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Austin Pride

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I've never been to Austin, but I'm going for an extended weekend for Pride later this summer.

What bars / neighborhoods should I check out. Where should I look to stay? Any parties or points of interest? :)

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    • By Gifttaker
      Looking for gift givers in Austin
    • By Leakycumdump
      Ill be hosting,
      401 teravista parkway, round rock texas 78665
       im not too choosey  would love to take loads between 2pm-3:30pm 
      i have pics, text me 512-297-3577
    • By pulcish
      While I've taken quite a few raw cocks, each occasion had occurred after I contacted a guy through Grindr (or, before it went down, Craigslist), and after we had a sense of each other.  My fantasy, however, was that I would cross paths with a guy, bend over, and take multiple random loads in my ass.  
      For some two years I have been chatting on and off on Kik with a top transwoman I met through Craigslist.  Our schedules never matched up but she wanted to slut me out so I kept in contact with her.  After a few missed opportunities our schedules finally aligned:  we would meet on Halloween at All Things Adult in Austin. 
      I was running a little late and, as I approached the ABS I asked her which booth.  She promptly replied, and I sought-out the booth she specified.  (As an aside, I should mention All Things Adult has really nice video booths.)  There is a privacy wall when you first enter and around the corner are two padded benches that are spaced close enough to be bent over on all fours comfortably straddling the gap.)  The door was unlatched and I entered the booth finding the transwoman, a cute short latina with a decent package, leaning against the wall.  Upon entering the booth I turned to close the door only to discover there was another in the booth.  A guy I didn't anticipate being present.  Still, that was the reason I had agreed to meet, so I reached over, and began feeling-up the transwoman's body, exploring her body as I pulled-out her cock.  The other guy just watched.
      Dropping a few tokens in the machine and she led me to the front bench.  I dropped my trousers and underwear, bent over, and angled my ass towards the entrance, initially sucking the transwoman, and, when within seconds the second guy offered his cock, I alternated between the two of them. 
      After a little bit he moved behind me, lubed my hole and went balls-deep in my ass, cumming after only a few thrusts.  (Damn, I needed that feeling so badly.)  Withdrawing, he zipped-up and left.  My transwoman also wanted a piece of my ass, but pulled-on a condom, explaining a rubber would delay her orgasm.  She fucked me for a bit, and it felt really good.  Meanwhile the door opened a few times and finally we had a taker.  A man entered the booth, watched us for a bit, before pulling out his cock and offering it to me to suck.  As I sucked and deep-throated him, the transwoman withdrew from my ass, and stepped around, crouching down to suck the guy's balls.  In no time the man blew his delicious load in my mouth. 
      After he left I resumed sucking the transwoman.  Scarcely had I swallowed her cock full depth when another guy entered the booth and began fingering my ass.  In all honesty I was not a big fan of his attentions as, although I let him know I didn't like it, he kept fingering me quite roughly.  At one point he slid his cock into my ass, and, no sooner was he balls-deep than he also slid his index finger into my ass.   I was not happy.  Still I let him fuck me a bit, but my ass was very uncomfortable, so I made my excuses and stepped-out into the restroom to check the condition of my hole.  Fortunately while it was sore and cum-filled, it wasn't bleeding.  Returning to the booth, I told the guy I needed to take a short break.  I was thankful he took the hint and left. 
      I resumed sucking the transwoman, and after a few minutes let her know I really wanted her load in my ass.  She gave a knowing smile, stepped behind me and slid in, raw, full depth, fucking for several minutes, initially with a steady rhythm, but more raggedly at one point, at which time she came, her load lodged in my ass.  When she withdrew I heard the plop of a big dollop of cum hitting the floor.  Clearly there was an exceptional amount of cum in my ass. 
      I licked her cock clean, enjoying the taste of the cum, and afterwards we sat and chatted a bit before I decided to head out.  Once at my car I decided to check Grindr but none of the postings caught my attention.  Still, with a pocketful of tockens, I decided to return to All Things Adult, and play until I exhausted my stash of tokens.  Re-entering the ABS, I reclaimed the booth in which the transwoman and I had been playhing, and logging onto Grindr changed my location to All Things Adult, specifically providing my booth number.  I also placed a 'quick connect' on BBRTs.  Then I deposited all of the tokens into the video machine, adding a $20.00 bill.   I planned on being there for a while. 
      This time fully nude, I bent over on all fours in the booth, exposed to whoever entered.  Within a few moments a guy entered and felt-up my hole.  Apparently liking what he found, he unzipped, slid in, and fucked me.  He felt good and fucked for several minutes.  He didn't, however, cum, but instead withdrew , thanked me, and left.  In the ensuing hiatus I went onto Grindr and hit-up another transwoman fuck buddy, telling her what I was doing.  She responded saying she was on her way.  Almost simultaneously another guy hit me up, saying he was nearby.  As I waited for one or both of the two to arrive a few guys entered the booth and checked me out, but all left.  The guy from Grindr arrived, and I alternated between sucking and being fucked by his dock.  He came after several minutes, blowing a big load in my ass.  After a thank you, he split, only for my trans fuckbuddy to arrive. 
      We greeted each other, and she promptly had me on my knees as I deep-throating her cock.  Progressing to my ass, she explored my hole, and realizing the volume of cum that was sloshing around in my hole she asked how many load I had taken.
      I gave her my best estimate.  She asked for a condom and I obliged as she is a rough and dominant power top.  She wasted no time plowing into my ass, fucking me like her personal rag doll.  The pain was substantial, but I also loved the intensity and level of confident domination she exuded.  Several minutes into our session she ordered me to my knees, stripped-off the condom, and forced me to deep-throad her cock, holding my head still so she could control the depth.  I felt like I was going to throw up but she maintained control until finally she withdrew and blew her load on my lips and in my mouth.  After she dressed herself, we hugged and she left.  Whereupon I resumed my earlier position.  As before, several times the door would open, and several times a man would step-up to feel-up my hole, some giving me an approving slap, but no one actually wanted to fuck, so when my time was finally exhausted I dressed and went out to my car.  My hole, however, while sore, was also still horny for cock. 
      Going back onto Grindr I found a message from a guy who said he had seen my profile earlier but as he was committed to attending a sex party, he suggested I should meet him there.  I replied, and he promptly gave me the details, which included the sex party was receptive to bareback sex, but there was a prohibition to "partying."  That was all I needed to hear.
      The party was being held in downtown Austin, which was a very short drive.  Arriving at the house I entered using the specified side door, which was where we were expected to undress.  Stepping into the play space I found a bedroom in which a group of college-age men are standing about, wacking themselves.  In the corner a guy was gagging on some cock, so I stepped into the center of the room, surveyed my options, and, spotting a Latino with a nice long, curved cock and a sweet swimmer's build, I knelt in front and deep-throated him, gagging a bit given his length.  I worked his tool for some time, but as there no suggestion he wanted to fuck, I got to my feet to move on, only to feel some guy giving my ass a little squeeze, remarking I had a big ass.
      "It's open to any one who wants to play," I replied.
      Instructing he to lay on the bed, he moved behind me, ready to plunge into my hole.
      I let him know my hole had been power-fucked, and that I couldn't handle rough action.  Although he attempted to accommodate my limitations, my hole was very unhappy, and kept pushing him out.  Oh, and it really, really hurt when he was in my ass, so after a little bit I excused myself and checked-out myself in the bathroom.  Fortunately there was no evidence of anything other than lube and cum, so I re-entered the bedroom and promptly another guy wanted to fuck, so I lay back on the bed.  He fucked for several minutes, but again my pain threshold was crossed, so I apologizedm explaining I couldn't take any more cock.  Thankfully he understood and wasn't annoyed. 
      After I clean-up my ass, I dressed, and called it a night.  I was a little bummed my ass was too swollen and sore to take the last two guys, but overall it was a good night, particularly given it was the first time I had been a true cumdump.
    • By blkoraltm
      Atlanta is gonna be home to me sooner rather than later. The number of loads I took during  Atlanta Pride Weekend was amazing.  It's rare for a Black Bear Bottom to leave a sex party with a sore hole, more often or not I am expected to top; limp dick or not. Not Atlanta and not at Manifest.  I got 3 loads on Friday,  from the same guy. And Saturday I lost count; my only issue is the best stroke of the night insisted on a condom. With a cock as big as his and as rare as it is for me to get fucked; I had to allow him up my generally latex free hole. I enjoyed him as well as the 8 others that fucked me, some more than others. 
      But I will be back probably for a Cumunion event.  
    • By Leakycumdump
      Looking to get bred between 7am-2pm
      hit me up
      i host behind the round rock outlet mall

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