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Brian Breeds His Buddy's Girl

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I was at my buddy Todd's place having a beer and watching the game when his girl Sam came in, carrying some bags. "Hey babe, you done shopping?" Todd asked her. "Yeah, I got some really cute tops and a few other things. You guys watching the game?" "Yep," Todd answered. Todd's place was just a studio, so Sam put the bags down by the door, to find room for them later, I figured. After a second, I could see out of the corner of my eye that they were still looking at each other but not saying anything, so I looked over at them to see what was up. Sam quickly said, "It's so hot out there, I think I'm gonna take a shower," and disappeared into the bathroom, with a meaningful look at Todd. What was that all about? I shrugged it off and went back to watching the game.

A while later, Sam came out wearing just a towel. I tried not to stare. "I forgot all my clothes are out here," she said, walking in front of the TV to get to the chest of drawers next to where I was sitting on the couch. She was so close I could smell the scented soap or whatever she just used in the shower. I took another sip of beer and pretended to ignore her. "I'm gonna grab a shower too," Todd said, and got up. I thought that was strange, since we weren't going out later and since we were right in the middle of the game, but I just said, "Okay."

As soon as Todd was gone, Sam took off her towel and set it down on the couch right next to me. After I'd already looked at her completely naked by accident, she said, "Don't look," as she went through one of the drawers. She was smokin' hot and it took me a second to look away, but she didn't seem to notice. I went back to the game as she slipped some panties on, and I heard Todd turning on the shower.

I was still trying not to look at her when she said, "Ugh, can you help me with this? It's new and I can't get it." She was standing with her back to me, trying to put a bra on but not getting it. "Um, I don't know, maybe Todd should…." "Oh stop being stupid, you're like family. Can you just do this for me please? Or do you want me to walk around without a bra on?" I didn't know what to say, but I figured it wasn't really a big deal, so I got up and took the clasp from her hands and tried to put the two parts together. But I was thinking more about how good she smelled and how she was practically naked right in front of me, and after a couple seconds she reached back and said, "No, they have to go together like this." Our hands fumbled together for a second and I accidentally let go of the straps, and the bra fell down. Before I could really think, she bent down to pick it up and her ass was right there in front of me, just barely covered in lacy panties. I popped wood immediately.

"Uh, sorry," I said, and sat back down to hide my stiffy. "That's okay," she said, standing back up with the bra. "I got this set 'cause I thought Todd would like them, but he didn't even notice. He hasn't touched me in weeks. Do you think they look alright?" she asked, holding the bra up. She looked fucking incredible, and I had to force myself not to throw her down and tear those lace panties off her right now. "Fuck yeah! I mean, yeah, they look great, you know."

"Well I don't know what it is then, maybe he's just bored with me. I hope you don't mind if I talk to you, I never talk to my girlfriends about this sort of stuff, and you're a guy, so I thought you might know what the deal with him was. I feel like I can talk to you." I just listened to her and tried not to stare at her tits as she went on. "Sometimes I just miss a rock hard cock so much I think I'll go crazy, like I'll just sit on the next fucking hard prick I see!" I was definitely not looking at her face when she looked back at me, and I pretended to look somewhere else and muttered a feeble, "Uh, sorry." My cock was so hard it was aching, and without even thinking I adjusted it very obviously.

She must have noticed. "What's going on down there, Brian?" she asked, looking right at my junk, which was now tenting my pants. "Uh, nothing, sorry about that, I was just—nothing." I hoped she would just finish getting dressed already and not say anything to Todd. "That looks like more than nothing," she said, walking over and reaching down to undo my pants. "What the fuck?" I said, trying to stop her, even though I wanted to bury my prick inside her and make her pregnant immediately. "Todd's right in the shower," was the only thing I could think to say. "He takes forever," she said, grabbing my hard-on through my pants and trying to undo my belt. "I, I don't—" I started, still trying to stop her but loving her hand rubbing on my cock, which was started to leak precum like crazy. Between the beer and her stroking my woody through my pants, I wasn't really thinking straight. "You better take your fucking pants off, or I'm gonna tell Todd you checked me out and grabbed my ass!" What the fuck? This bitch really was crazy for cock, but Todd was still in the shower, and I just couldn't fucking hold back anymore.

I grabbed Sam and threw her hard down onto the couch, and the look on her face said that was exactly what she wanted. I tore my belt off and shoved my pants down, finally freeing my leaking 7-inch stiffy, which pointed straight toward her. Then I yanked her panties out of the way, and with the other hand, slammed my hard 7 inches inside her before she could ask about a fucking condom.

"Fuck yes!" she whispered loudly, "Pound me! Give it to me! I need it so bad!" She didn't need to tell me twice, and I fucked that crazy blackmailing bitch so hard I thought I was going to break her. For a second I looked over at the bathroom door and thought how fucked up it was that I was banging my buddy's girl on his own fucking couch, not 5 minutes after he'd gotten in the shower. But dammit this girl's pussy felt so fucking amazing and she needed it bad, whispering nasty things to me and pulling me in deeper as I pounded her into the couch like an animal.

"Fuck, I'm getting so close," I whispered into her hair after a few minutes. I still couldn't believe I was buried balls deep inside Todd's girl with him right there in the bathroom. He could come out at any second. What the hell was I doing?? "Oh yeah, I want it," she whispered back, driving me crazy. I really gave her all I had, getting closer and closer to the edge. I was gonna give this cheating whore exactly what she wanted. Then out of nowhere, she said, "Just don't cum inside me!" Are you kidding me? There was no way I could pull out, she just felt way too good to waste my boys on her chest. I didn't say anything and just kept fucking her. "Please, I'm not on birth control and I don't wanna get pregnant!" But she was still pulling me deep inside her instead of pushing me off, not that she could have pushed me off if she'd tried, there was no way I wasn't going to give this blackmailing whore my seed, whether she wanted it or not.

She was still pulling me in, but right as I got to the edge she whispered, "No, stop! You're gonna make me pregnant with your babies!" That set me off, and I wrapped both my hands around her throat and slammed all the way inside her as I shot volley after volley of my boys deep into her cheating twat. I came so hard I thought I was going to black out, I didn't even care if she could breathe or not, all I cared about was how incredible my cock felt totally buried inside her velvety snatch, shooting a gallon of hot cum in her, painting her fucking walls white.

After I came down from that massive explosion inside her, I collapsed on top of her, pushing her into the couch, and feeling like a stud. I had given this unfaithful slut the rock hard cock she'd said she'd wanted, and the grade-A spunk she'd said she didn't. I hoped I did get this bitch pregnant, and that Todd would have to raise my fucking kid.

Just then I heard the water turn off, and I knew Todd would be coming back out any second. I pulled my cock out of his girl's cummy snatch, and started to pull my pants back up. I glanced down at Sam, and she had a satisfied look on her face. I guess she wasn't mad at me for shooting my boys inside her after all. But her neck was still bright red from where I'd wrapped my hands around her throat. Fuck, how would Todd not see that??

Sam put some clothes on and sat down on the couch just as Todd came out of the bathroom, wearing just a towel. "All my clothes are out here," he said, crossing in front of the TV to get to the chest of drawers, and dropping his towel to get dressed right next to me. What was the deal with these two? I didn't care, just as long as Todd didn't notice the smell of sex in the air.

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I walked back over to the shower and turned the water off as soon as I heard Brian finish in the living room, and I walked out a minute after I heard his belt buckle. I hoped he had shot a huge load inside my girl, although I know she'd begged him not to. Most guys do.

I wrapped the damp towel around my waist and strutted out of the bathroom, immediately noticing the smell of sex in the air. "All my clothes are out here," I said, as I crossed in front of the TV. I took my towel off and set it down on the couch right next to Brian, who was staring laser beams into the TV and working on his beer, apparently not noticing my semi-hard prick blowing in the wind not 3 feet from his face. "What's the score," I asked, as soon as I heard the commercial break start. "It's, it's…the same," he choked out, which I knew was wrong. Yep.

As I casually put on some boxers, I looked over at my girl, who was pretending to watch TV too, and I saw the bright red hand prints on her neck even from where I was standing. My dick jumped, imagining my buddy pinning my girl down right there on my own couch and fucking her like he owned her, with me right inside the bathroom. That two-timing, backstabbing son of a bitch! I would deal with him later.

"So what did you guys talk about?" I asked, putting on some joggers and a tank. "Brian was showing me how to get out of a chokehold," Sam said without missing a beat, making Brian cough on his beer a little. I pretended not to notice. "He didn't want to do it at first, but I kept asking him and asking him until he finally gave me what I wanted, didn't you, Brian?" she said, poking him playfully in the arm. Poor Brian jumped so high I was afraid he'd throw his beer across the living room. Then he quickly laughed, a little too loud, and managed, "Haha, yeah!" "Oh that's great," I said, putting on some socks, "I knew I could trust you to take care of my girl." Brian shifted and laughed awkwardly, making intense eye contact with the Meow Mix commercial in front of him, and obviously hoping I'd change the subject.

"Babe, do you think you could help me carry the rest of the bags up from the car?" Sam asked me casually. Brian looked over at the bags already sitting by the door, probably thinking, How much stuff did she get? But he didn't say anything, and went back to trying to blend into the couch. I knew what my girl needed wasn't help unloading the car, but help loading up her slutty snatch again, and I didn't waste any time getting my shoes on after that. "Sure babe, let's go. We'll be back, Brian. You're not gonna go anywhere, are you?" I asked, staring at him meaningfully. "No, I'll be here," he said, relaxing visibly as Sam and I walked out the door and left him alone with his guilty thoughts.

I could barely keep my hands off my girl after the door closed. I pushed her up against the wall right next to our apartment door and made out with her hungrily, slipping one hand up her shirt and another down her pants. She moaned quietly and put her arms around me. If anyone came out into the hallway they would see us like that, but I didn't care, I had to have her. My right hand found her pussy, and it was definitely wet. "Did my buddy cum inside you?" I whispered to her so Brian couldn't hear us on the other side of the door. She just nodded, with lust in her eyes. I slipped a couple fingers inside her, feeling my buddy's hot spunk inside my girl, the spunk he had shot up there barely a few minutes before. It was so wrong, and so hot, his spunk didn't belong inside her, only mine did. We both had to try so hard not to moan, or someone would hear us. I pulled my cummy fingers out of her twat and put them inside her mouth, and she sucked on them obediently. I immediately shoved my tongue inside her mouth and started kissing her, getting my first taste of my buddy Brian's cum, but definitely not my last.

I somehow got my girl down to the parking garage without fucking her right there in the hallway, and we climbed into the back seat of the car like hungry animals, not caring anymore who the fuck heard us. I tore her pants off and buried my face in her cummy snatch before she could say anything. As she gasped for air and scratched and clawed at my back, I shoved my tongue as far up her pussy as I could, tasting Brian's forbidden cum, and wondering what he'd say if he could see me feasting on his hot jizz.

Before I'd sucked all of my buddy's juice out of my girl, I moved up to share another kiss with her, and we made out greedily. "How did you get him to fuck you?" I asked her lustily, sliding two more fingers inside her. "I got him all hot and bothered with my bra and panties, and telling him how bad I needed a hard cock inside me," she said, gasping, "Then I said I'd tell you he grabbed my ass unless he fucked me. He stopped fighting me after that." Fuck, that made my dick jump. "You conniving bitch, did you at least tell him to put a rubber on?" "He slammed it in my pussy before I could say anything, so I let him fuck me without one." At this point my cock was so hard it was hurting, so I popped it out of my joggers and rubbed it over her pussy, wanting so bad to be inside her. "But that's so risky," I whispered, just inches away from her face, "he could give you something, and then you could give it to me," as I rubbed my precum onto her pussy lips, teasing her, "or he could knock you up, get you pregnant." I kissed her again, totally lost in the lust of the moment. "I didn't care," she whispered back hungrily after we broke away, "I just needed his rock hard cock inside me, I didn't care what he gave me!" "You dirty fucking slut! Taking my buddy's dick while I'm right there in the fucking shower! Did you at least tell him to pull out?" "Yes, I begged him to pull out so he didn't get me pregnant," she answered, as I started pressing my cock head inside her unfaithful snatch where my buddy's cock had just been. "But he wouldn't listen, he just put his hands around my neck and came inside me anyway. Now I might be pregnant with his babies!"

The thought of my buddy choking out my girl and knocking her up after she'd begged him to pull out was too much for me, and I slammed my entire cock into her slutty twat with one thrust. Brian's cum around my unprotected cock felt amazing, and fucking his boys deeper into my girlfriend and into my piss slit got me so hot. Brian was part of the family now, whether he knew it or not, and what was his, was now both of ours, too.

"Fuck, you nasty bitch, you make me so fucking hard, always letting other guys fuck you behind my back!" I was pounding her snatch so hard, making a sloshing sound with Brian's cum all over my hard prick, and she was pulling me into her desperately. "Are you gonna keep taking Brian's cum every time he comes over?" "Yes!" she whispered into my ear. "Good girl, you know it fucking drives me crazy when you do that shit." I kept pounding her as hard as I could, feeling my balls start to tingle. "You're such a nasty bitch, such a fucking cumslut, you're too good for me." I kept slamming her twat, and she kept moaning softly and pulling me in. "If you keep taking Brian's cum he's gonna make you pregnant, he's already marked you," I said, putting my hands on her neck, where I could still see Brian's fingers wrapped around it like he owned her. "Are you gonna mark me too, baby, just like Brian did?" she asked me, clearly wanting it. "Oh fuck yeah baby, you're mine, and don't you fucking forget it!"

With that, I put my hands around my girl's neck, just like Brian had, making new hand prints on top of his, and feeling his warm cum all over my bare cock inside my girl, where it didn't belong. That son of a bitch had pretended to be my buddy, then choked out my girl and shot his cream inside her even though she'd begged him not to, all while my back was turned. Then he'd sat back down on the couch like nothing had happened, while his cum soaked into my girl's twat, maybe even making her pregnant. Well fuck him. Sam was mine, and I was gonna take her back.

I looked down at my girl, and saw she couldn't really breathe with my hands choking her, but the obedient slut wasn't telling me to stop, so I just kept pounding Brian's cum into her and kept getting closer. Then finally she grabbed my wrists. She needed air, and I was the only one who could let her have it. She may have taken my buddy's cock and baby batter earlier, but she was totally mine now.

That thought finally set me off, and my fat cock swelled up even harder as I slammed all the way inside my girl and shot rope after rope of my own jizz inside her slutty snatch to mix with Brian's. I have no idea how much of my cum I pumped inside her, but it felt like I was cumming for days. At some point I loosened my grip on her neck a little so she could breathe, but I kept my hands where they were to make sure she knew whose girl she was, mine.

After I came down, I collapsed on top of her, pushing her into the car seat and smelling her hair, just like I imagined my buddy had done just 15 minutes before. She rubbed my back and my ass until I'd recovered. When I finally got up again, I saw I'd put new red marks on her neck. Perfect. If only she could see what a fucking slut she looked like right now, with two sets of red hand prints on her neck from two different guys, and two loads of hot jizz leaking out of her snatch with a bare cock still buried deep inside her.

We got back up to the apartment and found Brian sitting in exactly the same spot, working on another beer. I wondered if he had any idea what we'd been up to, or how much dirty fun we'd just had playing in his spunk. Probably not. He probably thought he'd gotten away with breeding my girl behind my back, and that he was the only one with a secret, the sneaky bastard.

"You took a while," he said to us. "Yeah, we got a phone call, from one of our friends," I improvised, hoping he wouldn't notice both our phones sitting on the dresser right next to him. "His girl was hooking up with one of his buddies, can you believe it?" I went on, kicking my shoes off casually and walking over to the couch. "He was pissed at first, but they worked it out in the end." I sat down on the couch next to him and put my arm around him, watching the commercial with him and kicking my feet up. He seemed uncomfortable, but he didn't say anything. My girl cuddled up next to me and I put my other arm around her, too. "Oh really?" Brian managed, definitely uncomfortable. "Yeah, bros before hos, you know?" I said. "And besides, now the two guys have something else in common, right?" "Uh, yeah, right," Brian said, almost definitely missing that I was talking about the girl they were both banging. "So what's the score, Brian?" I asked, nodding at the TV, which was still playing a commercial. "It's, uh, you know…the same." Haha, sure it is, buddy.

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Very hot story, love guys and girls who don't care about anything but having great sex. Hope future episodes tell how they have a nasty bareback 3some ending in all three not caring if they get pozzed or not.

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i don't know why i love this story so much.  i think it's my mpreg fantasy.  Just imagine both of these guys continuing to breed her as her belly gets bigger and neither of them knowing whose swimmers knocked her up.

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On 1/15/2020 at 6:24 PM, MayorQuimby said:

i don't know why i love this story so much.  i think it's my mpreg fantasy.  Just imagine both of these guys continuing to breed her as her belly gets bigger and neither of them knowing whose swimmers knocked her up.


Thanks! That sounds really hot.


On 1/29/2020 at 5:20 AM, jockstrappd said:

Any more installments coming?


No, it was just a one-time thing!


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