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    13/06/17-been stood up twice by my potential pozzers,but now even more determined to get hiv and as many sti,s going
    high viral not on meds guys sought who can brush/bleed my hole to ensure I carry their babes and once pregnant will look after them by not going on meds and passing on to any who want them
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  1. THANK YOU.i am very proud of my breasts and also my nice rounded butt,guys who fuck me often comment how sweet my arse is,i am sure it helps them cum in my kunt
  2. always raw,never ever will allow a condomed up cock inside my kunt,if they wont take it off END GAME
  3. very rare but so nice if the top withdraws till only tip left in and I finish him off by working my kunt muscles and he holds still till I milk him, then you most cert.feel the sperm enter you and he rams it deep inside you
  4. Just bred 3 sluts

    you are near me,so most welcome to load me
  5. POZ ME

    just exactly what I seek also
  6. got tattoo prior hormones,orgasm very very rare now but not a waste,my mind still very sexy
  7. no do not require a prescription,no other pills,but tried anti androgens to rid testosterone, but serious side effects therefore only ostevin, no injections if you decide to go on female hormones BE CAREFULL IF WHAT YOU WISH FOR, they are addictive, you will lose male muscle mass,skkin will go silky and soft,hair smooth and soft,mood swings, start to think like a woman (that's why we know how to please cock) and eventually become impotent along with your penis shrinking ending up only ever able to take and drain cock NEVER ABLE TO GIVE COCK and that's just a small portion of the consequence's,if only male tops realised what a real trans goes thru so we can offer pleasure for and to them.big hugs and kisses in a way only a trans can
  8. Pregnancy risk?

    so wishing I could have cleaned you up after
  9. for mine I use ostevin cream,available from inhousepharmacy on line,excellent service mine good b cup,running onto c cup
  10. yes I do,always wanted to be rid of them since puberty, going to London end of January to have testicles removed and penis cut off at base,no more bumps in panties/skirts just left smooth and become a nullo,100%impotent now due to 11 yrs on strong female hormones, once done will be able to give great pleasure only to those who wish a nice hole to gratify themselves
  11. Poz kickboxer breeding

    upon seeing the bio hazard tattoo I would have melted and begged him to breed me
  12. a nice big lethal toxic cock
  13. Weirdest Fetish

    each to their own,what a terrible world it would if we were all the same.on this of all sites keep a open mind after all A CLOSED MIND IS RATHER LIKE A PARACACHUTE IT IS USELESS TILL IT OPENS the fact that something actually exists is proof it is NOT WEIRD
  14. Getting PREP in UK

    no quite the opposite,but soon we will be free and when the remaining parts of uk will be in very serious economic trouble Westminster state they are the sovereign power and say no but we are the people and we say YES we are a modern progressive free thinking nation fit for the 21 st century whilst Westminster is stuck in days of empire which no longer exists and IS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE I feel so sad for ENGLAND its high time you found and established a new, proper and fitting identity then and only then will you have a chance and some hope for a deserved future for your citizens. as opposed to a new blue passport, DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE ELITE,THEIR CRONIES IN THE MEDIA(ALL OF IT) wake up WE HAVE
  15. Craigslist and bareback

    I placed a ad requesting poz guys to fuck me,but it was taken down

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