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    13/06/17-been stood up twice by my potential pozzers,but now even more determined to get hiv and as many sti,s going
    high viral not on meds guys sought who can brush/bleed my hole to ensure I carry their babes and once pregnant will look after them by not going on meds and passing on to any who want them

    as of now 18/05/18 this slut whore is owned by a hiv + master, who is off meds and once his viral load high enough, master will use a cruel condom to breed her, once infected slave/whore will be given 3 no. bio hazard tattooed,1 no around her kunt hole,1 on her right breast c/w a small flower at its centre to reflect her feminity, the 3rd shall be a small one on its neck. i will be fitted with a permanent collar, castrated and 6 months later penis removed and ball sac removed to leave slave as a smooth nullo, re-route of urethra, will be whored out and never shall a condom ever be allowed, taken to bio hazard poz parties, hoping to be taken to USA to be bred with Cuban strain.GONO and SYPH are sought slave will never wear her panties when out with master and shall wear short dresses or skirts, when at home and Master not home she will be in leg irons and chained by her neck collar to the wall
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  1. Just love it when the cock in me reaches the point of no return after all i have worked my kunt hard to get it to that point at which i ask him to put his cum Deep into me and that I a cum slut and want all it .love the ones who after it stay in and slowly work it further in But best of all is as they withdraw they turn to the next guy waiting with a solid hard and say In you go now and fuck it
  2. I concur No games just say you need to be pozed and the pozer say ok lets do it End of
  3. See you not been back on this site since this posting of oct.2020
  4. And would travel also with you Great if a good few poz gifters doing their business
  5. A invite would be gladly accepted
  6. I very [banned word] if you want to experience
  7. In UK Will travel to have someone who will Completely nullify me and remove cock and balls I know how to do both safely So any who want to do it I can help with How to PM.or e mail to closeddistillery@protonmail.com
  8. beanna

    Choking out

    No kik sorry Only 100 % secure fully encrypted Swiss run e mail And it is closeddistillery@protonmail.com
  9. beanna

    Choking out

    You most welcome to do it to me
  10. Androcur is not permanent When you stop T comes back But female hormones effects are irreversible Balls not shrunk and still hard Cock shrunk from 9 ins to 7 ins Impossible to maintain hard even with Viagra for any more than 1 min. I more or less chemically castrated now No Way back
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