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    Would like to video me converting a willing bottom. :-)
    Have a recharge vid on Xtube.
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  1. im here in bethlehem pa if your looking to knock someone up im willing

  2. If you’re looking to get him pozzed, send him my way.
  3. Can I get her phone number? 😈
  4. I want to be one of your confirmed sons .... and I will travel to you ..... in Atlanta here

  5. Guys like you are heroes, keeping the bug carrying all off in its wake. At this time, we all need something to look forward to. so let's plan for the biggest bugfest ever seen when all this nonsense is over. can you picture a monthlong orgy with a thousand guys and no limits?

  6. I’d poz that. Will be in central FL June 7-19.
  7. I would love your POZ load deep in my fag pussy, Sir! I would beg you to breed me! So HOT!!

  8. i don't know why i love this story so much. i think it's my mpreg fantasy. Just imagine both of these guys continuing to breed her as her belly gets bigger and neither of them knowing whose swimmers knocked her up.
  9. Hi im a newbie wanting to be Poz wud u do it

  10. We’ll see if the fuck flu comes around. We got our loads into some neg holes.
  11. I will be visiting DC with fellow BZ member dtarisio over Labor Day weekend. We’re hoping to have a few hookups while we’re there. I’ll be giving loads and he’ll be taking them. We’ll be staying at a hotel downtown. We may also be joined one night by one of my “sons.” Cheers!
  12. Might be getting a job in Philly soon. Jock boy no prep. Would love to take your toxic dna so I can gift it

    1. MayorQuimby


      Very good, boy!  I would love to get you pozzed. Let me show you all you can do in Philly. Fingers crossed for you. 

    2. hawkin75


      Please video his Pozzing for all to see

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