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  1. I agree with LittleCumSewer -- the easy access to NSA (and often bareback) manhole is a gift to most str8 married men, who either no longer get sex from their wives or sex is used as an emotional bargaining chip to manipulate and get what you want outside of the 'bedroom'.' As an ex-married man, it is frustrating -- so I for one say BRING IT ON! 🕳💦🍆🍌🌶🌽🥕
  2. I'm 52 and honestly having more sex and better quality than ever before (have a pod with 6 fuck buds during COVID restrictions and most weeks get at least one load from each... pre covid the mix included a wider circle of playmates). Most of my top pals are in their late 20s to early 40s and tell me that "ass doesn't age" and they are tired of the games with men their ages. I usually hook up with regular pals, friends of friends or online - - also love attending and hosting groups or going to saunas. No idea how I'd fare if I were going to bars to hookup, but hope the fun continues!
  3. Dark rooms anonymous dick and loads always available for

  4. I had not thought about this, but will say in retrospect my HOTTEST sexual experiences have been in low light situations!
  5. Fully agree and I'm not arguing the point of unfair access to healthcare or any of your points here -- just saying I don't know many (or any) men playing safe these days, and so i was questioning the need to "come out" as a barebacker.
  6. I'm curious -- is this still a real issue? With PrEP, Undetectable, etc., I haven't had anyone ask to fuck (or get fucked) with a rubber in a decade (even if their profile says "safe sex only," the sex is always bare)... I just assume everyone is fucking raw, so no need to "come out" unless they're a condom nazi.
  7. Unless I cum while getting fucked I'm completely soft too -- prefer it honestly. If my dick is hard, I cannot focus on the real center of pleasure which is the dick creating friction in my hole! I can get hard and breed another dude anytime -- especially if he's preloaded with nut, but when I bottom it's all about my ass and pleasing the top cock inside me.
  8. ALWAYS ASS-FIRST! That way the top can continue to enjoy his cum as lube while he pounds a second load into me. The men who fuck me after him will appreciate the pre-lube/sloppy seconds feeling and I get to soak up cum all night long ...which I find very physically and psychologically hot. It also seems that a good number of tops like to felch/eat 'wet' ass and maybe even share the goo-mix with their bottom slut via a deep tongue a kiss or spit. While I enjoy sucking dick and taking oral loads, they are just not as satisfying to me --
  9. I have a buddy in Charlotte that I'd consider a passive top - he's a sexy man with big 10" dick, but he will tell you he's a "lazy top" -- he expects the bottom to do 100% of the work to get his nut. He lays back and let's the bottom suck his dick, then ride it to completion and then it's done. No real 'active' interaction at all. I've enjoyed his dick a few times over the years, but honestly find the one-sided sex boring. May has well have a dildo and a bottle of poppers when there's zero connection. 😴
  10. Late 90s for me -- loved balcony bingo!
  11. Such great comments here -- I like to fantasize about weeks and months when I'd not work and be used as a cum rag for any and all tops -- maybe spend a year or two traveling the world for sex-cations....but in actuality I love my work. It provides purpose and structure and meaning well beyond the financial enumeration. I know that I'd actually grow bored of 24/7 play, so I think I enjoy the extended play times more because they are not always available. Sort of like we know love because we've experienced absence of it and the like.... I can't always indulge in debauchery, so I really soak up t
  12. Sad -- had so much fun there back in the day 😈
  13. Walk around and give Easy, Calm, Lingering looks, that's all it takes -- the tops will guide you to a dark room or wherever they want to fuck you! I find it a good idea to get loaded before you go -- you'll feel calm and at ease, appearing interested, but not desperate. Everyone is there for sex -- ENJOY!
  14. Fantastic story! I've read it 3x and it makes me rock hard and wet every time! thanks man!
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