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  1. All cock feels great once it's inside my hole -- as a cut man, I'm drawn to the novelty of uncut and it also seems that uncut men require less lube -- many of which seem to be able to fuck and breed easily with spit and pre-cum alone.
  2. I began actively having sex around age 12 with a few school age fuck buddies (mostly boys, a few girls). Then I married a woman at age 21 - 28 and was in a monogamous male relationship for another 7 years, so I think my first sex with a black man was at age 35. He was 6'4", fit, sexy as fuck and just over 10" -- I quickly discovered that I needed poppers to take him comfortably. We had great chemistry and he ended up dating my partner and I for over 3 years. We would spend hours each night fucking and on weekends he would often share us with friends. On average I'd go to sleep with at least one load in my ass 5 or 6 nights a week. I really embraced my sexuality and sexual freedom during these years...and probably became a bit addicted to sex with black men too. I'm 50 now and have bottomed for probably 90 black men, ranging from 19-60 years old and soaked up well over 1,000 bbc loads. While I am versatile in my relationships, and during group play, I'm most fully satisfied when breeding with a sexy, hung black man or 2. I find that black lovers are confident, attentive sex partners that really give themselves over to pleasure - from working my hole masterfully and passionately making out to pushing limits, I can't get enough.
  3. I have a couple of top pals that want me to cum before we fuck and use my load as lube (hot). I also have a couple that enjoy the feeling my hole spasm while I cum (also hot). That being said, I am totally cool with not cumming while getting fucked, especially in a group setting so I can stay horned up all night and fuck, get fucked. While the occasional hands-free orgasm is amazing (super hot), I make sure that I have a fuck bud or fav top fuck me last so it's mutually satisfying. 😈 🕳️💦 🍆 -- safe, happy breeding men!
  4. a BreedWell jock makes a great statement -- [think before following links] https://breedwell.com/collections/breedwell-underwear-collection1
  5. Thanks for the follow altfukbud

  6. Agree with NWUSHorny - I try to save my cum when I jack off so I can use it as lube -- feels amazing physically, plus psychologically hot to have no man-made substance separating your hole from the tops dick and load!
  7. Hey fella, thanks for the follow... great pic btw.

  8. Lately I've been seeing more and more tops online that will only fuck if the bottom is wet/pre-loaded, so clearly being a whore is IN!! 😈🤩
  9. Call me an ass, but I disagree -- when I bottom (70% of the time), I want a sexy top inside me -- pounding my bare hole and spraying his ball juice deep in my ass cunt so that I can enjoy it soaking into me all afternoon or overnight. I don't want a slob to breed me or someone I'd be embarrassed by on the street, or by a "top" who can't get an erection or someone that I have zero attraction for...I rarely do anonymous for this reason, although a dark room at a sauna can be fun! In general, I like to be attracted to the men I breed with. I love sex and cum, but don't do drugs. I'm into mutual pleasure, not degradation.
  10. I completely agree with justsexnowatl, DP is HOT and FUN AF!! I've DP'd as a top 3 times with moderate success (I'm average in the cock department); and have bottomed in a DP situation 6 times with great delight and cum-filled satisfaction -- after my 3rd time I began doing yoga a few times each week -- because this type of acrobatic sex works best when you are strong AND flexible... the difficulty can be in finding a position that is comfortable for all and a little flexibility goes a long way. My best experience was with two rock hard tops, that were both in the 8" range. We were able to enjoy full on DP (that ended in double breeding) for over half an hour after they'd sufficiently opened me up with solo dicks and fingers. A shot or two of bourbon, a fresh bottle of poppers and a little patience is all that's required. Have fun!!
  11. Relax, enjoy -- have some poppers. I find most 10+ men know how to open up a hole very well.
  12. I'm vers to btm with a vers to top husband and a bottom boyfriend -- we all 3 bottom occasionally for a hot 10.5" black pal of ours and it's so hot to watch and participate in the fun. It gives me great pleasure to see "my boys" enjoy getting fucked and bred, sharing dick and cum with a sexy, hung, multi-orgasmic black top pal -- we all make out, felch, suck, etc., and end the night fully satisfied. Once you get past jealousy and strictly defined roles, the options for fun are endless!!
  13. I'm just shy of 7" and completely versatile -- but nothing gets me hotter than a small dick bottom with a butt full of cum. My first bottom pal was in high school -- he had a 4" dick and craved cock/cum -- he's married with 5 kids now, but secretly still craves dick -- I fuck him whenever I can. Nothing hotter than a "str8 married man" who takes dick and cum on the side!
  14. Def horny year round, but Spring and Summer are when I'm most focused on sex and breeding... I especially love it outdoors. The more I fuck and get fucked the more I want, too. Breeding 5x a week feels like the right cadence most of the time.
  15. Same here - bravo! Haven't had a condom in the house, on my dick or in my ass in over 12 years. Hate the smell, feel and thought of them-- just not sex unless its wet, bare.

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