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Life is not all Pitts

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I get home with my busted ass hole as the bleeding stop, and so is the feeling of the stuff he put in my ass & arm is gone as I hit the bed. 
Sal is over trying to wake me up, ao as I get out of bed and go to work, I feel like shit. Sal says you have a phone call, so who calls me? I answer, and its MBI is asking how I'm feeling,  like shit, he tells me to drink a lot of water and I will feel better and so will your ass hole.

After I do he was right, I feel better, and when I get a chance, I go to the library and get a dildo then head back to my room find one of the cellophane bags I have and put one of the large pieces in my ass with my finger then use the dildo to shove that shard up more. I feel it starting to burn and want my hole fuck with more than a dildo. 

At the Spa, it's Daddie and boys night, so I head over, and since I work, I just walk in like I own the place. I take my clothes off, and soon a Daddie grabs my hand then forces me down on my knees to suck his dick. Then, once he is hard, he looks me in the face then says, boy, have you been spun up already? 

I have no idea what he is talking about as he bends me over a bench and shoves his dick in me; this is just what I need as I say to him, thank you, Daddie. He pulls out then drives back in, a few of his friends come by as one says this is the cleaning boy so who knew he was such cumdump faggot.

I hear someone says to keep him fuckup as I feel the inside of my ass burning again, and all I want is a dick in me as Daddie after Daddie fucks me, I hear someone say let's hope he is on PrEP, if not in a few weeks his life will be changed forever.  

I'm lying on the floor naked like a piece of garbage as MBI comes over, then looks me in the face then says boy let me take you home.   We get to his home, and I see three of his boys help me out. I say to my self where did this other boy come from as two of the boys are still locked up in chastity, and the other boy is not. I crash, and when I wake up, the boy that is not in chastity is giving me some Gatoraid to drink. I see he has a small dick, and his scrotum and balls have been remover, he tells me MBI removed them as he wanted a eunuch, so he was castrated. I lay down, and he puts his arms around me, and we cuddle for a few hours, which felt great. 

MBI asks if I want to stay here with him or go back to my life with no hope but to live in a back room. He tells in a month or less I will become very sick from his toxic load; I ask him it might be from others as he is laughing then says, how do you think they became infected? It was me that POZ them. I look around then say OK so that I will become one of his boys. So he tells me what things will go when I get sick.

Your body will try to reject the virus.
You will have a high fever.
Your joints will ache.
You will be sweating profusely.
My boys will help you through this.
Once your body has excepted the virus, you will be horny all the time looking to fuck others. I will use you to spread the family virus here at home. You will be naked, and since you have a big dick, you will not be locked up like my other boys as they have small dicks but are great to dump loads into with their wreck holes. 

In the meantime, you will be kept high on meth, and I will be using your hole either my dick or putting you on fuck machine, so you know whats it's like to be used like the slut you are and stretch out your hole for future use.

My day starts with water that spiked with a small dose GHB then a .02 slam. The boys tell me to go to MBI bedroom, and its the first time I see him naked, with his body is covered in Scorpion, Bio Hazard, and other body piercings. I'm in kind of shock as he says boy one day you will get yours, now get your ass over here as he throws me face down on the bad and drives his dick in me and fucks me as hard and fast as he can, then dumps his toxic load in me then just lays on top of me and says to my ear you are doing well then leads me over to this bench straps me down puts a dildo in me then turns on the machine pours some lube that burns inside of me.

I must spend 20 hours a day as I never sleep with a dick, either MBI dick on the fuck machine. The dildos keep getting bigger as when MBI fucks me now, it's not painful at all but very pleasurable now. 

When I lay down, the eunuch is with me, and I love the feel of his body next to me with his arms around me, caressing my body. 

I'm not feeling well, so the eunuch calls MBI. He takes my temperature then smiles as it's over 102 and gives me fluids. I feel weak as I just lay in bed sweating as the drugs I was taking also are wearing-off. The only good thing is I have a naked body next to me that is giving me comford.  


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I'm sure MBI has something up his sleeve or down his pants to keep us cumming.

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