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  1. barebackrnb

    My Blindfolded Boy's Cum Roulette Party

    This scene is so hot! Loved it...😍
  2. barebackrnb

    Teacher Gives Me 1st Poz Load

    Adding the internal dilemma that all of us bottoms initially go through provides some realism to the story....😙
  3. barebackrnb

    Fucked in Juvee by my probation officer

    I bet this evaluation technique keeps juvees in compliance. I know it would motivate me to please a probation officer...😉
  4. barebackrnb

    A Brother in Trouble

    I was wondering when Joe and Kyle were going to get recharged....? Keep it up, chi4loads! Love the story line(s)!
  5. barebackrnb

    Swallow Your Own Cum

    I love swallowing all cum including me own! It started years ago when I would jack off and had nothing to clean up with, so I started eating my cum and haven't stopped since... I viewed it this way: Since my body worked to produce it, then I shouldn't waste it!
  6. barebackrnb

    Towards Zero

    Wow! I couldn't have gotten any harder... I can't wait for the next chapter...
  7. barebackrnb

    A Brother in Trouble

    A little different than previous chapters, but still as hot! Loved seeing how Frank evolved into a sex-crazed guy. Also liked to get Frank's perspective on meeting Dave and having sex with him and Ric. Nicely done, chi4loads!
  8. barebackrnb

    A Brother in Trouble

    Love this chapter and to know Raphi is a conquest of Joe's now, and that he enjoyed having group sex. Oh, what fun office parties will be...? (minus Greg)
  9. barebackrnb

    A Brother in Trouble

    Your formula does it for me! I return regularly to read about the next pozzing adventure. (I am stroking and cumming with every new chapter! Thank you...?) I hope you will have Raphi (?) from Joe's interview overcome his fear of group sex with the guys before ending the story...?
  10. barebackrnb

    A Brother in Trouble

    I can only imagine how many more pozzings would have happened if Joe and Kyle also went to the frat party...? A great chapter! It appears Steven is more comfortable with stealthing since fucking his cousin.
  11. barebackrnb

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Oh, the possibilities.... Keep it cumming...?
  12. barebackrnb

    Sex Roulette RP game

    See my profile picture....?
  13. barebackrnb

    Sex Roulette RP game

    1. Prince 2. 33 3. Conversion Party at Folsom Street Festival. I am stripped naked and put in a sling (with my Bareback Pride tattoo showing). 4. Spin the Wheel.
  14. barebackrnb

    A Brother in Trouble

    This story gets me horny and hard with every chapter. Love how each chapter weaves sex and new men into the on going storyline....? Keep up the great writing! It's truly appreciated!
  15. Thanks for the follow, sexy!

    1. barebackrnb


      No problem...Thanks for your follow, too!

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