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  1. Lectured on BBRT about chasing

    LOL so stoopid. I mean I don't believe in it nor do I get it but, I also don't get why some people find it absolutely needed to ride in on their high horse and tell others how to live.
  2. Looking for jock with CUMDUMP on the waist band

    thats a good idea, What about taking it to a embroidery?? lol That conversation might not go well. lol
  3. I Do Not Want To Pull Out!

    I agree, I love to watch or feel the cum dripping out of my cunt. Makes me feel like the true slut I am..
  4. I Do Not Want To Pull Out!

    Your bottom bitch is STOOOOPID!! Why on earth does he want it on his ass? Are you filming? are there other guys around? Is someone gunna lick it up and feed it to him? ... No! A hot cock like yours needs deep release for sure. I have never asked nor will ask a top to pull out. It I'm being filmed and the top wants to spray my hole a little bit then fine but put it back in ASAP! What waste.

    My sources are federal investigators who are watching these sites for human trafficking. As far as the ones overseas clearly they have no jurisdiction. And as I sated in my original comment I was not aware of the relevance of all the sites. That being said just because they are out side of the US jurisdiction dose not me they are invulnerable to US law enforcement influence.
  6. Oil lube recommendations

    I believe Boy Butter has coconut in it as an ingredient too, no?

    So I don't know how relevant or good these are though I do know they are being looked at by the Feds to be taken down. Adultfriendfinder.com Adultlook.com Bitchesofbp.com Cityxguide.com Doublelist.com Eroticmonkey.com Escortcafe.com freehookupaffair.com gohookup.com Humaniplex.com Leolist.cc (CA only) Liveescortreviews.com mocospace.com Mojovillage.com Myproviderguide.com Onebackpage.com Onelovenet.com Onlinebootycall.com Pof.com rentgurls.com Seekingarrangement.com Sexfinder.com Sipsap.com snapsex.com Theeroticreview.com Tnaboard.com Usaadultclassifieds.com
  8. A conversation about gun control

    But they were Marines! lol (sorry just a dig on my brothers)
  9. What causes this change in the penis..

    what Welsh said..
  10. Alternative to Craigslist?

    Someone posted in another thread... http://www.cruisingforsex.com
  11. Bred in Bondage

    Ditto to that ^^^ Being bred while tied up in bondage and leather I my fav. Its the ultimate way to serve IMO. Knowing that you are just there to be used by any guy that wants it is exhilarating feeling, then actually being used and loaded is the icing on the cake, or in my ass for that matter! I love to have my legs stretched wide and tied down. Then cuff my hands to my side, at least access able for me to give a HJ to those waiting in line for my ass. Have a hood with only a mouth opening and no head support on the sling so I can tilt my head backwards and have my throat used. yup.. that's how I like it... mm mm

    Just use google voice and attach the voice number to your phone.

    I was thinking the same exact thought after I found out about CL.
  14. Every caught in act by partner?

    Yeah, this was fun... I was waiting on my normal fuck buddy to get to me. Like always he is always late. I thought I had enough time so I invite this other BBC over to to fuck and load me right as the BBC is cuming deep in me I hear a knock on the door. I was like shit. thats my fuck buddy. The BBC was like what do you want me to do I was like if you dont mind just waiting a min. so like 10 minutes later I had him leave. Boy was my fuck buddy pissed. I thought it might be a lesson about being late all the time but sadly. he is still always late and never makes a decision. Whatever next time I will let him walk in

    I know there are places on the darkweb but do we know any specific alternatives? DarkNet or LightNet?

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