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    13/06/17-been stood up twice by my potential pozzers,but now even more determined to get hiv and as many sti,s going
    high viral not on meds guys sought who can brush/bleed my hole to ensure I carry their babes and once pregnant will look after them by not going on meds and passing on to any who want them
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  1. And now a word from our Virus

    that can only be a description as to my reasons to become poz
  2. Any Bottoms Have A Fantasy About Jail Sex

    never ever want to go to prison, but if somehow I ended up in one then as a trans with its own breasts I would try to identify the real king pin,become his personal fuck toy for his and those associates he depends on to maintain his authority,i would be the best fuck they can get in their prison situation
  3. Would you bareback a eunuch?

    I am chemically castrated,and you describe us well
  4. How much of this is fantasy?

    nothing can exist other than reality, because that's all their really is
  5. length of fuk flu and severity

    I am finding all replies most helpful as I am soon to be breed and become pregnant,i know its different for all but forewarned is forearmed, grate if others who have been through the fuck flu can add their bit
  6. First time raw, planned or unplanned?

    my first time raw was when the guy took a condom out and I said you can get to fuck with that, its like taking a bath with your wellingtons on. he only reqd.a few seconds to throw it away as I had wanked and sucked him brick hard
  7. I am a sissy whore and cum dump and know exactly what my function is.i.e.to let guys who want to fuck and cum in a hole simple as that only then I am pleasuredi
  8. First Time With A Family Member

    I had very similar expierences,fucked my sister many times when I was 14 and she 13
  9. once I am poz I will take multi loads as much as possible,but till then I prefer to know who daddy of my babes is,after that will seek as many strains going
  10. as a bottom I never cum,but just love it when my user cums more than once,the more juice pumped in the better for all,i let him take as long as he wants to gratify himself
  11. Molested as a kid

    GlorieHoleLover. thanks so much,do tops realise how much we really want to please them and its when they let us know we are doing so that we work even harder to ensure they have a wonderfull orgasm and THATS EXACTLY HOW WE ARE PLEASURED personally I don't even want to orgasm ONLY SATISFY THEM but it has to bebareback only
  12. Molested as a kid

    was molested as young teen by a middle aged guy, he had a wonderfull 9 ins and very thick and rock hard, he rubbed me hard then rubbed our erect glans against each others, then I was told to masturbate him, never forgot his throbbing massive gleaming tool and the force of his ejaculation, we met 7 times overall until caught by my mum. ever since addicted to satisfying guys and giving pleasure adore making guys rock hard,teasing them and encouraging them to fuck me raw
  13. perv/taboo chat

    not a fantasy for me as long as I eventually expire
  14. Do sissies deserve prep?

    its free in Scotland,but I will not be taking it therefore I do not desrve
  15. he was a selfish bastard,if I allow a barebacker inside me he should have the decency to ejaculate inside my hole

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