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    • By travelingbi
      I'm still not sure how this happened? I'm an older guy. I'm a definite whore. But I have a belly and I'm far from my prime. Still, occasionally something like this happens and I'm wondering how in the world it could happen to me at my time of life?

      A few days ago, I was in London. I was on the Underground train. Coming back to my hotel from the West End of London around the evening commute time. The trains were quite full. I got on and took the only vacant seat in that car. It was directly across from a very, very tall, slender black man in his mid 40's. He was reading the evening newspaper. I could only see part of his face over the newspaper that he held. But what I noticed first were his unbelievably long fingers. His fingers were at least twice the length of mine. For some reason, those long, long, long, slender fingers were really a turn on to me. Then I took a look down at his shoes. Holy Shit! Monster sized feet. His newspaper was covering his crotch, so I couldn't see any signs of a bulge, but his huge feet and hands had me lusting after him. He glanced up from his newspaper to see me checking him out. He gave me a smile as he caught me. Then he lowered one of his hands from the newspaper and rubbed his crotch a bit. I could make out a sizable bulge in his black, business suit slacks. I'm sure I was blushing a bit at being caught by him. But he didn't seem to mind. We got to the Victoria Station Underground and a huge number of people got off the train. I then moved over to take the seat next to him, that had been vacated. 

      As I sat next to him, he gave me another warm smile. "How's it going", he asked? "Good, thanks", I replied.

      "American. Your accent gives you away", he laughed.

      "Yes. And I'd like to apologize for our asshole President", I joked. He laughed loudly and gave me a broad smile. "I saw you looking at my paper. Want to look at part of my paper? Or do you want to look at anything else?", he said with a wink and again quickly rubbed his crotch, just a bit.  

      "I'll take a look at anything you want to show me", I said with a smile.

      "Where are you headed?" he asked. 

      "Back to my hotel at the next stop", I replied. 

      "Hmmm........ Want some company for a bit?" he asked. 

      "I'd love it", I replied. We soon pulled up to the station that I needed to get off. He followed me out the train car and up the steps to the station. Once we were outside and on the sidewalk, strolling to the hotel, we began to chat some small talk.  Where I'm from? What brings me to London? Why I come there so much? Etc. 

      My hotel was just around the corner from the Underground Station, so we were quickly riding up the lift to my floor. Once inside the door he grabbed me and pushed me to my knees. Taking the back of my head, he pulled me to his crotch. "This what you want, Queer boy?"

      "Mmmmm Hmmmm....." was all I could mutter with his crotch pressed hard against my face. He walked around me to the bed. He sat down and kicked off his shoes. Then stood and dropped his pants. Tossing them into the corner. He wasted no time in taking off his shirt and underwear. He was soon standing there, naked, except for his black socks, stroking his now growing cock. OMG! My inclination was right. His cock, now only just partially hard was HUGE! Like his fingers, his cock was long and slender. Right now, it appeared to be about 9"s. And it was still growing. 

      I quickly stripped off my own clothes and grabbed the lube and poppers that I had sitting on the desk. I dropped to my knees. I'm not particularly a "foot guy", but I found his extra long fingers to be a turn on, I wanted to see his toes and bare feet as well. I pulled both his socks off. Indeed, his toes were long. His huge feet and toes were such a turn on I took one foot to my mouth and licked this toes and the underside of his foot. He loved me behaving like a sub, worshiping my black God. I licked and sucked every one of his toes. "Faggot likes to worship black guys? Huh?"

      "Yes, sir", I said as I licked the balls of his giant foot. He had been stroking his cock. It had grown even longer and thicker as I looked up to his cock. "Suck me, Faggot. I know you want my black dick". 

      I took his cock into my mouth and began to suck, lick and worship this black beauty. He had a long, loose foreskin covering his cock head. I sucked on his foreskin. He loved that. I took as much as I could down my throat. I sucked on his smooth, low hanging balls. Then he lifted his legs and showed me his beautiful, puckered black asshole. I dove for it and lapped my tongue on it as he moaned. I slid my tongue into his musky hole. Licking the insides of it. He's now really moaning and grinding his ass on my face. 

      "Show me your ass, Faggot". I climbed up on the bed and knelt on the edge. I raised my ass and spread my cheeks to show him my white pussy hole. He spit on my ass and slapped his now rock hard cock on my hole. He spit a few more times on my hole and pushed the spit up into my hole with one of his long fingers. Then he put his big cock to my hole and spit on his cock a few times. I was sniffing poppers, like crazy. I wanted to be able to take his long, slender cock up inside me in one quick thrust. And that's exactly what he did. He pressed his cock to my hole and slammed into me in one, fast and smooth thrust. All of a sudden he was balls deep into me. I could feel his cock, buried deep inside me, pressing against my gut. I continued to sniff poppers as he now began to quickly slam into me. He was showing no mercy as his cock repeatedly assaulted my ass. He'd pull his cockhead all the way out of me, then slam all the way back into me. His tall, black frame slamming against my ass. The bed was slamming against the wall. I was grunting and begging him to fuck me. He was mostly silent, except for the occasional grunt or gasping for air as he repeatedly slammed into me.

      It didn't take more than 5 or 6 minutes before I felt him slam all the way into me and hold it there. He was silent, but I could feel his cock pulsating as he emptied his balls in my ass. Then as he quickly pulled from me, he let out a grunt. I turned and climbed off the bed, falling to my knees as I took his monster cock in my mouth and cleaned his cock of cum. 

      "I've got to go. Wife and kids are waiting for me at home", he said, as he quickly began to dress. I grabbed the notepad and pen, next to the phone, and wrote my first name, email address, kik address and WhatsApp number on the paper and handed it to him. I wanted to make sure he had all the options to be able to reach me.

      "I come to London often. You can fuck me anytime I'm here", I said. 

      "I fuck guys occasionally. Not very often. But, I was horny and needed to get off. That was a hot fuck. Yeah, I'd fuck you again", he said as he headed for my door.

      Then he quickly left my room. Letting the door slam shut behind him. 

      A few hours later, he sent me a text on WhatsApp. "Here's my number. Let me know when you're back in town. I'm extremely DL. So, I'm trusting you to be discrete. But, I'd be up for fucking again". So glad to have his number, so I can let him know when I'm back in town. I'll never turn down the opportunity for a bbc like his. 
    • By bbchefnm
      I was out of town today to a business meeting about 2 hours away by car.  Business finished up earlier than I expected, so i decided that i would head out on the highway home and stop at the ABS along the way, in the next town down the road.  It is located along a state highway, so it does get some traffic rolling by, but i was not optimistic for much, since it was only 4pm on a Tuesday.  I paid and went into the theater, hoping that someone might drop into the store.
      I had to only wait about 5 minutes, and i heard a truck pull up outside into the lot.  A short minute or two later, i heard the door to the theater open, and watched a tall lean young guy in his mid-twenties lean up against the back wall about 10 feet away.  He started watching the flick playing on the screen intently, paying me no mind.  Within a couple minutes he had pulled his cock out and was stroking.  I moved over a bit closer and asked if he wanted head, and he turned to me and said, " sure, beats stroking it".  I pulled my pants down and then sunk to my knees to put his cock in my mouth.  Damn!  Thicker and longer than i thought!  After a few minutes of sucking it as deep as i could, i asked if i could see and hold his nuts while i sucked.  He unbuckled and pushed his jeans down.  He had THE BIGGEST NUTS!!! EASILY the size of grade A xl eggs.  No shit!  I rolled them around and tugged on them while sucking on his massive cock.  I backed off for a breather and commented up to him while stroking his cock, "you must produce major cums loads with balls this size"!! He said. "if you want to see a big cum load, bend over that bench".
      As a total cumslut should, i was bent over in less than 2 seconds.  He produced a bottle of lube, greased up and slid up inside my ass in one slow push.  And then, holy fuck batman....he when primal, pumping hard and deep with that donkey dick.  He didn't last more than about 2 minutes, and blasted in me balls deep.  As he was pulling his pants up, I asked if he was local to the area or just passing through.  He told me what town he lived and i asked if he ever got through the town i live.  Yes, he travels through my town 2-3 times a week.  I gave him my card.....and told him to call me.  He replied to me, "since I am without a girlfriend right now, looks like you are gonna get some cock, since you could take that fuck i just gave you.  I'll call you Thursday.  Get some more lube, I'm almost out".  
      He left and as soon as the theater door closed i stroked out a load of my own and could feel his load dripping out of my greasy asshole and down my leg.  By the time i left in my car and heading down the highway myself, i realized that I best not stop for a bottle of water at a convenience store as i was in light beige dress slacks....i knew the seat of my pants were a mess!  Now, 2 hours later and at home, his cumload has dried and plastered my underwear and slacks to my ass.  I almost shot another load in the garage when i got out of my car, and peeled it away from my very sore, and now chapped, asslips.  Fuck, I'm sore; but have got to be ready for another encounter on Thursday!!!!  
    • By bentover4u1972
      As you might know from reading some of my other posts, I sometimes like to go ass-up and take anon cocks in a motel room.  It's a lot of fun and extra hot that I don't get to see who's fucking me, I just feel them in my ass and if I'm lucky, they don't use a condom so I feel their load dripping out of my hole.
      I did one such event this past Tuesday night, spending 4 hours naked and ass-up.  All told I took 7 cocks but only 2 loads.
      There was a black guy in his mid-30s from BBRT who I was supposed to meet to kick off the festivities, but at the last minute I had to change motels and he was unable to make it.  I stayed in touch with him, and yesterday when I found out my last meetings of the day were cancelled, I sent him a message to see if he was around.
      Turns out, he was at another friend's place, naked and playing.  I was invited to join them and since they were close to my office, I shut down my computer, packed my things, and snuck out early.
      When I arrived the other guy greeted me at the door.  He owned the place and was in his mid-60s with a slender build.  He was completely naked, and my eyes immediately fell on his massive, thick cock.  It must have been 8 inches long and it seemed like almost that big again around; thick, meaty and uncut.  He led me to the back of the house where I met my friend from BBRT, and was able to get myself ready for them.
      I love to bottom while on the brown bottle, and it was at my nose before I even came out of the bathroom.  Good thing too, because we wasted no time in getting down to the fun.  My BBRT friend sat on the bed and I immediately climbed on, sucking his cock while our host fingered my ass, spreading copious amounts of lube to get me ready for the invasion that was to come.  But before he did, he moved up next to my friend so their cocks were side by side, and I could give them both my best oral attention.
      Then our host was gone and I began to feel a pressure at my hole.  I must have been really wanting it because he slid in without a lot of effort, and I felt that sensation of being stretched open without the usual pain that initially accompanies it.  I must be turning into a real slut for that cock to have fit so easily into my ass!  He started alternating between sliding slowly in and out, and pounding my hole mercilessly.  I was aware of his length only when he withdrew completely, before slamming back into my spasming hole.
      The brown bottle made regular trips to my nose (and theirs) as the fun continued.  I alternated between licking my BBRT friend's nipples and sucking his cock, paying particular attention to his big, smooth brown balls.
      Our host had messaged a few friends to tell them he had found a willing slut bottom, and as he went to check his messages my friend took his place in my ass, grunting out a load deep in my guts before he came back.  Almost as soon as he pulled out the massive shaft of our host was back inside me.  He smacked my ass and grabbed my hips, thrusting balls-deep before I felt his cock jerk and spasm as it shot its load into my eager hole.
      Unfortunately our host didn't receive any responses to his messages before my friend and I had to leave, but we've already agreed to do it again, and soon.  Next time we'll plan better to give ourselves plenty of time, and hopefully pull a few more hot bare cocks into the fun!

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