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    • By Londonbear
      Since I got back to London on Jan 3rd I decided I would try for a few loads to get a good head start on the year. During the course of the 3-10 of Jan I managed to get 11 loads and was happy that I had taken more loads than there had been days in the year. I got a load from: a local arse obsessed punk who has fucked me before more than 20 times. A train driver who fucked me over the sink in my office, an architect who shot a five day load down my throat, a young Kiwi guy with a thick 7" who liked going second, an exchange student, a local DJ who has fucked me a few times before which a nice chunky 9", and my boyfriend who was happy to go second or third in a session. Sadly now I am working in a conference center so ive had to slow down as the work days are crazy but ill be back in the saddle soon enough!
    • By seaguy
      I saw the video before it got pulled it was pretty hot but the tube was not very busy so it wasn't like a ton of people were able to see them fucking.  I would love to see them fuck on my commute light rail train 😉
    • By BBWhoreUK
      Having had a very very busy time over Christmas and New Year, it had completely reduced my chances of getting any dick whatsoever. Naturally, my little butt has been very keen to get some action and I had really struggled to find local men who were up for bareback sex. Most guys seem to just want their dick sucking, which I still enjoy, who turns down a throat full of cum? But, a guy has needs and I was getting very impatient.
      I delved into the world of Kik for the first time, as I'd heard a lot of negative comments about it being full of people who were only looking for phone fun and generally it could be a bit of a waste of time. I started using it and the first few days lived up to the negative feedback, guys asking for pics, phone sex and videos of me fingering myself. I'm not against that stuff as long as there is a legit meet at the end of it all.
      A few people I chatted too were actually decent guys, but, none were too local. One guy in particular was an hour away by train, owned his own pub and was very much a real bareback only top. After we'd exchanged a few videos and chatted for a couple of days, I offered to travel to him on the Friday night and have a little fun. It meant getting there quite late after he had shut the pub, but having not had any sex for a few weeks, I was willing to agree to anything!
      Before we met, he asked if he could call me, just for general chit chat which was actually quite nice and it made me feel as though he would be a genuine person with similar interests. We also discussed whether we were both clean or not, I openly admitted I hadn't been tested recently and I'd had sex with men who were unclear as to whether they had any STI's. He had no issue with this and told me that he hasn't been tested for nearly a year, I explained I had no problems with that risk and still wanted to meet.
      I finished work on the Friday and got ready, before jumping the train and heading to his pub. I got the latest train possible and didn't get to the pub until close to 1am as I had to wait for all the other guys to leave the pub. I rang him to tell him I was outside and he let me in and then locked the door so nobody could interrupt us. Straight away he kissed me and I began rubbing his dick through his jeans, feeling him grow and begin to throb. I sat him down on one of the couches in his pub and dropped to my knees and unfastened his jeans, revealing his gorgeous, rock hard trimmed dick. I kissed it gently and began to massage his balls whilst I began to suck him slowly and deeply, listening to him moan and tell me that I was a good lad.
      I stood up and stripped in front of him and pushed my arse into his face, feeling him spread my little butt and begin tonguing my little pink hole. I wanted to show him how appreciative I was, so I walked away to the bar, asking what drink he'd like, before I poured and served it to him as his personal little whore. He sat there enjoying a hard earned drink whilst I sucked his dick again and I began fingering myself and getting ready to take his dick inside me.
      Once I'd given him a sloppy blowjob and his cock was dripping, I got on top and straddled him, guiding his dick to my twitching cum dump. As he slid inside me I sat my arse down on him as deep as possible and listened to him moan in pure ecstasy. I started riding him and kissed him passionately whilst he caressed my arse and forced me to take his dick as deep as I physically could.
      As we picked up the pace and I began moaning more, he started to get very verbal in telling me how bad he wanted to cum inside my pussy and get me pregnant. I'd never really thought of that in any way, but it began to really turn me on so I just embraced it, asking him to put his babies in my tummy and give me everything that he had. He told me to get on the pool table and bend over and present my pussy to him so he could impregnate me, I did exactly as I was told and he began fucking me quite rough.
      I threw my arse back onto his dick as hard as I could, begging for him to get me pregnant and I could tell by his movements he was getting very close to cumming and I started to moan louder. He leaned down to me and asked me 'Do you want me to knock you up?'. I begged for him to impregnate me and put his babies in me, to which he answered with 'You'll get more than babies inside you, I'm going to knock you up properly' and I begged for his dirty load to get me pregnant. He moaned loudly and pushed in as deep as possible before unloading into my pussy and telling me that I was such a good boy for taking his cum inside my breeding hole.
      Afterwards, we headed straight up to the flat above the pub and we began chatting. He asked me about how I'd feel if I caught something from him, I told him I was more than happy to have that happen and asked if he had passed stuff onto other men in the past. He told me he had done this a few times and quite honestly, I wanted to spend the weekend with him. We discussed his pregnancy fetish and I really got into it. I spent the evening there and let him impregnate me again and the next morning before leaving.
      When on the train home, I started reading up on mpreg as it was new and I found myself enjoying our experience even more. I will hopefully be spending another night with him in a few weeks, taking even more of his potent cum! :)
    • By GBBBBTM
      After reading so many hot, cum busting stories. I thought I’d try my hand at it. This is my first attempt at writing a story. It’s predominantly a work of fiction, some things contained within have been drawn from my own memories and experiences. 
      My first love and losing my virginity 
      First let’s describe how I looked at the time I met my first love. I’m approximately 6” tall. Average build for my height. Weighing about 11st. At this point I hadn’t long turned 20. For my school year that’s what we call a late starter, but have I made up for it. But that’s all for another time. 
      I met him at work during a group interview I was observing in. He had me hooked straight away. Tall and slim. I’d say either and inch or two taller or shorter. Short cropped hair. Gorgeous brown eyes. I had difficulty trying to stay focused on the task at hand at work. Suffice to say he got the job. 
      Now the flirting picked up more. After a couple of weeks of this. That first date came. First kiss etc…. But it wasn’t the first date when I lost my virginity to him. He’s also slightly older than I am. Probably 3 or 4 yrs max. 
      We’d been on a few dates by now. And on the way back from one such date, a divert to a well known local cruising area. We stayed in the car. Making out, hands exploring each other. Removing clothes. I was still new to sex at this point. Quite inexperienced. But he showed me how to give a blow job and deep throat it. Well the deep throating would come later down the line. So he sucked me off and swallowed a load. 
      I did the same to him. But we’re still both horny and hard as rocks. So with a little bit of manoeuvring inside the car. He demonstrated what rimming was and how good it felt. So I returned the rim job. Then turned back to his turn to loosen me up. 
      With his cock hard and my tight virgin ass loosened enough for him to fuck me. He said that he usually doesn’t wear condoms. But as it’s my first time it’s best that we do. Get in to the best practice safer sex mode. 
      I quickly & awkwardly twisted round to suck on his big but now covered up cock to get it nice & wet while he lubed my ass ready to take his cock. 
      We got back into position. When I felt him rubbing his cock over & across my virgin hole. The felt the pressure of his cock as he slowly entered me it hurt a bit. He rested. Slid some more in & rested again. Halfway in now. Still another 4” to go. Slow backwards, forward, in & out movements then bang. He’d bottomed out in me. I could feel his balls against mine. 
      Now that he was in & I’d adjusted to the feeling of having his cock & my first cock ever in my ass. He started the fucking movements. Slowly at first, even almost withdrawing completely. Then rammed me hard. At some point during the hard & fast fucking he said he was close to coming. So was I. Then I felt it. The condom had broken with the force of his coming. His cum spilling deep inside my now no longer virgin ass. Not 1. Not 2. Not 3, 4, 5 or 6 jets of cum but at least 12 jets. Meanwhile I’ve shot my load over the seat covers. 
      Only when soft he pulled out & kissed me then looked at his cock & said. “Shit oh shit. The condom broke”. As I was naive at the time as to what that meant. I didn’t know. I now know as when done deliberately is stealthing. But condoms do break now and then. 
      I was basking in the afterglow of orgasm of having my first ever sexual experience with any one. I didn’t even notice the cum leaking out from my now broken in ass. 
      A few weeks later I got up enough confidence to fuck him. Again started with the condoms. But I noticed that I couldn’t stay hard wearing it. That’s when he said. I love you babe, I trust you. Then he ripped that condos off me instantly I got hard again. He guided me to his hole. Where I must have been fucking him for about 45 minutes when I felt those tell tale signs that your very close to the point of no return. I said I was close to cumming. He’s reply was keep going fuck me fuck me. I want you to cum inside me. 
      I still have the occasional conversation with my first love. 
      Without him. I’d have never discovered the joys of pure raw bareback sex with breeding. 
      Back then I started out as a versatile guy. Now I’m bottom vers. But truly more happier being bottom. Now I only fuck bareback & when I top I don’t pull out to cum.

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