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  1. Hey guys, traveling from Pennsylvania, through lower new York, and into seymore CT on Friday, and back. Was wondering if there is anyone looking to drop a load in a traveler, or if there are any good baths or saunas that are on the way.
  2. Holy shit that's a hot story, great job!
  3. Damn hot one! I've been thinking of bumping mine up, but that's just amazing!
  4. This dry spell is kicking my ass, anyone want to top me? I want to get barebacked in the early hours of the morning (before work) in the backseat of my shitty car. Anyone in the wilpo, Montoursville, muncy, hughesville area want to oblige? Can be faceless pump and dump or more.
  5. Absolutely, but it doesn't seem to have a set schedule. As for full moons, they make me horny, but to be a Dominant
  6. Man I need to be piss fucked, never had it done but I need it in my guts
  7. Man this sounds amazing! Never had it done, but I'd like to change that
  8. I bottom (mostly) but damn does that piercing look hot! I may have to get that, been meaning to bump up my PA size
  9. Be in Boston March 14th into the 15th for a punk show, who wants to breed and abuse me after? Open cum dump with few limits, hmu
  10. That is so hot! I've been fucked by a random while wearing headphones listening to some hypno vid, and it was amazing! I may have to do it again with the blindfold now
  11. None yet that I know if, but I'd love to take a raw load from a man of the cloth, or bend a nun over the alter and plant a load deep in her.
  12. Absolutely! I went to cum union with my cock locked up tight looking to get loaded, and I left empty! It was all bottoms, and no one wanted to fuck anything!

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