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    I'm looking for loads. I love being a well used slutty cum dump and after I've taken four or five loads, read to dump mine in another hole.

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  1. Work has been nuts and covid and shitty weather have been keeping the parks dead, but my dick was going to explode if I didn't fuck. I went on Sniffies and said I wanted an anon hole to breed. Got a response from a guy who said he had a glory hole. Went over and it was more a dark room situation, but hey, still worked. He bent over, I got really verbal, and bred his slut pussy. It was his fourth load of the day. Quick pump and dump, but I fucking needed it.
  2. About four years ago, I went 100% bareback. I make it clear in my profiles that if you fuck me, you breed me and vice versa. I've had one guy come over and try and I kicked him out. I've had a few at the park say they won't without a condom, but all but one ended up breeding me.
  3. Aside from that first night in Portland, it's been dry in my pussy. But today, one of my regulars texted me. He's the one with a small dick who shoots huge loads. We've had a hard time connecting and he's been teasing me with messages from other bottoms gushing about the giant loads he shot in them. Today we could connect. He loves when my pussy is wet so I got online and looked around. Found someone who lives really close by. He was an old guy with a thick dick. I poppered up and he plowed me. He seemed like he was going to take his sweet time until I begged for his load and boy did he give i
  4. It's kind of a lot of these. I grew up fearing AIDS so much that while I had my slutty times in college, I couldn't bottom at all. I always assumed I was too tight but it was the fear since the second I got on PReP I turned into a load hungry whore. Now I'm totally unafraid even off it and taking loads from strangers in parks. I wish I'd been this free from the time I started when I was 12, but I'm doing a good job of making up for lost time.
  5. I'm in Portland for a long weekend. I got here, rested a bit, and went on Sniffies to find out where to cruise. Liberated World was recommended. I drove over and went into the Whack Shack as they call it. There was a big bear naked on one of the couches. I sucked him and then offered my hole. He took it and blew a load in me. I'd been there five minutes and already been bred. There were two guys watching the straight video and I started sucking one. Made the same offer, but he was a total bottom. Moved on to the other but he didn't want to fuck me. Instead, the other guy rode him until he came
  6. I'm bending over in a public park to take loads. They kind of have to realize that I'm slutty when they see that. Most of them don't mind (I had one guy pull out because he said my hole was too sloppy with cum and he's a weird exception) and a lot of them are really turned on by fucking a cum sloppy hole. When I do one on one while hosting, it's generally off Sniffies and they know I'm a slut. If they ask if I'm "clean," I give them my last tested date. They're adults. They have to know that by sticking their raw dick in my slutty pussy, they're taking the chance they'll get something.
  7. TRC in Washington is a campground and they have different types of events. Sex goes on always (we are gay), but some events it's more like sex happens to be happening, and others it's the focus. I've been chatting with a fuckbud about our fantasy. It would be more like an open air bathhouse. Get a couple acres. Everyone naked or in a jock only or harness only. Set up a dark cave like area for anon fucking. Have rows of glory holes. Put in a pit you can go in if you're a toilet pig. Harnesses of different colors to indicate positions, including ones for no load refused bottoms who live on
  8. I'll be in Portland this weekend. I'm looking to get as many loads as possible. I'll travel to you, no load refused. I love public, understall, glory holes, and anon breeding. Also looking for the best places to get bred. Are there any ABS open?
  9. I'm going to Portland next week. I'm looking to take loads in public. Love outdoors. What's the best park to be a total cum dump in? In Seattle I go to T-107. I love walking the trails and getting fucked in the bushes. Also open to places to get fucked through glory holes and under stall.
  10. Yeah, I've experienced this a lot. I'm short, 5'5, but I'm a good lay. I have regulars bottoms who come back again and again, and my regular tops love my pussy. And people who actually know me talk about how my personality is 6'3. But even though I have a cute face, a good dick, a great ass, and I'm in good shape (no Atlas girdle, but I keep in shape), a lot of guys just can't see past my height. Or they literally overlook me. Meanwhile, I'm all about the energy of the guy. Yeah, I'm a slutty bottom whore when cruising, but a guy who likes to fuck, who really likes to fuck, who goes out to fuc
  11. I love anon. It's the purest expression of being a no load refused cum dump. I feel so tremendously slutty when someone I've never seen and never will know unloads in my pussy. I do also love letting repulsive trolls fuck me too and knowing it. I just love taking loads and anything that makes me feel slutty makes it better.
  12. If I'm doing one on one, I feel it's mandatory I suck the top's cock after he's done. It's another way of showing my top how I appreciate him and his load, letting him know I'm grateful that he gave me his load. Also, huge incentive to clean myself properly and a just punishment if I haven't.
  13. That's my goal. I really want it to look like a pussy.
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