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    Would like to video me converting a willing bottom. :-)
    Have a recharge vid on Xtube.
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    Good bareback bottoms.

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  1. Would love to shoot that vid with you man!

  2. Please rape me with your daddy.

  3. Thanks for the follow!  :)

  4. I'm seeing my poz son later tonight. He confirmed his new status with a swab last weekend. It will feel so good to breed the toxic hole I created. 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. easyhole


      big poz family is nice.

    3. GeorgiaBoy


      That sucks so hot. It is a great event to celebrate 

    4. mjkuhl


      Lucky boy carries your strain.

  5. A guy I fucked 3 weeks ago has been very sick this week. I think I might be a new daddy!

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    2. Littlewilly58


      Neg bottom from horseheads NY needs your seed too

    3. easyhole


      Lucky guy and congratulations to you

    4. MayorQuimby


      He got it!  I'm breeding my poz son's toxic hole tonight. 

  6. Headed to NYC to breed my favorite neg boy. 

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    2. FallenAngelNYC


      How long will you be in town???

    3. prrthead78


      Next time your in the Big Apple, will you breed me too?

    4. MayorQuimby


      Absolutely, boy. I usually just come up if I have someone to breed. 

  7. Profile pic is so hot 👄

  8. Poz not on meds is so hot, id love to kneel before you and serve for the mayors mayo👄

  9. Pozzing a fellow BZ member tomorrow night.  Wish us luck.

    1. chirawpig
    2. MayorQuimby


      It was great!  I'd fucked this guy before.  Even if he wasn't trying to receive my gift, I'd still love breeding him.  We went nice and slow for a long time.  He was so tight and I knew I was ripping him up a bit.  The only lube we used was some of my poz cum that he asked me to freeze for him.  Eventually I just needed to put my load up past his second ring.  Just to help things along, I took a toothbrush to his insides afterwards.  I do love a good submissive and obedient boy.  I really hoped it worked.  I guess we'll know in a few weeks.  It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if I had to try again.  ;-)

  10. Hot profile stud... love for u to recharge my hole ;-)

  11. MayorQuimby

    Finding my inner bottom

    So I'm not really sure how interesting this is, but I wanted to write it down so I wouldn't forget. There's this guy I've been seeing for a while now. It's nothing too serious since he lives a few hours away, but he's someone I have a lot of feelings for. When we met, he loved taking my cock as much as he could. I'm a bit on the bigger side and that's the way he likes his cocks. The last time we saw each other a few months ago, he asked me to bottom for him. I don't bottom. Ever. For anyone. It just never works out very well. The last time someone successfully got cum in my ass was when I was in college. For some reason, I trust him enough to let myself take him inside me. Though it hurt like a bitch, I eventually got used to it and was actually happy that I was making him feel good. We went for a little while but I never got his load. Well, that all changed this past weekend. I actually was looking forward to seeing him again because I WANTED to bottom for him. I knew what I was getting myself into. His head is huge and hurts like a motherfucker when it goes in, but I wanted it. He was so patient and gentle, but then he fucked me like a champ after I got used to him. I loved it. He was also the first poz (undetectable) load I've ever taken. I doubt I'll ever forget that. I got two loads from him that weekend and he never got one from me. Oh, how things can change. I don't want to bottom for anyone else, but I want him to keep flooding me with his cum.
  12. Craving neg hole to breed.

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    2. bareall77


      I'll lay on my back and spread my legs for you!

    3. slimolderbttm


      strap me in a sling or block and breed me all night with your poz loads

    4. wh0rexxx


      when you coming to DC then?

  13. No meds for seven months and counting.

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    2. Assbang2113


      I want your load

    3. Bearman


      Wish I was Stateside .Would love to be fucked by you and receive a nice load

    4. MayorQuimby


      As an update, it's 14 months and counting. I feel great. 

  14. Id love to have you convert me on video. ill let ya know if Im in Philly



      Especially I'm in Muncie Indiana

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