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New Study Shows That Weed Helps Stop HIV From Becoming AIDS

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Read this on the internet: http://herb.co/2017/07/22/hiv-aids/
I make Cannabis Oil with coconut oil myself to treat my rheumatism and my depressions / anxiety because of bi-polar disorder... It is legal where I live thank heavens and it helps me good against my anxiety attacks.

A major breakthrough has occurred in the decades-long fight against HIV/AIDS and it has to do with (you guessed it) cannabis. It seems like each week (sometimes daily), cannabis is being linked to the successful treatment of some ailment. Last week was no different, as a new study published in the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (JAIDS), found that THC might be able to prevent HIV from becoming full-blown AIDS.

I guess it is a bit premature to say it would really work but they already found so many working treatments with Cannabis, that I wouldn't be surprised.

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This is not the first study linking pot to being a long term non-progressor either. I have a friend who moved to Amsterdam he felt so strongly about this he has been poz since the 1980's. I mentioned this once to CDC employees at a conference and they mocked me publicly. There is no interest in the US government to be honest about this issue. Most "health educators" in our country just repeat talking points they are given by the local health department few take the time to actually read and study carefully peer reviewed medical research. If you do you will see the CDC actually intentionally withholds certain info from the general public to promote their programs (for instance condoms are only about 70% effective in one study at preventing STD infection).

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Not sure of the research, but hope thee is some validity to this.   In the meantime, I am taking no chances.....no meds, but am conducting my own research....daily.

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If you are using pot for truly medicinal purposes I will say that eating it through brownies, cookies etc. is much better than smoking it. Smoking anything is unhealthy because you are breathing in the chemicals from that. Especially people who drink and smoke together have very high rates of throat cancer because alcohol is flammable and it essentially "ignites" in your throat.

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Interesting study. I eat more than I smoke just because I don't like the smell or the smoke. While I'm poz I'm not on meds and have felt fine...asymptomatic really.ni guess maybe there's a connection?

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