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Found 108 results

  1. A guy on Facebook has recently related his recently HIV+ diagnosis that occurred as he was taking Truvada. Per his post: "My doctor told me (and I could hear the shock in his voice) that I had proper levels of Truvada in my blood, hower I had indeed contracted that rare, one in a million strain of HIV, you know, the one that we think, "oh that won't happen to me" strain. Truvada failure is rare but not unknown or unreported. It's like wining the PowerBall or getting struck by lightning ... but it does happen. Of course, my question would be, does this recently-pozzed guy also carry the Truvada-breaking strain of HIV?
  2. Sub needs advice

    Hi guys! I'm a sub who wants to make the transition to being a BB slut. Wanna chat with others about the reality of this. I don't care if you are down the street or on the other side of the world, a sub, a top, neg or poz. What helped you to come to a decision? Are you neg and do you take poz loads? Are you on PrEP? Are you poz? I have many questions that could otherwise be posted across multiple forum topics but I thought this the best place to introduce myself. Not into fantasy chat or chat wanks. Serious discussion wanted. Private messages welcomed.
  3. The British Columbia (NDP/Green) Government has decided to make PrEP available at no cost to those at risk of contracting HIV, assuming they don't wish to contract HIV. (That's a far cry from $34 per tablet at Shoppers Drugs.) Your doctor must call the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS at (604) 806-8515 to have them fax him/her your enrolment form for the PrEP Program. The source of funding for this is convoluted, so I guess the way to get the medication must also be convoluted. I hear other provinces already have this or are planning to get it.
  4. The idea of bareback sex has always been hot to me (why wouldn't it have been??), but I always had anxiety about the risks. Since going on PrEP in August this year, I've come to realise that addiction to BB is genuine. This past weekend I was in Manchester for New Year and spent a good portion of my time at Basement. Anyone familiar with the sauna scene in the UK will know the Basement well, I imagine. The main event was after midnight on NYE, and the place was packed, all shapes and sizes of men and cocks. As I walked in, I was chatting to a gorgeous guy in front of me in the queue so, naturally, we fucked around as soon as we got in, fucking each other, with him shooting inside of me. We decided it might be fun to set me up in the sling room and the instant I lay down, about a dozen guys made their way into the room, each taking his turn on my arse, several of them releasing their loads inside of me as I lay back and and sniffed poppers, encouraging them to cum inside of me, (not that they truly needed any encouragement). The gorgeous guy would occasionally fuck me in between the strangers. That feeling of being used was nothing less than euphoric. I suppose the point of my anecdote is that I'm back in my home city and am already craving the sling. I'm tempted to take another visit next weekend and just lay there all afternoon until my arse is leaking the loads of a dozen or more men. In the past I read bareback sex was addictive, and I remember dismissing such claims as an obvious exaggeration. Today, however, I'd say I'm definitely feeling withdrawal symptoms. Anybody else remember the start of his addiction to bareback sex. Oh, and by the way, anyone in the Manchester area should hit me up. I'm there frequently.
  5. Porn4PrEP

    There's an education campaign being done by some guys that do porn, pairing poz (undetectable) and neg (on PrEP) guys to have bareback sex. Their site is http://porn4prep.com/. I first read about it in the PrEP Facts Facebook group. I found the video on pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph59ade2f04e8c0&t=0&utm_source=porn4prep.com&utm_medium=embed&utm_campaign=embed-title-html5 It's more of an education piece, with interviews breaking up the sex scene. And the sex scene isn't as smokin' hot as I was hoping it would be. I would have rather seen a unmedicated guy fuck the guy on PrEP, but I suppose they're taking baby steps. But ... if it helps someone who's paralyzed in fear and afraid to have bareback sex, it might be worthwhile.
  6. I'm looking for a ts or cd to breed me. I can host or travel in ny or north nj area. any recommendation for bb ts in nyc?
  7. Several months ago, I posted a thread in the General Discussion section in which I shared some of the internal tension that I had been experiencing. On the one hand, I had (and still do have) a strong desire to go to graduate school and pursue academics. On the other hand, I am extremely slutty, and the riskier the sex, the more that I enjoyed it. There were some very thoughtful responses, contributions, and input from many of you, and as a consequence I decided to begin PrEP. This post is an update... I started taking PrEP, and all was going well for the first month or two. I was having sex as usual and getting bred as much as I could. The more that time went by though, the more dissatisfied with the sex I became. The sex just didn't seem to excite me in the same way that it had used to (even though I was more or less having the same amount of sex as I had been before). It just seems as though there is something about very risky sex that energizes me in a way that I can't really explain (and maybe don't really understand either). I had been feeling that way for the past several months, thinking that the feeling may just go away - but it didn't. Basically, I've decided to stop taking my PrEP now (in reality I stopped taking it a few days ago). The sex that I had since stopping was fantastic, and I just feel amazing after. I know that what I am doing is extremely risky, but it is beginning to look like I need that sort of risk to feel fulfilled and satisfied. While it will probably sound silly, I do a substantial amount of demanding work which can be quite stressful; the risky sex that I have been engaged in has always been a source of release for all that tension and stress, and I was not able to find an outlet for it while on PrEP. Essentially, I think part of the secret to my success academically has actually been my risky, slutty sex life - and I think I need to embrace it. So, again, I've stopped taking my PrEP now and honestly I have to admit I'm a lot happier because of it. I guess, part of me still wants to know what you all think though: am I being ridiculous, or selfish? Can any of you think of any alternative explanations, or maybe other outlets? I'd honestly appreciate your input again, as I really appreciated it earlier when I was struggling with all this.
  8. Shaking after sex

    So the other night I was being fucked every which way there is to be fucked raw as usual but after I could not stop shaking this has never happened before is this normal I didn’t cum he came in me 3 times and I could not stop shaking afterwards for a good 10 mins I had to get some air and sit down for a bit
  9. 8-10 Days Of No PrEP & Lots Of Loads

    So I started taking random loads before PrEP came out. And then just around the time that it was approved by the FDA was when I finally got comfortable with the idea of being a cumdump, taking any and all loads, and eventually getting pozzed. I went to a few sex parties, bent over and took loads from anyone who'd fuck me. But then I realized I could be a cumdump and stay neg if I went on PrEP, so that's what I did. That was the spring of 2013 – nearly 5 years ago now. But I gotta say there's something really anti-climatic about PrEP. I miss the risk – whether I'm taking the risk or the bottom I'm fucking is taking it. And honestly, when you get to the point where you're OK with converting, that grows on you over time to the point where now I actually want to be poz. I'm not to the point of actively chasing – more like I want to take significant, calculated risks. A few weeks ago I saw an article on Poz.com that, among other things, mentioned that there was still >90% protection a week after people stop taking PrEP. That got me thinking… I had a trip scheduled to Key West at the end of October – maybe I should just not take any PrEP with me. I'd be down there for 8 days. So based on the data, that means I'll still have about 90% coverage. BUT, even now, I don't take PrEP every day. So my protection will be a bit less. And it turns me on that I don't know how much less. My goal for that week is to get 100 loads of cum up my ass. Give at least one load a day. And manage to get a fist up my ass. (And workout, go to the nude beach, etc.) Basically I'm there to be a slut. I'm a little worried about the 100 load goal, so I might start my week early by going to a bathhouse the day before I leave. In that case if I can get at least 5 loads at the bathhouse, I'll skip PrEP that day too. That put me up to 9 days skipped. And then I was thinking if I've taken PrEP within 24 hours of having sex, then I'm not really "off PrEP" when I'm taking those loads. So I'm tempted to skip another day, but I'm thinking 10 days is more risk than I'm comfortable with. On top of that I posted a #neg4poz gangbang party ad on BBRT for the last night of the trip (in Ft. Lauderdale). I'm telling guys to pretend their toxic even if they aren't so I don't really know what I'm getting up my ass. I figure that should give some anonymity to the tops who really are toxic. If there's lots of poz talk and everyone is saying they're blowing a toxic load and infecting me, then the truly toxic tops can mix into that and there's plausible deniability for them – that they're lying just like everyone else. But the idea of taking toxic loads when I'm 8 or 9 days off PrEP is both a turn on and a worry. A small part of me is saying "life is good, why are you doing this?" but the bigger part of me is just sorta numb and wanting it to happen. I want this to be a reoccurring thing – once or twice a year I go somewhere to be a slut and don't take my PrEP with me. I'm in the 2 week period before going where I should be taking Truvada every day and getting my serum drug levels up. But I've already skipped a day or two. I'm telling myself I only get PrEP when I do significant exercise (a half hour + of weights or cycling). But the last 4-5 days I will take it every day regardless. So the plan is in motion. Who knows? Maybe in a month I'll have fuck flu. But more likely I'll still be neg. I like not knowing… [I'll try to keep blogging during this whole adventure. I want to log my thoughts and feelings…]
  10. Getting PrEP via nurx.com

    Hey Guys, Am very anxious to get on PrEP. I'm a bottom slut wannabe, but I have to stay neg. From what I can tell, nurx.com looks like a very discreet way to get a prescription. Anybody else use them? If so, how was your experience? Were they as discreet as they seem to be? Thanks in advance for any words of wisom...
  11. CUMDUMP JOCK TAKING ALL DICKS, ALL LOADS, ALL NIGHT" This is a total ANONYMOUS-NO LOAD REFUSED-NO PULLOUT Fuck PARTY. Masc Latino boy First time visiting Austin Texas. A Birthday fuck cumdump At Holiday Inn Austin town lake {I will email all the Details} TOPS ONLY Bring poppers rawlatinojock bbrt
  12. Drew was very sexually frustrated as he'd a month to wait before he was going on PreP. He was getting more and more desirous of a good bareback fuck. He wanted to feel flesh on flesh: a dick pistoning in and out of him and the feeling of his dick forcing its way into a willing tight hole. He spent quite a bit of time perusing bareback sites to try to alleviate his feelings. He was on BBRT when he was propositioned by a well endowed guy to swap loads with him. He was sorely tempted, but the propositioner was poz not on meds so he realised how stupid it would be in his circumstance. Nevertheless the invitation remained lodged in his mind as his sexual frustration grew. The next day Drew thought it wouldn't matter replying to him since he'd be able to meet up after he'd gone on PreP. So he replied and told him about when and where he was able to meet up, believing it would be some time before the guy would get back to him anyway. To Drew's surprise he got a reply the next day suggesting they meet up at the local cruising spot the following Monday. Drew couldn't possibly agree to this and risk infection. However, he delayed replying straight away instead of just suggesting a date the following month when he'd then be on Prep. Drew found his desire for cock growing, he had a hunger to fuck. So instead of replying negatively, a couple of days later he replied that he was willing to meet up. Drew rationalised he would just be able to play around with him, not go the whole way. In the late afternoon of the Monday straight after work he popped over to a nearby pub to get some Dutch courage. He found himself both turned on and very scared of meeting up with this man, Nevertheless after a couple of pints he headed over to the rondez vous point. The guy was slightly older than he expected, but very presentable. They went into the woods together. Drew very much hoped it would involve just playing around but at the same time craved for much more. They found a sheltered spot and started stripping off, The man's cock was something to be envied. but at the sight of it, Drew's started to rise to the occasion. On seeing this the man came over and started sucking Drew's cock to its full manhood. Drew's worries started to evaporate. Drew was really enjoying some sexual action for the first time in a while and his dick sprung to attention, but he both feared and craved more. Having sucked Drew to a good 7 inches and primed with saliva, the man turned round and obviously wanted Drew to take him bareback. With only a moment's hesitation, because of the sexual tension building up, Drew obliged, rationalising that it wouldn't be too risky fucking him. As Drew ploughed the man forcefully, he noticed that they had attracted attention and another man was watching from the bushes. Since Drew didn't mind others enjoying watching him fucking, he made no protests and carried on. The tension built up and quicker than expected Drew blasted his load inside his arse. Drew thought it was only right to relieve the man's tension too. He thought he would give him a blow job and not swallow so he wouldn't take his toxic load into his body. So Drew bent over and started to suck the man's wonderful cock that soon responded to Drew's attention. Drew enjoyed giving him a blow job and the man responded by giving grunts of appreciation. The onlooker was also obviously enjoying the show as he wanked himself off furiously. Drew was giving him a long lasting intensive session that would shortly finish him off soon. But as Drew continued to enjoy sucking the man off, he found himself wanting his hole to be filed with cock. The man, too, had other designs on Drew. He passed Drew the new good poppers he'd brought with him. As Drew inhaled so his inhibitions relaxed and his desire for cock grew. Before Drew knew what was happening, the man had pulled his cock out of Drew's mouth, turned him round and was pressing his large cock against Drew's hole. Then with a thrust his bare cock was inside Drew. Drew continued to try to rationalise the situation and thought it would be fine to let the guy thrust in and out of him for the enjoyable feeling he was now experiencing, but would ask him to pull out rather than come inside him. But before Drew could say anything, after but a few thrusts, the effect of Drew's fellatio had had its effect on the man and he squirted his poz load up Drew's arse. Before Drew could properly react to the situation, a feeling of shock had come on him, the man had beckoned the onlooker over to join in. Whilst Drew looked on, he saw the cum-stained cock, just withdrawn from Drew, now being sucked by the onlooker. Drew decided to join in by sucking this newcomer's cock. It didn't take the onlooker long to get the man's cock back to full tumescence, at which point once again the man withdrew and returned to fuck Drew bareback a second time with his poz cock. Drew by this time was resigned to his situation, believing that getting a second toxic load would make no difference. The man now fucked more slowly and easily with the lubrication provided by his first ejaculation. Drew started to enjoy the feeling of bare cock thrusting in and out of him. It really turned him on and he slurped more appreciatively on the other man's cock. The sucking and fucking got more frenetic as they enjoyed each others' bodies. They all built up to a climax with the onlooker shooting his cum into Drew's mouth as another toxic load filled his arse. Drew's sexual cravings had been satisfied, not quite as he'd expected. He left the man now, amazingly still hard, forcing himself into the onlooker's arse. He like Drew had been playing with fire and were now burnt! Drew would not have to start on PreP after all.
  13. I'm a Hairy cub in town for work for a few days looking to take loads in my hotel room or meet up at steamworks. Sept 26 and 27. Party posted on bbrt hairybttmcub. Hit me up
  14. I'm a type 1 diabetic, so for me, cuts take longer to heal than normal people. I jerk off A LOT and i have a few small tares around my cock, even though i use lube. would PrEp still protect me from HIV even if i have small tares around my cock?
  15. Do sissies deserve prep?

    My question is this: Do sissies deserve any measure of protection (such as prep), or not?
  16. Generic PrEP for Sale

    I have 90 tablets (three month supply) of Tenvir-em, the generic PrEP drug, to sell. I bought them through United Pharmacies, one of the online suppliers recommended on https://www.iwantprepnow.co.uk/ I had fully intended to use them, but I got onto another PrEP study (the DISCOVER study testing a new version of Truvada), so I'll be getting my tablets through that. The expiry date on these generic tablets is March 2018. Looking for £100 for them (I bought them for about £140). Based in London, would prefer a face to face sale rather than putting them in the post, but you never know. (If you're not already taking PrEP, not already accessing one of the PrEP clinics, but you're interested, best to check out the iwantprepnow site first, find out all the tests and procedures necessary before starting the drug as well as the follow-ups required.)
  17. For the first time, new diagnoses of HIV have fallen among men who have sex with men in England, according to data from Public Health England. http://tinyurl.com/RemarkableDrop PrEP is the culprit again for those of us who resent being on it. When I look at the guys in the photo from the article, I think the caption should be that the bearded top is agreeing to Gift the clean-shaven bottom, who is looking adoringly into the eyes of the lover who will be with him forever no matter what else happens in their relationship or their lives.
  18. Starting PreP, my toughts

    Some months ago I got stealthed in a sauna.... For some odd reason I did not minded, I even left the guy bred me a second time... it was hot, but as always when the honriness finishes I have to deal with the rational decision of keep on living, paying taxes, working, taking care of family and friends, and so I decided to go on PeP. I hated it tbh, it was my second time, both time for stealthing and meds where killing my stomach... some days I even started taking the meds lates and one day I was partoculary annoyed at them and in a odd mood... I ended up flushing some of thems. I promissed myself no more annoying wait for results and super combinations of drugs: If I was gonna be poz I would just had sex w poz guys and wait at least a bit before taking meds and If I was gonna be neg, I would go on PreP to avoid the hussle. At the end the results came. Neg. Doctor told me it was safe for me to start PreP now, and so today I rodered my first 3 months supply. I'm puzled... a part of me is scared since I know that once on PreP I would probably have no inhibitions and I will do things so dangerous I could not even dream before. Saunsas, dark rooms, bbrt orgys and maybe even PnP... who knows where i'll stop. A part of me is scared. I wanted to ask Preppers some questions: •Did you become so slutty you could not control yourself? •Did Prep made you catch more stds apart from HIV obviously •After how long did you knew it was working? •And if you stopped taking Prep why was it?
  19. Long story short, i'm 21 years old and i'm trying to get on SSI/disability due to my conditions i have (type 1 diabetes, autism, adhd, and a few other mental conditions). I haven't been approved for SSI yet however, and will most likely not be approved until another 2 years (it's a very long process) BUT my point is: i don't have any income at all, so I have to be on state health insurance. Right now, i'm on state health insurance in Wisconsin. But my adoptive parents are going to be sending me down to Florida to live with relatives, so I'll have to go on state health insurance there instead once i move away (in October 2017) Today, my doctor just put me on PrEp, as i requested. It's covered by my state health insurance in Wisconsin, but would it be covered by state health insurance in florida? does anyone have any experience with this?
  20. Sluts, whores and bitches rejoice! Generic Truvada is coming. By Teva (US), maker of very many things generic. Unfortunately their pricing varies widely. But as always - the the proof is in the pudding, no date yet and no pricing either: http://www.raps.org/Regulatory-Focus/News/2017/06/09/27877/FDA-Approves-First-Generic-Version-of-Gileads-HIV-Drug-Truvada/
  21. I out myself as a prep user and got into a debate with a fuck buddy who always insisted on condom even though both of us were neg and I'm on prep I argued to him that if I leave hiv out of the equation by taking prep, doesn't that makes me as safe as blowing a raw dick? He is a 'safe sex' player, I told him, 'you know sucking a raw dick also expose you to sti right?' he retorted that 'but these sti are easily curable!' I replied 'but if I took prep and leave hiv out of equation, getting a raw anal load, is only as risky as swallowing a load down your throat' what do u guys think? Am I wrong to think this way? Is taking a raw load up my arse on prep much more dangerous than a neg guy not on prep drinking poz cum
  22. Just read this. Not sure yet how he got infected. Melbourne man tests positive to HIV while taking preventative drug
  23. Another Twink Quits PrEP

    Pignextdoor (BBRT) is more than ready. His story: Just a pig living the life hidden as the type you'd never expect. But I want to change that! Been negative and on prep for a long time but I'm ready to convert so I can unleash the true inner piggy in me. It's a very intimate and special thing for me, so anon pump and dumps aren't what I need... yet. I don't expect marriage, but I want someone who will help me start my journey - and enjoy as it continues to grow. I don't need lectures or people to save me or tell me why it's not worth it. Can you be the one to help? I want to get Pigboynextdoor's journey off on the right foot. Any of you other PrEPsters feeling like him?
  24. Descovy as PrEP Study

    10 days ago I started in Gilead's Discover study for the drug Descovy as a new PrEP drug. There are 5,000 men in the study. I haven't seen anyone else on here that's mentioned it and wondering if there are any others. It's a "sister" drug of Truvada with a change in the concentration of the active ingredients to reduce long term side effects regarding bone density and kidney function. Many (most) poz guys on Truvada have been switched over to Descovy I believe. It's not currently approved as PrEP which is why it has to be studied, and I'll be in the study group for about 2.5 years. There's a 50/50 chance I'm on the test drug, or the placebo which is Truvada. Kind of wondering what to call my "status" on bbrt and other hookup sites. I changed it to Neg + Other on bbrt. Might put "ask me" instead. Don't really wanna do something that will decrease my chances of hooking up, but I'm pretty upfront and all about repeat fuckbuds and building some trust. I plan to be a good test subject and not change my sex habits. Anyone else on it?
  25. PReP Ignorance

    I've been on PReP for a few weeks and have updated my status to Neg+PReP on those sites I'm a member of and am amazed at how many have asked me what PReP is. I know it's not readily available in the UK but I thought everyone would have at least heard of it. All the guys that have asked have their status marked as Neg but judging by their ignorance of PReP I suspect they're just as ignorant of their own status. Before going on PReP I sometimes mentioned to other Neg guys that I preferred fucking Undetectable guys as this seemed to be the safest option of not contracting HIV but most thought I was being naive at the least. Now when I say I'm happy to take Poz loads they think I'm plain stupid. I have one fb who wants me to get fleshly loaded before he arrives but insists that the guy be married and older because it's 'safer'. I'm really taken aback at the level of ignorance.

Other #BBBH Sites…