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Diaper Cum and Piss Play

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Feeling cu M drop out of my hope into my diaper is one of my favorite things about being diapered.


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2 hours ago, cumdumpotter2 said:

always wanted to have my diaper pulled down for an anon breeding

I've always wanted to have a hole in the back and get fucked through a soggy diaper.

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    • By Worknout
      Social distancing is killing me. I need to get fucked or swallow your cum.
      Come by wearing your mask, whip your cock out and feed me or breed me!
    • By SecretCumWhore
      Hey guys,
      just asking for a roll call for who may see this on guys in Texas who may be looking to network and expand their circle a bit. Friends or otherwise.  I’m in small town and prolly only guy in town who uses this site. 
      I am between Sweetwater and Sonora on the map.  Central Texas.  Message me to chat on a messenger for more personal stuff.  Or if you see someone else in this thread that you may connect with, hit them up 👌🏻🙌🏼
      waiting for covid to relax a bit before I start heading out to all diff cities again like I used too.  
    • By Filthpig69
      There will be a bareback sex party in a private residence in Auckland next week
      For details, if anyone is interested, register at barebacksp.com
      From there, you should be able to find out event details and RSVP 
    • By ukboi99
      My last load was just now from a guy (age 19) I was talking to on Grindr. Neither of us can accommodate so we met on an path by a train track and went into the bushes. I sucked him off for a bit before he wanted to fuck me raw. A little bit of lube later and he rammed it in me. His cock had a nice amount of foreskin on it and was just under 7 inches. I could feel his dick hitting the end of my rectum but i powered through even though it hurt slightly. He called me good boy all the way through. Sadly I couldn't tell when he came; he just kinda slipped out and said he came in me. Put my hand to my ass and could feel the mess he'd made.
      We both parted ways and I went home to jack off using the stuff from creamed ass as lube.
    • By bbparks
      Lockdown has meant I am spending almost all my time working from home with my husband. Don’t mind, he is a great sex partner so definitely not experiencing a draught. Lunch time tea breaks often means a good load of cum being shared. Today was even more fun being loosened up with a 21cm dildo being hauled out just to stay in practice. It only takes about 20 minutes after all. In fact, I am writing this with a good load of his cum in my arse. Problem is now I want more. Miss the thrill though of exploring other cocks loading me up or me leaving cum behind far up an appreciating bottoms gut. Looking for big ones, cocks and loads. Also missing the guilty pleasure of cuddling up to hubby at night and slide into his wet cummy arse asking him about the incidental cock he enjoyed during the day while I fuck him slowly while the smell of those who unloaded in him earlier oozes out and covers my cock providing a silky smooth lube for his well fucked arse. 

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