter, which is now relaxing a lot.  He then pumps slowly for a bit, before he starts speeding up.  I feel each stroke and groan.  As he speeds up I can feel his crotch slapping against my arse.
      He's getting more turned on as he starts dirty talk as he's pumping me.  "You're liking this slut aren't you?", "Fucking leather top with my cock inside you, dirty slut".  He keeps pumping away, and starts pounding with more force.  It's starting to hurt a bit and I moan.  He keeps pounding faster and faster before I hear him almost roaring "yeeeessssss, fuck yes, take my seed slut".  I feel his cock twitching in my arse and he pushes his cock deep inside, with his full body weight on me.  He then stays still for a bit, I still feel his twitching cock.
      After a few minutes he pulls his cock out, takes my hand and pushes it against my arse and says "feel that slut".  I feel cum running out of my arse and down my legs.  "Fucking slut, you're no leather top, you're my fucking sub bitch slut".  I reply "yes sir, I am".  He smiles, does up his codpiece and walks away.  I get up, and do up my leather shirt and zip up my jeans, warm cum still dripping down my arse.
      And that was my initiation into the wonderful world of being a sub bottom slut.
    • By Bbbottomchaserslut
      So guys..... who’s going this year? It’s my first time in Berlin ever.... hoping to take at least 10 loads a night and give out a good 5-6. I reckon Berlin is the place for that to happen isn’t it!
      im staying at the Novum City Centrum (pretty close to the action in Shoneberg) in a nice big triple room. I wouldn’t ever say no to a top or 3 or 7 coming to load me whilst im there  hah. 
      Comment if you’re going and we’ll arrange a BZ group to swap as many loads as we can somewhere 😈

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