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  1. looking for 2 -3 bi men for group fun. must be of good size and circumcised. 6.5" and up. your status is not important and prefer not to know. Pm me for a Q&A and then ill make my selection. looking on every Tuesday so you must b open that day only. location will be in motel room. I guess its a give but just in case it BAREBACK ONLY.
  2. wow thats screy cuz i have taken a shit load of cuben men. this city " miami" is ran by cubans lol.
  3. lol there names for these things i though they were all hiv. what is the difference in the stains? now im turned on lol
  4. Part 3 Not so wise Michael!!! leaving it up to me ? do u really think i would show u any mercy? so be it. I laugh !! HAHAHAHA you will take BBC #4 his 7" dick will open you up to the rest. i walk over to the man grab his hard cock and tell him to crack you open like a dirty fag. i pull his hard cock over to you spread ass and spit down on his cock. that is all the lube u need or get !!! i walk around to you race as i want to to see your eyes as the first black dick penetrates you ass and soul! are u read Micheal? the black cock teases you exposed ass hole. you eyes closed anticipati
  5. Part 2 the slim figure female stands and walks over to the BLACK door. the door swings open and all there is is pitch darkness. CUM michael if you dare there is no turning back atfer you cross the threshold. you enter the room then the door closes behind you. is is pitch black and a creepy silent. the lights slowly turn on and flickering, in the middle of the room there is this a sex bench on top of a stained full carpet. there is a dresser cabinet in one corner with a wheel ontoop of it and a chair in front of the beach labled host. Come Micheal remove you things and
  6. PLAYER AND STORY ONE PART ONE Welcome Michael. I am your host the Angel of death, but you can call me Jessica or Jessy. You have be selected to play the Sex roulette game where your we will see how much god love you or not. this story will take you places your mind and body never imaged and change you FOREVER. Tonight you will leave here with a memory that hunts you forever or a seed growing inside you that will ultimately send you to your maker in hell. The Choice is Simple LIVE OR DIE we shall see. The location of this Party is a beat down old house.
  7. check out my wheel of death. https://shar.es/1Lh4wP Any suggestions for other choices? will be picking my first player soon so lever you comments if you want to play. I have supper hot and dirty detailed stories for each. Thanks @whore for the wheel link.
  8. OK guys i need some guys to volunteer to play just repost the following questions and ill select two lucky winners to play first. . Questions can be Real info or Ur Fantasy. 1) First Name 2) Age 3) Ideal Conversion way? 4) Would you rather make choices or spin a Wheel?
  9. As a Female hooker the idea of bug chasing and dirty sex has corrupted and consumed my mind. during the nights I'm a street walker so i've seen and been in some fucked up places. i have take more dick and loads them most people can dream of. I like writing and exploring dirty situation that i have been in or fantasize about. so here the deal. if you guys care to play a Role playing game where i host you conversion party? All i would need is ur participation and some background on you and your ideal conversion party. after that i will create a custom story for your wher
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