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Help Me Fulfill A Fantasy

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Hey guys, I was wondering if there was anyone in the Austin area who could help me out. I've always had a fantasy of being used by a group of guys as they see fit. I was wondering if anyone had any advice or knew of anybody looking for a slut to be at the center of a group. Thanks.



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    • By ThiccbotTom505
      Spun and horny af any ParTy top guys looking to pnp get naked and have some fun. Get at me n lets strip naked and get the party going. Im in to anything from mild-wild and open to trying new things. Im in the New Mexico area primarily the Gallup area but travel to the albuquerque area often.

    • By Londonbear
      Today I got fucked by a guy who I think was a thalidomide baby, hes a handsome guy and really hung, but his arms are very short and seem like the arms of a child on a mans body. Any how he came over, we made out, I sucked his cock until it was a full thick 9" and he fucked me and came in my ass. We had a great chat afterwards, and I reminded him that he had actually fucked me once before in his apartment a year or so ago.At no point did I mention his disability. This has happened to me once before when a really hot young guy came around to fuck me, and told me on arrival that he had seriously progressive Parkinsons. He was adorable and after he relaxed and realised I wasnt going to make a big thing out if it, he fucked me really quite well and went on his way.
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      24Y.O bottom here would really like to be in a gangbang scene if youre interested/trying to film a gangbang scene please let me know.
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      Looking for gift givers in Austin
    • By BosBBDom
      In my 20s nasty verbal perv looking to host this weekend, 8uc poppers 420 G cool. Can accommodate if you travel here.
      wickr; DudeTab00

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