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    13/06/17-been stood up twice by my potential pozzers,but now even more determined to get hiv and as many sti,s going
    high viral not on meds guys sought who can brush/bleed my hole to ensure I carry their babes and once pregnant will look after them by not going on meds and passing on to any who want them

    as of now 18/05/18 this slut whore is owned by a hiv + master, who is off meds and once his viral load high enough, master will use a cruel condom to breed her, once infected slave/whore will be given 3 no. bio hazard tattooed,1 no around her kunt hole,1 on her right breast c/w a small flower at its centre to reflect her feminity, the 3rd shall be a small one on its neck. i will be fitted with a permanent collar, castrated and 6 months later penis removed and ball sac removed to leave slave as a smooth nullo, re-route of urethra, will be whored out and never shall a condom ever be allowed, taken to bio hazard poz parties, hoping to be taken to USA to be bred with Cuban strain.GONO and SYPH are sought slave will never wear her panties when out with master and shall wear short dresses or skirts, when at home and Master not home she will be in leg irons and chained by her neck collar to the wall
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  1. beanna

    I live a great life

    I see she is castrated ,i believe all faggot trans should be so
  2. beanna

    PrEP now 40 Euros in Germany

    In Scotland it is free on prescription, just another policy enacted by its government despite the severe restrictions Westminster places upon it oh the difference between neo-liberal capitalism and constructive progressive socially inclusive politics, just one of many similar policies enacted by Scotland in the face of ever mounting austerity
  3. beanna

    Biohaz tattoo around butthole

    once I am pozz I want a tat like this, so all who enter are aware of the consequences
  4. I have a tattoo on my back stating that I am a urinal c/w a toilet pan
  5. excellent way to rig up a bottom for urinal duties at group parties
  6. what I like about this is that the top is in total control and the bottom simply has to accept. thats what a bottom is for and only for giving such joy and pleasure for its user
  7. beanna

    Suddenly Situationally Aware

    once you see in a real time moment that tattoo then you must do all to coax and seduce the bearer to breed you
  8. NEVER EVER.when trying to hook up with tops I tell only bare raw cock in me,more often than not this leads to them backing out and this is understandable but leads to the decrease in the amount of cock and cum I can get but wont have it any other way,i tell all I am a whore,slut cumdump and a hole for cocks to take their pleasure
  9. beanna

    Finally bred

    I concur,but to be prep does not qualify you as A TRUE WHORE
  10. no but about to as a guy who I contacted on BZ is to poz me on wed.10th oct
  11. beanna

    Need some advice.

    once you let the idea you enter your head,it only grows stronger and stronger only one way out that is become poz
  12. beanna

    Why do I crave it?

    that's what so thrilling about it,just letting a poz load explode inside you
  13. beanna

    Online Anon Whoring Out

    willingly let a top control me like thisl
  14. beanna

    Breeding Zone helps me convert

    sorry posted wrong section NOT FICTION BUT FACTUAL
  15. beanna

    Breeding Zone helps me convert

    my master who I first made contact on here will be breeding and pozzing me very soon, i rcvd a message today from him confirming he will he stated that all as previously requested that he will instruct me to attend upon him and once in his presence I will be put in a position that it will be impossible for me to back out/escape the scenario envisaged is as follows 1.i receive a order to arrive in his presence, i will be in male attire, but wearing underneath waist clincher to portray my breasts, suspenders and stockings I will remove my male attire, he will hood me, then put a jockstrap on me as female hormones now has me totally impotent now and the only things that erect me are having raw cock in me and especially a poz cock so in order to prevent any ejaculation by myself he will make sure my cock fully erect then tie off with a stocking at base and testicles so tight that it cannot go soft or ejaculate once tied, i will be placed face down on bed, arms and legs spread then firmly tied the n pillow supports under my stomach to raise me rear to his desired and comfort level for entry and ease of access to my kunt for his highly toxic cock once he is happy with access to this whores hole he w ill insert a tooth brush and scrub till bleeding then he will put on his cruel condom,lift my hood to show me the blood on the brush and the cruel condom on his death weapon once seen hood back on,then commence to enter and fuck his whore,he is aware of the damage a cruel condom can inflict so he will monitor its use and if becoming too severe will remove it and when his cock bleeding re enter my kunt he will edge as long as possible I have to continually plead and beg for his hvl. non med load to be fucked into me you bet I will he will be highly verbal as he fucks me once his wonderful highly toxic seed in me I shall thank him profusely all will be recorded the whole scenario to be repeated a fortnight later to ensure I become his aids whore

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