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  1. First planned cumpdump Part 1

    Did you see the sketchy guy again? YES Did he have track marks? DONT REMEMBER Did he have a biohazard or scorpion tattoo? no Did you lick the cum off the towel? no Where did you post the adds? Craigslist Do you or have you ever shared needles? no Have you ever used a dirty needle you found on the street? no Do you have track marks? no If so can we see them?
  2. First planned cumpdump Part 1

    like any good slut just take it and keep quite!!!:)
  3. 2nd Confirmed POZ load

    came in my pussy twice. no anal.
  4. sorry looking for bigger but worst case ill let you know
  5. looking for 2 -3 bi men for group fun. must be of good size and circumcised. 6.5" and up. your status is not important and prefer not to know. Pm me for a Q&A and then ill make my selection. looking on every Tuesday so you must b open that day only. location will be in motel room. I guess its a give but just in case it BAREBACK ONLY.
  6. 2nd Confirmed POZ load

    great call on the fake id will definally use or try to use one.
  7. 2nd Confirmed POZ load

    thanks for you comment and compliant
  8. 2nd Confirmed POZ load

    whats the point of that?
  9. So i had an Event full weekend. Had several Johns this weekend But one in particular on Friday night was HIV+ and off MEds. this is the second time a guy had barebacked me , Finished in me, and then as he doing so reviles is HIV +. at that point there little you can do, and you kinda freeze, its like you body goes into shock or the rush or adrenaline doesn't let you reacted. to be honest It was kinda hot! but anyways lots to think about after that. Open to talk about it or write a story on if if you guys care to know or comment. let me Know ? im sure ive taken more then 2 poz loads before its just these two are the only ones that tell me after pumping me full of the toxic seeds. How long so i need to wait to get tested of do i go right of way? Should i let my pimp know ?
  10. First planned cumpdump Part 1

    PART 5 Buy this point between the rush of the sex and the rush of the drugs i shoot up earlier. my body and mind when in could 9! i felt so light weighted and almost as if i was floating. my heart races faster and faster with each minute. I felt a hand on my back and jumped. suddenly i my mind raced! I didn't here the door swing so who was touching me. then i felt the nails caress my back and i knew it was my BBF! she sat down next to me and asked HOW are u doing. I inhaled and replied good. i told her my legs where cramping and my pussy was getting sore. she smiles and said YES IT PRETTY RED AND DRIPPING LIKE CRAZY! i told her i know i felt my belly and and pelvic area blowded of all the cum i felt inside me. she reached for a paper towel and cleans mt inner legs. then i she unfolded a towel and placed it under me. i turned around and laid flat on my back with my legs spread. my legs could not take any more doggy. I reached down between my legs and with one finger slid into my pussy. it was full and so creamy. i cleaned up as much as i could feel not since i was still blindfolded. i asked who many men where still left and she told me she had 6 more confirmations. then the door swung open. she stud off the bed and walked away as another man approached me. i opened my legs and laid there waiting like a helpless Innocent girl. he walked to me and started caressing and squeeze my tits. i smiled and moaned. his fingers then wondered into my pussy and he quickly found out how dirty and used i was. he dropped his pant and climbed up on me. placing his soft cock between my tits he trusted as he squeezed my tits around his limp cock. growing with every stroked the then forced his dick into my mouth and trusted in and out till i gagged on his large cock. he then made his way down between my legs and trusted his cock into my open pussy. pulling my legs up on his shoulders he trusted hard and deep into me. i moaned as if felt so good. my pussy griped his cock like it was meant for his dick. after some hard trusting he spread my legs and leaned in to suck on my nipples. this sent chilled down my body and i quickly screamed i was going to cum !! my screamed turned him on as he trusted harder and deeper into me. my pussy tighten and then my body released and i exhaled as i maned and came! it didn't take long for him after as he felt my pussy flow with even more juices and then grip his cock tighter. he grunted and kinda tried to pull out but my legs warped around his back and pulled him in deeper. i smiled and whispered! there no pulling out on me. he laughs and kissed my lips. we made out for a while till his cock stopped pumping and had gone soft in me then me pulled out and crawled off the bed. the door opened as he was gathering his things and the another man walked in. the man climbed quickly on too of me and i felt his hard naked body over mine. his strong hands gripes my wrist on top of my head and he held me down as he sucked my tits. his cock grew hard super fast and i could feel it pressing up on my clit. he move his hips around and with out and hand slid his cock into me. his cock was huge!!!! the head final poped in and i screamed. i inhaled as he did not stop. inch y inch he slide in me as he pined my hand down. it felt my i would never end. his cock was massive. it pushed pass my inner walls and kept going. i screamed but he just kept going. finally i felt his balls and the head of his cock top out inside me. my body trembled in pain . you could here it in my voice. he griped both my hand with one one of his and used the other to rub my clit. then he slowly pulled inch by inch out and again it felt like for ever. I inhaled and relaxed trying to take this mans cock. then this second hand covered my mouth just as the tip of his cock almost but didn't come out. i moaned trying to figure out why he covered my mouth and then suddenly in one hard deep trust the plawed into my pussy and i almost passed out. he pressed down on my mouth as he pushed his cock so far into me that i though he would kill me. his dick pierced my inside and i felt it like if he was in my belly he trusted harder and harder as he covered my mouth. it felt like i would never end. the 5 minutes he fucked me felt like 5 hours. till finally he blow his load in me as he realized mt hands and mouth and garbed my waist with both hands. i felt the tears run down my face and he finished dumping inside me. he wiped my face and say SLUTS DO CRY!! the trusted one more time deep into me and then pulled it out just as fast! so distracted by the pain i failed to hear the other men had entered the room. as i inhaled and calmed down i started to hear different voices talk. apparently there was a few men that had arrived together and where just watching. i had no idea how many till i felt there hands carers my body. i felt two hands on my tits. one on my face. and tow other opening my legs. and a another hand touched my pussy. the four men took there time touching me and teasing my body as the stocked there cocks. frighten by so many hand i reached for my blindfold and pulled it of. there i laid on the bed with 4 men, 2 black dude and 2 white surrounding me. i knew this was going to be rough but also figures this was the conclusion to my night. i couldn't help but stair at them the 2 black men where handsome fit and young. there bodies where small but ripped and there dicks hung nicely between there legs. one of the white guys was ghetto looking and sketchy. full of tattoos and with a average size dick with a prince Albert piercing on his head. . the fourth man was also white normal looking and slightly chubby. he had the smallest of all four dicks. one of the black man smiled at me and then told the white chubby dude to take first dibbs. the white dude climbed over me put his cock in and pushed in. i wondered if he found the hole since i did not feel much. but then he started trusting and i just figured he was small and i was sore. one of the black dudes came around garbed my hair and trusted his cock in to my mouth. as he faced fucked the other two began to laugh. apparently the chubby guy had gone soft and could keep it up. the other black dude told him to step aside! the BBC slid into me and that i could feel. i tried to moan but i just ended up gagging on the other BBC in my mouth! the black dude fucked me pretty good damn good and hard till he nutted in me. his load was huge as i felt it shoot up into me. he pumped a few more times and then pulled out. with out have a second to relax the Skechy white dude trusted into me and all the black dudes cum!! i felt the tip of just cock and the piercing as they trusted in and out. it was AMAZING. it did not take long for me to cum on his cock as he trusted in and out of me. the piercing was amazing. hitting mt G_SPOT and sending feeling i had never felt inside me. after a few more minutes of fucking me his cock erupted inside me!! IT WAS AWESOME. is started to pull out and i begged him not to!!! he laughed but pulled out anyways! the First black dude walked outas the white guy pulled out of me and then the second BBC made his way to me. he garbed me and told me to get on all fours!!! I got up on doggy as i loved doggy anyways and he kneel behind me. i reached for guy that just pulled out of me and told him to lay in front of me. my lips swallowed his cock and piercing tasting my creamy cum and the loads of all the men that where in my pussy. his dick quickly got hard as he laid on his back and i sucked him and he watched the BBC behind me with my ass checks bouncing. the BBC trusted harder and deeper into me. both his hands griping my waist. but in my mind all i could feel and see was the sketchy cock wit the amazing piercing as my lips swallowed every inch. i cock tasted and felt so good in my mouth. i lost track of everything till i felt the black guy pull out. apparently he had blown his load and i didn't even felt it. i kept sucking on the cock in my mouth till the guy blow his second load all over my face. i smiled and giggled and i felt the cum drip down my face. i laid up in this man arms as all the othere dudes had left the room. i could not stop touching and locking at his cock. we chated for a while the spooned for a bit till he said he had to get home to his girl. i told him i wanted hi again and gave him my #. i watched as he walked feeling accomplished and high on the rush of drugs and adrenaline drifted off in my mind. then i felt a hard slap on my ass as my BBF jumped on to the bed YOU SUCH A SLUT SHE TOLD ME as i giggled and laid there tired and filled to capacity with cum. She asked what i was thinking and i had no words to describe it I told her is the biggest high i have ever felt and that i could not wait to see her do it just to Get that POV. she looked at the time and said we had to get going. i reached for the towel squatted on top of it and pushed the cum out of my sore beaten red pussy. IT GUSHED OUT like a water fall out of my pussy and onto the towel. I pushed down on my pelvic area with my hands trying to get as much as possible out. It was an amazing sight! i would never image that much cum fitted inside me! the puddle was huge. i pulled off my heels then my stockings. looked for my thong and slide it on. as im positioning it i could still feel cum dripping out. i slid on my sweat pants and then my t-shirt and grabbed my bag. we walked out the room and my BBF drove back to her place. Later that night as i showered i found my self fingering my used pussy to all the toughs rushing throw my head!! To be continued! In my next post ill share with you the aftermath of this night and if you have any questions please leave then now and ill answer then in my next post. if you dont ask NOW!!!!! once i post my final post to this event i wont answer any more on this one night. so ask now or for ever hold you peace!!!!!
  11. 21 Questions

    open to doing a Q&A so you guys can know more about.. and i also enjoy taking about my self and my experiences. So here your chance if you ever wanted to ask anything? Leave me you 21 or could be less Dirties most personal questions you would like to know about me, my life, my past, my job, my sex life, anything. no limits! i will pick the most interesting ones or the ones i can provide hot details that i think you guys would like. Let play !!!
  12. First planned cumpdump Part 1

    i would kill to find a gloryhole. that #1 on bucket list
  13. Questions

    no i didnt clean it out. eventually it dripped out down my leg which i cleaned a few times while walking the streets. yes i fucked 2 other men that night both used a condom.

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