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Sex Roulette RP game

ROLE PLAY conversion Party GAME   

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  1. 1. If i come up with a game where you guys can select at random a path that leads u down a game of each player having a custom story with dirty options to see if you are converted or escape the calls of death would you play?

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2 hours ago, MiaSlut24 said:

Part 3 

Not so wise Michael!!! leaving it up to me ?  do u really think i would show u any mercy? so be it. I laugh !! HAHAHAHA you will take BBC #4 his 7" dick will open you up to the rest. i walk over to the man grab his hard cock and tell him to  crack you open like a dirty fag. i pull his hard cock over to you spread ass and spit down on his cock. that is all the lube u need or get !!! i walk around to you race as i want to  to see your eyes as the first black dick penetrates you ass and soul! are u read Micheal?  the black cock teases you exposed ass hole. you eyes closed  anticipating the next move. NO NO i say eyes open look into my eyes as we take you soul.  the head of the cock  spread u open the you ass hole grips and pops and the shaft enters you ass and takes you man hood!  YES  get use to this cuz this is as genital as it will feel tonight!! i nod my head and the black man plunges balls deep it to your ass!!!! i giggle and you body tries to escape only to be held in place by the straps.  i whisper in your ear. as the man begin to trust faster and faster. 

Yes take that dick!!!! it will be over soon! your little man hole will be pozzed and breed!! the seed  of these man will grow inside you! forever twisting your mind and body.

yes harder!!!   

you moan loudly as the man plaw balls deep into you and the trust out. both his hand on your waist pushing as deep and hard as possible.  i walk over to the back and message the black mans balls and he trust in and out of you.

OOOOO yes he is locked and LOADED is tell you.

messaging more and more. i can feel his balls growing in anticipation of what is about to happen. MMMMM yes it is almost time  Micheal!!!!

i walk over to your face. I want  to Watch as you are gifted the gift of death!! 

I softly kiss you forehead!!!

you will remember this moment when i sentenced you to death with these soft lips and soft kiss. 

The Black man trust harder his grunts growing with each minute. in side you you can feel his dick hardening and growing. you ass is being stretched as is cock slams up against your prostate. 

then you feel it and here it!! 

you heart racing then stop just like that. 

THe black man plunges deep into your ass and grunts loudly!!! Take my POZ cum you fag!!!! he screams. 

his cock begin to pulsate and pump deep inside you, you feel the vibrations. the shaft as it expands and contracts around you ass hole.   the look on your face is price less. you eyes full of life turn to a dull emptiness.  as this mans toxic seed begins to over take you body. 

still Balls deep into you the man pulls out and then trust a few more times. pushing his seed deeper and milking his cock just a bit long in you. then he pulls out  and that is when you feel it. the cold air and cum dripping out of you down you leg send chills down you body.  you know its done that there is no stopping it anymore.  I  look into  you empty looking eyes ans ask you


This is beginning to take on the appeal and also the possibility and thoughts of becoming a reality in the near future!!  One of the appeals is that the host takes control ultimately makes all the final decisions once the process has began. I definitely can feel and see this happening in such a pozzing party.

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2 hours ago, beanna said:

wonder what  was behind the red door,hop e it is more deadly than the black door, e.g pretty same scenario but 1 of the  BBC has the Cuban strain and likes to strangle as he cums

In reality, I have discussed the possibility about the Cuban CRF19 strain with a couple of guys and their desire, as well as mine, that it should be our ultimate goal and accomplishment.

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9 minutes ago, MiaSlut24 said:

lol there names for these things i though they were all hiv. what is the difference in the stains? now im turned on lol 

The Cuban or as it's known and labeled with the CDC CRF19 is a highly toxic and highly med resistant strain of HIV and also has a much shorter incubation time from infection to becoming full blown AIDS as compared to other strains. The usual strains take from around 10 to 15 years to go to full blown, but the cuban has been known to go as quick as about 3 to 5yrs and in a couple of cases even quicker than that when combined with other infections, such as gono, syph, hep c, etc. It is highly med resistant and has been known to mutate very fast and become non treatable in a few cases.

And Honey, the CRF19 is becoming very prevailant down in your area of Florida also as it was brought over by the Cuban immigrants.

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2 minutes ago, MiaSlut24 said:

wow thats screy cuz i have taken a shit load of cuben men.   this city  " miami" is ran by cubans lol. 

Yes, was figuring that from your location. Some that have it have responded to some meds, but for the most part, it seems to be highly resistant to them.

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1 minute ago, MiaSlut24 said:

wow pretty hot  and scary 

I'd make some comments and a couple of stories about it, but that is for private discussion, it wouldn't go over well here in this room. So if you'd like to chat via private messaging some, would be happy to there.

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1. Chris

2. 50

3. Have a six place merry go round, six bottoms on it, 6 tops around it.  Three of the tops are poz, three neg.  One die.  Roll the die and that’s how many tops fuck you.  Spin the wheel and where you stop is the first.  And so on.

4.  Repeat.

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5 hours ago, Need2submit said:

1. Chris

2. 50

3. Have a six place merry go round, six bottoms on it, 6 tops around it.  Three of the tops are poz, three neg.  One die.  Roll the die and that’s how many tops fuck you.  Spin the wheel and where you stop is the first.  And so on.

4.  Repeat.

Mow that is fuck roulette!  Though why stop at 6 tops?

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On ‎13‎/‎03‎/‎2018 at 7:53 PM, MiaSlut24 said:

OK guys i need some guys to volunteer to play 

just repost the following questions and ill select two lucky winners to play first. .

Questions can be Real info or Ur Fantasy. 

1) First Name

2) Age

3) Ideal Conversion way? 

4) Would you rather make choices or spin a Wheel? 

1) Tony

2) 50

3) Initiation ritual

4) Choices

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