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  1. Part Fifteen I came downstairs and was almost tackled by Sammy. “Did you do it? Did you?” I gave him a grin as I tossed him my phone, “See for yourself.” He watched the video with his mouth, one hand on the screen, the other over his crotch as he watched me fuck his older brother. I grabbed a beer and sat down on the couch. I wasn't all that surprised to find Eli on his hands and knees getting fucked by one of the guys. It looked like the girls had gone which meant the rest of the night was going to be a lot more of this. Sammy plopped down
  2. Chapter Ten I walked out of the showers and saw Cody giving Jack a high five before walking away. “Have fun?” Jack asked me with a grin. “What?” walking over to him quickly I whispered, “What did you do?” “Relax,” Jack said putting a hand on my shoulder, “You had fun right?” “What did you tell him?” I demanded. His eyes darted around and then reached out and grabbed my throat, “Watch your tone bitch, don't forget who owns your ass.” I cannot tell you how much I hated that my dick twitched under my towel. “I told him you might be up for some fun an
  3. Chapter Nine I was in a daze for the rest of the day. My mind was telling me I was straight but Jack's cum was still in my ass and just thinking about what he did to me made my dick twitch. Nothing was as it seems and I was losing my mind. I found myself staring at guy's crotches as I passed them in the hallway. No one noticed but I knew what I was looking for. What the hell was wrong with me? After school I was on the way to practice when Cheryl stopped me. “Hey,” she said with a smile, “You coming over after...” I grabbed her and pulled her into a broom closet
  4. Part Fourteen I wanted to fucking shoot down this stud's throat so bad. Just blast a load onto his tongue and make him hold it there and show me, like a dog balancing a treat on its nose. I wanted to do that so bad, but I needed my load to go up his virgin ass, which meant his mouth got off easy. I kept adjusting the vibration of the toy in his ass, teaching him that the more pleasure he gave my cock the more pleasure he would get. The key here was to keep him so drugged up that he was learning these lessons subconsciously. Sucking on a cock meant pleasure, he wouldn't be able t
  5. Chapter Eight Jack fucked me until I passed out again. When I woke up it was day and I was in the bed alone. First thing I did was race to the bathroom and try to force my dick down to piss. It felt like a gallon came out before it even slowed. When I was done I was still hard, not a new thing for me at all. There was a shower and I was obviously ripe so I climbed in to hose myself off. I was sore all over, it felt like I had hit it way too hard at the gym and every muscle I had was paying for it now. My dick would not go down so it decided for me to toss one off before t
  6. Great stories man! With 545 likes you're still a "new member". Wondering when you will become a "junior member"!

    1. Dubconforlife


      I'm still the plucky intern, I'll be promoted soon lolunnamed.png.0a08c50988de98944ef9ca8accaa6596.png

    2. carstenPOZ


      hey cool guy indeed, love your smile - welcome onboard, hugs Carsten

  7. Chapter Seven My dreams were insane. I kept having these images, these moments... Like I was being fucked by Blackthorn, me on the edge of his bed screaming for more. A flash of Jack hammering me in the shower, I had a memory of looking down at my hard cock as I came against the shower wall. So many flashes, it was just weird. I came to and I was in bed, it was dark, and I was so fucking warm. I was bundled in a huge comforter and someone was spooning me from behind. I just laid there in bliss for a moment, those few moments before you come to and there is nothing wron
  8. Look, if you aren't into this story then just don't read it. There are plenty of other ones on the site. I have been asked by multiple people to continue the story so I will, but if it isn't your cup of tea, just ignore it. It's real simple. Chapter Six I stopped kissing Jack, I mean I stopped licking my protein out of his mouth and fell back onto the rug. My whole body was covered in sweat and I could feel Jack's cum drip out of my ass. For some reason I was still in overdrive, something I guess I should have explained earlier. See, people think it's cool and all having
  9. Part Thirteen This was my first time actually studying John and I had to admit, I could see why people liked him. He had Sammy's looks, except fleshed out. Where Sammy was adorable, John had all the same features except on a man's face. He looked like he had just walked out of porno that was set in a locker room. His body though was off the charts. Most football players were jacked but lacked definition, massive slabs of muscle but not very toned. John was not like that at all. At one point John lifted his shirt up to show Betty his abs and I was amazed to see a perfect set of
  10. The new avatar picture is hella cute. 

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