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T-107 Again

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I had the day off and I knew it was going to be hot. I figured a lot of people would take the four day weekend to cruise the park. I was not wrong. Usually I walk around and occasionally see someone and then we hook up. This was the first time I've been that there were people hanging out with their dicks out. The crowd was younger than usual and hotter than usual. Sounds nice, but I quickly realized it was a problem. Today was the equivalent of walking into your favorite bar after forgetting it was Cinco de Mayo.

There was a promising start with a guy who let me suck him. He said he liked to watch. He filmed me sucking him and took some nice pics of me naked in the park. Then another guy came up and I started sucking him. He came in my mouth and I took a selfie of the load on my tongue.

At this point, things slowed down. Guys were walking around and no one was playing. It all came across with the attitude of I'm too hot to do you. I felt like I was at Steamworks. You'll get your steps in, but not too many loads. Finally, a guy who I think needed to cum but was out of time and had passed me by a bunch decided to play. I sucked him for a while and then he decided to fuck me. I think he pretty soon realized he should have done it sooner. He was talking about how great my hole was and he fucked a long time before he came in me.

Next came a bald ginger (I could tell by the pubes). I sucked him a while and the guy who liked to watch was enjoying the view. The ginger fucked me and came fast, big load, and then my watcher decided he would breed me too. Three loads in.

I walked around a bit and a cute guy with a small dick gave me a nod. I was on my knees and sucked it out of him in a hurry.

I kept walking over to another area and a pretty hot guy who had passed me by a bunch decided he wanted me. As I sucked him hard he fingered my pussy and then bent me over. He fucked me while I held on to a tree for support. He shot a nice load in me and I sucked him clean.

Walked a bit more and saw an old troll. I was so happy because I knew he'd accept the offer. I got on my knees and sucked his thick short cock and asked if he wanted to fuck me. He just said, "Oh, yes," then I lubed his cock and bent over. Fifth load in.

It was getting late so I made one more round. Big guy was in the bushes and I sucked him off. 

Five in my pussy and three down my throat. Not bad, but I think I'll stick to normal summer days. More people there to actually fuck. 

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    • By Calibuck19
      This is my first time writing something here, I hope you enjoy.

      I moved to a new city about 2 months ago after leaving a messy relationship. I eventually downloaded the apps, Grindr, Growlr, Scruff, hoping to find at least some kind of action and see who is around. I mentioned in my profile that I was 420 friendly, and this guy with no photo or profile info messaged me asking if I needed some. Long story short we get to talking and I get what I need from him, he brings it by my place and mind you, I still didn't know what he looks like, I hopped in his car real quick to say hi, and to my delight, there was a tall, handsome black man who looked equally as pleased to see me as I felt to see him. There was some sort of spark there, but I'm normally a shy guy, and panicked and dipped out not sure if I was quite ready for anything despite the stirring in my shorts.

      After he left, and I was kicking myself, I got a text; "Wanna hookup?"
      The bluntness turned me on, but I was still unsure of myself, and I made up an excuse about this or that.

      We started talking, and did the back of forth of the I'm into you, yeah me too, we should bang sometime, yada yada. Normal talk from most guys you meet online. We met another time, and again, my nerves got the best of me. I was worried he would loose interest, but he was also the weed man, so there's not really a lack of communication for very long.

      Today our meeting turned out very differently. He asked me to meet him in a part of town I had not been to before, and I half expected something sketchy, well, sketchier than what I was already doing. He had me meet him in the parking garage beside a mall, and the time of day and the weather turned out perfect for a very dark corner in the back of the garage, where we both pulled in beside each other.

      I was hesitant, but he didn't skip a beat. He jumped out of his car, came over and jumped into mine. I'm such an awkward person, but luckily I had mentioned being terrible at making the first move to him previously after our last meeting. He very bluntly said "If I pull me cock out, will you suck it?" I replied. "Fuck yes."

      We adjusted the seats a little and I got up on my knees on the driver seat and leaned over and swallowed his cock as fast as he pulled it out. He smelled and tasted so good. It was intoxicating. I could feel my heart beating in my ears as his hand found his way into my shorts and straight to my hole. I whimpered around his cock as his fingers traced my ass. He pushed my head down further and said "Shit stay there, someone's coming." and I was gagging, but also afraid of getting caught I didn't want to move. I had his cock lodged in my throat, the smell of his manhood filling my nose, and a finger just starting to enter my ass. 

      Everything was perfectly still as I heard a car lock from somewhere nearby. The only thing moving was my throat struggling to accommodate this huge cock invading it. He finally let me up and I caught  my breath and he looked so satisfied and it turned me on even more and made me want to take it further. Unfortunately, my car is tiny, and filled with stuff for work, so there's not much room, especially for a stocky bear to get fucked by a tall and built black man. So we took it outside and I got on my hands and knees in the parking garage facing the road and offered my ass up to him.

      He quickly grabbed my ass and spread my cheeks open to spit on my hole which made me slip out another whimper of desire. He knew I was ready and we never talked about status or condoms, and as the thought came to my mind, his cock started pushing inside me and I didn't care anymore. I just started pushing back to get more of him inside me. He crouched down behind me and didn't waste any time fucking. His big cock was sliding in and out of me and I could feel him throbbing, and hard as a rock. Some headlights caught our attention and moved super close to us, and as the car got closer, I backed up so I wouldn't be visible on my knees from under the car. 

      As I backed up, I took all of his cock inside me. The headlights were still coming closer and I hear him say "Shit shit shit" then I feel his nut flooding my hole as the pulses surge through his cock and into my guts. It had been so long since I felt a big load splatter my insides. He pulled out quick and jumped up and headed to his car, smiled and waved as he drove away, while I pulled my shorts back up over my jockstrap.

      When I got home, some cum must have leaked out of my ass and onto my shorts and my car seat had a big wet spot. I love being used and I'm loving the free perks of texting the weedman. 
    • By SFCumCatcher
      Any places to cruise in Oakland? Ideally looking for park or alley for pump n dumps for a few hours. Bonus points for mask wearers and uncut guys.
      Prep chubby Asian bottom here.

    • By latinobb
      I'm in Portland for a long weekend. I got here, rested a bit, and went on Sniffies to find out where to cruise. Liberated World was recommended. I drove over and went into the Whack Shack as they call it. There was a big bear naked on one of the couches. I sucked him and then offered my hole. He took it and blew a load in me. I'd been there five minutes and already been bred. There were two guys watching the straight video and I started sucking one. Made the same offer, but he was a total bottom. Moved on to the other but he didn't want to fuck me. Instead, the other guy rode him until he came and the two left together. Now it was just me and a big guy. He declined all help. It got really dull for about an hour and he finally accepted my mouth. I offered my hole but he wanted a condom. I declined and then when he got close, I sat down on his bare cock with no objection. He left and I was getting ready to go, but then a new daddy walked in. He got undressed and revealed two artificial limbs. It took him a while to get hard, but, he got on his knees and I got fucked by an about amputee for the first time. I played a little with an old guy who walked in but he couldn't get hard and I left.
      Got back to the Airbnb and thought I would go to bed, but then the itch still needed to be scratched. I went back on Sniffies and tried a local park but it was a pick up spot, not a place to actually fuck. Then a bunch of guys mentioned Buckman Field. I went.
      Walked until I met someone who gave me all the cruising tips. Then he gagged me with his cock and fucked me. He spit in my mouth and moved me to doggy before breeding me. I came across two guys playing and they took turns on me then one fucked the other into my hole. He bred me that way and then the other guy bred me. I got a polite rejection from a cute Indian guy before moving on. Six loads. Not bad for the first day.
    • By latinobb
      I'll be in Portland this weekend. I'm looking to get as many loads as possible. I'll travel to you, no load refused. I love public, understall, glory holes, and anon breeding.
      Also looking for the best places to get bred. Are there any ABS open?
    • By LoadMyHoleOAK
      My pig side is definitely returning despite the COVID-19 risk. After my escapades at the beach I’ve definitely been hungry for more.
      Sunday evening I texted one of my fuck buds to see if he was available. He’s what I call my preloader. He’s always desirous and willing to fuck my ass so I used to take advantage of him to preload my ass before going to communion or other sex parties. It was great to arrive already with a load up my ass.
      Sunday night I just wanted raw, dirty, anonymous sex. After I got my load from him I headed to cruise the park. With the virus I’ve definitely noticed an uptick in the amount of cruising happening in the parks. They were quite a few guys out but I was drawn to this older black guy with grey dreadlocks. Probably because he had this big floppy dick hanging out of his unzipped pants. I felt it’s substantial girth and weight in my palm before getting down on my knees to open my mouth up as wide as I could. As his dick grew harder, he took control of my head to force it deeper in my mouth. After a while, I shifted to a squatting position pulling down my gym shorts to expose my ass. I was hoping he wasn’t just looking for a blow job. Luckily he wasn’t and after stroking my cheeks and fingering my hole,  he bent me over a water fountain and started to shove his way into my post COVID-19 tight ass. He blew while telling me that I had a good pussy for black dick.
      With two loads in me, I decided to check out the bathrooms. They are filthy and disgusting; mainly used by the homeless but guys do fuck in there. I walked in to find a masked Latino guy with his shirt and pants undone hanging out in one of the stalls. He beckoned me to join him and once I did, he didn’t waste any time. I didn’t even need to suck him! He had one of those uncut solid dicks that’s like a log. No taper to it. While fucking me he kept on asking me “do you like it? “ until he spurted his wad into me. 
      I was hoping for one more before I needed to head home to at least get five hours of sleep before work. I ran into a sweet black guy with glasses that enjoyed my hole for a while but didn’t cum. 
      I swear after this whole thing is over I’m going to be an open hole for an entire year to get all the dick I’ve lost during the pandemic!
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