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    NOVA, DC
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    Big dick, bottoming, and cum.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    DL, piggy slut that likes to party. I like to be used for the pleasure for others.
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    No porn experience just home videos. oink!
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    Big dicked guys that like to use their bottoms for their own pleasure.
    Any Enhanced sex providers around?

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  1. bottombottoy

    MAL 2019

    MId atlantic Leather. Good place to get poz'd but also a great place to have fun. UP to u breederJock.
  2. bottombottoy

    CODE parties at MAL 2018

    So. CODE is now HUMMER DC parties. (http://www.hummer-dc.com/Home.html) I was not aware that they are now held at the Crucible as well. They are held at https://www.ghcdc.com/. The place in full out raunch. If your looking to stay neg and clean I am not sure this is the venue for you. However, if your looking for unlimited attention and your ass full of dick then this is a great spot. The highly suggested gear wearing is fun as fuck. As for Crucible there is no Code party planned on their calendar for MAL..
  3. bottombottoy

    Which Sites that have disappeared do you miss most?

    I miss raunchyfuckers.com when it wasn't memberships and paid BS. All the videos in one location. so much easier. I also dearly miss craigslist. I hope that doublelist.com becomes more like what CL had.
  4. bottombottoy

    BBRT local Parties invites

    Something must be lost in translation. The organizing or invites are not really the problem, its making sure they don't all show up at once and cause undue attention. Additionally don't want to keep my BBC brothers standing around for too long with no attention. Just wondering how others have notified groups of men to come to a gangbang, or is it just send out the location and let them show up when they show. ?
  5. bottombottoy

    BBRT local Parties invites

    At a hotel in DC. Any thoughts on how best to invite?
  6. bottombottoy

    BBRT local Parties invites

    So I am going to host a party/gangbang at a hotel this weekend and I am wondering how best to get everyone over. BBRT only lets you send mass emails to those approved to the party. If Everyone shows up at once the hotel will obviously know what is up. Any thoughts on the subject would be appreciated. OINK!
  7. bottombottoy

    MAL 2019

    Guess I have to sell my ass to get one then... OINK> lol
  8. bottombottoy

    What Does It Take?

    They will want you to cum up to NY for an audition.
  9. So Fucking HOT , Beautiful , Delicious and Exciting looking profile picture !  Love to see more and more !     :)

  10. bottombottoy

    Cleaning out ya bottom

    For you bottoms, when you get hit up by a top randomly what do you do to clean out quick enough to go meet? I don't play often so I dont keep it squeaky clean. One of the things the I run into all the time is the time it takes for cleaning and then also not having access to anything to assist in the clean out (e.g. a hotel). Just wondering what yalls process is for a quick clean with limited access to normal cleaning assists.
  11. HOT and Delicious looking !    :)     :)   

  12. bottombottoy

    My first gangbang - tips?

    LoL then clearly needs to work on that gag reflex.
  13. bottombottoy


    the Gilead co-pay coupon card covers up to $3,600 in co-pays per year with no monthly limit for TRUVADA for PrEP. Its possible, although implausible.
  14. bottombottoy

    My first gangbang - tips?

    I would recommend a meal replacement shake... especially if your gunna be "enhancing" the fun

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