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    13/06/17-been stood up twice by my potential pozzers,but now even more determined to get hiv and as many sti,s going
    high viral not on meds guys sought who can brush/bleed my hole to ensure I carry their babes and once pregnant will look after them by not going on meds and passing on to any who want them
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  1. making porn videos

    I will be in London for 9th & 10 th nov,interested in making a vid whist I get poz cum
  2. will be in central London hotel,any poz gifters welcome to seed me
  3. Bare Penises Only ?

    I concur 100% but now I will only let poz guys in me, hheightens the risk
  4. wished I could swim across that pond
  5. cant wait till I have that status
  6. The masters tranny fuck doll

    yes we do need someone to firmly control us and meet all their perverted needs and desires,its the only way we can be satisfied ourselves
  7. at 6 yr old wearing my mums undies, completely changed my future
  8. Poz guys - Any Regrets?

    Wish more poz guys had your view
  9. Question: hole, cunt or pussy?

    Being a sub trans i accept whatever any top wants to call it,i just want to ensure he deposits a load in me
  10. Thank you for following me,we are of similar mind and i am so looking forward to being poz

  11. perv/taboo chat

    snuff email me at closeddistillery@protonmail.com 100% secure
  12. with regards N.Korea/Trump the only sure fire reasons wars start is that one or both parties BELIEVE THEY CAN AND WILL WIN both parties in this scenario, believe such, thats what makes this so fucking serious, the only sane voices at the moment are China

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