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  1. I love cage, wearing one keeps my horny and on edge, ready to take any dick i can find.
  2. Id definitely submit to a camp like that
  3. I have a few. Only get them if on special occasions
  4. I love getting fucked in the woods. This was really hot!
  5. My final number was 7 loads in my ass, 3 down my throat.
  6. Decided to slut out. Been taking loads all day. First was about 5am, hot daddy , 8in uncut. Fucked me in my car. 2nd was a twink, 20, 7in cut. Hooked up in his room around 10am. Loved the fact I was already loaded. 3rd was a guy in his 30s, 6in cut, but came a ton in my ass. Fucked me in his hotel room while his wife was gone. 4th was an anon load, some guy that wanted me at a glory hole. Big black 9in, I sucked him off then backed myself up on it. Took a while but he loaded me up. Cum was dripping down my leg on my way back to my car. It's now 430pm and im wai
  7. It's nice once in a while, but honestly, the cum is thanks enough for me
  8. At one point, I was getting fucked by a guy that I use to work with. He was a complete asshole know it all. Always knew a better way to do things, etc. But damn he could fuck.
  9. Doing a lot of guess work because I'll be honest, I have no idea how many loads I've taken. I'm thinking since my first load, to now, I should be at least around 750 to 800. Not at 1000 yet, but I'll hit it pretty soon I'm sure. I'll post again when I feel I've hit that mark.
  10. I can't wait to get to going back. I miss being able to get my fix.
  11. I love being watched by a 3rd or more. Kinda makes it like im performing or being shown. I love getting cheers or talked to, being called names. Is a huge turn on
  12. I lean more toward cock. But will use dick on occasion
  13. For me, if I'm willing to bottom raw, it means I'm letting you have that option to cum in me. I think it's a person to person thing, but for me, it's implied
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