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  1. sorry looking for bigger but worst case ill let you know
  2. looking for 2 -3 bi men for group fun. must be of good size and circumcised. 6.5" and up. your status is not important and prefer not to know. Pm me for a Q&A and then ill make my selection. looking on every Tuesday so you must b open that day only. location will be in motel room. I guess its a give but just in case it BAREBACK ONLY.
  3. i love some lace stocking and some sexy heels
  4. MiaSlut24

    Sex Roulette RP game

    wow pretty hot and scary
  5. MiaSlut24

    Sex Roulette RP game

    wow thats screy cuz i have taken a shit load of cuben men. this city " miami" is ran by cubans lol.
  6. MiaSlut24

    Sex Roulette RP game

    lol there names for these things i though they were all hiv. what is the difference in the stains? now im turned on lol
  7. MiaSlut24

    Sex Roulette RP game

    Part 3 Not so wise Michael!!! leaving it up to me ? do u really think i would show u any mercy? so be it. I laugh !! HAHAHAHA you will take BBC #4 his 7" dick will open you up to the rest. i walk over to the man grab his hard cock and tell him to crack you open like a dirty fag. i pull his hard cock over to you spread ass and spit down on his cock. that is all the lube u need or get !!! i walk around to you race as i want to to see your eyes as the first black dick penetrates you ass and soul! are u read Micheal? the black cock teases you exposed ass hole. you eyes closed anticipating the next move. NO NO i say eyes open look into my eyes as we take you soul. the head of the cock spread u open the you ass hole grips and pops and the shaft enters you ass and takes you man hood! YES get use to this cuz this is as genital as it will feel tonight!! i nod my head and the black man plunges balls deep it to your ass!!!! i giggle and you body tries to escape only to be held in place by the straps. i whisper in your ear. as the man begin to trust faster and faster. Yes take that dick!!!! it will be over soon! your little man hole will be pozzed and breed!! the seed of these man will grow inside you! forever twisting your mind and body. yes harder!!! you moan loudly as the man plaw balls deep into you and the trust out. both his hand on your waist pushing as deep and hard as possible. i walk over to the back and message the black mans balls and he trust in and out of you. OOOOO yes he is locked and LOADED is tell you. messaging more and more. i can feel his balls growing in anticipation of what is about to happen. MMMMM yes it is almost time Micheal!!!! i walk over to your face. I want to Watch as you are gifted the gift of death!! I softly kiss you forehead!!! you will remember this moment when i sentenced you to death with these soft lips and soft kiss. The Black man trust harder his grunts growing with each minute. in side you you can feel his dick hardening and growing. you ass is being stretched as is cock slams up against your prostate. then you feel it and here it!! you heart racing then stop just like that. THe black man plunges deep into your ass and grunts loudly!!! Take my POZ cum you fag!!!! he screams. his cock begin to pulsate and pump deep inside you, you feel the vibrations. the shaft as it expands and contracts around you ass hole. the look on your face is price less. you eyes full of life turn to a dull emptiness. as this mans toxic seed begins to over take you body. still Balls deep into you the man pulls out and then trust a few more times. pushing his seed deeper and milking his cock just a bit long in you. then he pulls out and that is when you feel it. the cold air and cum dripping out of you down you leg send chills down you body. you know its done that there is no stopping it anymore. I look into you empty looking eyes ans ask you DID U FEEL IF MICHEAL? TELL ME YOU THOUGHTS AT THIS VERY MOMENT!!
  8. MiaSlut24

    Sex Roulette RP game

    Part 2 the slim figure female stands and walks over to the BLACK door. the door swings open and all there is is pitch darkness. CUM michael if you dare there is no turning back atfer you cross the threshold. you enter the room then the door closes behind you. is is pitch black and a creepy silent. the lights slowly turn on and flickering, in the middle of the room there is this a sex bench on top of a stained full carpet. there is a dresser cabinet in one corner with a wheel ontoop of it and a chair in front of the beach labled host. Come Micheal remove you things and place them in the black bag. you quickly strip down and place all items in the bag. i grab the bag and place it next to the dresser. IT WILL BE SAFE THERE TILL U ARE FINISHED. i whisper and smile. my heels make an echo sound as i walk back towards you. my hands caress your naked body and then grab your balls. i smile and whisper! We will see how big these balls are tonight if you dare!!! hen laugh in and evil laugh!!!JEJEJEJEEJEJEJ my hand lets go and i walk up behind you. i kneel down and with both hands spread open your ass hole. mmmm looks like you are ready yo being! then i spit into you hole and with on finger message it. my cold finger teases your hold then you feel the long nail begin to scratch it a bit. my nail slides in to your ass and then my finger. swirling inside you digging into you inner ass walls. i pull it out and walk in-fort of you. licking my finger tasting the taste of that clean ass hole. i smile. tonight will be your undoing!!! the wheel has chosen you destiny!!!! please potion your self on the bench! knees on the lower two pads and elbows on the upper two. we will begin shortly. you kneel down and then lean over placing you belly on the long pad and your arms on the tow upper pads. i walk over yo you legs and secure the two straps around your ankles. then o tease you ass hold a bit more before going around to strap your arms. i pull up the chair and sit with my legs crossed in front of you. i smile as i tell you i will have a front row view of everything that happens and how your face reacted to everything. the wheel has chosen your faith and it will be determined by BBC!!! thats right you will take 5 of the dirtiest most Poz black men that i know! they hall have tested + and all refuse there meds. the gods and wheel has spoken and soon you will be converted. it is almost certain you will by converted tonight. so lets begin. The light are dimmed around the room leaving only one light shinning down on your help less self. another door opens and 5 dark,dirty, tattooed men walk in. i stand and make my way to them as they line up infront of you so you can see what ur about to take. BBC # 1 is 5'-9" 190 lbs with a 7.5 inch cut dick that hangs and curves a bit to the left. BBC # 2 is 5'-5" 170 lbs with a 8 inch cut dick BBC # 3 is 6'-3" 210 lbs with a 8" inch uncut dick BBC #4 is 6'-0" 190 lbs with a 7 inch cut BBC # 5 is 5'-8" 190 lbs with a 9" inch cut with the thickest head of all 5 these 5 dick will change u forever. i smile as i kneel down in front of one of the dicks. opening my mouth i slowly swallow one cock with my lips ans i reach to my right and left with each hand stocking two other BBC's. you eyes widen as the cock grow inch by inch one in my mouth and two in my hands. then i craw over two the other two cock and blow one while i stock the other. the other 3 men have walked over to you back side and are examining you ass hole as the jerk off. once the othere two are hard i craw to your face with my lips dripping slit and precum. i lean up and kiss you lips forcing my tongue into you mouth. deeply kissing you while the men finger you ass. i whisper to lick there cum and my spit off my face!!!! i craw back the the chair and sit this time legs open so i can finger my pussy and these 5 black men take you hole and life. SO Micheal shall we begin ? pick you poison! which BBC will you have first ? 1 ,2 ,3,4 or 5 ?
  9. MiaSlut24

    Sex Roulette RP game

    PLAYER AND STORY ONE PART ONE Welcome Michael. I am your host the Angel of death, but you can call me Jessica or Jessy. You have be selected to play the Sex roulette game where your we will see how much god love you or not. this story will take you places your mind and body never imaged and change you FOREVER. Tonight you will leave here with a memory that hunts you forever or a seed growing inside you that will ultimately send you to your maker in hell. The Choice is Simple LIVE OR DIE we shall see. The location of this Party is a beat down old house. as you enter the house there is a dark grimy room " like a doctors office" with a steal glass table and so chairs on both sides of the table. one chair is labeled Participant the other Host. behind the Host chair are two door one painted black one painted red. this is where it begins. Once you pass through one of the doors there no turning back. It is after Midnight when you enter the house. your feeling scared and nervous. not Knowing if this is real or not. the door is Unlocked. you turn the Knob and slowly slid it open. the Door make a loud squeaking noise. In the middle of the room is the table. the light are of but as you step inside the lights dim on and a mysterious figure wearing a black gown and hood is waiting for you at the table. Host: Welcome Micheal! Please Ave a seat! You walk over hesitant. the place looks abandoned and beat down. the table top glass is full of stains and the steal is rusting away. You pull out the chair and take a seat. The Host removes the hoody Reviling MY face. your shock to see such young beautiful innocent face. my Long Blonde lace hair hang over one side of my face covering my hazel eyes. my lips pressed together with a dark lipstick outlining my smile. I smile Host: U look scared Micheal? Are you sure you are ready? If you chose to go on there will be a series of choices or random draws that will determined the events and out cum of tonight. ONCE YOU ARE READY TO BEGIN CHOSE YOUR DOOR. once you enter there is no coming back out. so pick think wisely. WILL IT BE THE BLACK DOOR OR THE RED DOOR. the choice is yours Micheal??? which will it be.
  10. MiaSlut24

    Sex Roulette RP game

    WHAT does t anf g stand for ?
  11. MiaSlut24

    Sex Roulette RP game

    check out my wheel of death. https://shar.es/1Lh4wP Any suggestions for other choices? will be picking my first player soon so lever you comments if you want to play. I have supper hot and dirty detailed stories for each. Thanks @whore for the wheel link.
  12. MiaSlut24

    Sex Roulette RP game

    OK guys i need some guys to volunteer to play just repost the following questions and ill select two lucky winners to play first. . Questions can be Real info or Ur Fantasy. 1) First Name 2) Age 3) Ideal Conversion way? 4) Would you rather make choices or spin a Wheel?
  13. As a Female hooker the idea of bug chasing and dirty sex has corrupted and consumed my mind. during the nights I'm a street walker so i've seen and been in some fucked up places. i have take more dick and loads them most people can dream of. I like writing and exploring dirty situation that i have been in or fantasize about. so here the deal. if you guys care to play a Role playing game where i host you conversion party? All i would need is ur participation and some background on you and your ideal conversion party. after that i will create a custom story for your where u chose your own path not knowing the results of each choice till the very end. My mind is pretty dirty and i can think of some fucked up hot thing that can happen while providing you with some hot sexual stories. lets see how this goes so please leave a comment if you want to play i will choose two people to begin. if there lots of interest i might do more if not more can be selected once the first to stories are done. IF YOU LIKE DIRTY, KINKING, BUG CHASING, stories you have come to the right place.
  14. MiaSlut24

    Heartland FL looking

    what are u looking for?

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