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Will be visiting NYC from June 16-19, 2019 and planning on attending the GSA-NYC Watersports event in Brooklyn on the night of June 16th.  On the night of June 17th I will be at the JOC (Jacks of Color) event at Paddles.  Hope to see some NYC guys from here at both events.  At the JOC event will be looking to take all loads there and have my ass dripping.

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    • By pervedone
      I'm thinking about investing in some toys so tell me what are the best toys you reccomend? No limits , no judgements, comment or pm. ++++ for links or pics. My favorite so far are an ejaculating dildo, a few flashlights and a plug set I lost in my last move. 

    • By Texasbislut82
      Coming to ftl 12/30-1/4, just read slammers is reopening unser new owners. Is this true? Does anybody know when it will reopen? Hopefully be open when in town so i can spend some time in the darkroom or gh taking loads. Hope to find a hung top to smoke up at Inn leather than go to Slammers and become a cumdump.
    • By MotelCumdumpCD
      I am CD slut that has a wild imagination. On occasion I have been able to make my fantasies come true due to either having sissy friends that help or my cock  addiction. I absolutely love checking into low budget motels that accommodate sex workers and drug dealers. I get turned on when I know that gay Cumdump breeding orgies often happen and always hope my bed is often the location chosen to bend over and let as many anonymous men cum inside a sloppy hole. 
      I want to meet other sissy sluts that enjoy drugs and bareback sex. I never use condoms snd love vocalizing it. I always have unprotected sex and need a slut sister that shares the same obsession for slutty outfits, meth, and letting men cum in them for hours. I would love to dress as an underaged schoolgirl that is lost. I want a hung pervy drug dealer to grope and touch me and my friend. Give us meth and tell us it will make us feel so good while texting your friends to let them know they are welcome to come use us. Post ads for us and find as many guys as possible. A catch cup for cum will be under our asses and before we know it, we are bending over and begging men to cum in us. I can’t express how much I love being a faggot and want to become known as a pretty cd slut that will do anything for meth. I want 50 plus guys to cum in my ass and to record huge cocks penetrating my sloppy loose hole that so many men have barebacked. 
      Get me spun with another slut so I can bend over and take cum in my ass. Invite friends and help me increase the number of people that have barebacked me. Scoop cum out of my slut sister and push it into me ass. Bareback other cumdumps before me so I can enjoy taking a cock that has so much dna on it from others. Hypnotize us and charge men at the door before they line up to enjoy bareback sex with druggy cumdump sluts on a mission to have 1000 men cum in them. 
      Me and sissy slut sister will have pigtails, nerd glasses, super short skirts, fishnets, and stripper heels. I always keep my heels on and love looking like a trashy motel hoe whenever I am letting guys cum in me. I want to feel like I’m being taken advantage of and def need to feel used. I don’t refuse loads and watch hypno porn while blowing clouds so I can focus on dedicating my life to making myself available for men that are perverted as fuck. 
      if any other sissies wanna chat and plan a night let’s do it. If any men wanna fly me to their city and own me, I’d love that too. I need to be ruined. I love drugs and losing all inhibitions. I’m hoping to start spending all of my weekends in motels making movies of anonymous cocks Cumming in my gaping asshole. Help me get as loose as possible so cum leaks from me and fart cum out nonstop. 
      I’ll write a part 2 about what kinds of things I crave with other girls. When I bend over and let guys put shards in my asshole... hopefully soon someone takes me on the streets so I can walk them in hopes of getting fucked behind a dumpster and letting other drug addicts piss in my asshole. 
      thanks for reading and hit me up with any questions or comments. I need more friends to create experiences with and hopefully join me on my mission to take 1000 raw cocks on film!
    • By ericbb99
      My name is Eric. I was 19 years old at the time, in college, and I desperately needed money. I was 5'9" and 120lbs, blonde hair and blue eyes, nice 6-pack and a cute butt. I was still a virgin with guys, and I wasn't out, but I knew I was gay. I was pretty inexperienced and extremely naive. But I needed money.
      I went on Craigslist and started looking around for gigs. I scrolled until one caught my eye. "Young Male Server Needed for Election Party" Huh... I wasn't sure why it mattered that I was young or male, but I figured I fit the description, and I could definitely sling drinks. The presidential election was this coming Tuesday. I just hoped they still needed someone. I emailed, and almost immediately heard back: "Send us a picture. -Aaron"  Again, it was weird, but I wasn't in a position to be picky. I sent over a picture of myself. I heard my email ding: "You're perfect. It's $150 for the night. And if you win the election, you'll get $1000. You can be casual, but wear something cute. Here's the address... See you around 7pm on Tuesday." I was so confused, but the lure of $1000 kept me from asking too many questions... I emailed back, "See you then."
      I pulled up to the house a bit nervous. It was huge, probably a $3 million house. It was modern. There were lots of cars there. I went to the door and rang the bell, and a man came to the door. He was in his 30's, fit with brown hair and a stubbly beard. He was hot, and dressed very well. "Welcome," he said, "I'm Aaron. You must be Eric. Come on in." He showed me to the bar. There were about 3 dozen guys there walking around, and the election results were on the TV as they came in. They were drinking and having a good time, and no one seemed to be paying much attention to the election. I jumped right in and started making drinks and passing them out. There were four other guys there all working with me, all young and hot.
      I realized quickly that the men were gay. It began to make sense why they wanted young male servers--a little eye candy for the night. One of the men slapped my ass and winked at me as I walked past and no one found it weird. Others were checking me out as I walked around. I kind of liked the attention. I'd never been in a group of gay guys before where I could be myself. It was strange, but I liked it.
      The night went on and it started getting late. But the guys weren't slowing down. Eventually, the election result was called on the TV. Most of the guys were pissed. A couple were pleased. And I figured things were done, and I could go home soon. Instead, Aaron called us into the living room, asked the four of us to stand in front of the TV. Then he said, "Now it's time to see who wins the election." A few of the men cheered. "Here's how it works: all of the guys here had a ballot at the beginning of the night. They've chosen one of you and voted. I'm going to pull out the ballots one by one. And if it's yours, you have to take off a piece of clothing. The first person naked gets 'elected' and the others can go home with their $150. But the guy who wins the election, gets $1000--and to stay and play with us, of course."
      My jaw about dropped. One of the other guys shook his head no. Aaron handed him $150 and he made his way to the door. The other two said they were in. Aaron looked at me. "So, what's it going to be, boy?" he asked. I paused for a moment and looked around the room. This was the kind of thing dreams were made of, and I needed the money. I nervously nodded yes, and Aaron smiled. "Good, then let's get started."
      (to be contintued)
    • By Faggotwhore72
      Well, who else misses his gloryhole and the feeling of being used as a cumdump by anonymous guys

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