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Found 66 results

  1. Brazil

    I got fucked quite a bit in Rio de Janiero during Carnival. There is absolutely a subset of the gay crowd of Rio who is into BB and they even have a monthly party and I gave almost as good as I got. I took at least 3 loads during that event. Lastly Thursday evening before i left an event at TV Bar called hole turned a small corner bar into a full on sex event; and there one guy in particular that never gave me his load. He seemed to be into causing pain with his HUGE THICK Brazilian Dick. And during the last hour or so of the event that I was there for; i hung around him and every time that he forced his way into a hole and that bottom went running; I jumped on and rode until he tried to find someone else. I am unsure if had I been able to stay until closing if I would have gotten the load; but I still enjoyed the time that he spent up my hole.
  2. I'm currently living in the north east and I'm a touch underwhelmed by the gay sex scene. There are the 2 saunas in NCL that I know of (Number 52 and Base) and they're alright but only if you go at the right times. Outside of weekend afternoons, they're a little lacking in numbers. I wondered whether anyone knew of any sex parties, organised orgies/gangbangs or sex clubs in the north east??
  3. The idea of bareback sex has always been hot to me (why wouldn't it have been??), but I always had anxiety about the risks. Since going on PrEP in August this year, I've come to realise that addiction to BB is genuine. This past weekend I was in Manchester for New Year and spent a good portion of my time at Basement. Anyone familiar with the sauna scene in the UK will know the Basement well, I imagine. The main event was after midnight on NYE, and the place was packed, all shapes and sizes of men and cocks. As I walked in, I was chatting to a gorgeous guy in front of me in the queue so, naturally, we fucked around as soon as we got in, fucking each other, with him shooting inside of me. We decided it might be fun to set me up in the sling room and the instant I lay down, about a dozen guys made their way into the room, each taking his turn on my arse, several of them releasing their loads inside of me as I lay back and and sniffed poppers, encouraging them to cum inside of me, (not that they truly needed any encouragement). The gorgeous guy would occasionally fuck me in between the strangers. That feeling of being used was nothing less than euphoric. I suppose the point of my anecdote is that I'm back in my home city and am already craving the sling. I'm tempted to take another visit next weekend and just lay there all afternoon until my arse is leaking the loads of a dozen or more men. In the past I read bareback sex was addictive, and I remember dismissing such claims as an obvious exaggeration. Today, however, I'd say I'm definitely feeling withdrawal symptoms. Anybody else remember the start of his addiction to bareback sex. Oh, and by the way, anyone in the Manchester area should hit me up. I'm there frequently.
  4. First post - 5 loads in

    Used to jerk off to the stories I read on this site years ago, when barebacking was still something I craved doing but didn't have the guts for it. Last 3-4 years I've been taking loads regularly and I figured this would be a good way to keep track of my accomplishments. Hope you like, feedback of any kind is welcomed. ------------------------------------------------------------------- So you know those days when productivity at work is at an all time low 'cause all you can think about is getting laid? And the endless Grindr scrolling isn't helping out neither with your blue balls nor the work load? That was me this past Friday. Long story short, decided to hit the sauna after work for some pre-Christmas breeding. I live in a big city in South America, where sex clubs, orgies, BDSM bars, or any other stuff that strays too farther away from vanilla is somewhat frowned upon, so even going to the biggest sauna in the city and perking my ass up in the darkest corner didn't necessarily mean I'd get the loads I so badly needed that day, and that's the wildest sauna to be found around here. So when I eventually got to the place, I rented a private room for an hour, got my ass all prepped up, hit the gym as to have a nice swolle going on and started strolling the place. This particular sauna has four stories, both wet and dry saunas are in the first floor where there's also a little terrace and a little dark room. Second floor is the bar, third floor in the porn room, bigger dark room, private rooms and smaller no-bathroom semi-private rooms and the fourth floor is the gym. I walked into the dry chamber and sat on the corner farthest from the entrance. Couldn't see shit and was soon being blown. Guy next to me was also getting head and we started making out, he grabbed my pecs, squeezed my arms and forcefully pushed the guy blowing him and drove my head to his dick. Big one, thick, curved, really hot. As I guess there's no need for modesty around here I'll just say it: I can suck dick like nobody's business. Even though I'm short (5'4"), I've been blessed with a nice throat and a love for deepthroating big cocks. So I soon had his balls right under my chin and I tried to swallow his dick whole, as to have my throat squeeze it. Sure he moaned, he drove his dick deeper into my throat and I pulled it out. He had this big swollen head and a big slit on top of it, and I drove my tongue in, kissed it making sure he knew I was living for it and shoved it all in again. "Don't stop, don't you fucking dare stop", was all he said before shooting his load straight into my throat. I swallowed until he'd stopped shaking, told him thanks, got up and left. Went through the little terrace and into the small dark room, where some big fat older guys where making out. I kneeled and started servicing their dicks. One pushed me off, the other fingered my ass while he kept making out with the other bear. I spat on my hand, got my ass wet, turned around and aimed for his cock. "Got no rubber on me", he said. "I'll go get one", I told him in return and went to the third floor to look for more dick. There wasn't much going on but for this shorter smooth guy that kept looking at me, so I approached him and told him I was looking for some dick, that I didn't have any condoms on me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into one of the private rooms. Nice decent dick, big balls, made me work for that load. The kind of guy that takes pride in taking really long to cum, but that can be persuaded by some begging and by making him promise that he'd leave his DNA as deep in my hole as possible. That usually does the trick. One load in and my soul was starting to feel calm again. I got out and there was a little crowd right outside the room. I made sure I walked away with the towel only covering my dick. I'm pretty masculine, not 'cause I try to be, but because it's just more natural for me to be this way. I think hot is hot regardless of how masculine or feminine one can be, mind you, and I usually just screen for dick size when choosing my tops. That being said, I like to work out, so masculine plus muscular in my beloved South American town almost never means bottom, so letting my ass hang out served the purpose of letting people know I wasn't looking to breed any asses. Not that night at least. I went down to the wet chamber and this tatted up guy was jerking off a big cock. I went straight for him and sucked it good. People gathered around and started jerking off. One guy tried to fuck me but had a rubber on, so I told him to stop. The guy I was blowing wanted to go upstairs to a room and told me he'd get a condom on his way up, to meet him there. Sure thing. I got out and decided to hit the little dark room once more. It was empty but for this skinny black guy that was really into making out. It's not that I mind it, but I'm less picky about what goes into my butt than what goes into my mouth. We still made out for a bit and that made his fucking huge dick wake up. I was on all fours taking it whole in a minute. He fucked me really hard and gave me some poppers. This other dude came in and let me choke on a little dick that shot a load in less than a minute into my mouth. I was turned on my back and holy shit, it was indeed a big dick. "I take really long to cum, so go ahead and cum if you want to", he said. "No worries, I can take it, but do me a favor and lay on your back", I told him in return. He did and I sat on top of him. With all that man balls deep in me I squeezed my ass hard, as hard as I could make it, and started pulling myself up. Once I got to the tip, I started pushing out with my asshole and drove his dick balls deep in me again. I fucking love doing that and it usually drives tops crazy. Once I read on this site that you had to milk a dick to make it count, and I figured that's the proper way to do it. With a slow tempo at first, his moaning drove some more people over that were making sure that this hole was ready to be used, abused and filled up. Making myself go faster soon I was jumping up on down on him and he told me to stop because he didn't want to cum. I did, but the squeezing and pushing didn't. I got close to his face and told him "I'm gonna need you to leave that load as deep in me as possible, man. I need to take it home", and that did it. I heard one of the onlookers say "What a whore" while the balls underneath me contracted and relaxed, shooting a big ass load deep into my guts. He stopped moaning after a few seconds; I stopped with the squeezing a few minutes later. No drop of that big dick's cum was gonna go unwasted. I got up and had my ass grabbed by a bear with a tiny dick. He shoved it in while I cleaned the black guy's big dick with my throat and came pretty fast. Three loads in and counting. I left the little dark room and went again to the dry sauna, to the same corner I was at a moment ago. Still couldn't see shit, but had some guys follow me in, couple of twinks and an older guy. I sat down and spread my towel open and was soon being blown by the two twinks. The guys that were sitting next to me started touching me and squeezing hard on my pecs, and me being a nipple whore that I am, I grabbed both their heads and drove them to my nips. "Bite. Hard", was all I said, and was all they did. The older guy ended up having a big thick cock and somehow managed to get to my mouth with the four guys playing with my body, all sweaty and with people looking over and jerking off. I grabbed the big dick I was blowing, pulled down hard on his balls and had the older guy lower his head to mine. "Wanna stick it in? Right here, right now", I asked him and he just pushed one of the guys biting on my nips away and sat next to me. I stood up and shoved his dick in, with my back to him. I started with the squeezing and pushing again, making him moan, turning around and making out with him. "Gonna breed that hole, sir?". "Oh fuck yes, boy". "You're churning three other loads in there, sir, I'm gonna need your DNA to be in there too, please". "Oh you'll get it, you fucking cunt. You like that big dick up your hole, don't you?", to which I replied, leaning really close to his ear as so that only he could hear me, "I fucking live to have big dicks use and breed me". He twitched, then grabbed my head and kissed me hard and came. A loud and deep and long lasting orgasm from an older guy. Four loads in, even number. I got up, he smacked my ass and said for everyone to hear "That's a week old load you just got up your guts, cunt". I told him "Thank you, sir" and left. I walked to the showers with a few guys following me and turned my back to them while I showered. My hole was sore but all that cum in it was helping it heal and making me even hornier, but it was getting late and the sauna is far away from home, so I decided to leave. While I was changing I texted a few guys that usually breed me and only one was available on my way home, so I figured I'd drop by. I got ready, called an Uber and headed his way. Once I got there we started talking as with most of the guys you fuck regularly a kind of friendship is inevitable to be developed. He took out this big bong he has and we smoked, and I went down on him while he hit it and he fingered my ass. "Hole shit, that's fucking wet", he said. "I've got four loads in, man", was all that I needed to say to have him plow his dick in me hard. Not huge, decent size, but the right size that hits my spot perfectly and that helps me shoot out every last drop from my balls. What I love about this dude is that he fucks hard. Really hard. He doesn't give a shit about what sounds come out of me, he always keeps on fucking hard, non-stop, relentlessly until he shoots his cum deep inside me. He already knows it has to be as deep as possible for me to take home, and I usually text him the next morning while at work to let him know I still have him in me. Hard earned loads deserve some sort of tracking I believe. So we fucked, and fucked, and fucked. He finally came and I could feel his balls dripping with the other guys' loads. He took his dick out of me, cleaned his balls with his hands and tried to shove that dripped cum in me again. One, two, three and four fingers went in and that made me shoot my load all over his bed. After that we smoked some more, I got dressed, got home and went to bed. Next morning while at work he got a text, and that day after work, he left another one deep in me. "Merry Christmas", he said, and indeed it was.
  5. Is it locker room? Looking to take cum and shove used condoms of cum up my hole after bumping.
  6. It was early days in my visiting saunas. I hadn't had much success. I suppose as a greying and overweight man (a typical Daddy Bear) I wouldn't appeal to many who attended. This afternoon, however, things were different. I gotten into a routine of going into the sauna after showering. As I entered I noticed a gorgeous tanned young man on the top bench of the sauna. To my surprise he seemed genuinely interested in me. I gave him a quick massage, but no further as there seemed to be an unwritten rule as to not go too far in this part of the club. So after enjoying this contact I headed upstairs to see if there was any action. Although, fairly quiet a young blond man was happily barebacking another chap in the barred open room allowing others to watch. I took advantage and enjoyed the show until it reached its obvious climax: the man took a good load from the blond guy. They both then left the cubicle and I thought I may as well move in myself to see if anyone was interested in joining me. To my delight someone did come along and join me. It was the gorgeous tanned man from the sauna, I'd seen earlier. We continued with the massage I'd been giving him earlier. He really enjoyed the sensitive touching I gave him. Soon he had positioned himself in a partial crouch so that it was possible for me to take him from behind. I applied lube to my cock and he willingly took my bare cock up his arse. It was rather a confined space and so a little uncomfortable but I intended to make the most of it. From time to time others came to watch the spectacle, which as an exhibitionist I enjoyed. One of the viewers was the blond guy I, myself, had watched earlier fucking another guy in the same cubicle. After a while he headed back to the DVD room just along the corridor. Although I really wanted to fuck to completion, we both found the confines of the space too difficult to continue, so sadly he pulled out before I'd unloaded into him. Nevertheless, it was a great bare back fuck with a great guy. I got out of the cubicle myself to look up and down the corridor to see if anyone else was about and interested. As I looked towards the dvd room, I saw the blond guy looking towards me and again surprised me by coming out of the room and over to the cubicle to join me. Here was another beautiful young man wanting to fuck with me. As he divested himself of his towel I presumed he was going to fuck me as he'd done with the other guy, but far from it. He sucked my cock back to full attention and then lowered himself on top of me. He obviously wanted me to shoot my load up him as he'd done for the other man! He raised himself up on my cock and down again milking my cock. As I'd found in the past this was always the surest way for me to come quickly! The feel of my cock sliding into his bare arse and the excitement of of being watched whilst I fucked him was too much and I exploded inside him. But I was game for more so I headed over to the darkroom. There was quite a gathering in there and one chap with quite a large erection clearly needed attention so I immediately engorged his cock with my mouth. It was quite a mouthful and I feasted on his large dick. To my delight I was surprised when another man in the darkroom unceremoniously stuck his bare cock right up me. I then realise I was positioned that others would interpret an open invitation to fuck me bare. As I munched on cock, I was sticking my arse straight out into the room! This was the first time I'd been spit roasted and I was enjoying it. My sucking became more and more vigorous as his pounding became stronger. It had the desired effect on the one I was giving the blowjob to, who shot his load down my throat. Unfortunately the other guy pulled out before finishing his job, for which I was most disappointed. Anyway I decided on further exploration and went down to the basement to the equipment room where I found the guy who had been fucking me bare back on his own near the corner bench applying lotion to his arse. I took up the hint and took the lotion from him applying it generously to my cock, which then easily slipped into his willing hole. The pressure built up inside me as I slipped in and out of his hole. He too was expressing appreciative grunting as he wanked his cock vigorously to my thrusts. Then almost in unison as I sprayed inside him, he sprayed his load over the bench and onto the wall behind. I was most impressed with the distance his spunk travelled. I was finished: emptied of my spunk and ready to return home for the evening. After I'd showered and dressed, it was only then I discovered the reason for my success that afternoon. As I handed over my locker key as I was leaving, I noticed they were laying out free food and drink. A notice was displayed “Bears' evening”! Now I understood why I'd been so lucky!
  7. You are welcome to join me at E15 sauna between 6-8pm on Thursday 9th November. I hope you'll leave me with loads of presents! I'll be happy to reciprocate. All cummers welcome!
  8. Start off with my latest sexual adventure! Happened on Friday Oct 6th 2017, like most of my bathhouse adventures start in at gloryhole. Sucking is my favorite sexual activity, the feeling of a mans cock throbbing in my mouth as I suck him to completion the feeling of his warm load filling my mouth, savoring the taste of him is incredible! I spent 3hrs sucking, swallowing 14 loads. After 3hrs and a nice amount of cum swallowed I wanted to get fucked, I never set out with a goal of how many loads I want I get what I get as long as I'm enjoying it and giving the tops around me pleasure I'm satisfied! As any good cum obsessed bottom I do try to get as many as I can! As the evening moved into night and the night moved into the morning I got fucked in the sling, fuck bench, sauna, private room and the hallway with a total of 26 loads not including those I swallowed, I only count loads dumped in my ass. After getting home and crawling to bed I was still way too horny to sleep and went on Grindr and found two tops to fuck me, adding 2 more loads bringing my total loads to 28! Load count: Swing 6 / Fuck Bench 8 / Sauna 3 / Private Room 7 / Hallway 2 / Grindr 2 / Total Loads 28 I also share on my twitter @18plusmen
  9. I'll be in Manchester for Pride over the weekend and am hoping to get as many loads as possible - at the sauna, cruising by the canal, groups / parties, hotel meets and wherever else I can get raw cock. Instead of only going for certain guys and restricting what loads I'll take, I've decided to be a total cumslut and take ANY load I'm offered this weekend without question (neg / poz / toxic / unknown). I should add that I am currently neg and not on prep 😇. Anon loads particularly welcome - I plan to wear a hood blindfold and won't ask for face pics. I don't care how old you are or what you look like either, all I'll feel is your raw cock inside me. Ideally I'd like a dom master to arrange as much as possible, coordinate all the tops and make sure I head home with an ass full of cum afterwards. I'll give him full control of my ass for the weekend - he can decide how it should be used, treat it like his toy and invite guys to breed it. I've already lined up a few loads at a group session on Saturday afternoon, and expect to take several more at Basement Sauna on Saturday night. Other venue suggestions welcome, especially cruise nights / clubs with darkrooms I'm not aware of. Anyone here who is up for giving me a load or two over the weekend should get in touch so we can arrange a time/place.
  10. Lunchtime Sauna Addict

    Any other city workers like me who love a quick lunchtime fix in a local sauna? Would live to meet regular sauna whores for hook-ups. And swap updates on venues.
  11. Sauna seeding

    Went to a new sauna this week for naked day which was quite busy. I love the atmosphere of naked days when everyone is so obviously on the hunt and you are surrounded by naked, prowling men. I looked in the cinema which is basically some tiered benches facing a screen. There was this skinny guy lying back watching the film. Probably about fifty, very pale and hairless with old school tattoos on his forearms. His cock was also long and thin as it stood up from his pot-belly. I immediately went to my knees and started to suck it and he moaned a bit and began to buck his hips and fuck my mouth. I could see some other guys watching and it turned me on. I had already lubed up in the changing room. I got up, turned and lowered my bottom onto his cock. He didn't resist, and just grunted with pleasure as it slid easily up into my rectum until I was sitting on his lap with his cock buried in me. I moved up and down a little and he moaned how good it felt. Several old men were watching me now and wanking themselves. "I"m going to cum!" He gasped. I raised myself up a little, allowing him to thrust his cock in and out and then he gasped and I felt it start to throb. Immediately I lowered myself down into his lap so his spurting cock was right up me. I waited until his orgasm finished and then he slapped my rump and laughed. "My balls are empty!" I got off and his cock slipped out, wet and slimey with cum which also felt nicely wet between my cheeks. "Thanks!" I said and he just nodded. "Yeah, maybe see you later." I left the cinema, and headed to the small dark room, aware that I had a group of eager admirers following me, having watched me being bred bareback, and eager to be the next to fuck me.
  12. Bathhouse tonight

    Hey guys, Going to the bathhouse tonight with a guy from Grindr. He want us to have a double room with a sling for me to be fucked in all night (if we can get the room). Gonna let you guys know how it goes
  13. Next week in Berlin

    Hi Gents, I'll be visiting Berlin on next 4th to 7th of May; it would be great to hook up with some pigs and fuck buddies in the area for going out cruising together...outdoor and clubs, saunas. Anybody is in the mood? As always, suggestions about places to go...things to do are very welcome.
  14. Seven

    They say one in every seven gays in London are HIV positive. I wanted to test this out, so I went to my local sauna at the most popular time at the weekend. Once there, I headed directly for the darkroom and positioned myself so everyone there would know I was up for a fuck. Kneeling on the bench, I placed my arse so that it could easily be entered by anyone there who wanted to. It didn't take long for the first obliging cock to enter me bare. He kept up a good pace, but I suddenly felt a warm sensation inside me as he unloaded his cock straight into me. Load one. Another guy in the darkroom took over from the first man and shoved his cock in, assisted by the first guy's lubrication. This guy was quite old and not well endowed, but he fitted the bill: he was reading, willing and able to fuck me raw. Although he took some time, accompanied by much grunting, he eventually spunked his cum right up me. Load two. Unfortunately, the time it had taken him had left the room empty of other donors. I had to wait a good time before my third load. A young guy with a decent sized cock came in and I happily sucked his dick to its full length. But whilst I was doing this, another guy entered the room and as I was pointing my arse outwards, he took it as fair game for him to stick his bare cock in. He fucked me really well and hit just the right point. He had me pouring a string of precum out of my dick whilst he pounded my hole. Soon, he was jerking his jizz right up in glorious spurts. Load three. I then turned my attention to the guy I'd been sucking off whilst being pounded. At first he seemed reluctant to fuck my arse as I moved round to position myself over his beautifully erect cock, but with some gentle persuasion I was able to lower myself onto his cock. Now I was in control and able to set the pace of the action. I played with his dick, moving my arse around to feel his cock inside me. I slowly increased the pace until I was bouncing up and down on his dick fast. This proved the trick and he unloaded deep within me. Load four. My next bare encounter was with an extremely well-endowed black guy who I could accommodate only with difficulty. Fortunately the loads I had taken earlier, combined with persistence on his part and copious hits of poppers on my part, finally saw him fully push his whole nine inches into my arse, whereupon he promptly adopted a good, pounding rhythm, in which he would withdraw almost the entire way out of my body, only to plunge back in in one powerful thrust. This continued until he abruptly plunged back in, mid-withdraw, not stopping until he was balls-deep. Once he had achieved maximum depth, I felt the sensation of his cock throbbing which I interpreted as the telltale sign he had left his deposit up me. Load five. The last two loads were in quick succession. One of the guys who'd been watching the large black cock pumping up me, immediately took over and thrust his somewhat smaller cock inside. He carried on thrusting away until his progress stopped and a large groan from him indicated he's just shot inside me. Load six. My final breeding was immediately after the sixth donor. I sucked the man to full erection and then turned round to receive his impressive manhood. He easily pushed it up me with a great squish with all the spunk now filling my well-bred ass. With great thrusts he hammered away for some time sliding in and out of me bare. I was enjoying every bit of it, I felt him tense up and his cock started twitching inside me. Load seven. Over a couple of hours I received seven loads, in all probability at least one of them was poz. As the cum from seven different men gushed out of my arse, I wondered which load was poz.
  15. Carribean loads

    So. I spend a weekend in the carribean, having lots of fun. Without knowing I booked a gay resort. Many straight people though but after 6 pm the spa is only available for men. I had a bad day already ( woke up , got a load from a white guy, had a threesome, then another guy, black Xxl, bred me... ) so I went to the spa.. it was hot!' First there was this arab guy that I hooked up with yesterday (he bred me twice), I sucked him and All of a sudden he blew his load . I swallowed..;) then I saw these three latino's playing together. Two lightskin , 1 Black. I koind in the fun. One of them started Fucking me safe/ them he fucked the Other two as well.. he went back to me and the Black Guy. In the end he shot in the Black Guy, In the condom. The Other lightskin started Fucking me Bare. When he took a break , black guy fucked me, bare as well .. he made me cum and shot his load in my ass... his bf then put me in doggy position and fucked me untill he came too ( less then 2 minutes ) it was HOT!!!
  16. Spa Excess

    I have a coupon for a free room tonight at Spa Excess, I want to get in the sling on the third floor and take cock and loads.
  17. Vers sleazy manc lad

    Versatile, easy going and sleazy going guy available in north west UK (Manc) can travel within reason for hook ups, sometimes accom but not always. From mild to wild, lots of likes and only a few dislikes. Looking for 1on1, groups, party, clubs, sauna, fuck n go, longer sessions, like it sweaty, filthy, hit me up guys and we can get it on good.
  18. UK NW/Mids Chaser

    Neg looking for no loads refused fun into kink n sleaze... Into most things, quick or long drawn out, anon, or pimping at Sauna... i have a few free weekends... ...Manchester 20-22 Jan, 27-29 Jan 2017... Birmingham 3-5 Feb 2017
  19. Cumunion Hove

    Anyone go to Cumunion in Hove? Next one is 13th Jan
  20. Central London Jan 11-16

    Will be in London Jan 11-16 on business with plenty of time to breed young smooth bottoms. Any scene, can host at my hotel near St Pauls Cathedral or travel to you or meet you someplace.
  21. So there's this guy I've been chatting with for a while, we play every now and then but only recently discussed some of our more intense shared fetishes. We both like watersports, group play, anonymous encounters to name a few. He lives in LA and I'm in San Diego, so one of us has to travel for us to play, so it doesn't happen all the time. We've discussed going to a bath house together for some time, but haven't made it happen. This is partly because of timing but also since I had never been to one - until recently. A few weeks ago I was in LA and had a few hours to myself, so I hit him up and asked if he wanted to head out to Midtowne spa, and unfortunately he was busy. I was too excited to not head out by myself so I told him I'd be there and if he got free to show up. He never did, but I had some fun this first visit. Not wanting to catch anything my first time out, I set an agenda of only oral/jo, no fucking without a condom (boring I know). First thing I did was head to the showers and within less than a minute of being in the place had someone sucking my cock and then rimming my hole haha. I wanted to check out the rest of the place so I thanked him and walked around. Loved playing in the dark rooms, sucked several guys off, only detractor was a clingy guy who wanted to hear my whole life story haha. Eventually found myself in a group of two or three guys, me sucking one guy off, a guy sucking me off, and a guy fingering/rimming my hole. Was very hot, at one point the guy sucking me almost started fucking me, I didn't stop him but I guess he just wanted to keep sucking me. After being there for a bit and having my fun I left and that was that - safe(ish) fun at the bath house. Fast forward to New Years, was in Vegas with friends and managed to get away at some point. I was drunk/stoned so I was feeling very uninhibited, and wanted to try another bath house. I went to entourage, and the venue was kind of disappointing in comparison to Midtowne in LA. That being said, the venue more than sufficed So, I again had my agenda mainly set for oral/jo but I guess this time I didn't follow those rules as well haha. I was in the dark room and a 20's hispanic guy, a little chubby, was in the sling. It was too hot to pass up, so I began topping him, but I guess he chickened out and got up and left. After that there was lots of sucking/making out with randoms in the dark room, but a lot of them were very fit. I guess the younger crowd came out to the baths for new years haha. One guy played with my ass basically all night, I think I would've let him fuck me but he never got hard enough. I suspect he'd already cum before that night so couldn't get it up. Still had fun with him nonetheless. I was jacking off with this beefy/muscular guy, and I assumed he was a total top just based on how masculine he was. Out of nowhere he turned around and shoved his hole on my cock, and I was topping him, never discussed it, never discussed status, just all of a sudden I was topping him haha. His hole was pretty slick/wet so I have to assume he'd taken loads that night. I was close to cumming already so I just let it happen and eventually came in him. He walked away and that was that, a very hot time in the dark room. I left soon after and walked around the baths and saw two hot older guys, one 40's extremely fit/muscular and the other 50's+ with grey hair. They were in the showers that were labelled WS, and I was hoping I could watch/join some hot piss play, but the 50's guy walked away when I came by. The 40's muscular guy and I played by ourselves for a bit, him sucking me. I think this was the first time I've played with someone so muscular, and it was very hot haha. He invited me back to his room, and so I went with him. He pulled out a bag of coke and asked me if I wanted any - told him that wasn't my thing but he could. After doing a line off my cock he went back to sucking me off, and I shot my last load in his mouth in the room. I left his room and chilled in the jacuzzi before leaving the place. Overall I had a great time, now I just have to wait to get STD test results back lol.
  22. Three Hour Fuck Frenzy

    I popped over to my favourite sauna yesterday, it was heaving with people in the darkroom. I managed to squeeze my way into the backroom and was confronted with several people offering their arses for a good fucking. I was already stiff and proceeded to give one a good shafting whilst others were enjoying themselves. When I pulled out, I was immediately grabbed by someone else to be fucked. I was overwhelmed by the active fuck frenzy in the place. I then swapped places and fucked him. Over the first hour, I'f fucked another three people. So it was 5 barebacks fucks to one received. The second hour continued in a similar vein with 3 of those I'd fucked wanting more action, interspersed with two people one giving, one receiving who actually wanted to use a condom. The final hour had me flagging somewhat, two fumbles rather than good fucks and one guy who took me from behind but didn't carry on for too long. But then another guy was really keen to fuck me and managed to get me into a good position and ploughed me hard and long before giving me his much needed lubrication before he pulled out. Finally a well hung guy got me to suck him before turning me around and fucking me hard using the last load to lubricate his thrusts, he had great stamina before unloading himself into me, it felt great. Over three hours I'd barebacked 5 different men and been barebacked by four, two of whom had unloaded their warm spunk into me. When I got home after this marathon session of 18 fucks in 3 hours, the loads finally gushed out of me!
  23. This js any open invitation to any and all men of Melbourne (or anyone traveling to Melbourne). I am a 19 year old neg bugchaser. I will be at Subway sauna from 10am till 4pm on Wednesday September 14 and will be taking any and all loads (absolutely none will be refused). I will post here on the day exactly which room I will be in (I don't know which rooms will be available). Also, if any guys come who have biohazard or scoorpion tattoos, I'll do anything you want! Just knock me up! For anyone who doesn't know, the entry price is $25 (I think), and there is a concession price of $22.
  24. Will be at Steam Complex Sauna in Leeds from 11am Wednesday 17tg August. Looking to take all loads, and hopefully get pozzed after failed attempts previously.
  25. Lets Poz That Slut!

    So I noticed on BBRTS that a young little NEG slut is going to be gettin bred by like 20 tops at Subway Sauna (in Melbourne) on Friday (12th August). Any other guys wanna breed this bitch, with me? Let's knock him up, together. His posting said he'd be there from 10am-4pm. He said he'd post the exact room on the day, so when he does, I'll post it here. I say we don't reply to his actual ad, just show up, so that he doesn't know we are coming, or what we will give him. Anyone else up for this?

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