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  1. Sure it would be but again, his house his rules. The author, if they care, should have a copy and can post it on Nifty or any other story site if they wish.
  2. As a writer here, it’s his house, it’s his rules. If I don’t like it I’ll write somewhere else. It’s not bad or good to me, just a definition of things that can be done. I’ve asked more than once about an idea I had and was told I couldn’t post it here because of the site rules. I didn’t have a problem with it then, don’t have a problem with it now.
  3. Hey guys if you’re digging my blogs leave me some comments about the parts you liked. All trying to gauge my strengths in writing.

    1. seasqrd


      I love the protagonists and their viewpoint of the hunter and manipulator.

    2. Dubconforlife


      Awsome, that's good to know.

    3. Dubconforlife
  4. Thanks for the comment, feedback is like gold 🙂
  5. I’m not going to lie, I could have watched this kid finger himself all day long. Watching his facial features as he was forced to debase himself to a stranger was just erotic as fuck. There was obvious discomfort from his ass, after all up to this point in his life everything had been moving in the other direction. I knew he was serious about it though because he winced more than a few times, telling me he was really going for it. His dick was at full mast as he continued, so his face might have been saying no but his cock knew what was up. I took the bottle of lube and smeared some
  6. We were both quiet on the way back to my room. I was unsure how this was going to go. It wasn't that far across base but more than enough time to lose one's nerve. I wanted to press the issue and keep him off balance, but I knew trying to talk about sex out loud is a sure fire way to freak a straight guy out. When we got to my building, I got us to my room, and he rushed in before anyone asked why there was a Marine on this side of the base. I turned around, and he came at me pushing me against the wall, his mouth on mine. So much for losing his courage. I was startled, no way t
  7. Let's get some nonsense out of the way. 1, Marines Don't Kiss Bullshit. Straight men in general will not kiss people they do not acknowledge as their superior but if you dominate them or convince them you are in charge, they will kiss anyone and anything, just as Conner kissed me. 2. Military Guys Don't Mess Around On base. If you believe this you have never been so wrong before. 3. All Marines Are Bottoms. I don't know because in my life all straight men are bottoms, Marine or not. Conner kissed me back, grinding on my lap like he was going into heat. I did
  8. His name was Conner and he was a farm boy. He was born and raised in Cottonwood, Kansas, population 900. He had joined the Marines fresh out of high school and so far has been questioning his decision. The funny thing about guys like this, once you loosened the lid, everything tended to just fall out. I explained my dad was in the marines and he liked it well enough. He asked why I had joined the Navy and I answered my ASVAB score was too high. It took him a second to get the joke and laugh. That’s a good sign, self deprecating humor is good for the soul and keeps the ego down. I ha
  9. I had been on the ship nine months when I was given additional responsibilities. I had busted my ass since I’d arrived, more from trying to keep myself busy so my dick wouldn’t notice I was locked in a ship with some 4,000 guys than an actual work ethic, but whatever worked. The training was six weeks in Virginia Beach and then back to the ship. I was told that it was a pretty intensive course and I wasn’t going to find time to fuck around and see the area much. Boy did they undersell that. From what I understood I was going through a 12 week program in half the time because...
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