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Found 62 results

  1. Is it locker room? Looking to take cum and shove used condoms of cum up my hole after bumping.
  2. It was early days in my visiting saunas. I hadn't had much success. I suppose as a greying and overweight man (a typical Daddy Bear) I wouldn't appeal to many who attended. This afternoon, however, things were different. I gotten into a routine of going into the sauna after showering. As I entered I noticed a gorgeous tanned young man on the top bench of the sauna. To my surprise he seemed genuinely interested in me. I gave him a quick massage, but no further as there seemed to be an unwritten rule as to not go too far in this part of the club. So after enjoying this contact I headed upstairs to see if there was any action. Although, fairly quiet a young blond man was happily barebacking another chap in the barred open room allowing others to watch. I took advantage and enjoyed the show until it reached its obvious climax: the man took a good load from the blond guy. They both then left the cubicle and I thought I may as well move in myself to see if anyone was interested in joining me. To my delight someone did come along and join me. It was the gorgeous tanned man from the sauna, I'd seen earlier. We continued with the massage I'd been giving him earlier. He really enjoyed the sensitive touching I gave him. Soon he had positioned himself in a partial crouch so that it was possible for me to take him from behind. I applied lube to my cock and he willingly took my bare cock up his arse. It was rather a confined space and so a little uncomfortable but I intended to make the most of it. From time to time others came to watch the spectacle, which as an exhibitionist I enjoyed. One of the viewers was the blond guy I, myself, had watched earlier fucking another guy in the same cubicle. After a while he headed back to the DVD room just along the corridor. Although I really wanted to fuck to completion, we both found the confines of the space too difficult to continue, so sadly he pulled out before I'd unloaded into him. Nevertheless, it was a great bare back fuck with a great guy. I got out of the cubicle myself to look up and down the corridor to see if anyone else was about and interested. As I looked towards the dvd room, I saw the blond guy looking towards me and again surprised me by coming out of the room and over to the cubicle to join me. Here was another beautiful young man wanting to fuck with me. As he divested himself of his towel I presumed he was going to fuck me as he'd done with the other guy, but far from it. He sucked my cock back to full attention and then lowered himself on top of me. He obviously wanted me to shoot my load up him as he'd done for the other man! He raised himself up on my cock and down again milking my cock. As I'd found in the past this was always the surest way for me to come quickly! The feel of my cock sliding into his bare arse and the excitement of of being watched whilst I fucked him was too much and I exploded inside him. But I was game for more so I headed over to the darkroom. There was quite a gathering in there and one chap with quite a large erection clearly needed attention so I immediately engorged his cock with my mouth. It was quite a mouthful and I feasted on his large dick. To my delight I was surprised when another man in the darkroom unceremoniously stuck his bare cock right up me. I then realise I was positioned that others would interpret an open invitation to fuck me bare. As I munched on cock, I was sticking my arse straight out into the room! This was the first time I'd been spit roasted and I was enjoying it. My sucking became more and more vigorous as his pounding became stronger. It had the desired effect on the one I was giving the blowjob to, who shot his load down my throat. Unfortunately the other guy pulled out before finishing his job, for which I was most disappointed. Anyway I decided on further exploration and went down to the basement to the equipment room where I found the guy who had been fucking me bare back on his own near the corner bench applying lotion to his arse. I took up the hint and took the lotion from him applying it generously to my cock, which then easily slipped into his willing hole. The pressure built up inside me as I slipped in and out of his hole. He too was expressing appreciative grunting as he wanked his cock vigorously to my thrusts. Then almost in unison as I sprayed inside him, he sprayed his load over the bench and onto the wall behind. I was most impressed with the distance his spunk travelled. I was finished: emptied of my spunk and ready to return home for the evening. After I'd showered and dressed, it was only then I discovered the reason for my success that afternoon. As I handed over my locker key as I was leaving, I noticed they were laying out free food and drink. A notice was displayed “Bears' evening”! Now I understood why I'd been so lucky!
  3. You are welcome to join me at E15 sauna between 6-8pm on Thursday 9th November. I hope you'll leave me with loads of presents! I'll be happy to reciprocate. All cummers welcome!
  4. Start off with my latest sexual adventure! Happened on Friday Oct 6th 2017, like most of my bathhouse adventures start in at gloryhole. Sucking is my favorite sexual activity, the feeling of a mans cock throbbing in my mouth as I suck him to completion the feeling of his warm load filling my mouth, savoring the taste of him is incredible! I spent 3hrs sucking, swallowing 14 loads. After 3hrs and a nice amount of cum swallowed I wanted to get fucked, I never set out with a goal of how many loads I want I get what I get as long as I'm enjoying it and giving the tops around me pleasure I'm satisfied! As any good cum obsessed bottom I do try to get as many as I can! As the evening moved into night and the night moved into the morning I got fucked in the sling, fuck bench, sauna, private room and the hallway with a total of 26 loads not including those I swallowed, I only count loads dumped in my ass. After getting home and crawling to bed I was still way too horny to sleep and went on Grindr and found two tops to fuck me, adding 2 more loads bringing my total loads to 28! Load count: Swing 6 / Fuck Bench 8 / Sauna 3 / Private Room 7 / Hallway 2 / Grindr 2 / Total Loads 28 I also share on my twitter @18plusmen
  5. I'll be in Manchester for Pride over the weekend and am hoping to get as many loads as possible - at the sauna, cruising by the canal, groups / parties, hotel meets and wherever else I can get raw cock. Instead of only going for certain guys and restricting what loads I'll take, I've decided to be a total cumslut and take ANY load I'm offered this weekend without question (neg / poz / toxic / unknown). I should add that I am currently neg and not on prep 😇. Anon loads particularly welcome - I plan to wear a hood blindfold and won't ask for face pics. I don't care how old you are or what you look like either, all I'll feel is your raw cock inside me. Ideally I'd like a dom master to arrange as much as possible, coordinate all the tops and make sure I head home with an ass full of cum afterwards. I'll give him full control of my ass for the weekend - he can decide how it should be used, treat it like his toy and invite guys to breed it. I've already lined up a few loads at a group session on Saturday afternoon, and expect to take several more at Basement Sauna on Saturday night. Other venue suggestions welcome, especially cruise nights / clubs with darkrooms I'm not aware of. Anyone here who is up for giving me a load or two over the weekend should get in touch so we can arrange a time/place.
  6. Lunchtime Sauna Addict

    Any other city workers like me who love a quick lunchtime fix in a local sauna? Would live to meet regular sauna whores for hook-ups. And swap updates on venues.
  7. Sauna seeding

    Went to a new sauna this week for naked day which was quite busy. I love the atmosphere of naked days when everyone is so obviously on the hunt and you are surrounded by naked, prowling men. I looked in the cinema which is basically some tiered benches facing a screen. There was this skinny guy lying back watching the film. Probably about fifty, very pale and hairless with old school tattoos on his forearms. His cock was also long and thin as it stood up from his pot-belly. I immediately went to my knees and started to suck it and he moaned a bit and began to buck his hips and fuck my mouth. I could see some other guys watching and it turned me on. I had already lubed up in the changing room. I got up, turned and lowered my bottom onto his cock. He didn't resist, and just grunted with pleasure as it slid easily up into my rectum until I was sitting on his lap with his cock buried in me. I moved up and down a little and he moaned how good it felt. Several old men were watching me now and wanking themselves. "I"m going to cum!" He gasped. I raised myself up a little, allowing him to thrust his cock in and out and then he gasped and I felt it start to throb. Immediately I lowered myself down into his lap so his spurting cock was right up me. I waited until his orgasm finished and then he slapped my rump and laughed. "My balls are empty!" I got off and his cock slipped out, wet and slimey with cum which also felt nicely wet between my cheeks. "Thanks!" I said and he just nodded. "Yeah, maybe see you later." I left the cinema, and headed to the small dark room, aware that I had a group of eager admirers following me, having watched me being bred bareback, and eager to be the next to fuck me.
  8. Bathhouse tonight

    Hey guys, Going to the bathhouse tonight with a guy from Grindr. He want us to have a double room with a sling for me to be fucked in all night (if we can get the room). Gonna let you guys know how it goes
  9. Next week in Berlin

    Hi Gents, I'll be visiting Berlin on next 4th to 7th of May; it would be great to hook up with some pigs and fuck buddies in the area for going out cruising together...outdoor and clubs, saunas. Anybody is in the mood? As always, suggestions about places to go...things to do are very welcome.
  10. Seven

    They say one in every seven gays in London are HIV positive. I wanted to test this out, so I went to my local sauna at the most popular time at the weekend. Once there, I headed directly for the darkroom and positioned myself so everyone there would know I was up for a fuck. Kneeling on the bench, I placed my arse so that it could easily be entered by anyone there who wanted to. It didn't take long for the first obliging cock to enter me bare. He kept up a good pace, but I suddenly felt a warm sensation inside me as he unloaded his cock straight into me. Load one. Another guy in the darkroom took over from the first man and shoved his cock in, assisted by the first guy's lubrication. This guy was quite old and not well endowed, but he fitted the bill: he was reading, willing and able to fuck me raw. Although he took some time, accompanied by much grunting, he eventually spunked his cum right up me. Load two. Unfortunately, the time it had taken him had left the room empty of other donors. I had to wait a good time before my third load. A young guy with a decent sized cock came in and I happily sucked his dick to its full length. But whilst I was doing this, another guy entered the room and as I was pointing my arse outwards, he took it as fair game for him to stick his bare cock in. He fucked me really well and hit just the right point. He had me pouring a string of precum out of my dick whilst he pounded my hole. Soon, he was jerking his jizz right up in glorious spurts. Load three. I then turned my attention to the guy I'd been sucking off whilst being pounded. At first he seemed reluctant to fuck my arse as I moved round to position myself over his beautifully erect cock, but with some gentle persuasion I was able to lower myself onto his cock. Now I was in control and able to set the pace of the action. I played with his dick, moving my arse around to feel his cock inside me. I slowly increased the pace until I was bouncing up and down on his dick fast. This proved the trick and he unloaded deep within me. Load four. My next bare encounter was with an extremely well-endowed black guy who I could accommodate only with difficulty. Fortunately the loads I had taken earlier, combined with persistence on his part and copious hits of poppers on my part, finally saw him fully push his whole nine inches into my arse, whereupon he promptly adopted a good, pounding rhythm, in which he would withdraw almost the entire way out of my body, only to plunge back in in one powerful thrust. This continued until he abruptly plunged back in, mid-withdraw, not stopping until he was balls-deep. Once he had achieved maximum depth, I felt the sensation of his cock throbbing which I interpreted as the telltale sign he had left his deposit up me. Load five. The last two loads were in quick succession. One of the guys who'd been watching the large black cock pumping up me, immediately took over and thrust his somewhat smaller cock inside. He carried on thrusting away until his progress stopped and a large groan from him indicated he's just shot inside me. Load six. My final breeding was immediately after the sixth donor. I sucked the man to full erection and then turned round to receive his impressive manhood. He easily pushed it up me with a great squish with all the spunk now filling my well-bred ass. With great thrusts he hammered away for some time sliding in and out of me bare. I was enjoying every bit of it, I felt him tense up and his cock started twitching inside me. Load seven. Over a couple of hours I received seven loads, in all probability at least one of them was poz. As the cum from seven different men gushed out of my arse, I wondered which load was poz.
  11. Carribean loads

    So. I spend a weekend in the carribean, having lots of fun. Without knowing I booked a gay resort. Many straight people though but after 6 pm the spa is only available for men. I had a bad day already ( woke up , got a load from a white guy, had a threesome, then another guy, black Xxl, bred me... ) so I went to the spa.. it was hot!' First there was this arab guy that I hooked up with yesterday (he bred me twice), I sucked him and All of a sudden he blew his load . I swallowed..;) then I saw these three latino's playing together. Two lightskin , 1 Black. I koind in the fun. One of them started Fucking me safe/ them he fucked the Other two as well.. he went back to me and the Black Guy. In the end he shot in the Black Guy, In the condom. The Other lightskin started Fucking me Bare. When he took a break , black guy fucked me, bare as well .. he made me cum and shot his load in my ass... his bf then put me in doggy position and fucked me untill he came too ( less then 2 minutes ) it was HOT!!!
  12. Spa Excess

    I have a coupon for a free room tonight at Spa Excess, I want to get in the sling on the third floor and take cock and loads.
  13. Vers sleazy manc lad

    Versatile, easy going and sleazy going guy available in north west UK (Manc) can travel within reason for hook ups, sometimes accom but not always. From mild to wild, lots of likes and only a few dislikes. Looking for 1on1, groups, party, clubs, sauna, fuck n go, longer sessions, like it sweaty, filthy, hit me up guys and we can get it on good.
  14. UK NW/Mids Chaser

    Neg looking for no loads refused fun into kink n sleaze... Into most things, quick or long drawn out, anon, or pimping at Sauna... i have a few free weekends... ...Manchester 20-22 Jan, 27-29 Jan 2017... Birmingham 3-5 Feb 2017
  15. Cumunion Hove

    Anyone go to Cumunion in Hove? Next one is 13th Jan
  16. Central London Jan 11-16

    Will be in London Jan 11-16 on business with plenty of time to breed young smooth bottoms. Any scene, can host at my hotel near St Pauls Cathedral or travel to you or meet you someplace.
  17. So there's this guy I've been chatting with for a while, we play every now and then but only recently discussed some of our more intense shared fetishes. We both like watersports, group play, anonymous encounters to name a few. He lives in LA and I'm in San Diego, so one of us has to travel for us to play, so it doesn't happen all the time. We've discussed going to a bath house together for some time, but haven't made it happen. This is partly because of timing but also since I had never been to one - until recently. A few weeks ago I was in LA and had a few hours to myself, so I hit him up and asked if he wanted to head out to Midtowne spa, and unfortunately he was busy. I was too excited to not head out by myself so I told him I'd be there and if he got free to show up. He never did, but I had some fun this first visit. Not wanting to catch anything my first time out, I set an agenda of only oral/jo, no fucking without a condom (boring I know). First thing I did was head to the showers and within less than a minute of being in the place had someone sucking my cock and then rimming my hole haha. I wanted to check out the rest of the place so I thanked him and walked around. Loved playing in the dark rooms, sucked several guys off, only detractor was a clingy guy who wanted to hear my whole life story haha. Eventually found myself in a group of two or three guys, me sucking one guy off, a guy sucking me off, and a guy fingering/rimming my hole. Was very hot, at one point the guy sucking me almost started fucking me, I didn't stop him but I guess he just wanted to keep sucking me. After being there for a bit and having my fun I left and that was that - safe(ish) fun at the bath house. Fast forward to New Years, was in Vegas with friends and managed to get away at some point. I was drunk/stoned so I was feeling very uninhibited, and wanted to try another bath house. I went to entourage, and the venue was kind of disappointing in comparison to Midtowne in LA. That being said, the venue more than sufficed So, I again had my agenda mainly set for oral/jo but I guess this time I didn't follow those rules as well haha. I was in the dark room and a 20's hispanic guy, a little chubby, was in the sling. It was too hot to pass up, so I began topping him, but I guess he chickened out and got up and left. After that there was lots of sucking/making out with randoms in the dark room, but a lot of them were very fit. I guess the younger crowd came out to the baths for new years haha. One guy played with my ass basically all night, I think I would've let him fuck me but he never got hard enough. I suspect he'd already cum before that night so couldn't get it up. Still had fun with him nonetheless. I was jacking off with this beefy/muscular guy, and I assumed he was a total top just based on how masculine he was. Out of nowhere he turned around and shoved his hole on my cock, and I was topping him, never discussed it, never discussed status, just all of a sudden I was topping him haha. His hole was pretty slick/wet so I have to assume he'd taken loads that night. I was close to cumming already so I just let it happen and eventually came in him. He walked away and that was that, a very hot time in the dark room. I left soon after and walked around the baths and saw two hot older guys, one 40's extremely fit/muscular and the other 50's+ with grey hair. They were in the showers that were labelled WS, and I was hoping I could watch/join some hot piss play, but the 50's guy walked away when I came by. The 40's muscular guy and I played by ourselves for a bit, him sucking me. I think this was the first time I've played with someone so muscular, and it was very hot haha. He invited me back to his room, and so I went with him. He pulled out a bag of coke and asked me if I wanted any - told him that wasn't my thing but he could. After doing a line off my cock he went back to sucking me off, and I shot my last load in his mouth in the room. I left his room and chilled in the jacuzzi before leaving the place. Overall I had a great time, now I just have to wait to get STD test results back lol.
  18. Three Hour Fuck Frenzy

    I popped over to my favourite sauna yesterday, it was heaving with people in the darkroom. I managed to squeeze my way into the backroom and was confronted with several people offering their arses for a good fucking. I was already stiff and proceeded to give one a good shafting whilst others were enjoying themselves. When I pulled out, I was immediately grabbed by someone else to be fucked. I was overwhelmed by the active fuck frenzy in the place. I then swapped places and fucked him. Over the first hour, I'f fucked another three people. So it was 5 barebacks fucks to one received. The second hour continued in a similar vein with 3 of those I'd fucked wanting more action, interspersed with two people one giving, one receiving who actually wanted to use a condom. The final hour had me flagging somewhat, two fumbles rather than good fucks and one guy who took me from behind but didn't carry on for too long. But then another guy was really keen to fuck me and managed to get me into a good position and ploughed me hard and long before giving me his much needed lubrication before he pulled out. Finally a well hung guy got me to suck him before turning me around and fucking me hard using the last load to lubricate his thrusts, he had great stamina before unloading himself into me, it felt great. Over three hours I'd barebacked 5 different men and been barebacked by four, two of whom had unloaded their warm spunk into me. When I got home after this marathon session of 18 fucks in 3 hours, the loads finally gushed out of me!
  19. This js any open invitation to any and all men of Melbourne (or anyone traveling to Melbourne). I am a 19 year old neg bugchaser. I will be at Subway sauna from 10am till 4pm on Wednesday September 14 and will be taking any and all loads (absolutely none will be refused). I will post here on the day exactly which room I will be in (I don't know which rooms will be available). Also, if any guys come who have biohazard or scoorpion tattoos, I'll do anything you want! Just knock me up! For anyone who doesn't know, the entry price is $25 (I think), and there is a concession price of $22.
  20. Will be at Steam Complex Sauna in Leeds from 11am Wednesday 17tg August. Looking to take all loads, and hopefully get pozzed after failed attempts previously.
  21. Lets Poz That Slut!

    So I noticed on BBRTS that a young little NEG slut is going to be gettin bred by like 20 tops at Subway Sauna (in Melbourne) on Friday (12th August). Any other guys wanna breed this bitch, with me? Let's knock him up, together. His posting said he'd be there from 10am-4pm. He said he'd post the exact room on the day, so when he does, I'll post it here. I say we don't reply to his actual ad, just show up, so that he doesn't know we are coming, or what we will give him. Anyone else up for this?
  22. I know this has been asked a million times before, but where are the best saunas and gay venues in London for bareback? I'm coming down to London next Friday (15th), looking to get fucked and take as many loads as I can while I'm there, and recently I've found in my usual haunts I'm having to turn people away for wanting to use condoms. So I'm looking for a better, more open-minded place... I've heard the Locker Room in Kennington is a good place - can anyone speak from experience about Friday nights? Any other places and advice would be welcome. I know nothing is ever guaranteed but I appreciate any recommendations anyone has.
  23. Roman Holiday...

    I arrived in Rome on Saturday evening, and on the Sunday I managed to take 3 loads. After that I focused a bit more on "being in Rome" and a bit less on "being a slut", so by yesterday afternoon I had taken a total of 6 loads, either at my rented apartment or at the top guys' places. Then I made a decision to try one of the gay saunas / bath houses... I've never been to one, so I was a bit worried I'd be too shy or inhibited to really let myself go, but within 20 minutes I was sitting in a whirlpool with a strangers fingers up my ass while 6 men were watching. They couldn't see the details, but they could definitely see that something was happening and there was a whole series of smiles whenever the guy got a bit too rough and I moaned out loud... He tried fucking me in the whirlpool, but either I was too tight or it was just not possible to lube me up in the water, so he left the whirlpool and went to the steam room - and as the cock-hungry little bitch I am, I followed... Within seconds of entering the steam room I found myself pushed over one of the benches as his cock began entering me. There was one other guy there, wanking furiously as he watched me get fucked... Sadly, though, when the first guy was done fucking me, the wanker didn't take his place as I had hoped! Later on I found myself in the dry sauna room - well, by Scandinavian standards it was perhaps too cool to be a real sauna, but then in a real sauna you couldn't have kept your locker key in the chain around your wrist, as it would get too hot and actually burn you. Still, the slightly lower temperature meant that it was perhaps more suited for physical exertions... There was no light in the dry sauna, and there was even a corner that was partially blocked off from the main sauna room - and that was where I ended up... It was quite a small space, and at the beginning it was just the man who had pulled me into the dark corner and me. Pretty soon, though, as I lay on hands and knees on the sauna bench with 3 fingers up my ass, other men started piling in until there was literally no more room. I guess there were 5-6 men, all groping at my ass while the first man was still fingering me. After the fourth finger went in I was really moaning, and I got the feeling he wanted to fist me - but I'm not a trained fist hole and I'm certainly not going to try taking a fist from a complete stranger in a dark sauna, so I begged him to fuck me - and he did. It was so hot getting fucked with a group of men watching and groping at my nipples and cock and balls , especially since I knew that some of them were probably just waiting for their turn in my hole. I'm not sure how many of them fucked me since they took turns and fucked me over and over. I did, though, count 4 men cumming in me, so that made it 5 loads that afternoon. Sadly, though, I realised I had probably gone to the sauna a bit too late - 6pm - because after about an hour and a half it started being really empty, and eventually I left at 8pm. It seems that these places in Rome are at their busiest when men get off work and squeeze in a little play time before going home... Still, 5 loads is not bad, so I shan't complain. And yes, I'll be going back this afternoon! I'm still undecided about whether to go to the same place - the Mediterraneo - or try the EMC, but now that my bath house maidenhead has been taken, as it were, I definitely want more. MORE!!!
  24. My husband and I were recently on vacation. Now, I am usually all top, but hey, it was vacation, right? My husband considers himself a top as well, but the past five years or so, well, I just don't like getting fucked like I used to. We are both early 50's. When traveling, we have a history of going out to a bath house or sauna, but with the advent of so many meet-up apps, it seems some places are sparsely used nowadays, so we planned our own scenario to have fun while we were there. Usually I am the pig wanting to go to theses places, while he is usually somewhat uptight, so having a game plan was smart. On this particular trip our plan was as follows: I would get the cabin, stripped, face down on the bed. He'd cruise by, see me ass up, come in, fuck me 'anonymously', and then leave. He'd get to fuck my ass, which I am never into like I used to be. I'd get off on role playing, a situation I have read about on here a million times. We paid our money, renting a room and a locker. He took the locker while I found the room and stripped down. We met-up in the shower to rinse off and then together checked-out 'the lay of the land'. There were a few hallways of cabins, a sauna, a steam room, a porn room, and a dark room type area with maze-like partitions set up, some of which had glory holes. As far as the 'crowd' - there were three older dudes stroking their softies in the porn room, only one of whom looked up when we poked in our heads. In the halls we passed a little dude, maybe late 30's, shaved head, furry chest. He has an ass for days and was just the kind of man I liked most to fuck. My dick jumped hard and fast when he passed, a smirk on his lips. I thought to myself that I'd fix that smirk when he is stuffed with my big cock! But we have a plan . . . We pass a dark haired, 30 something muscle boy with a porn star bulge under his towel. He blows past us without a glance like we are not even there. No surprise, but thanks for the eye candy. A lot of the cabin doors are closed. One is open with a hot older guy with absolutely no body fat in there. He's set the place up with all his things 'just so' . . . like he's there every day. The whole situation has me leaking like crazy. The smell. The men. The noises coming from unspecified places. We decide to get right to our plan. My spouse goes off to wait a few. I go back to the cabin. I hang up my towel, work a lubed finger up my hole just to ease things along, then open the door and lie face down on the bed, ass up towards the door and head in the tiny pillow like thing. And I wait . . . like two minutes of course. I sense my husband's presence at the door, by either his warmth or his breathing, I don't know which. I am keeping my head down not looking because that's part of the fun. The door squeaks and I hear it latch closed. Hell yes! I squeeze my eyes tight and imagine this fantasy of having a completely anonymous stranger coming to fuck my ass. He's on the bed behind me. I flex my ass. He has one of my ass cheeks in his hand. With his other he fingers my hole. I'm surprised he doesn't lick it. He loves to, but I have never been a fan of having my ass eaten. After so long together, my preferences are natural to him. So I am up on my knees, like he prefers, with my face down in the pillow. I feel his dick at my hole. Teasing me. Getting me psyched. Smearing his pre cum on it. Fuck! It has been a long time since I took a dick, and in this position it won't be easy. I try to relax my ass. I think of the roleplay - me face down, taking raw anon dick in a bath house. Breathe deep. It slips in. Aw fuck. That's the hard part. Now slowly pushing pushing, I feel it sliding into me. Oh fuck it has been so long that it feels enormous. My husband has a perfectly fine cock, average size and length. This time though I am thinking of a banana. Smaller at the tip, with a wide swelling at the middle. His body touches mine, and I know he is all the way in. Damn, I feel so full. He's into it too. It's like I can feel his precum lubing a slippery spot deep inside me. He slowly works it out some. And back in again. Back out. Back in. I can feel it getting slicker inside. He pulls out slow all the way, and then teases it again spreading precum on the outside. He must be very turned on by this too - my husband rarely precums like this! I'm crazy turned on too. I squeeze my eyes shut and try to imagine it is anyone . . anyone but him. Getting lost in the thought, I focus on the feeling of the dick sliding in and out of me. I think of having a stranger's dick inside my body. I imagine this perfect banana-shaped cock sliding in and out of my hole, which is relaxed finally but still tight from lack of use. He builds up a rhythm long dicking me and holding my hips for leverage. I'm moaning low with each stroke and feeling like I have never before, as if he's driving deep enough to tease my 'second ring'. The image of having his dick head getting past that point inside me, and squirting his load up there has me beyond excited. I have never cum without touching myself. Unlike my husband, I am a huge precummer. How much precum must be hanging off my throbbing hard dick? I ache for the feel of the slimy pool I know is there under me. I know I could cum that way, into the mattress. Like he reads my mind, he pushes me down, off my knees, flat onto the bed. UNF his dick is so damn deep inside me. The cold spot of slippery I made on the sheet feels great on my dick. No running now. I am caught between the bed and his thrusts. My arms are crossed over my head which is turned sideways, being face down. My eyes are still closed enjoying the feeling, and the fantasy. In repositioning, he stretches out my arms above me, his on top on them. Its like he's pinning me down. Holding my entire body. He smells like musk and sex, and feels unfamiliar, bigger, harder. I peek and eye open and there on top of my arm is his forearm . . . muscular . . . smooth . . . no hair at all . . . his hand clenched around my wrist . . . THAT'S NOT MY HUSBAND. I stare a second, unbelieving. HOLY FUCK WHO IS THIS? IT MUST BE THE MUSCLE BOY and me with his raw dick buried deep in my ass and moaning like a BITCH IN HEAT. FUCK! My mind is spinning. His breath is in my ear as he slides in and out and in and out. This isn't news to him. But my head is all "WHAT DO I DO? WHAT DO I DO?!!" DO I push him off? Do I ask him to stop? Will it piss him off? I am thinking of these things swirling around my head in a maelstrom of thoughts mixed up with feeling his body on mine. Smelling his ever so slight underarm funk, picturing his ACTUAL banana shaped dick inside me. HOLY FUCK I really should stop this! I realize I am pushing back with my ass. It's like I'm using my ass walls to stroke him off. It's like something inside of me wants his cum and it wants it DEEP, deep inside the second ring which he is, in fact piercing. OH man He's breathing hard into my neck and I start feeling the pulse. His dick twitching in my ass. I feel the hot. I feel the wet. I feel it deep. Too late now. Fuck fuck fuck this muscle dude STRANGER is ejaculating his thirty-something nutt inside my gut. With his tiny post fuck softening movements inside me I can feel the load churning. His whole body un-tenses. He pulls out deliberately. I stay face down, and breathe out a huge sigh. Damn. I don't know if I came came or if that's all precum under me. He's out the door in a flash. Not a word. I've made a mess between me and the mattress, and my dick is hard to touch. FUCK! Where's my husband?! I jump up, wrap a towel around. My dick is softening fast and in a semi-chub state looks just like one getting hard. I go off looking. There he is, at the entrance to the still-deserted sex maze. "Where the hell have you been?!" he asks angrily. "I've been waiting almost twenty minutes and forgot which cabin was ours." I fibbed to him - the muscle god had stepped in our cabin, closed the door, and tried to blow me. My spouse knows I dislike getting blown because I have a big dick and most guys try to choke on it. So my spouse understood why I tried, and was mollified thinking I did not have a good time. Turns out he'd gone to his locker to wait a few minutes before finding me as per our 'plan', and he'd gotten distracted checking his email! Asked if he wanted to pick up where we left off, he said no, the mood was gone. "Let's just split asap, " he said. So I went back to the cabin FUCK reeking of the recent sex. My big messy spot on the sheets showed me that I did not just dream what happened. That and the big muscle god load in my ass. Aw fuck I can clench and feel it, his babies inside me. No time to clean or eliminate because the spouse really wants to get out of here. I get dressed and plan to carry it around the rest of our day sightseeing.
  25. 17 years BiohazardMen parties, and Europe's largest and most copied Party of its kind! In May at the Pentecost weekend is finally our first BiohazardMen SAUNA Party EXCLUSIVE for HIV-positive men ! When: FRIDAY, Mai 13th, 2016 (Pentecost) Where: Berlin-SCHOENEBERG (Berlins largest Gay-Sauna) Guests: min. 150 to max. 350 pax !!! Who can get in: HIV positive men only they registered on the guest list in advance, or bought a Online-Ticket/Cabin!!! We rent for that Party Berlin's largest gay sauna, that is distributed over 2 floors something for any needs: a full licensed bar with snacks, hot and cold dishes, modified lighting concept, foam room, whirlpool, dry sauna with "erotic" infusions, darkrooms, playgrounds, Slings, cruising labyrinth, massages (for a extra fee), douching facility, and much more, ... But that's not all: Many of the cabins are also open to all for free use !!!! Of course you can also rent a private cabin, we changed our Online Ticket-System, so you can book already your favorite fixed cabin in advance. If cabins still should be free, you can then also directly book them in the evening at the entrance of the party. We explain here how to order the normal ticket for the sauna-parties online, or book a fixed cabin online, For all fetish lovers: it is not necessary to be completely naked, it's also possible to come in your favorite fetish outfit. However, due to hygiene reasons please NO STREET SHOES! We also have the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on our website and also several questions about the Sauna party's, just take a look over. We look forward to seeing you... Website of the Biohazardmen Parties

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